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Animals Wearing Party Hats Having a Party...

Redditor Rcrowley32 said, “My daughter had a...  ...ey32 said, “My daughter had a very specific birthday cake request 'animals wearing birthday hats, having a party'. I think I managed to pull...  ...ty'. I think I managed to pull it off.” The birthday girl...
Periodic Table of Elements Cake

Redditor YesImAtWork posted a picture of his nephe...  ...esImAtWork posted a picture of his nephew’s birthday cake , which recreates the periodic table of the elemen...  ...y than most adults. And he’s got an awesome cake to share!
Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog

[] (YouTube link)Everyt...  ...ctly miniaturized of this little hedgehog’s birthday party! He and his tiny hamster friends enjoy a ti... tiny hamster friends enjoy a tiny little layer cake with tiny little sprinkles on top. How tiny is it...
Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake

Isn’t this cute? Cut open a birthday pound cake and every slice has your age -or actually, a chil... to bake the number first, then the rest of the cake around it. And the icing is fondant. Honestly, I&...  ...dant and keep the surprise, if I were making this *s...
Jarman’s Birthday Cake

Oh look, a lovely cake made in the shape of a bicycle seat covered in fl...  ...rsquo;re an ACE.” Oops. Just another day at Cake
Need A Birthday Cake In A Hurry? Make A Donut Cake

Just stack three donuts and frost them and suddenl...  ...t them and suddenly, you have yourself an awesome birthday cake . If we could only do this with a few jumbo-sized...  ...exas donuts, this would be John's ultimate office birthday cake .Link Via Make
A Cake Fit For An Ape

A few days ago, the San Diego Safari Park's younge...  ...ari Park's youngest gorilla celebrated his second birthday . Needless to say, that meant Monroe got a fantast...  ...eedless to say, that meant Monroe got a fantastic birthday cake
A Handsomely Decorated Halloween Cake

Photo: Megpi/Flickr Photo: Megpi/Flickr Photo: Meg...  ...egpi/FlickrThis elegantly simple Halloween themed cake has a gnarly frosting tree crawling up the side,...  ...e top is emblazoned with a spider's web bearing a birthday greeting.It's a sweet work of cake art, and it loo...
Simpsons Meal Cake

No, it's not a healthy, balanced meal -- altho...  ...certainly gives the appearance of one. This is a birthday cake from Paul's Creative Cakes to remind some lucky dad that he's showing his ag...
The Fate of Paris Hilton's Birthday Cake

Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday with a party last week. Los Angeles musician Paz... crashed the party and made off with one of the cakes that wasn't eaten. Many doubted his account, but...  ...the bakery wanted to know what Paz thought of the cake . Now we have...

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