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There are two kinds of people in the world…...

Dr. Phil Plait has them all figured out. But you know, this could be made into a flowchart, with people being born flowing into the right circle, a trickle of people flowing from the right to the left, and because of...
Reality TV Venn Diagram

If you ever flip through the cable TV channels... here is just a small portion of the Reality TV Venn Diagram by Margaret Lyons and Jen Cotton. See the...  ...s existing sets and relationships, and not a true Venn
Venn Diagram Cake

Vivi Rrr was asked to bring a "sciency" desser...  ...a lab party, and so made a cake in the shape of a Venn diagram. This cake illustrates Heaven, Hell, and...
Team Names: An Etymological Venn Diagram

This diagram (actually an Euler diagram {wiki}) sorts out professional baseball team names. Even more interesting is the accompanying list of links and explanations for every team name included. Link -via Jason Kottk...
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