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How the Muppets Created Generation X

Are you a part of the MTV generation ? It could be argued that your worldview was shape...  ...more by the Muppets than music videos. After all, Generation X learned so much from Sesame Street and laughed so...
Millennials: The Most Selfish Generation Ever?

In the late 80s, the movie Wall...  ...the selfishness of the young people of that generation . But did they get it wrong? According to a...  ...a new research study, the most selfish generation may just be the Millenials: The...  ...ff financially —...
Study Proved that Gen X Aren't Slackers

Generation X , the much maligned "slackers" born of t...  ...ontinue to complete an annual survey. Generation X is widely defined as individuals who...  ...d and represent the middle segment of Generation X ....
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