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What Inevitably Happens When 5 Guys Have a Bubble Wrap Factory All to Themselves

Admit it: you would do this, too.Monday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, one of the more under-appreciat...  ...North Carolina. This is that wondrous place where bubble wrap is born. There, like in the Olympics of old, the...  ...dudes undertook athletic competitions in honor of bubble...
Goldfish Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is so much fun! Each delightful pop lets us feel...  ...n the world. But Daisuke Akiyama’s goldfish bubble wrap is designed to inhibit this desire. It’s ma...  ...ession that there’s a tiny fish inside each bubble
Raccoon Popping Bubble Wrap

[] (YouTube link) Bubble wrap is one of life's greatest little pleasures! Once... get started, you can’t stop until every bubble
Someone's Ready For Moving Day...

I can hear the discussion now:Hey honey, have you...  ...Of course. The dog? Sure did. Wait, why is he in bubble wrap ? Well, you don't want him getting damaged during..., I think he doesn't need all that bubble wrap -packing him in a box with lots of popcorn would...
The Bubble Wrap Bike

[] (YouTube link)Eric B...  ...yLMQ] (YouTube link)Eric Buss rides around on his bubble wrap bike. Can't you imagine that the noise woke up ev...  ...side and excitedly began to stomp the rest of the bubbles . -via Daily of the Day
Artist Injects Paint into Bubble Wrap to Create Pixelated Images

Canadian artist Bradley Hart fills syringes with a... with acrylic paint, which he then injects into bubble wrap . The results appear as low-resolution photographs...  ...y. If you visit, resist the temptation to pop the bubbles
Bubble Wrap Typography

Pop, pop, pop! It must have been so hard to resist... firm Lo Siento injected colored water into bubble wrap
Jumping Off a Building With Bubble Wrap

The question is, I hope, theoretical: if you w...  ...ut the sixth-story window of a building, how much bubble wrap would be required to ensure your survival? Rhett...
Cats Discover Bubble Wrap

(YouTube link) It's a whole new world for a h...  ...uploader, Furballfables, the cats got used to the bubble wrap
Bubble Wrap Ties

When I saw this, my first thought was to email...  ...ant idea has yet be mass produced. He writes: Bubble Wrap is hidden on the back of the Tie! Unpleasant bos...  ...s is a thing of the past, you can just crush the bubble wrap . This little function should ease your stress....

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