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The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules...

NASA equipped the two Voyager probes with information about Earth in the form o...  ...’ts of burying one, and a close look at the Voyager
Voyager 1 Encounters New "Magnetic Highway"

The Voyager I space probe, launched in 1977, continues to tra...  ...system. NASA announced yesterday that it appears Voyager has entered a new region of space, which may be t...  ...never had a spacecraft travel this far."Although Voyager 1 still is inside the sun's environment...
V'Ger is Exiting the Heliosphere...

Voyager I, the space probe launched 35 years ago, has gon...  ...How would we know? We're not quite there yet, Voyager 's project scientist and former head of NASA's Jet...  ...ansition to interstellar space will look like. Voyager launched in 1977. Today, *strong cla...
10 Facts You Might Not Know about Star Trek: Voyager

The fourth Star Trek series, Voyager , told the story of a ship and its crew hurled to...  ...estigations.” (Video Link)5. Voyager writers dipped deeply into the well of characters...  ...peal. Writer and producer Brannon Braga explained: Voyager was missin...
Voyager I Space Probe About to Exit the Solar System

The 33-year old space probe Voyager I, now 17.4 billion miles from the Sun, has detec...  ...olar system: The event is a major milestone in Voyager 1's passage through the heliosheath, the turbulen... wind has turned the corner," said Ed Stone, Voyager project s...
Plywood Lunar Rover and Voyager by Peter Hennessey

Australian artist Peter Hennessey turned plain ol'...  ...10 Things You Didn't Know About General Motors)My Voyager
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