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Dolphin Retrieves Woman's Dropped Phone

[](Vide...  ...e water.That might have been the end, but a local dolphin named Cacique picked up the phone from the water...
Louie the Dog Swims with the Dolphins

[](Vide...  ...](Video Link)Louie and his human spotted a pod of dolphins swimming by their spot on the beach. Naturally, L...  ...ned their pod!Silly puppy! You're still a dog and dolphins
Dog Rescues Baby Dolphin

[](Vide...  ...n the beach. There, Leia had found a beached baby dolphin . The Daily Post quotes Wilcock:“At first I...  ...low hole on top of his head and realised it was a dolphin .“There was nobody around for miles so I did...
This Island Looks Like a Dolphin

(W Magazine/Raphael T. Harris/  ...he right angle, one of those islands looks like a dolphin .-via Messy Nessy Chic
Dolphins: The Humans of the Sea

The following article is republished from Uncle Jo...  ...r in the 1960s, Uncle John has been fascinated by dolphins . He’s not alone- some scientists think dolphins are humans’ closest relatives. Whether they...  ...r animals evoke such mystery and curiosity as the dolphin...
Little Boy and Dolphin Play Catch

[]YouTube LinkIn this f...  ...r at poolside throws a ball back and forth with a dolphin
Baby Dolphin Gave a Heartwarming "Thank You" Dance After Being Rescued

[] Marcos Carramao...  ...go] Marcos Carramao de Farias spotted a baby dolphin trapped in a plastic bag off the coast of Sao Pau... day. He and a fellow fisherman helped free the dolphin and return it to the ocean. The baby dolphin th...
Dolphin Gave Gift of Fish to Humans

A family in canoes were watching a dolphin play in the waters off Combe Martin, Devon, UK. L...  ...parents took her out on the sea because she loves dolphins and had never seen one in the wild. One dolphin splashed and played about the boats for a couple...  ...ropped a mas...
Forget Elephants! Dolphins Have the Longest Memory

Forget elephants! A new study has shown th...  ...elephants! A new study has shown that bottlenose dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom....  ...ory in the animal kingdom. Each bottlenose dolphin has a unique whistle that fuctions like a name....  ...aviorist at the University of Chicago...
Dolphins Have Names

They may not call each other "Flipp...  ...may not call each other "Flipper," but dolphins do have names. A new study by biologist...  ...t. Andrews and colleagues revealed that dolphins call each other by their names:...  ...over several decades...

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