Veterinary X-Ray Contest Winners

(Image credit:  Andrew Rambo, DVM, Gladstone Animal Clinic, Gladstone, Mo.)

The magazine Veterinary Practice News holds an annual x-ray contest, and receives entries illustrating the strange inedible things that pets eat. The latest issue reveals the winners of the 2014 competition and promises more entries soon. The winner was a frog that had eaten 30 rocks from its terrarium (which were removed by surgery). My favorite is the bearded dragon shown above, who was brought in because he wouldn’t eat and then found to have eaten a Barbie doll accessory banana. It won an honorable mention, as did the dog that ate a light bulb below. The Golden retriever passed the lightbulb intact a day later.

(Image credit:  Christy McCratic, DVM, Golf Rose Animal Hospital)

In all, the winning pets have eaten a sish kebab skewer, a fishhook, a doll, needles, loose change, a bra, 5 rubber ducks, 41 socks, and a hacky sack. See the rest of the winners and honorable mentions at the magazine website. -via Uproxx

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8 videos of Dogs Doing Un-Dog Like Things


Image Via

Last week, I wrote a piece about cats doing un-cat like things, and it just felt natural to follow that up with a dog version of the list. The kicker is, with dogs, it is completely different. If a cat is barking like a dog, it is doing that under its own direction. In most cases, when a dog is doing something un-dog like, they are trained to do so. You see a dog dancing Salsa (quite well, I might add), that dog did not just get up one day and teach itself how to Salsa. No, that dog was trained how to Salsa. Cats just do strange stuff to do it (or because they are aliens slowly assimilating our planet, as I have stated before), whereas dogs do strange stuff because we insist they do, and we reward them for it. The dog dancing the Salsa knows, at the end of this, he gets a treat. The cat barking like a dog has no incentive. So as much as they may seem like similar lists, you will see that could not be further from the truth. That disclaimer out of the way, there are SOME dogs on this list who seem to be doing insane or awesome things of their own accord, but for the most part, it is trained and learned behavior. That makes it no less remarkable and no less watchable, thankfully.

1. Dog Dances Salsa

(YouTube Link)

You cannot write about a dog dancing Salsa in the intro of a list and then hold that back. That is just not fair to the readers. Also, like stated in the intro, this is obviously an incredibly well-trained dog. But let it be known that you could try to teach me this same routine, and I am pretty sure I would mess it up about six times. So don't undermine how awesome it is just because the dog was trained to do it. Pretty sure I know a good chunk of humans who could not be trained to do that.

Also, it is a dog dancing Salsa. If your day is not immediately better, you must be on fire or being chased by bears.

2. Dog With Awful Poker Face

(YouTube Link)

Okay, so this dog is clearly not trained to do this. Pretty sure the dog is just busted, and is having trouble concealing its guilt over the course of the interrogation. At first, you cannot tell if it is guilt or pride, as the second dog being confronted looks uncomfortable, yet still tries to throw off its owner with a tail wag.

We see as the interrogation continues, the dog seems less and less able to hide the fact that it ate the cat treats. Say what you want about this dog, but his inability to lie just makes me like him more.

Continue reading

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Ram Ain't Got Time for Drone

YouTube Link

Marty Todd, also known as YouTube user Buddhanz1, lives on a large plot of land in Nelson, New Zealand with an angry ram he calls Rambro. The Arapawa ram, which Todd rescued from an owner who was going to kill him due to his aggression, got attention worldwide when another video of him charging Todd on his motorcycle went viral. Rambro now has his own Facebook page and a herd of fans.

The ornery animal currently leads a life with his family in this beautiful wilderness. Rambro even stopped being angry long enough to have a new baby, who makes an appearance in another of Todd's YouTube videos. Because Todd hand-feeds the lamb, he says he used a quadcopter drone in an attempt to locate it on the vast expanse of land. Whether he was trying to locate the lamb, provoke Rambro with the drone to get more video footage, or a bit of both, only Todd knows, and viewers can come to their own conclusions.

Regardless, when Todd lowered the drone, the ram decided he was going to put a quick end to that buzzing annoyance. Todd went to retrieve the drone and met with the same feisty attitude. Rambro will decide when you can pay him a visit, whether it's in person or with your annoying tech tools, thanks. Via Viral Viral Videos.

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Dog Refuses to Leave Deceased Teenage Master's Gravesite for Weeks

Neatorama has previously featured amazing stories of dogs' loyalty after their masters' deaths, as there have been other famous tales of such canine devotion. The story of Greyfriar's Bobby comes to mind as well. The following is another example, which recently took place in India. 

After a teenager named Bhaskar Shri was killed in a car accident, his dog Tommy, with whom the teen was said to be inseparable, stayed at his grave for over two weeks. Refusing to leave even when coaxed, Tommy guarded the gravesite constantly, going 15 days without food.  

When Dawn Williams, an animal rescue officer with the Blue Cross of India, noticed the thin, haggard dog by the fresh grave two days in a row, she grew concerned. She fed Tommy water and biscuits, but he still wouldn't move from the site.

Williams got the story behind the dog's vigil from locals, and then located the teen's mother in order to bring her to the grave. Bhaksar's mother had been unable to find Tommy after her son's death. Williams said of the encounter,

“When Tommy saw her, he jumped on her and was licking her before he rested his face on her feet. It was obvious he knew her. She was really happy he was back. She called him a loyal friend and she would keep him as a reminder of her son.”

Quite a bittersweet story. I hope Tommy and Bhaskar's mother will be sources of comfort to each other. Via Oddity Central

Images Credit: Blue Cross of India 


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Walter the Dog is in a Hurry to Get to the Beach

YouTube Link

Walter the Labrador Retriever lives in Sicily, Italy. He gets in a lot of beach time, and has developed an enormous love of ocean swimming. The path to the beach is rambling, but that doesn't slow Walter down. His owner fitted him with a GoPro to catch a beach run from Walter's perspective. His fans were waiting for him on the beach and filmed him in his last stretch before jumping into the sea, as seen in the video below. Gotta admire Walter's lust for life! Via Tastefully Offensive.

YouTube Link

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2 Dogs Use Teamwork to Retrieve Their Favorite Toy from a Pool

(Video Link)

Someone has thrown the tire into the pool! This is a terrible calamity that the two pups must resolve. It's quite heavy and it's at the bottom of the center of the pool. So how can they get it out?

One dog jumps in. In the video, you can almost see his mind turning, searching for a solution as he experiments with different techniques.

The pair are ultimately successful. But only because, at the end, they work together.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

P.S. What breed are these dogs? The video says bulldogs but their body shape seems more like that of boxers.

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Tucker Finds a Home

You may have seen pictures of this sad-looking cat over the past few weeks. This is Tucker, and she has genetic abnormalities that give her droopy eyes, extremely sensitive skin (hence the t-shirts), and deformed legs. Yet Tucker is a sweet, gentle cat who came into the care of Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington. And after a recent spate of publicity, Tucker has a new home!   

Many people applied to adopt Tucker. She ultimately went home with Katie, who is a vet tech and, along with her husband, lives with their cat Poe, who has similar special needs. Tucker couldn’t have ordered up a more perfect match. Now she will have a loving family, custom-made t-shirts, and a companion cat that can relate. -via Daily of the Day

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The Dog Found Grandma's Dentures

Twitter user @riekun1011 visited her grandmother and brought her dog along. Puccho, the Pomeranian, got into a bit of mischief. While snooping around the house, he found the grandmother's false teeth!

But Puccho didn't have them for long. Sorry, pup. You'll have to buy your own.

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GoPro Best of Animals 2014

YouTube Link

With the advent of budget-friendly, tiny cameras such as GoPro, animal videos have changed from hit-or-miss action to immediate or animal's-eye view perspective. The footage is only limited by the imagination of the person who captures it. Examples abound in GoPro's Best of Animals 2014 compilation video. This is part two. See part one here. Via The Presurfer.

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Cat-mounted Laser Pointer

(YouTube link)

Alex Burkovskiy taped a laser pointer to his cat’s head. Usually, just a piece of tape on a cat will cause the animal to go bonkers trying to get it off, but this cat was too fascinated with the red dot to notice he had something taped to him! He chased the dot for over an hour. That’s about as long as a piece of tape stuck to fast-moving fur can possibly last. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Dog Saves Little Boy from Swarm of Bees

(Photo: KPTV)

Pictured above is eight-year old Jesse-Cole Shaver and his hero, a pit bull named Hades. Last Tuesday, Jesse-Cole and his friends were playing in the woods near his home in Oregon City, Oregon. One child stepped through a log, breaking into a beehive. The bees swarmed and attacked the children.

The kids fled, but Jesse-Cole was struggling to make it up the hill to safety. So Hades leaped into action, dragging Jesse-Cole by his pants up the hill and away from the bees.

The bees stung Jesse-Cole 24 times. His mother took him to the hospital, which released him after a few hours. Thankfully, Jesse-Cole wasn't seriously injured--all thanks to his loyal dog.

-via Huffington Post

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Meet The Cutest Sad-Faced Kitty On Instagram - Little P

Grumpy cat rose to fame because of her signature sourpuss smile, her infinite meme-ification potential, and because the internet simply adores cats, so it was only a matter of time before we were presented with a new feline face to love.

It appears the wait is over, because Little P is ready for her day in the sun!

Little P's face permanently looks like the cute-but-pitiful face Puss In Boots makes in the Shrek movies, with big, sad eyes and a worried expression plastered on her cute little face. 

Little P is already becoming a big star on Instagram, with over 6,000 followers and an assortment of hilarious photos featuring Little P looking totally emo and stressed out all the time, because being an up-and-coming cat celeb is hard work.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Motherless Mountain Lion Cub Found in Washington State

This male mountain lion cub was found dehydrated and malnourished by a resident of Spokane, Washington. At the time, he was just three weeks old. Washington state fish and wildlife authorities conducted a fruitless search for the cub's parents. When no trace of his mother could be found, the cub was taken to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital, whose staff looked for accredited facilities to house the cub after he regained his health. Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Madonna Luers said,

"You just don’t rehabilitate an apex predator that’s become fixed on people, and release it back into the wild. The odds that it would eventually have contact with people or pets are too high.”

Zoo America has become the cub's new home and will help give him the nutrients and attention necessary to grow up healthy and adjusted. The as-yet-unnamed cub is said to be thriving.  

Read more and see additional pictures here.

Images Credit: Zoo America 

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Dog Laughs Right Along With Owner

Dogs are amazing creatures. Whereas cats sort of do what they please and often seem like they are sent from some other world to do weird things ad observe how we react to them, dogs just seem like they want to make humans happy. Also, sometimes, it seems like dogs want to partake in some of that happiness with us. That takes us to our most recent dog video, which is quite unlike any other dog video out there. Though the title of this article gives it away, you just need to see this for yourself:

(YouTube Link)

What can you even say about that? The girl is laughing, so the dog laughs harder, which in turn makes the girl laugh harder, which in turn makes the dog laugh harder. It may only be seven seconds long, but that seven seconds still manages to be both epic and hilarious. Oh, and adorable. Sorry, but a dog that sits like a human and laughs like a human is adorable. I wish I knew such a dog. I would invite him or her to all my parties.

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Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi

Link from The Legend of Zelda

Kiba is not the typical stay-at-home dog. He's a therapy dog and a service dog to his human caregiver. But he's not all work. Kiba is also a geek with a passion for cosplay. His Facebook page is filled with pictures of him at cons. Some of the best show him alongside humans who are cosplaying the same character.

Desmond Miles from Assassin's Creed

Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Yoda from Star Wars

Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-via Fashionably Geek

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Let Your Cat Take A Stand Against Internet Censorship

What do Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Fattah el-Sisi have in common, besides the fact that they all have tyrannical tendencies? They're all featured in The Pussycat Riot's new line of litter boxes and scratching posts:

The Pussycat Riot are taking a stand against internet censorship, and those who use censorship to suppress their citizens, with a little help from their feline friends, and their unique fundraising products allow the cats of the world to show their disdain for these dastardly fellows.

The litter trays cost 3 Pounds (about $5) plus shipping apiece, while the unique Putin and Jong-un scratching posts, which took a team of artists over 200 hours to complete, are priced at a whopping 4,500 Pounds!

I guess only the poshest kitties can afford to sink their claws into those internet censoring creeps!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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