Breaking News Stories That Took An Adorable Turn

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This just in- breaking news stories are usually sad and/or scary, and often involve doom, gloom and death, so they're not something viewers look forward to seeing.

But we'd all look forward to seeing another breaking news story if it involved a dog in a hat!

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Maybe the media should focus less on spreading fear and more on spreading smiles with fresh stories about local heroes, like Doggo the dog who was too cool for Tallahassee.

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Wouldn't it be nice to come across a news channel that focuses less on heartbreaking stories and more on the latest developments in the feline transportation industry? Looks like the catbus is on its way out!

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See These Breaking News Parodies Took An Adorably Wholesome Turn here

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More Accurate Dog Breed Names

Dog breed names generally say nothing about the dog's appearance, temperament, or size, so isn't it about time we unofficially rename certain breeds so we can more easily describe them to each other?

Not everyone knows what a Shih Tzu looks like off the top of their head, but if you call them Long-Haired Smushmugs (a much more accurate description) people will know exactly which breed you're talking about.

Likewise calling a Collie a "Lassie" instead just makes sense, just as a Golden Retriever is best described as an "Air Bud" and Great Danes should officially change their name to "Scoobies".

But what about the slightly harder to describe Basset Hound? Melty Slobberlogs, what a perfect description!

See 22 More Accurate Dog Breed Names here

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Dog Sits for Caricature

Don’t you just love this scene spotted at Disneyland of a dog sitting for an artist to draw his caricature? He’s wearing a service vest, so he’s not only a good dog, but a working dog, too. Buzzfeed did some digging and found out that the dog’s name is Yahoo. He’s a pup in training with Canine Companions for Independence. His trainer and a friend took two service dogs in training to Disneyland for socialization, patience training, and fun. CCI provided an additional picture to show the finished caricature.

That’s a good dog.

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This Dog Loves to Play Dress Up With Cardboard Cutouts

Semba is a woman with a very patient dog and a lot of creative ideas about how to play with her pup. Oddly, her dog, named Chihuahua-mametaro, seems to truly enjoy sticking his head in Semba's cardboard creations.

It's a different kind of doggy dress up, but it sure is hard not to love it. Of course, when his whole body is hiding behind a giant piece of cardboard, it can be hard to tell how cute little Chihuahua-mametaro is outside of his "costumes," so with that in mind, here's the rolly-polly pooch totally in the nude.

Being that adorable is obviously hard work.

Via Buzzfeed

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The Secret Truth Every Dog Knows

Our little furry friends have been keeping a secret from us, a dark truth they've hidden from humans since well before they became man's best friend- there is no such thing as a good dog.

This truth bomb was dropped via comic strip by Noob The Loser to give us a glimpse of what dogs are up to when we're not keeping a close eye on them.

So next time you praise your dog by calling them a "good dog" consider this- what has your dog done for you lately?

-Via CollegeHumor

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10 Seriously Strange Pet Chew Toys

There's something beyond wrong about letting your kitty play with a fetus -even if it's just crocheted. And encouraging your dog to chew on a red shirt is just mean -haven't they been through enough? Then again, letting your dog munch on the likeness of Michael Vick is only appropriate. Those three examples are only a small sampling of the utterly crazy chew toys featured on this delightful PetsLady article.

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Stray Cat Interrupts Turkish Newscast

Kudret Celebioglu kept his cool when a strange cat jumped up on the news desk as he was live on air. The cat even sat down on the computer keyboard like he owned the place! Celebioglu finished the story he was doing, but took a moment to announce that it was getting colder outside, and people should take in the stray cats that roam the streets. Afterward, the TV station adopted this cat. -via Buzzfeed

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Tiny Hamster is a Zombie!

In the latest adventures of Tiny Hamster, several hamsters are resurrected from the dead by a mad scientist. The zombie hamsters crawl out of their graves and go on a rampage, wreaking havoc on a tiny town of Barbie dolls and action figures!

(YouTube link)

Can the scientist reverse the spell before it's too late? Watch for yourself and see! -Thanks, Jake Wyatt!

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Guy Meets Daniel The Emotional Support Duck On Flight

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People have fully exploited any loopholes they can find in the rules regarding service dogs, and now it's not uncommon to see chihuahuas and other tiny dogs sporting the service vest like they're the real deal.

And there are people strutting around with service pigs, cats, snakes, parrots and even a service pony, but I can't recall ever seeing a service duck in action- until now.

Daniel the emotional support duck was spotted by author Mark Essig as he flew from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina, and the two got along swimmingly.

Now everyone will want an emotional support duck by their side while they fly, and support ducks will become the new trend in first class flight amenities.

See This Guy Had An "Emotional Support Duck" On His Plane And It's Adorable here

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Beware Of These Dangerously Adorable Dogs

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When your dog acts aggressively toward strangers you have to put a sign up on your fence so visitors don't come waltzing into your yard and get their butts bit.

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And it's still fun to put up a "beware of dog" sign when your dog is a big ol' softie who'd rather lick people to death than bite them, if only so your visitors can have a good laugh.

(Image Link)

But there are lots of dogs out there who need to be identified as dangerous even though they only pose a threat to your ankles, because little dogs are often feistier than their larger relatives.

(Image Link)

But the most dangerous and sign-worthy pets on the block aren't dogs- they're the cats who are so hardcore their owners felt a "beware of dog" sign was more appropriate!

(Image Link)

See 10+ Dangerous Dogs Behind "Beware Of Dog" Signs here

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20 Maine Coon Cats That Will Make Your Cat Look Tiny

If you like the thought of keeping a wildcat as a pet, but you have the sense not to, the Maine Coon Cat might be a great choice. Maine Coon Cats are the largest domestic cat breed there is. How big are they?

As a matter of fact, the title for the “longest cat" in the 2010 Guinness World Records was held by a Maine Coon named Stewie, who measured 48.5 in (that’s over 4 feet long) from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Remember folks, we’re talking domesticated cats here.

And you don’t even have to overfeed them! You’ll get an idea of how large a Main Coon Cat can grow in a gallery of 20 cats with humans for scale at Kittentoob.

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Singing Cat

(YouTube link)

This video is only three seconds long, so you’ll want to play it again and again. Matt Ambrose is singing “Boom Boom Boom” by the Outhere Brothers. His cat Maximus is, too. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Feral Cats Get a Job

Sometimes you can combine two problems to make a solution. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative does a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, but some feral cats can’t be returned because their territory turned into a dangerous construction site. Adult feral cats often cannot adjust to being pets, so adoption isn’t the answer. Meanwhile, the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan had a rodent problem, and extermination chemicals weren’t doing the job. Maybe the rats have become immune. The solution was to send some of the feral cats to the Javits Center, where they took over pest control duties.  

Although the cats are reportedly happy at the convention center, being fed in rotation by staff members who volunteer to bring in food, half a dozen of the felines that came from the FCI’s TNR program have found new adoptive homes during their stay at the Javits Center, including two kittens. The felines do their part to keep rodent populations in check, both by preying upon them and also by scaring them off with their scent. Convention center managers like this deal as well, because they can save money and avoid using dangerous pesticides on the property.

Sylvester, Alfreda, Mama Cat, and Ginger are living well, for feral cats. Read more about the program at Inhabitat. -via Nag on the Lake

(Image credit: Maggie O’Neill/NYC Feral Cat Initiative)

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No, That's Not A Burglar

Last week, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department received a call from a teenager who was worried his home was getting broken into -his dogs were barking uncontrollably and he heard scratching noises upstairs. He locked himself in a room where he though he could be safe from the intruder and called the police for herlp. When officers arrived on the scene, they heard some scratching while outside and looked up and saw the culprit -the furry criminal above. That's when they died laughing.

It turns out the owner didn't notice the dog wasn't part of the barking frenzy, which started when all the smaller dogs got jealous that they couldn't get up where their big friend was. 

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Human Relationships Vs. Dog Relationships

We tend to think of our interpersonal relationships as far more sophisticated and complex than the relationships we share with our pets, but the two are more alike than we'd care to admit.

Both involve choosing a partner, sharing meals and affection, learning to make each other happy and discovering how to communicate those feelings words can't describe.

There are plenty of dog days during these relationships too, as we try to live in the same house without tearing each other apart and struggle to set boundaries in regards to strangers.

But as this comic by Robert Brown shows the main thing both relationships have in common is the crap- the emotional crap, the crappy gifts we buy for each other, and the times we literally come face-to-feces with each other's crap.

See Human Relationships vs Dog Relationships at CollegeHumor (NSFW)

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You Could Win A $100 Gift Card And A NeatoShop Tee

We always love pets, but we especially love them when they are in costume. That's why we partnered up with to host a contest where you could win a $100 Amazon gift card or a NeatoShop tee. You can win the gift card and one tee by fulfilling any of the entry methods in the form below. Alternatively, you can win one of three tees by submitting your pet's Halloween costume to the Pets Lady Facebook page (add it in a post to the page or as a message) -one tee will go to a winner chosen by popular vote, one will go to a costume submission chosen at random and one will be given to a submission chosen by the judges here at Neatorama and over at Pets Lady.

It's a great way to celebrate Halloween and share your adorable pet photos -and, you might even win a great prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tug-of-War with Milk

Two strange cats will fight tooth and claw over something to eat. Two cats that live together, and are possibly related, are a little more civilized. Still, they are both hungry and would like to have the milk to themselves.

(YouTube link)

Clues from the original Facebook post lead one to think these cats are in Russia. My cats don’t get milk as a rule, but they tend to firmly but politely nudge each other away from canned food if they get a chance, so I separate them in different rooms for supper. Otherwise, Marshmallow would never get her full portion. -via Metafilter

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Thieving Raccoon Caught on Camera

Guy Williams tried to get some video of a raccoon he spotted on the campus of Bellarmine University in Kentucky. He had been feeding the raccoon acorns and even named him Stanley. Williams set his phone down while recording video in order to get a ground-level angle. Stanley took that as an offering and grabbed the phone with his teeth and absconded with it.

(YouTube link)

The phone continued to record as the raccoon ran off, with William’s yelling “Stanley!” Stanley dropped the phone, apparently convinced that it did not taste that good. -via Arbroath

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Dogs vs. Leaf Blowers

Here we find out that a leaf blower is not just an autumn time-saving machine, but also a hi-tech dog toy. These canines want to catch the wind, or enjoy the rush of wind in their hair, or maybe attack that infernal contraption.

(YouTube link)

Do NOT miss the dog that comes in at 1:25. The upshot is, if you have a leaf blower and a dog, you’re not going to get a lot of yard work done. -via Tastefully Offensive

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People Who Hate Cats Are Forced To Hang Out With Kittens

It's hard for a cat lover to understand how someone could hate our feline friends, especially in their compact and ultra-cute kitten form, but there are cat haters among us- and they look just like you and I.

They often dress up their disdain for cats by claiming cats hate them or that they're allergic, but there's clearly more to the story than mere allergies or bad vibes.

The question is- can cat haters maintain their irrational hatred after hanging around a bunch of adorable kittens?

(YouTube Link)

It may never be clear why some people naturally hate cats, but while serious research continues it's good to see BuzzFeed Video messing with cat haters by conducting "social experiments".

-Via Boing Boing

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Snail Eating Cucumber Slice Stars In A Photoshop Love Story

When Mr. Snail scored a huge cucumber slice he thought he'd won the food lottery, and the slice made him feel like his life was finally changing for the better.

(Image Link)

His outlook on life was no longer quite as slimy, and he thought about settling down with a Mrs. snail and having some little snail-lings.

His life had taken on a whole new meaning, and to think his fateful future began with that slice of fruit, at least according to this recent Photoshop battle which took a romantic turn.

(Image Link)

The Photoshoppers felt it was time for Mr. Snail to put aside his swinging bachelor days, so they used the cucumber slice as a catalyst for a gastropod love story.

And then those dastardly digital manipulators threw a monkey wrench in Mr. Snail's life story, and he lost half his slice in the divorce.

(Image Link)

Destitute, drunk and dreaming of the days when he was a happy papa snail with a sweet Mrs. by his side, Mr. Snail was left wishing he'd never found that cucumber slice in the first place!

(Image Link)

See Snail Eating Cucumber Sparks Photoshop Battle, Internet Creates Better Love Story Than Twilight here

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How to Ship a Panda

(Image credit: FedEx)

Whether it’s delivering polar bears to zoos or prize horses to the World Equestrian Games, FedEx rules the animal-shipping kingdom. David Lange, director of charter operations, reveals how they do it.

Since 2000, FedEx has shipped 12 pandas to zoos. How much did it cost?
It varies. We sell the entire airplane. Whether you want to move one ton or 80 pounds, you buy the entire airplane. Shipping an animal is different from shipping a box. Trying to translate a cost per pound for an endangered species, it’s hard to make a comparison.

What kinds of supplies do the pandas need?
We usually carry a breeding pair, so two enclosures with bamboo, water, apples—a couple thousand pounds of supplies. When we’re carrying horses we bring water and hay. One time, we carried 10 or 15 tons of tack and hay and feed.

Continue reading

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Hurricane Refugee in a Sock Sweater

Sarah was at PetSmart in Raleigh, North Carolina, a few days ago. Banfield Veterinary Hospital was also there with pets to adopt at the same time. One of them was this tiny kitten, who was picked up during the rains that hurricane Matthew brought to the region. Someone made him a tiny little sweater to keep him warm -out of a sock! It certainly flatters him.

Sarah considered adopting him, but a family with children snapped him up immediately. He and his sweater went to a nice warm home. You can read her account of the kitten in several images of text at Twitter. -via Buzzfeed

(Images by Sarahfu via Twitter)

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Pop Goes the Weasel

Coyote Petersen (previously at Neatorama) says he doesn’t want to wiggle his fingers, and then wiggles his fingers to illustrate. This video is full of contradictions. He goes to the Steve Kroschel Wilderness Center in Haines, Alaska, to interact with an animal that was raised in captivity. The short-tail weasel is supposed to be a terribly ferocious animal, yet it is tiny and adorable and avoids human contact.

(YouTube link)

In this episode of the web series Breaking Trail, Peterson acts as if a weasel will rip his flesh, but the cutesy music tones down the sense of danger. It’s easy to be startled by the jumpy little creature, though, especially once you’ve heard its reputation! -via Laughing Squid

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"Ugly" Cats Deserve Love Too

Possum the cat may not fit the traditional definition of cute, or even the less-traditional definition of the word, but she sure has a sweet personality. But looks aren't everything and what Possum lacks in looks, she makes up for in personality. She's so sweet that Stephanie, her owner, claims she even purred while getting her shots and tried to cuddle with the vet tech.

While Stephanie feels hurt when she hears people say mean things about her funny-looking baby, Possum remains delightfully oblivious to how people talk about her. If you agree that Possum's delightfully different appearance makes her special, you can follow her on Instagram.

Via The Dodo

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The Tortoise and the Hare

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? You never really believed that a rabbit would stop in the middle a race and rest, only to end up losing from overconfidence. Well, here’s a real-life recreation of that race that confirms what happened. I think this might be in Thailand. The hare’s assumed potential speed is no match for the tortoise’s determination and persistence. Slow and steady wins the race! -via Uproxx

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Cats vs. Tortoises

(YouTube link)

Tortoises are fairly fearless and love to annoy cats. That’s probably for the same reason people annoy cats- because their reactions are funny. Several tortoises of varying sizes show their chutzpah in this compilation video. A tortoise knows he can stalk with impunity and just draw arms and legs inside the shell if the cat tries to fight back. For we humans, it’s a win-win, because we get to laugh at both the tortoise and the cat, get a video clip of the encounter, and step in to break things up if the situation gets truly dangerous. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Tania Hennessy’s Emoji Kittens

Tania Hennessy is an artist in Vancouver who fosters kittens for VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association). Her passion is taking pictures of kittens, which we can all agree is a wonderful thing to do. One of her projects is called Emoji Kittens, where real kittens interact with emojis.

You can see this one in motion at its own webpage: Doughnut Kitten.

Continue reading

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Hamster Things

Mashable put together a recreation of the Netflix show Stranger Things, using hamsters instead of people. How adorable!

(YouTube link)

Hamsters are natural actors. All you need are the perfect tiny backdrops and a good supply of hamster chow. -via Buzzfeed

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Etti-Cat, NYC’s Feline Subway Etiquette Advisor

Of the many jobs that cats have held, I’ve never seen one that was an etiquette advisor. But in 1962, a tuxedo cat launched a career telling New York City subway passengers how to use the trains, treat other passengers, and follow the rules. A series of posters featuring Etti-Cat were posted in almost 3,000 subway cars. Etti-Cat became so popular that she “authored” a book on manners. Now Etti-Cat is featured in an exhibition called Transit Etiquette Or: How I Learned To Stop Spitting And Step Aside In 25 Languages on display at the New York Transit Museum. Read about Etti-Cat and see some of the posters from the exhibit at Hyperallergic. -via Michael Leavitt

(Image credit: Flickr user Stephen Spencer)

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