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Space Shuttle Endeavor and International Space Station, Photographed Together

Image ViaThough I am sure none of us travel to space enough to know the above photo occurance is rare,...  ...d ponder for a second how this is real. That is a space shuttle Endeavor docked to the International Space Station , as they both float around in outer *strong class="...
What A Lightning Storm Looks Like from Space

The International Space Station passed over Houston, Texas a few days ago. While...
First Instagram From Space is a Selfie (with this NeatoShop Artist's Shirt)

If you're sending the very first Instagram...  ...u're sending the very first Instagram selfie from space , it better be epic! NASA astronaut Steve Swanson... to boot! Swanson posed in front of the space station 's cupola and wrote "Back on ISS, life is goo....
Gort on the International Space Station

There's no limit to what Gort could do. He...  ...d destroy the Earth ... or keep astronauts at the International Space Station company. Gort, the humanoid robot from the...  ...urn, who returned from a 5-month stint aboard the space station in May 2013, told Nancy Atkin...
Toolbox for the International Space Station

Tim Peake, a British astronaut, will work on the International Space Station in 2015. He took pictures of a five-drawer toolbo...  .... What tools would you want to take with you into space ?Link -via Blame It on the Voices
Volcanic Eruption as Seen from Space

Mount Pavlof, a volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islan...  ...Islands, is currently erupting. Astronauts on the International Space Station were in a great position to photograph it in acti...
What Happens If You Wring a Wet Wash Cloth in Space?

[] Internet's fa...  ...pens when you wring a wet wash cloth in space
The Easter Egg Hunt on the International Space Station

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station tweeted, "Don't tell my crew, but I brought them...  ...-via Geekosystem | Photo: Chris Hadfield/Canadian Space Agency

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