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The Strange Saga of George Washington’s Bedpan

Due to his role in the birth of the United States,...  ...ue to his role in the birth of the United States, George Washington was regarded as an almost mythical character even...  ...r, or even his presidency, but it belonged to the Washingtons , and is therefore a cherished piece of history....  ...entury. It w...
The Excruciating Final Hours of President George Washington

A couple of months ago, we told you about the pain...  ...Over a hundred years later, when former president George Washington fell ill in December of 1799, medical science had...  ...medical science hadn’t much more to offer. Washington felt worse the next morning, so his estate’...  ...the next morn...
How George Washington’s Bad Teeth Helped Win the Revolutionary War

(Portrait by Rembrandt Peale)As he aged, George Washington gradually lost his teeth. Throughout his life, he...  ...ists to provide dentures for him.In 1781, General Washington commanded the army watching over New York City, t... would be available to assist the Americans, so Wash...
You Can Go Trick-or-Treating at George Washington's House

(Portrait by Rembrandt Peale)Mount Vernon is the e... Rembrandt Peale)Mount Vernon is the estate of George Washington . It's a historical site open to the public that f...  ...lso sample chocolate as it was experienced during Washington 's lifetime. (Photo: Mount Vernon)The organizers w...  ...ers will of...
George Washington, the First Vaxxer

During the first year of the Revolutionary War, th...  ...erous prospect under those circumstances. General George Washington was immune to the disease, having survived it as... days was frightening, and few trusted it.While Washington was acquainted with a technique for protecting pe... subordinat...
The Adventures of George Washington

Lizzy Whimsy adds wonderful captions to historical...  ...unnier! Redditor jerip123 collected the images of George Washington together to make a narrative album of the Father...  ...u can see 33 of these panels at imgur and more of George
George Washington Could Swear "Like an Angel from Heaven"

(Portrait by Rembrant Peale)From his youth, George Washington made a studied effort at maintaining a public per...  ...n was at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778. Washington ’s army had spent several months at Valley F...  ...lmasters, including the famous Baron von Steuben. ...
George Washington Dunking on Kim Jong-Un While Lincoln Blocks Stalin

Go Team Freedom! Whup them Commies! In this painting, two American presidents work together to win the championship. Redditor I_may_be_Dead composed this image on a commission by another redditor named fact_school_cat.Wh...
George Washington Knew How to Party Hard. Here's His Bar Tab.

(Painting: Victory Ball by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris...  ...ab from a 1787 farewell party in Philadelphia for George Washington just days before the framers signed off on the Co...  ...phasis added.-via Jim Treacher@jtLOL @DailyCaller Washington
Legally Speaking, George Washington Outranks All Other Army Officers, Past and Present

(Portrait by Rembrandt Peale)The Second Continenta...  ...le)The Second Continental Congress appointed Col. George Washington as General and Commander in Chief of the Continen...  ...of the Continental Army on June 15, 1775. General Washington served in that capacity for eight and a half year... President...

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