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How Cats Show Their Love

[] (YouTube link)Simon...] (YouTube link)Simon Tofield of Simon's Cat fame illustrates the many ways cats show affection to humans. And the humorously unin...  ...ection. Suddenly, I realize that none of my three cats
Dinner Date: Starters with Simon's Cat

Looks like Simon may have a dinner date for Valent...  ...r at least he's been shopping, preparing for one. Simon's Cat is curious about all this stuff. Of course.[https...
Simon's Cat in Bed Sheets

Have you ever tried to make up a bed with a cat intent on helping? If so, then you won't be surpr...  ...elping? If so, then you won't be surprised by how Simon's Cat does it.[] (YouTube l...  ...d involved. Two, Simon is actually happy with his cat
Simon's Cat in Halloween 360

Simon's Cat has an interactive video! Use your cursor to scro...  ...or to scroll around and keep up with the creeping cat .[] (YouTube link)You... spin the scene around, but you might lose the cat . Still, it's a video, you can always find th...
The Monster (Simon’s Cat Halloween Special)

In the latest video from Simon Tofield, Simon&rsqu...  ...he latest video from Simon Tofield, Simon’s Cat encounters a horrifying monster! A cat ’s ultimate nemesis. The most terrifying thi...  ...ate nemesis. The most terrifying thing in a house cat ’s life....
Simon’s Cat Logic: Feeding a Cat

Simon Tofield and Nicky Trevorrow explain how cats go nuts when it’s feeding time. My cats can tell time better than I can, because if I&rsq...  ...ightly Fancy Feast, they gang up on me. My oldest cat has nothing better to do than to guard the kibble... that th...
Simon’s Cat in Fish Tank

Simon’s Cat proves one again that he’s like every other... again that he’s like every other house cat . He badly wants that fish in the aquarium, but he...
Simon's Cat Logic: How Do Cats Stay So Clean?

Simon Tofield, the animator behind the Simon&rsquo...  ...on Tofield, the animator behind the Simon’s Cat videos, talks to cat expert Nicky Trevorrow about cats ’ grooming habits. They lick themselves all...] (YouTube link)After the lesson in...
Simon’s Cat and the Laser Toy

Simon Tofield thinks it’ll be a hoot to play...  ...eld thinks it’ll be a hoot to play with his cat using a laser pen. Since this is Simon’s Cat , you know it won’t turn out like he planned...  ...0qk8LU] (YouTube link)Always remember that when a cat t...
Simon's Cat Logic: Where Cats Sleep

Simon Tofield and cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explore the question of wh...  ...xpert Nicky Trevorrow explore the question of why cats select such odd places to sleep. Their choices ma... choices make perfect sense if you think like a cat . Come to think of it, I wouldn&rs...

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