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A Sexy Surprise Inspired by Star Wars...

Ah, what men don't dream of Princess Leia...  ...en don't dream of Princess Leia in the scene with Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Well, it's the ladies' tur...
Jabba the Hutt Now Works at a Library

(Images: South Wales Evening Post/Lucasfilm)Assumi...  ...South Wales Evening Post/Lucasfilm)Assuming that Jabba the Hutt survived the Sarlacc’s digestive tract, whe...  ...Philpott, 67, was the operator of the animatronic Jabba the Hutt...
Jabba and Leia Purse Set

You can take the Leia coin purse off its chain, bu...'ll probably need the chain later to strangle Jabba . Cat Penfold painted these purses and added a dec...  ...ese purses and added a decorative zipper to shape Jabba 's face.Link -via Mecha Melissa
Thrifty Jabba and Leia Costumes

Got a brown comforter? A bikini? You can dress up...  ...a brown comforter? A bikini? You can dress up as Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia without spending another penny.... cosplayers are totally convincing. Especially Jabba
For Sale: Potato That Looks Like Jabba the Hutt

His repulsorlift sail barge is your dinner plate....  ...sour cream. Admit it: you've always wondered what hutt
Jabba the Hummus

You may have been good beans, but now you're B...  ...this marvel out of hummus. It has the shape of a Hutt
Jabba the Hutt LEGO

Our pal Sunny from CoolThings went... of a very cool Star Wars LEGO set featuring Jabba the Hutt . That must be one big brick! Link - Tha...
Jabba the Hutt Birthday Cake

Unless it's properly prepared, I find that Hutt is tough with a gamey taste. Generally it's not t...
Jabba the Hutt in the Clouds

It is a vision! But what does it mean? Offer your theological explanations in the comments. Link (Google Translate) via Geekologie | Photo: Infamy...
Jabba the Hutt Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch

I'm at a loss to explain precisely why, but so...  ...sely why, but somehow this cross stitch featuring Jabba the Hutt , Princess Leia as his slave, and the Serenity Pra...

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