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We Like You, Here’s a Tesla

In April of 2015, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Paymen...  ...k-and-file got together to give Price a gift of a Tesla , a car they knew he was enthusiastic about.[https...
Everything You Need to Know about Tesla’s Gigafactory

Out in Sparks, Nevada, where there’s plenty...  ...arks, Nevada, where there’s plenty of room, Tesla is launching a battery factory. That makes sense,...  ...the products they are working on. Read about the Tesla Gigafactory at Money Inc.
157 Years of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856. To mark that anniversa...  ...and his work. Here are some good places to start: Tesla : Master of Lightning. Nikola Tesla 's Life in Under 3 Minutes. 7 Geniuses Who Were Co...  ...3 Minutes. 7 Geniuses Who Were Completely Insane. *stron...
Hot Pink Tesla Batmobile

As an April Fools Day prank, Sergey Brin, one of t...  ...Google, took the Batmobile out for a ride. It's a Tesla
Tesla vs. Edison on the Big Screen

We can see Christian Bale as Tesla , but Nicolas Cage as Thomas Edison? It could be a...  ...It could be a while before we really see it, but Tesla , Ruler of the World is in development  from Serb...  ...unknown life of Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla . Batman actor C...
Tesla and Other Geeky Tattoos

As part of a continuing series, Geeks Are Sexy...  ...eaders. Kristina contributed her tattoo of Nikola Tesla
7 Geniuses Who Were Completely Insane...

If you're a regular Neatorama reader, then you...  ...eader, then you probably already know that Nikola Tesla was certainly a bit strange, but when you really...
Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla was born in what is now Croatia on July 10, 1856,... in the early 20th century than Nikola Tesla . As one of the Fathers of Electricity, Tesla did groundbreaking work on alternating current (A...  ...and radar to name a few. Many of his inventions...
How To Build a Tesla Coil

I used to love playing with the Tesla Coils at the mall but never wanted to fork over t... helpful guide will show me how to build my own Tesla Coil right at home. However please be careful: B...
Tesla Vanity Plate

Redditor enginesoftime saw this vanity plate o...  ...Redditor enginesoftime saw this vanity plate on a Tesla Roadster and snapped a picture. But the fact that...  ...c" made me wonder how many other vanity plates on Tesla cars refer to the original Nikola Tesla . This roundup...

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