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When Worf Met Webster

Webster was a family sitcom in the 1980s. It was s...  ...episode of Webster featured an appearance by Lt. Worf of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the episode... century, to the bridge of the Enterprise where Worf is on duty. Worf is standing at his usual station, and...
The Worf of Starfleet

[] (YouTube link)Just w...  ...character and everyone’s favorite Klingon, Worf ! Worf shows all his manliness (and Klingon-ness), his s...  ...tying side all at once. It just goes to show that Worf should have his own movie, don’t you think...

(YouTube link) Worf , the Chief of Security on the TV series Star Trek...  ...ions. In other words, when someone disagreed with Worf , they usually explained why. Poor Worf ! -via mental_floss
When Worf Wants to Feel a Little Bit Pretty

(Video Link) This funny stop-motion animated...  ...stop-motion animated short shows a frustrated Lt. Worf trying to relax and pamper himself after a hard d...
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