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Totally Edible Adventure Time Gingerbread Candy Kingdom

Anyone who watches the Cartoon Network show Advent...  ...g the lives of some unfortunate citizens from the Candy Kingdom who are in peril. And yet, with all the g...  ...ed a sugary masterpiece she calls the Gingerbread Candy Kingdom.The whole thing is edible, from the licka...  ...from the lickable Gumball Gua...
Cotton Candy Grapes Are Seriously Sweet

At the grocery store today, the friendly Whovian c...  ...y Whovian checkout girl told me to try one of the cotton candy grapes in the produce area right behind where I w...  ...g. She promised me that they really do taste like cotton candy ."Yeah right," I thought. But then, I tried one an...  ...touch of vanil...
Old Hard Drive Turned into a Cotton Candy Machine

It's a bad idea to gobble down cotton candy while repairing computers, but who among us hasn'...  ...structions, all that is needed to create your own candy floss maker is a hard drive that can still power...  ...series of photos demonstrating how to create this candy floss mach...
Cotton Candy Art

[] (Youtube link)A stre...  ...ou, Chongqing, China, goes the extra mile to sell cotton candy
Cotton Candy Fudge

Becky, also known as the "Cereal Baker," won a Dun...  ...wesomeness consists of mostly white chocolate and cotton candy cake frosting.Link -via Foodbeast
Cotton Candy Pro

(YouTube link) When did making cotton candy become a performance art? I don't even like the s...
Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

Adha Togi spotted this sugary delight at Disne...  ...s sugary delight at Disneyland in Hong Kong. It's cotton candy on a glow stick. Link -via Katie Teseniar
Cotton Candy Lemonade

Creative bartenders have lately been mixing cotton candy into cocktails for a pretty presentation as well...
Snifty Scented Pen...

Snifty Scented Pen - $1.95 Is all the joy being slowly sucked from your life?  Well, the Snifty Scented Pen from the NeatoShop is here to put a little fun back in your day.  Nothing says I am desperately clinging on...
Padded Cell Made of Cotton Candy

If they ever catch you and lock you up, you'd...  ...York-based artist Jennifer Rubell. It's made of cotton candy . The cell measures 8 by 16 feet and used the equ...  ...16 feet and used the equivalent of 1,600 cones of cotton candy . Link via io9 | Photo: Jennifer Rubell

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