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Stylist Cuts Famous Skylines into Chest Hair

(Photos: Braun)According to legend, Michelangelo,...  ...ies and gentlemen, in Daniel Johnson, the British hair stylist, we have a modern Michelangelo. Look down...  ...have a modern Michelangelo. Look down at your own chest hair . Within it lies a beautiful work of art. All that...  ...All that is necessary is...
Women’s Preference for Male Chest Hair Varies with Menstrual Cycle

(Photo: Raymond Bryson)Researchers at the Universi...  ...photographed them before and after shaving their chests .These men were paid in vodka for their participat...  ...r menstrual cycles tended to prefer men with less chest hair . The women at low fertility during their menstrua...  ...stmenopausal women ten...
Coat Made Entirely of Male Chest Hair

Ladies, do you like a man with a fully developed p... material featuring a model with a clean-shaven chest , the company said the coat represents a protest a...
Why Women Don't Fall for Hairy Guys Remains a Scientific Mystery

Don't look at me like that. I'm just providing the...  ...n prefer men that don't look like freshly vomited hairballs . One hypothesis: chicks dig dudes who aren't cove...  ...ered with lice:One common theory for our relative hairlessness suggests that women long ago adopted a preference...  ...that women long a...
Birth of a Superhero...

A friend of redditor ninjao won a mustache competition boldly known as The International Man of Movember. Here's a rear view. What do you think are his superpowers? Link...
Transformers Chest Hair

What could make this even more awesome? If the... had shaved the Decepticons' logo into his back hair . Link -via Geekologie | Photo: unknown
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