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Snakeskin Darth Vader Helmet

ELEMNT, an art studio in New York City, makes luxu...  ...handcrafted goods with marble and leather. Their Darth Vader helmet, which is pictured above, is covered with... one costs $3,000. It's the perfect way to make Darth Vader even creepier. -via Geekologie
Darth Vader Can’t Resist the Cute Side of the Force

[] (Vid...  ...te; Amidala and met her husband, Anakin Skywalker. Vader has completely given himself over to the dark sid...  ...hin him a twinkling of goodness. The actor in the Vader
Snow Transforms This Polish General into Darth Vader

(Photos: Miaso Wejherowo)Jakub Wejher was a noblem...  ....When covered with snow, his long hair looks like Darth Vader 's helmet and his cape, shaded in the night, looks...
Darth Vader Delivers Bionic Arm

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit that harnesse... Flores at Gateway Elementary School in Omaha. Darth Vader himself showed up to give Flores his new arm![htt...
Darth Homer

"I let my own son blow up the Death Star? D'oh! Mr. Palpatine will fire me for this."Instagram users and John Paul Duray made a Sith lord who is more donut than man now.-via Walyou...
Sith Lord Orientation Week...

As Darth Vader gets to know his potential proteges, they brag ab...
Darth Santa

Who wrecks your halls, Force-stuns your dog, and s...  ...g, and steals your Christmas presents? It’s Darth Santa, the modern Scrooge who makes the Grinch se...  ...ut who who will be the chosen one to save us from Darth Santa? Yeah, I know, both “ Darth ” and...
The 25 Most Florida Things that Happened in Florida in 2015...

The weirdest state in the nation didn’t disa...  ...tory, like this one about an attempted robbery by Darth Vader
Australian Darth Vader

(Photo: Dan Arnold/WireImage)Star Wars fans in Syd...  ...te the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Darth Vader (or a cosplayer--it can be hard to tell) attended...  ...zzFeed.P.S. What kind of beer is attached to Lord Vader 's utility belt? I can't make out the logo.
Darth Trump

Everywhere you go on the internet, there’s S...  ...tes from The Donald are married to video clips of Darth Vader . But the best sound bite isn’t from his cam...

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