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Swimming Through Millions of Jellyfish

[](Vide...  ...nation of Palau, there's a seawater basin called Jellyfish Lake. Approximately 13 million jellyfish live in its waters. Most of them are Golden jelli...  ...eo showing himself immersed in a blue universe of jellyfish
This Jellyfish Looks Like a Fried Egg

(Photo: Vassil)This is a Phacellophora camtschatic...  ...atica, a creature commonly known as the fried egg jellyfish . It commonly has a 3 foot wide bell and stinging...  ...eakfast time.You can watch a video of a fried egg jellyfish here.-via Inhabitat
A Mysterious Jellyfish Tank Lights This City Street at Night

Imagine the delight and wonder of the residents an...  ...10pm to uncover a softly glowing aquarium full of jellyfish , their ghostly forms setting the night alight as...  ...are not the only ones enjoying its presence. The jellyfish tank is actually an art exhibit presented by Gaze...
Aquarium Feeds Peanut Butter To A Jellyfish

Being an aquarist must be a mentally straining job... in point: they recently fed peanut butter to a jellyfish just to see if they could (pg. 14), creating the...  ...having a bit of punny fun at the expense of their jellyfish , but the search for cheap protein replacements th...  ...stay in business.And...
Space-Born Jellyfish Struggle on Earth

Jellyfish born in space? Yes, NASA sent jellyfish into space aboard the space shuttle missions, and...  ...ey need is gravity.Compared to normal, earth-born jellyfish , the space-born jellies had trouble moving around...
The Invasion of the Jellyfish

The Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden had t... shut down one of its reactors last week due to jellyfish clogging the cooling system pipes. Jellyfish come in all sizes and shapes, and although some s...  ...yone who doesn't live on the coast. But recently, jellyfish...
Giant Jellyfish Robot

[] Someone else is...  ...picked something a bit unusual: lion's mane giant jellyfish (Cyanea capillata). Meet Cyro, a...  ...Meet Cyro, a life-like autonomous robotic jellyfish that weighs 170 pounds and spans 5 foot...  ...he engineers proposed that such...
The Lobed Comb Jelly...

[] (YouTube link)This jellyfish has a better light show than the Disco Clam! The...
Jellyfish Lamps Are Illuminating

Check out this great collection of jellyfish lamps by Roxy Russel Design. These gorgeous beast...
Glowing Jellyfish

Photo: David Burdick/NOAA Phot...  ...- via LiveScience Oh, that? Just a glowing jellyfish near the wreckage of the Shinkoku Maru,...  ...near the Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia. And yes, the jellyfish is mooning you.

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