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Worried about Malaria? Wear a Chicken

(Photo: Drew Coffman)If you're traveling in malari...  ...aria-prone areas, it may be a good idea to keep a chicken close by. According to a study published in Malar...  ...itting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, thinks that chickens stink (no offense, chickens ). From the abstra...
Hail the Great Chicken

Joshua Wright is correct. Chickens , which outnumber humans 3 to 1, are one of the fo...  ...the foundations of our civilization. Without the chicken , we would be hungier. Let us erect a monument to...  ...would be hungier. Let us erect a monument to the chicken
A Man And His Chicken Travel around the World

(Photo: voyagedyvinec)This is Monique and her fath...  ...s even posted a pic of himself eyeing up a cooked chicken ) and telling the BBC, “Compared with people...
18th-Century Fried Chicken

This recipe for fried chicken was found in a 1736 cookbook called Dictionarium...  ...rather acidic marinade that ensures the finished chicken is tender and tasty. But probably different from...
Dances With Goats...

You’ve seen dogs dance with humans in canine... seen a goat dance with a human like that? Or a chicken ? These goats do, and more besides. They run agili...  ...Verbouw trained her goats Roosje and Kato and the chicken Milca to do all kinds of incredible things. Wait...
A Farmer Monkey Visits his Goat and Chickens

Only in Russia. A farmer monkey checks out his livestock. And since it is Russia, he’s wearing a serious snowsuit.[] (YouTube link)The second time you watch this, turn on the auto-transl...
Chicken-Flavored Ice Cream Exists

(Image: Karafes)Japan is not limited by Western se...  ...araage Festival--a celebration of a type of fried chicken
Study: Chickens Prefer Beautiful People

(Photos: Peter Harrison, CBS)Is that chicken clucking at you seductively? It's no surprise. Yo...  ...ductively? It's no surprise. You're hot stuff. To chickens , that matters a lot.A study published in the jour...  ...published in the journal Human Nature found that chickens pr...
Chicken Lays an Egg inside an Egg

The Postlethwaite family lives in Stoke-on-Trent,...  ...d this happen? The Herald Express explains that a chicken ovary may release an egg prematurely, causing it...
Chicken Commandeers the Roomba

[]YouTube LinkAccordin... room. That's either one compulsively clean chicken or one who's completely adventurous. Either way,...  ...pletely adventurous. Either way, someone get this chicken a reality show. Via Arbroath

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