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Bubbles Make This Chameleon Sit Up and Take Notice

LAURA LIKES TO POP BUBBLES OH MY GOD pic.twitter... (@voemas on Twitter) tweeted this video of his chameleon Laura sitting up and popping bubbles. The tweet s...
Baby Chameleon Doesn't Know That He's Already Hatched from His Egg

(Photo: Canvas Chameleons /Nick Henn)Nick Henn is the owner of Canvas Chameleons , a chameleon supply company in Reading, Pennsylvania. He recen..., Pennsylvania. He recently had a baby panther chameleon hatch out of its egg. The baby...
Robot Hand Design Based on a Chameleon's Tongue

Robotic hands need to be able to securely grasp an...  ...ed by the amazing natural grappling capacity of a chameleon 's tongue.[
Bowling Chameleons

[] (YouTube link)HelloD...  ...e again put animals into a human situation. These chameleons aren’t forced into a sporting competition a...
Neatolinks: The Dark One Has Risen -on Your Wall...

Are You Ready to Study Beyonce (Incredible Things)...  ...cream (Geekosystem)Image: Karma Karma Karma X-Ray Chameleon (Like Cool)
Chameleon Riding a Bicycle

A fish may not need a bicycle, b...  ...A fish may not need a bicycle, but a chameleon ? Why, that worked out quite well, as Cu... Porkey, she’s an African Pygmy Chameleon . She’s in a bike gang with me (her mom.)...
Chameleon Washing His Hands

[] (YouTube link)A prop...] (YouTube link)A proper chameleon
Newly Discovered Chameleon Species Is The Cutest Thing Ever

One of the newest chameleon species discovered in the wild is so small it's n... trace their roots back to a smaller variety of chameleon than what most of us are familiar with. “Their... are familiar with. “Their size suggests that chameleons might have ev...
Chameleon Eating a Bug off a Sumo Wrestler's Face

It doesn't get much more random than this, Neatora...  ...n this, Neatoramanauts! College Humor presents: a chameleon eating a cricket off a sumo wrestler's face, capt...
Super Chameleon

[youtube=  ...h?v=KMT1FLzEn9I][YouTube - Link]You may have seen chameleons change colors on some nature show, changing from...  ...of some bark, but that's boring. Here's the super- chameleon changing to several colors of sunglasses. Another...

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