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Cat Stuck in Bird Feeder

We make jokes about how cats look at bird feeders as food traps, but this bird feeder trapped the cat instead of the bird . A cat named Butterscotch in Brandon, Manitoba, g... Brandon, Manitoba, got his head stuck inside a bird feeder...
Raiding the Bird Feeder

[] (YouTube link)The fi...  ...Tube link)The first rule of installing a backyard bird feeder is that you must place it where the cat can&rsquo...  ...’s he going for? There’s obviously no birds in this feeder (and probably never will be ag...
Bird Feeder is a Fake Speed Camera

Tired of seeing motorists speed through his neighb...  ...ll Angus decided to do something clever: he put a bird feeder shaped like a speed camera at the edge of his pro...  ...hink it's a fake speed camera?' he asked. 'It's a bird box and has been designed this way to stop people...  ......]Mr Angus said the do...
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