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Get Your Cheese on With This Outrageous Mac n' Cheese Donut

Donuts are beautiful things, but sometimes you wan...  ...want the satisfying, high-cholesterol goodness of cheese . For the times that you want a carb-heavy donut a...  ...y combines everything you love about macaroni and cheese
We're Not Worthy of This Giant Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The problem with grilled cheese is that it limits you to the size of the bread an...  ...arge sour doughs out there, but a classic grilled cheese is all about the white bread. Of course, if you m...  ...and the finished project, which took 20 slices of cheese to finish, is a tru...
The Burger That Literally Explodes With Cheese

A burger bun pumped full of cheese sounds like heaven, but when you see it launch th...
Mac n' Cheese, Pizza and Cheetos -Together At Last

If there is one thing we all love, it's cheesy goo...  ...ness, whether it's Cheetos, pizza or macaroni and cheese . Only now, we finally have the chance to enjoy al...  ...covered in pulled pork and Velveeta macaroni and cheese and then dusted with Cheetos dust. This brilliant...
Do Mice Really Like Cheese?

In a word, no. But somehow we got that idea and enshrined it in our fables and pop culture. Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out gives us the lowdown.[] (YouTube link)Someone told me long ago...
The Moon is Made of Cheese

Silly Lucinda! We don’t have to send cows to...  ...quo;s how the milk got up there to make the green cheese
Mozzarella and Marinara Shots...

Natasha of the food blog Through the Eyes of My Be...  ...inary marvel with edible shots made of mozzarella cheese and filled with marinara sauce.To make them, firs...  ...eezing them solid for 2 hours, she deep fried the cheese
French Electrical Plant Is Powered by Cheese

(Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery)Pic...  ...te;rique Voisin-Demery)Pictured above is Beaufort cheese . It's tasty, slices easily for crackers, and goes...  ...lbertville, Savoie, France. Skimmed whey from the cheesemaking process is used as a biogas to generate electrica...  ...ains:After full-fat...
37 Cheeses from 37 Countries

(Photo: Vlad Trifa)Walking by the gourmet and exot...  ...oto: Vlad Trifa)Walking by the gourmet and exotic cheese section of the grocery store always gives me paus...  ...temptations for me to indulge in. Here are unique cheeses from 37 countries around the world, such as Roman... from the village of NÄ...
Woman Creates Entire Nativity Scene out of Cheese

Woman creates the entire Nativity scene out of cheese  ...above is made entirely of 40 kilograms of cheddar cheese and cocktail sticks.Prudence Staite, a food artis...  ...s, two sheep and a cow. Even the straw is made of cheese...

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