These Squirrels Are Running a Chocolate-Theft Ring

A convenience store in Toronto noticed their were having quite a few chocolate bars going missing. When they figured out who was taking the chocolates, the family who runs the store had quite the charming surprise.

(Video Link)

Over the years a local band of squirrels stole dozens of chocolate bars from the shop. As it turns out, the family itself may be to blame -years ago they started feeding the birds outside the shop and the excess food may have lured the squirrels into the area. Once the free food was gone, the squirrels thought there still must be some free snacks somewhere.

Via The Dodo

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Sledding With My Cat

(YouTube link)

Jesse took his cat Weston up a mountain so they could sled down together. You might think that's a crazy idea, but Weston seemed more calm than Jesse was on the downhill. How would your cat react?  -via reddit

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Snow Day at the Oregon Zoo

If you look really hard at the screenshot above, you will see the proverbial polar bear in a snowstorm. The Oregon Zoo in Portland was closed to the public yesterday (and today) due to deep snow. But zookeepers let us take a peek anyway, by recording some video of the animals playing outside.

(YouTube link)

Some critters stayed in their dens, while polar bears, otters, seals, and even elephants had to explore and frolic in the snow.  -via reddit

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Season One of SyFy's The Expanse Recapped With Cats

(Video Link)

The Expanse is largely considered one of the most scientifically accurate science fiction shows ever. That being said, the recap version enacted by cats may not be quite as accurate -but it is the most adorable science fiction show ever (or at least a recap of one).

Warning for those who might want to check out the show at someone but haven't yet watched season one: there are quite a few spoilers here.

Via Laughing Squid

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How to Raise a 165-Year-Old-Cat

(Image credit: Nazario Graziano)

Bacon, Champagne, and 3-D movies? Why one Texas man thinks he’s uncovered an unlikely formula for feline longevity.

Jake Perry is a cat man. Standing about 5-foot-7 and often clad in workman’s clothes, the 85-year-old Austin, Texas, plumber is also a father and husband. But anyone who’s met Perry will tell you—first and foremost, he’s a cat man.

Perry’s cats broke the Guinness World Record for oldest cat. Twice, actually: The first record, from 1998, was for a part Sphynx, part Devon Rex named Granpa Rexs Allen who made it to age 34; the second, from 2005, is for a mixed tabby named Creme Puff who lived to age 38. Since the 1980s, Perry has adopted and re-homed 
hundreds of cats, at his peak raising four dozen at once, showcasing the best and brightest in cat shows. According to Perry, it’s not just Granpa and Creme Puff who 
had unusually long lives: About a third of his cats, he says, lived to be at least 30 years old—about twice the average feline life span. Over the years, Perry has been equally celebrated and psychologically analyzed for his extreme dedication to his pets. Now, toward the end of his own life, he believes he’s discovered the secret to feline longevity.

I first met Perry on a hot summer day in July 2012, when he showed up at my apartment to fix a leaky bathtub. He was strangely magnetic, with a slow Texas drawl, compulsive politeness, and a face that lit up when he saw the apartment’s resident pet—this was not your typical plumber. That day, Perry told me about his own cats, and what he believed were the keys to their unbelievably long lives.

Continue reading

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Adopted Pit Bull And Two Guinea Pigs Are Best Friends

According to the media pit bulls are savage and vicious killers who have no problem sinking their teeth into innocent children and animals whenever they get the chance.

But according to these two tiny guinea pigs pit bulls are straight up lovers, and make for great cuddle buddies.

When Kristy Gamayo adopted Moki the pit bull she was told to keep him away from her little guinea pigs Frida and Pandora, but the three unlikely friends immediately began bonding and have since become best friends:

'The piggies are always crawling up to Moki - smelling her - and Moki in return licks them as she lies down with them.

'To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together and Moki likes to give them kisses.'

Now Kristy has set up an Instagram account @piggiesandpitty so people around the world can bask in the glory of their crazy critter love!

-Via Daily Mail

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Walking the Dogs in the Snow

The roads are deep with snow, and you gotta take the dogs out anyway. You might as well have a little fun doing it!

(YouTube link)

Stephen Mann gathered his dogs Cabot and Barney, their leashes, his snowboard, and a selfie stick for a romp that's just as much fun for him as for the dogs! I'm not completely sure, but I think this is in New Jersey. They got up to ten inches of snow last weekend. -via Digg

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This Space Age Cat Backpack Lets Your Kitty Come With You Wherever You Go

Many cat owners wish they could take their kitty with them wherever they go, so felines and humans can explore the world together like true friends, but cats usually don't dig strutting around town on a leash.

So what's the alternative?

This kooky looking cat carrier backpack called the U-Pet has earned rave reviews from feline fanciers who felt bad that their indoor cats were stuck indoors day in and day out.

Now their kitties can explore the world like little astronauts while hanging around in this space age backpack, which features a viewing dome and a bunch of air vents on the front and side so kitty doesn't suffocate.

The U-Pet looks like great fun for humans to wear, but judging by the photos cats are not impressed by this backpack-shaped kitty pod.

In fact, a few of those angry kittehs look like they would have preferred to stay home!

See Genius Cat-Pack Lets Your Pet Travel Like A Little Astronaut here

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Ghost Shark Filmed Alive In The Ocean For The First Time

They're strange looking relatives of sharks and rays, they're elusive and live 2600 meters or more below the surface, and they have retractable sex organs on their foreheads.

They're Chimaeras, or ghost sharks or pointy-nosed blue ratfish, and they've never been captured on video before 2016, when a remotely operated vehicle deployed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute caught this swim-by on camera.

(YouTube Link)

Chimaeras are normally thought to inhabit the waters around New Zealand and Australia, but the remote vehicle captured the Chimaera swimming in the Northern Hemisphere, which researchers found interesting.

What you might find interesting are these strange physical traits of the Ghost Sharks, via National Geographic:

Unlike those more well-known sharks, chimaeras don’t have rows of ragged teeth, but instead munch up their prey—mollusks, worms, and other bottom-dwellers—with mineralized tooth plates.

A pattern of open channels on their heads and faces, called lateral line canals, contain sensory cells that sense movement in the water and help the ghost sharks locate lunch.

And perhaps most fascinating, male chimaeras sport retractable sex organs on their foreheads.

-Via Boing Boing

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This Young Man Spends Two Weeks A Year With His Alpine Marmot Pals

In the hills of Austria you can find magical moments unfolding as a child discovers how to speak to the animals, in this case marmots, and relate to them on their level.

Whether he knows exactly what they're saying or not is anyone's guess, but his special rapport with the normally shy marmots is truly something special, and their connection makes for some magical photo-ops.

12-year-old Matteo Walch became pals with the alpine marmots at an early age, when his mom Michaela introduced him to the joy of nature and he had the good fortune of meeting a colony of marmots.

They've come back to Grossglockner for two weeks a year ever since, where Michaela takes some great shots that truly capture the unusual yet heartwarming bond between Matteo and the marmots.

Alex first posted about Matteo and the marmots back in 2012, and it's interesting to see that even though Matteo is now a tween the marmots still see him as their little buddy!

See Adorable Photos Of A Young Austrian Boy Enjoys A Special Friendship With Shy Marmots here

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A Horse with a Rubber Chicken

Debbie Barber's horse Kruzah is a comedian. Here he is, out in the pasture, practicing his routine for his next standup gig. He has a rubber chicken, and he knows how to use it!

(YouTube link)

I hope you get a few horse laughs out of this. -via Tastefully Offensive 

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Hong Kong Shop Cats

Photographer Marcel Heijnen became charmed with the many cats who live in the retail shops of Hong Kong. He's taken portraits of many of them, collected in his new book Hong Kong Shop Cats

Heijnen regards the small stores where the cats lounge and doze as “beautiful photogenic subjects in their own right.” They are places where, says Heijnen, “time seems to have stood still, devoid of branding and all the other modern-day retail trickery we’ve grown accustomed to”.

See a selection of Heijnen's images from the book at Atlas Obscura and more shop cats at his Instagram gallery Chinese Whiskers.

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Cat Stuck in Double-Decker Highway for Nine Days

Erin McCutcheon's cat Juno escaped from a pet carrier and jumped out of a moving car on the upper deck of I-93S in Boston on Christmas Day. McCutcheon couldn't find the cat, so she distributed posters and put out a call for help on Facebook. On January 3, a group of electricians spotted Juno 80 feet above the lower deck, perched on the support girders under the upper deck. Juno had been there for nine days! The crew couldn't catch Juno, who was frightened, but eventually lured her out with canned cat food. Juno, hungry and thirsty, went home with electrician Jay Frazier, and will be reunited with the McCutcheons soon. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Jay Dondero)

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Bad Kitty

Cats know exactly what your weakness is. After all, you adopted them, so you must be a cat lover. They manipulate your sense of "awww" and give you that adorable look, and they can get away with the most atrocious behavior. They know. Cats are diabolical that way. This is the latest from Sarah Andersen at Sarah's Scribbles.

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Kitty Kommercial

Not only does this ad remind you of local cable access commercials, it's full of jokes, memes, bad puns, and the occasional breaking of the fourth wall. Oh, and it's full of cute cats, too.

(YouTube link)

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters in Georgia resorted to making a parody of bad local TV ads in order to draw attention to their many cats (and dogs) who needs homes. You can be assured that your local shelter is in the same fix. -via Uproxx  

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Can You Tell the Difference Between These Commonly Mistaken Animals?

Can you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? How about a leopard and a cheetah? Do you know if the animal above is a llama or an alpaca? This Buzzfeed quiz tests your animal knowledge by asking you to do exactly those things. I'm a pretty big animal nerd and I only got 7 out of 10, so don't expect the test to be easy.

So test your animal identification skills here.

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Man Gives Street Dog Some Food, Which She Takes Home To Her Puppies

It's hard to say no to a stray dog begging for food on the city streets, and even though people can come up with all kinds of reasons why they shouldn't give a buck to a homeless person they can't deny a stray dog if they're animal lovers.

And, as the guy who shot this video in Bangkok, Thailand discovered, sometimes donating food to a stray means you're helping feed her family of pups as well, which we can all agree is a win-win-winwinwinwin situation!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Daily Mail

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Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

Cats love catnip, and we love to watch cats react to catnip. It has no lasting effect on them, and they aren't operating heavy machinery anyway, so what's the harm? Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out takes a deeper look into what catnip does.

(YouTube link)

The key ingredient is nepetalactone. That's a new one on me. It's a kind of cat pheromone, which only makes you appreciate how nature has given a gift to cats in plant form. -via Laughing Squid

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Say "Hello" to the New World's Tallest Dog

Freddy was the runt of the litter when he was born, but he's certainly grown up since then. In fact, now he's the world's tallest dog -when he stands up on his back legs, he measures a whopping 7'5" tall! Guinness announced their new record holder in late December.

Anyone interested in keeping tabs on the pooch can now follow him on his Instagram page

Via Huffington Post

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Photos Of Pets Before And After Being Praised

(Image Link)

Some people believe their dogs understand everything they say, while others claim dogs only understand facial expressions and emotional responses, but most animal behaviorists agree the truth is a combination of the two.

(Image Link)

Dogs can understand words their humans say to them repeatedly, and they begin to associate things like mealtime, praise and admonishment with those words, the most popular being the praise "good dog".

(Image Link)

Redditor JavaReallySucks posted a pic of his adorable dog before and after being called a good boy, to illustrate the way his dog's face lights up after being praised by his master.

The photographic exercise seemed like fun so others took to shooting before and after praise pics of their pets, which worked really well with the dogs while the cats continued to not give a crap one way or the other.

(Image Link)

See People Are Posting Pics Of Their Animals Before & After Being Called A Good Boy here

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The Cat That Thinks Its A Husky

Back in 2014 we featured a husky that was raised around cats and thus, thought it was a cat, but as it turns out, we now know the opposite can be true too. Meet Rosie, a cat that was abandoned at only three weeks old and raised in a home with a surrogate mother husky who happens to be good friends with a few other huskies who live in the neighborhood. The kitty survived thanks to its surrogate family, but Rosie never learned what it's like to be a cat. Instead, she thinks she's just a slightly smaller dog.

Like her dog buddies, Rosie likes to go hiking, swimming, kayaking and more -basically whatever her humans and dog friends are up to, she wants to be a part of it. 

You can keep up on this cute kitty's adventures, and those of her friends, over on Instagram.

Via Life Daily

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Thermal Cats

I have a large tomcat who sleeps  on my side of the bed. When I have to move him to get some sleep myself, he's warmed a fairly large spot. Filmed with a thermal camera, you can see how much heat a cat generates. These two cats, Lekki and Leo, even leave a little heat behind when they touch something. They also love to play with warm water. One has a cold nose.

(YouTube link)

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta from Tampere, Finland, launched a new YouTube channel called Thermal Guys. They are asking for suggestions on what would look good filmed through a thermal camera. They are also the couple behind the very popular the Hydraulic Press Channel. -via Metafilter

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Watch This Panda Play With His New Snowy Friend

(Video Link)

Da Mao is a panda at the Toronto Zoo. Earlier this month, he got a snowman in his enclosure. Maybe he has some rage issues, because Da Mao's immediate response was to start ripping his face off, climbing on him and kicking his head off. One thing's for sure -he had a great time with his snowy new roommate.

Via Incredible Things

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The Dogs of 2016

In 2016, as in every other year, dogs were ready to bring us joy. The folks at We Rate Dogs put together a compilation of the most adorable dog videos of the year.

(YouTube link)

Those are good dogs. The song is "Center of Gravity" by Brazen Youth. -via Tastefully Offensive

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This Bunny Sees the Benefit In Arcade Games

(Video Link)

If you can teach a dog to drive a car or fly a plane, is it really that ambitious to teach a bunny to operate an arcade game? Bini the Bunny's owner thought to fill up an arcade game with healthy snacks and let Bini test his skills on the machine -and the bunny took to it pretty quickly. As long as he gets his treats, Bini is content.

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Ring in 2017 With the New Year's Dog

(Video Link)

Are you counting the minutes or even seconds until the clock strikes midnight? Then you won't want to miss this adorable human-armed pup celebrating the turn of th new year. He enjoys sparklers, counting down on the clock and drinking champagne, so it's a pretty traditional NYE celebration -other than the fact that he's a man-dog and all.

Via Incredible Things

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Here it is, Your Puppy Moment of Zen

(Video Link)

Sometimes you need a little break from this world. When you need to relax and be distracted from whatever's bothering you, you might just want to bookmark this video. Watching this little pooch go to his happy place is entirely too satisfying. 

Personally, I'll want to watch this the most just after giving my dog a bath -aka fighting and freezing for twenty minutes.

Via Elite Daily

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This Dog Ate His Family's Entire Christmas Turkey

Most pet owners have had their dog (or cat) eat something they weren't supposed to, but while gluttonous nous pets are common, few are brave or foolish enough to eat a whole turkey. But this little tiny dog did just that this Christmas and you can pretty much see the bird sitting inside of her in the pictures. 

According to his owners, the little thief couldn't even move after the fact. Still, the look on her face says it was totally worth it.

Technically, she did leave her family a little something. Luckily, they were able to get relatives to bring another turkey so they didn't have to fight over this little slobber-covered scrap.

Owner David Barrett says the dog, Bubba, will be going on a much-needed diet in the New Year.

Via Bored Panda

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A Day In The Life Of A Dog Mom

Dog owners aren't really all that different than cat owners, but they definitely have a different kind of relationship with their pet.

Cats tend to act aloof and treat their humans like house guests, but most dogs will happily follow their human around all day long, watching their human do stuff while seeking attention, approval and a snack.

This pack dynamic makes for a strong bond between dogs and their doggy mommies and daddies, and yet it's hard to describe what it's like to live with a furry friend who sees you as the center of their world.

But illustrator Natalie Marion does a great job of capturing the feeling of being a doggy mom in this comic strip she created for Barkpost because the strip is based on her own experiences with her furry friend:

“By day, I spin plates and manage projects in GTB’s award-winning design studio The Park. By night, I illustrate and document our world.”

See These Charming Illustrations Capture A Day In The Life Of A Dog Mom here

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Dog Protects Little Girl Lost In The Forest For 11 Days

When a 4-year-old goes missing it's crucial to find the child within the first 48 hours, because they know from experience that a young child would have a hard time surviving outdoors that long without help.

So when little Karina Chikitova wandered into a forest in Siberia and got lost her family panicked, and when the hundreds of people searching for her had yet to locate her a week later they began to give up hope.

But Karina was lucky because her dog Kyrachaan had gone with her, and Kyrachaan was able to help Karina stay warm at night and defend her from wolves and bears in the forest until help arrived.

Eleven days after her disappearance Kyrachaan showed up in the village and pointed rescuers in the right direction, and four miles from the village in the tall grass they found Karina. 

Karina had survived by eating berries, and had a few scrapes and bug bites but no major injuries, and the first thing she said when she saw Kyrachaan again- "Why did you leave me?"

Read Dog Protects Girl Lost In Forest For 11 Days here

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