Love Bird Makes Her Own Tail Extensions

(YouTube link)

Bebe the love bird loves the shred paper. In this video, she has a purpose for it: she’s tucking them into her tail feathers to make a longer, more attractive tail for herself. Love Birds aren’t all that different from humans, now, are they?

To be honest, this behavior has been observed in the wild. It's a bird trick for hauling more nest material than will fit in one's beak. This way she can carry more in fewer trips!  -via Tastefully Offensive

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New Eyes With Which to See Her New Cubs

We suddenly have no shortage of cool cats named Venus at Neatorama! Venus the 6-year-old cheetah recently gave birth to four cubs at her home on the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. But that wasn't the first time she was in the news.

Venus made headlines a year ago for having eye surgery. Prior to surgery she was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts, likely due to suffering from malnutrition as a cub. At that time, Venus was nervous, fearful and displayed a fair amount of fear aggression. Vets monitored her condition, which continued to deteriorate. 

During a complicated surgery rarely performed on animals, Dr. Anthony Goodhead of Cape Town, South Africa removed the cataracts and accumulated scar tissue from Venus' corneas. The surgery transformed Venus' personality as well as restoring her eyesight. She now carries herself with confidence and explores her surroundings without fear.  

The first-time cheetah mom surprised the ranch staff with her exceptional maternal skills. Venus and her cubs are healthy, playful and enjoying their time spent bonding together as a family. See more pictures at Zooborns.

Images Credit: Cango Wildlife Ranch/Oudtshoorn/South Africa



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These Superhero Pets Have One Super Power: To Make You Squee with Glee!

Captain America Guinea Pig

Bad day today? Superhero hamster, guinea pig and chinchilla to the rescue! We dare you not to squee with joy after seeing these wonderful pets dressed up as superheroes, thanks to the fantastic felt costumes by Chez Marmota.

Take a look at more dressed up pets:

Robin Chinchilla

Bat Chinchilla

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A Children’s Zoo Hand-Raises a Baby Wallaby

Liv is a tammar wallaby--a marsupial species found in Australia and New Zealand. One day, she fell out of her mama’s pouch. Zookeepers at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska rescued her. Now they’re raising her themselves, feeding her 8 times a day and moving her from a liquid diet to solids.

Most humans don’t have marsupial pouches (sorry, Chris Hallbeck), but the zookeepers have found an acceptable substitute.

(Video Link)

Liv is one of six wallabies at this zoo. Four of them are tamar wallabies and two are bennet wallabies. She hasn’t joined them yet, but zookeepers hope that she’ll be ready to meet them and human visitors by July.

Photos: Lincoln Children’s Zoo

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Catface of Venus

This cat has a face that should go Hollywood. Venus, a five-year old tortoiseshell cat, has two different colored eyes and two different colors of fur split perfectly down the middle of her puss. 

With the longtime "cat culture" of the Internet, it's not a shocker that Venus has a sizable following; her Facebook page has over 175,000 fans. Venus lives in a home with two of her siblings plus two dogs, so she's pretty and somewhat tolerant of not being the center of attention. See Venus on Facebook to follow her antics. Via Twisted Sifter.

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These Critters Are Ready For Their Close-Up

(Image Via Cute Animals)

Humans naturally assume that animals don’t understand cameras, or get what we’re doing when we point that box thing with the big glass eye at them, but these adorable pics prove they know all about how cameras work:

(Image Via Sad And Useless)

These pics are so perfectly timed you’d think the photographers caught their subjects unaware, but these blooper shots are considered the height of fashion in the animal kingdom because animals know that life is too short to take a boring picture:

(Image Via izismile)

Maybe these critters are on to something, maybe we need to take less duck faced selfies and stop taking ourselves so seriously in photos!

See more pictures at Pleated Jeans.

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Tiny Shark Bites Man in the Cutest Shark Attack Ever

(Video Link)

Carlos and his friends went scuba diving. Little did they know that an adorable menace lay beneath the surface, eager to feed upon human flesh--the tuna from the land.

(Cue Jaws music.)

The little shark pounced upon the human and began dragging him underwater. Or just grasping on to his swimsuit.

Carlos narrowly escaped. But as you can see from the end of the video, he's lucky that the shark didn't hit him a few inches to the right.

-via Huffington Post

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Strange Dog Appears in Locked Car

A woman in the town of Adenau, Germany, attended a religious service and returned to her car. When she unlocked it, she found a dog inside -but it wasn’t her dog! She drove the dachshund to the local police station. No one could figure out how the dog got into the car. Then another woman came into the station to report her dog missing from her car.

Here’s what happened: the two women drove the exact same model of car, and had parked beside each other. Their keys also coincidentally worked with both cars. The woman who owned the dog returned first and drove off in the wrong car -the one without her dog. Neither woman realized they had the wrong car, because the only difference was that one had a dog inside. -via Arbroath

(unrelated image credit: Lukasz Adamus)

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Oddly Soothing Videos Of A Golden Retriever Eating Fruits And Vegetables

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

There’s something so soothing about watching this golden retriever named Coco-chan happily nibbling away on an ear of corn, or silently slurping away on a watermelon wedge.

Maybe it’s the way her eyes seem to stare into your very soul, maybe it’s the beauty of watching man’s best friend enjoy some fresh fruits and vegetables, or maybe the act of watching Coco-chan's videos is in itself a form of meditation.

No wonder Coco-chan has her own YouTube channel, which is chock full of videos that allow us a peek into the life of one gloriously zen golden retriever. Watch and reflect on your own love of produce...

-Via Boing Boing

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Horse and Goats

(YouTube link)

You know horses love cats, but folks who live in rural areas know horses love goats even more. I know several people who got a goat to keep their horse company, even if there are other horses around, because a goat keeps them calm. Here, Mr. G is either babysitting, or kid-sitting, or just sitting, actually, and enjoying a nice goat massage.  -via Arbroath

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Zoo Saves Pudú Fawn Whose Mother Dies After Giving Birth

A mother Southern pudú at Edinburgh Zoo gave birth to her fawn, named Scarlet. Sadly, only two and a half weeks later, Scarlet's mother died due to a preexisting health condition that was exacerbated by giving birth. The keepers had to work night and day with Scarlet, who was at risk without her mother's nourishment and care. The tiny fawn is being bottle-fed and is now gaining weight and thriving.

Scarlet's bright outlook is not only due to the dedication of her keepers. Her father Normski began to nurture Scarlet and keep her company (see photo number 2). Edinburgh Zoo staffer Liah Etemad explained,

“Scarlet started on seven to eight bottled feeds of milk each day, getting her first feed early in the morning, throughout the day and then into the early hours. She is steadily gaining weight each day. During the first week after mum died she was cared for solely by her keepers, but then at four weeks she was reintroduced to her dad Normski. We were all delighted how well it went and the two were soon cuddled up together in the evenings and he maintains a watchful eye over her during the day. The fact her and her father have bonded so well means that he is teaching her natural pudú behavior.

It has taken a lot of time and commitment from keepers, and at seven weeks old we are still giving her a small number of bottles during the day, but we could not be happier to see little Scarlet thrive. She has done so well that visitors are able to see her with dad at our pudú enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo.”

Pudús are the smallest deer in the world. Southern pudú are native to southwestern Argentina and Chile. When pudús reach adulthood, they are only about 15 inches high and 20-35 pounds. These animals are classified as a vulnerable species, as their numbers are diminished due to the rainforests of their habitat being cleared for cattle ranches and other land development. See a video of Scarlet at Zooborns. 

Images Credit: Edinburgh Zoo

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Migaloo the White Humpback Whale Spotted off Sydney's Coast

Image: Tom Lancashire

A sighting of 
Migaloo, Australia's celebrated white humpback whale, was made June 23 off the coast of Sydney. Until September of 2011, Migaloo, which translates to "white fella" in the language of Australian Aboriginals, was the only known white humpback whale in the world. It was then that footage surfaced of a white baby humpback whale (calf). The calf is unofficially named M.J., for Migaloo Junior, according to Australia's White Whale Research Centre. Another all-white whale was documented in Norwegian waters, so Migaloo and M.J. may be rare, but they're not alone. 

YouTube Link.

Although the video of the news report included here --as well as a report from CNN -- calls Migaloo an albino, that fact actually seems to be in dispute. The While Whale Research Centre and the Pacific Whale Foundation don't refer to Migaloo or MJ as albinos, so I've stayed consistent with their terminology.

To learn more about Migaloo and track future sightings, visit the website of the White Whale Research Centre. Via Twisted Sifter.

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Obie the (No Longer) Tubby Dog

Obie, the tubby dachshund then - via Obie's official website

Obie, after losing 55 lb - via Facebook

Obie's elderly owners couldn't resist those big brown eyes, and overfed the Dachshund till he weighed 77 lb (35 kg) - more than twice the normal weight for the breed (Previously on Neatorama). He was rescued two years ago by veterinary technician Nora Vanatta, who started the obese dog on a strict diet and exercise regiment.

Vanatta chronicled Obie's weight loss journey on Facebook and a dedicated website,

Today, Vanatta was proud to show the leaner (but not meaner, he's just as cute) Obie the no longer tubby dog! Watch Obie's weight loss journey over at TODAY:

The pup from Portland, Oregon, had a difficult time adjusting to his new diet because he hated vegetables, but now he munches on carrots and lives a healthier life. "He was eating only people food before, so it took a little bit of a transition to get him on dog food,'' Vanatta told Carson Daly on TODAY. "Now [he has] two meals a day, a couple snacks and lots of exercise."

When Obie was at his biggest, he had to wear a special harness to avoid injuring his large stomach. Since dropping the weight, he had to have cosmetic surgery to remove 2 1/2 pounds of excess skin.

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Sweet Photos of Animal Parents and their Young

  Image: Jan Pelcman

These photos illustrate the close bonds between some animal parents and their offspring. For example, polar bears stay with their cubs for at least two years in order to teach them the survival skills necessary to thrive in the cold climate of their habitat.

Female African elephants immediately lend each new mother a hand (rather, a trunk) to help a calf to standing position after birth and show the baby how to nurse. The older elephants slow the pace of the herd so the calf can keep up with them. Affectionate gestures between elephant mothers and their young are routine.

See more photos in a Bored Panda post entitled "25 of the Cutest Parenting Moments in the Animal Kingdom." 

  Image: Anton Belovodchenko

  Image: Michael Nichols 
   Image: Andre Pretorius

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Puppy Perks at Work

YouTube Link

As noted on this Harvard Health Publications blog run by Harvard Medical School, multiple studies have concluded that interaction with animals is good for human health. I imagine that most of you have read about similar research at some point. To quote the blog entry,

"Studies going back to the early 1980s support the idea that dogs—and other pets—have enormous health benefits for people. Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve recovery from heart disease, and even reduce rates of asthma and allergy in children who grow up with a Fido or a Frisky in the house. Pets also improve people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem."

But it doesn't take a scientific study to see the smiles (even happy tears, in one case) of employees in this video shot by dog treat brand Dogswell on June 20, 2014, national "Take Your Dog to Work" day. It may essentially be an advertisement, but it's a cute one that makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you. (Relax and forget what Rusty just did allll over that hedge fund!) Via Unique Daily.

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Game of Pugs

(Video Link)

When you play the game of pugs, you win or you die. Thanks to Blinkbox, here are the pugs of Westeros perfectly costumed as your favorite characters, such as Joffrey Baratheon, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen.

There are no direwolves, which is a significant oversight. But on the upside: no one dies and there are no nude scenes.

-via Pleated Jeans

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Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes

(Image Via Francisco Mingnorance)

(Image Via Roeselien Raimond)

(Image Via Roeselien Raimond)

The fox is seen as an adorable, beautiful and quite approachable critter by the humans they live alongside. They’re also seen as chicken coop raiding pests and intruders by folks who don’t want the sneaky little buggers on their property.

Whether you like ‘em, hate ‘em, or simply don’t know much about the swift and slinky fox, you’ll absolutely fall in love with foxes of all kinds after you peruse this beautiful photo collection, which features 21 images of foxes feeling right at home in their natural habitat.

The common red woodland fox, the fennec fox, the kit and the arctic fox are all here for your viewing pleasure, doing one of the things they do best- looking adorable!

Check out the rest of these foxy photos at The Mind Unleashed

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Firefighters Free Puppy Stuck in Car Wheel

(Photo: Joseph C. Dowell/Kern County Fire Department)

On Friday, this pit bull puppy was playing with his 7 brothers and sisters. He is, perhaps, not the brightest dog in his litter. He somehow got his head stuck in a car wheel. The worried owner drove him to the local fire department and asked firefighters to free him.

The firefighters used vegetable oil from their kitchen to lubricate the dog. After about 10 minutes of careful movement, they were able to free him.

-via David Burge

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Cat Captain: "You Have The Bridge, Number One. I Have to Take a Nap."

This is the reason we should never go to war with the Russians. Meet the Cat Captain of the Russian battlecruiser Pyotr Velikij, the fourth Kirov-class battlecruiser and flagship of the country's Northern Fleet? (well, okay, that's not exactly believable ... but who am I to argue against the Cat Captain?) Via Cheezburger and reddit.

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Manatee Calf Charms Zoo Visitors

A manatee calf was born on April 24, 2014 at ZooParc de Beauval in France, after a 12-month gestation. Every birth is important for these animals, listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as vulnerable to extinction. The biggest threat to these gentle creatures are humans, due to collisions with boats,  becoming ensnared in fishing gear, hunting, toxic algae and pollution.

The calf weighed 55 pounds at birth. Adult manatees weigh anywhere from 880 to 1,210 pounds; females are generally heavier than males. Manatees are born underwater. The mother usually leads the calf up to the surface of the water so they can take their first breath. 

See more photographs at Zooborns.  

Images Credit: ZooParc de Beauval


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Pallas’ Cat Finds a Camera

(YouTube link)

You know how when a cat sees a camera, it tends to be curious, and before you know it, it’s all up in your face? It’s the same way with wild cats, too, and it can be creepy. This is a Pallas’s Cat, or Manul, which is doubly creepy as they have distinctively round pupils, and are quite fierce for a small cat. Their cubs are adorable, though. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Crowned

The annual Sonoma-Marin Fair Ugliest Dog Contest is over, and the winner is Peanut! Although he is world famous as of today, Peanut’s story is a sad one. He was abused and ultimately set on fire by his previous owners. As a result, he is missing his eyelids and lips, and will never again have hair all over. His new owner Holly Chandler wanted to enter him in the ugliest dog contest to raise awareness of animal abuse. A fundraiser exceeded its goal to send them to California for the competition. You can see the runner-ups and the online voting results in this gallery. -via reddit

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Buddy's Baby Crawling School

(YouTube link)

(YouTube link)

Buddy the Jack Russell terrier is a good babysitter. He’s not only keeping an eye on the baby, he’s teaching her! She’s trying her best to crawl, so Buddy gives her a little demonstration: “Here’s how it’s done. Just do what I do!” Give them a year or two and Buddy will show her how to escape through the backyard fence. That’s a good dog. -via Arbroath

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Missing Cat Returns Home Thirteen Years Later

YouTube Link

A cat named Shelby that went missing from an Australian family's home thirteen years ago returned to their front doorstep recently, with severely matted fur and a lice infestation. The mother of the family took the seventeen-year-old cat, which she thought was a stray, to her veterinarian's office for treatment. It was only then, as she sat in the office, that she wondered if the cat could possibly be Shelby. After an old photo comparison to the cat's markings and the opinion of the vet, the cat was considered to be their long-lost pet after all. Shelby's return was a happy occasion for everyone in the household — except for their other pet cat! Via Laughing Squid.

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Doggy Reactions to a Human Barking

YouTube Link

This humorous video is made by self-described mentalist and magician Jose Ahonen and comedian Rudi Rok, the same guys who made Magic Tricks for Dogs. In it, they record the varied reactions of various dogs of breeds big and small to great dog imitations by Rok. I'd love to see my two dogs in this situation to see what they would do! Via Twisted Sifter.

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Powerful Animal Ads That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

(Image Via Partners Lisboa, Portugal)

(Image Via Stick, South Africa)

(Image Via Ogilvy, France)

We're at a point in our existence on Earth where we can truly help animals, yet poaching and needless hunting still goes on despite the warnings and knowledge that humans may very well cause some animal species to go extinct, and it seems like some people just don't understand the gravity of the situation.

Perhaps if there were more ads out there like the ones present in this collection of 33 Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth people would have their eyes opened to the seriousness of the situation, and how every little bit we can do to help bring animals back from the brink of extinction, or keep our furry critter friends safe from exploitation, will ultimately benefit our lives as members of Team Earth.

(Warning- contains graphic imagery that may be shocking to some people)

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