What To Do If Attacked By A Mountain Lion

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Mountain lion attacks seem like something people who live near the wildcat's natural kingdom would have to deal with on a regular basis, but cougar attacks are extremely rare- there have been fewer than 100 attacks on humans in the western U.S. since 1890

But like many survival tips knowing what to do if attacked by a mountain lion is valuable advice you hope you'll never need but you'll be glad to know if you find yourself facing a cougar attack.

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First and foremost you shouldn't run away, because running will only trigger the animal's predatory instincts and make you look like prey.

You're better off standing your ground, making lots of noise and trying to look intimidating, preferably with a big stick or whatever weapon you have on hand.

And if the cougar attacks fight back, because their self preservation instinct is likely to kick in and send them running back to the hills they came from!

-Via Travel and Leisure

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Do Tortoises Like To Be Touched?

Tortoises use their tough skin and even tougher shells as tools for survival, and their hard exteriors tend to make people assume the tortoise inside the shell isn't a warm and tender creature.

But as reptile biologist Matt Evans of the Smithsonian National Zoo Reptile Discovery Center demonstrates in this video tortoises genuinely enjoy physical contact, and they'll even try to return the favor in their own clumsy way:

Tortoises enjoy tactile sensations; rubbing, scratching, that kind of thing. So when we go in there with them and we’re engaging with them – we’ll kind of rub their shell, scratch their head a bit and when we do that, they extend that neck out and they’ll look like they’re enjoying it a little bit and that’s just something we do to interact with the tortoises on a daily basis.

(YouTube Link)

And in case you also happen to be wondering what a tortoise's diet consists of here's another video made by Matt Evans that explains what goes in to a tortoise salad.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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What Happens In The Barn Stays In The Barn

Horses can be pretty silly when they're feeling hoofloose and fancy free, and they get even more squirrely when they have an animal buddy around to join in on the fun.

But they won't let just anyone see their playful side, and it seems some horses actually have a super duper silly side they don't even let their humans see- a wearing a chicken as a hat kinda silly side.

(YouTube Link)

Nancy Elwood caught her horse hanging around with one of the chickens and couldn't believe her eyes, but according to the mare in the next stall the two do this sort of stuff all the time- and she wants in on the fun!

-Via Incredible Things

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Make Super Mario Cute Again With Super Bork Land

(Video Link)

The star of Super Bork World is a cute little fluffball that is pretty much amazing at making theme song parodies for geeky franchises like The Walking Dead or the X-Files. This Super Mario parody is everything a dog-loving gamer could want in life -cuteness and geekiness in a perfect package.

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Koala Requests a Grooming

Bruce Atkinson of Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia, found a koala on his porch Saturday morning. He took a picture and noticed it was covered with burrs. The koala wasn't going anywhere, so Atkinson offered it a bowl of water. The koala swatted it out of his hands. Thats' not what it wanted! But the creature didn't leave, so Atkinson got a pair of gloves and a brush.

He carefully approached the koala and let it sniff at the hair brush before attempting to brush the prickles out.

"I just gently poked the brush at some of the burrs," he said.

"Within seconds it decided, 'this is alright, I'll have more of this'."

Mr Atkinson said he was amazed at how benign the previously aggressive koala became once it was having its fur brushed.

He said he was able to remove most of the burrs and then collected some gum leaves for the koala, which hung around his house for the rest of the day.

It just goes to show that animals communicate well if you pay attention and give them a chance. Atkinson posted a video of the de-burring operation at the Otway Community Facebook group. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Bruce Atkinson)

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Horrifying Footage Shows a Dog Being Attacked by Wolves

One hunter in Sweden took his dog moose hunting in early October. She ran off at the smell of a moose at one point and he lost track of her. When he found the dog, she was bleeding and couldn't get up. At first he thought she was attacked by a moose, but when he watched the Go Pro footage from her collar though, he was shocked to see she was actually mauled by two wolves.

(Video Link)

Fortunately, the hunter found his dog and got her to the vet in time and she recovered. Still, it's a good reminder why even hunters should never let their pups run wild without supervision.

Via Daily Dot

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The Cat Rapper

Moshow (Dwayne Molock) loves cats and is not ashamed to admit it. He is the Cat Rapper. Moshow has four cats named Sushi, Ravioli, Tali, and Megamam, and he champions cats everywhere. He recently made a video at the Oregon Humane Society shelter promoting cat adoption.   

(YouTube link)

Here's Moshow freestyle' in the bathtub with Ravioli.

Check out more of Moshow's produced cat rap videos at YouTube, and casual everyday tunes at Twitter. And see more of his cats at Instagram. -via Metafilter

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This Husky Thinks a Leaf Pile is the Best Toy of All Time

Many kids know the joy of jumpking in a freshly-raked pile of leaves, but their joy is nothing compared to how absolutely thrilled  this husky is to see such a majestic playground made just for him.

(Video Link)

If that pile of leaves was any smaller, Butch would not only have less fun, but he would probably  already make way more of a mess, but because there are so many leaves, it's pretty hard to make much more of a mess.

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Why Can't Other Primates Speak?

Monkeys and primates can't speak. That much is certain. We know that some primates can learn to speak sign language and many can learn to understand human words, but they still can't talk to us. Until now, many people believed that was because they were physically incapable of speach, but a new study by the University of Vienna reveals that primates do have the physical ability to speak, with larynx, tongues and lips capable of it. Instead, they now believe that the problem lies in their minds -they simply aren't mentally capable of understanding how to use language and forming words. 

So will they be able to learn to speak eventually? Maybe after another 1000 years or so of evolution.

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The Night Before Catmas

Christmas is the best time of the year for cats. Hey, if you look at it from the cat's point of view, you'll see the fascination. We bring nature's best combination scratching post/climbing tower inside the house, dangle cat toys from the branches, and string it with what brightly-colored lights. But then the humans pull out boxes, paper, and ribbons! Life couldn't get any better for a house cat. Cole and Marmalade (previously at Neatorama) love Christmas. As any cat would. 

(YouTube link)

And as a bonus, here's a compilation of videos on cats and Christmas trees.

(YouTube link)

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This Chrome Extension Turns Any Picture of Trump Into A Kitten

I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't be more tired of hearing about Trump and everything else related to the post-election nightmare. One thing that can help ease the pain caused by politics is a picture of a cute kitty. That's why we love Make America Kittens Again, a Chrome extension replaces pictures from articles with the word "Trump" in the headline to show kitty pictures. 

Personally, I'd rather have one that includes the words "election, Clinton, Kanye, Kardashians or Taylor Swift" all be replaced with kitty pictures, but I'll take what I can get. You can download the extension here.

Via The Daily Dot

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The Very Best Of I Can Has Cheezburger?'s "If I Fits I Sits"

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Animals generally have but one rule when it comes to choosing a place to chill- "If I fits, I sits".

This philosophy can lead to embarrassing situations for humans, but for cats and dogs and such living by "if I fits, I sits" ensures they feel cozy and secure wherever they choose to sit, or lay or whatever.

(Image Link)

Now the great thing about animals living by this motto is that ALL animals live by this motto, so there are plenty of killer fitting and sitting moments to capture and caption.

Why are you lion around, GET BACK TO WORK!

(Image Link)

Yeah I know, that was a bad one, so it's a good thing many "If I Fits, I Sits" pics are already captioned! They're Meowchael Scott approved!

(Image Link)

See I Can Has Cheezburger? - If I Fits I Sits here

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Therapy Pig Gets Airport Job

The WAG Brigade is a group of certified therapy dogs that the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals take to the San Francisco airport to greet passengers. They provide comfort, entertainment, and smiles to weary and stressed travelers. Most of the dogs also have duties at hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities that could use a friendly, people-oriented pet. The newest member of the WAG Brigade is different. She's a pig, named LiLou, who is a certified Animal Assisted Therapist (AAT)  and loves to interact with people. LiLou also has an extensive repertoire of tricks she performs for appreciative audiences.

According to the SFSPCA, "At a minimum, AAT pets must be solicitous and fully comfortable with handling. In other words, pets must be interested in and eager to approach people and accept handling, regardless of the person’s age, gender, race, size, mobility equipment usage, and apparel." LiLou nailed her training and is now dispatched to the airport once a month.

Read more about LiLou at SFGate. And see more of her at Instagram.

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Man Punches Kangaroo To Save Dog, Controversy Ensues

Kangaroo bucks can be mighty aggressive, threatening the lives of people and pets and scaring the wits out of anyone they hop after, which is why people pack heat when they're out in the wilds of Australia

But zookeeper Greig Tonkins clearly doesn't need a gun to handle himself, and when his dog's life was threatened by an ornery kangaroo he came to the dog's defense and boxed the 'roo right back.

(YouTube Link)

Now it's easy to judge Greig for punching the kangaroo, but consider this:

a) kangaroos have been known to kill other animals

b) Greig has worked with kangaroos for six years at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo so he knows a thing or two about dealing with kangaroo bucks

c) the roo had his dog in a headlock, so he reacted as if his dog's life were in danger.

d) many Australians would have simply shot the thing even after the dog was freed, since Australians "cull" about 5 million kangaroos a year to keep the population managable,

As you can see, there is no black and white when it comes to Greig's actions, and I don't know about you but I would have done the same thing in a heartbeat to save my dog's life.

-Via Complex

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Squirrel Wanted For Stealing 150 Christmas Lights

Margaret Rican of Seattle is having a hard time this year, as her Christmas lights keep disappearing.  A squirrel has been making off with the bulbs one by one. The brazen thief pulls off his heists right in front of her sometimes, while other capers are recorded from a distance. She uploaded a compilation of his trips to chew off and abscond with the bulbs one by one.

(YouTube link)

Is he trying to decorate his nest with the colorful bulbs? HuffPo asked an expert.

“This kind of behavior is reported each year as squirrels see the bulbs as similar to an acorn or fruit,” John Koprowski, a University of Arizona professor and noted squirrel expert, told The Huffington Post. “While hard to know if this indicates a difficult winter for food, this behavior is likely just the result of being an industrious squirrel and caching a bounty of potential food to be used over the course of the winter.”

Koprowski says that squirrels usually bury more food than they really need for the winter, and even forget where some of it is, so he should be fine.

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Mom Calls Out Her Daughter For Eating The Cat's Vanilla Ice Cream

Kids are silly about their relationship with their pets and love to treat them like their furry babies, but their moms can take that same furry baby silliness to a whole new level of strange.

When Imgur user kelllbelll callously ate Coco the cat's vanilla ice cream Mom was quick to call her out on the theft.

Kelllbelll stuck to her "this is stupid" defense and remained undisturbed by the thought of eating CoCo's ice cream, so Mom had to step up her guilt trip game.

The moral of the story? Cats can't go to the store and buy their own vanilla ice cream, so drag your butt to the store and buy your own pint, because CoCo never forgets...

-Via FAILBlog

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This Couple's Parents Bugged Them About Having Kids -So They Did A Puppy Baby Photoshoot

Married couple Abby and Matt were sick of being harassed by their parents about having a baby, so when they went to adopt a puppy, they had a brilliant idea about how to get their family to leave them alone.

They had their photographer friend Elisha Minnette take typical, cheesy baby photos with them and their precious new puppy.

One thing's for sure, this loving family sure has a beautiful, bouncing bundle of joy.

Check out more photos from the shoot on Facebook.

Via Someecards

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Guy Gets Revenge On His Cat For Waking Him Up In The Middle Of The Night

Cats act like they don't know the difference between day and night, but those little furry bastards definitely know the difference- and they know the middle of the night is the best time to get our attention.

So we get frustrated with them, wage a cold war and freeze them out until they do something cute and wind up right back on our good side.

But Nick T didn't pussyfoot around after his chatty tabby Italic had woken him up every night for a week straight- he meowed for vengeance.

(YouTube Link)

People were so concerned about Nick T's cat that he made a follow up video to show the world that his feline is fine. (barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

So fine, in fact, that Nick T felt compelled to make another video to show how footloose and fancy free Italic is now that he knows the internet is on his side. They've unleashed a beast!

(YouTube Link)

-Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

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Fun Pictures of Kitties Loving Christmas

Cats and Christmas are a great combination -especially when it involves Christmas trees.

Naturally the trees make great climbing posts, but even when they aren't climbing the trees, kitties still seem to be pretty darn happy with the holidays.

Even fake, unclimbale trees are enough to put a smile on a feline's face. And if you're looking for something to put a smile on your face, look no further than this great Buzzfeed article filled will all kinds of cute kitties celebrating the holidays!

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Big Fluffy Clyde

(YouTube link)

This is Clyde, a fluffy blue point Himalayan cat. He's super friendly and super cuddly, as he canoodles with his boy. See more of Clyde at Instagram.  -via Tastefully Offensive

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Watch These Two Dachshunds Play Golf on a Lazy Sunday

(Video Link)

Personally, I can't stand golf -both playing it and watching it. But I could watch Crusoe and Oakley hit the links all day in these dapper outfits. Sadly, they not only look better playing than I do, I think they're better at golf than I am. Then again, I'm pretty sure they're violating some rules of play there by chasing and catching the balls.

Via Incredible Things

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The Cat Ark

Look at this homemade cardboard cat castle! Just look at it! It's got rooms, stairs, a ramp, a balcony, plenty of holes and doors (some even slide), drawers, a basement to crawl under, and a turret that's shaped like a dragon's head, teeth and all!

(YouTube link)

Dinni the cat loves his new digs! Sam and Natalia, together called prefabcat, have closeup photos and more details about the Cat Ark at their website. Previous towers Sam built for Dinni are impressive, too. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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This Pooch's Maternity Photos Are the Best

Kennedy Sorensen's dog Chanel recently had puppies and rather than let the memories slip past, Kennedy thought it might be fun to capture the beauty of her preggo pooch before the puppies were delivered. 

Like many expecting mothers, Chanel looks a little embarrassed by her full-figured frame, but she's still beautiful no matter how she feels. And just look at that healthy glow.

As was only fitting, the maternity shoot was then followed up by a photoshoot for the eleven beautiful, bouncing puppies. 

You can see more pictures from the maternity shoot and the puppy photos on Kennedy Sorensen's Facebook

Via Today

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This Beaver Went Christmas Shopping at the 99 Cent Store

Everyone gets so into the Christmas shopping rush this time of year -even critters. This cute little furball was discovered browsing the Christmas aisles of a Dollar General in Maryland on Monday. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to find anything he was looking for, so instead he just messed up some of the shelf displays and left. I guess they just don't sell quality wood at Dollar General. 

He was eventually caught by Animal Control and released back to a wildlife rehabilitation center -though I have to wonder if they would have let him keep shopping at local strip malls if he actually bought some items like a civilized creature. 

See more pictures of the busy beaver over at the Daily Mail

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Domesticated Violence

People take their allergies very seriously these days, and if you try to feed them something they can't eat the militantly allergic will attack, and trust me- you don't want that.

It's even worse when your cat or dog is trying to tell you the food you bought ain't agreeing with them, because they can't express themselves with words- only violence.

Better to heed the warning set forth by this Cheekylicious comic and consult your cats and dogs about any special diets they may have before you feed them!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Sneaky Cats Stealing Money

Cats are even smarter than we realized. Of all the things they could take from a purse, a drawer, or a backpack, they go for the currency. And sometimes coins.

(YouTube link)

They know they better make a quick getaway with their filthy lucre, too! -via Tastefully Offensive

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These Birdhouses Are Decorated From the Inside

Everyone has seen nicely decorated birdhouses before, but have you ever seen one that looks good on the inside? Artist Jada Fitch takes plain cardboard boxes, decorates them on the inside, fills them with bird seed and then tapes them to her windows.

The result is a charming set of images featuring all types of birds in quite cozy cottages complete with furniture and birdie portraits. You can keep up with her newest works on her Facebook.

Via Incredible Things

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A Timid Gibbon Needs Help From His Mom To Shoo Away A Wayward Rat

Nobody likes their home to be full of rats, even if they enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, so watching a gibbon struggle to get rid of a rat that has invaded his enclosure is something we can relate to.

Of course, if I were a gibbon I'd simply use my monkey kung fu skills to dispatch the rat and toss it to the nearest predator as an offering.

But the timid little gibbon in this video appears to have given up on his kung fu training- so he has to ask his mom for help.

(YouTube Link)

This video was shot at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in the English West Midlands, which may explain why the gibbon is so timid- he's not used to roughing it among the rats!

-Via Laughing Squid

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You've Never Been As Chill As This Husky

(Video Link)

Most dogs' natural instincts kick in when they hit the water, even if they're wearing a life jacket, but this husky is just too chill for that.  He may be failing his swim class, but he's winning at life. I mean, why waste energy swimming when you can just float on?

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Fascinating Facts About Ravens

Humans have always had an uneasy relationship with ravens, and for every civilization that thought of them as pure evil there was one who saw the raven as a powerful deity or nature spirit.

But despite what some bird haters will have you believe ravens don't want to watch the human world burn- they want to be a part of it.

(YouTube Link)

Ravens are one of the smartest animals on Earth, they can imitate human speech much like parrots, and scientists believe they communicate by using nonvocal signals and may even feel empathy for their fellow ravens. 

Ravens also roam around in gangs during adolescence, love to trick other animals out of their food and roll around on ant hills, so perhaps their bad reputation isn't pure superstition after all.

Read 10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens at mental_floss

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