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Predatory Plants

The following article is from the book Uncle John&...  ...r Nature Calls.Hey, wait a minute… is that plant eating your gerbil? FLESH-EATING FLORA Carnivorous plants developed a taste for flesh over 200 million year...  ...nutrients (particularly swamps and marshes), some plants...
New Carnivorous Plant Named for H.R. Giger

A stunning new cultivar of carnivorous plant is named for none other than H.R. Giger. This Nep... This Nepenthes (commonly known as the pitcher plant ) was registered by photographer and horticulturis...  ...lin, whose submission read in part, "I named this plant Nepenth...
Carnivorous Plant That Eats Worms Underground

You'd never know by looking at their gorgeous...  ...o underground worms: Botanists have found three plants , all relatives of the popular snapdragon garden...  ...icky leaves underground. These leaves allow the plants to trap and digest worms, and possibly other cre... the soil. While there are...
Carnivorous Plant Has Bodyguard Ants

The carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes bicalcarata isn't that terrifying... bodyguard ants! The carnivorous plant has swollen tendrils at the base of each... a host of services for the pitcher *strong c...
New Slippery Material Inspired by Carnivorous Plant

Scientists have invented a super...  ...nvented a super-slippery material inspired by the carnivorous pitcher plants : ... a new material takes a cue...  ...... a new material takes a cue from one of the plant world's few meat-...
Beautiful and Deadly Carnivorous Plants

Photo: Olga SytinaThey're beautiful yet deadly ......  ...ery (as always) of some of nature's most gorgeous carnivorous plants . This one above is the sundew:Another device carnivorous plants use is to make its prey stick around long enough...  ...ery, very stuck. What's more, though, is that the *strong class="ma...
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