Simon's Cat Logic Celebrates National Black Cat Day

In the US, we celebrate August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day. In the UK, October 27 is National Black Cat Day, so Simon Tofield and veterinarian Nicky Treverrow of Cat's Protection made a video about black cats. In Britain, black cats are not considered particularly unlucky -or else the populace is not particularly superstitious. However, black cats in shelters still get the short end of the adoption stick.  

(YouTube link)

Why don't people select black cats for adoption? Because it's hard to see their facial expressions compared to brightly colored cats. A cat's personality come out in body language anyway, so don't write off the possibility of a wonderful pet when you see a black cat. Tofield lets us in on a secret: both the cat and the kitten in his cartoons are based on real black cats. As usual, this Simon's Cat Logic video is followed by a classic Simon' Cat cartoon.

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UPS Drivers Have a Facebook Group Dedicated to the Dogs on Their Routes

There are all kinds of stereotypes about dogs and delivery people, but as it turns out, there are plenty of UPS people who adore dogs -and they have plenty of dog friends as well. In fact, there's actually a Facebook group of UPS drivers sharing photos of the pooches they run into on their routes. 

Unsurprisingly, the photos and the stories are adorable and it's great for the group to break stereotypes. I actually used to have a mail woman that would bring biscuits to all the pups on her route and they would look forward to her arrival every day, so I can attest to the fact that postal workers and dogs can absolutely be good friends.

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Attaching a Balloon to Cats

Sury, Noel, Raon, Iz, and Soul are a family of Scottish fold cats in South Korea. One particularly static-y day, their human decides to annoy them with balloons that stick to their fur. The cats are somewhat bumfuzzled. And a bit annoyed.

(YouTube link)

Can you imagine how bumfuzzled they'd be if they knew about the speech balloons, too? -via Tastefully Offensive

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Zip Line Instructor Doesn't See Alligator Below Her Until It Leaps Up To Bite Her

Most zip lines are set up so the rider (zipper?) gets a visual thrill while they slide down the line, a thrill that often involves being really high above the ground or making the rider think they're about to hit something while they ride.

But the zip line in this video didn't have any sort of thrill ride element put into it, so an alligator decided to spice things up a bit by snapping at the rider as she zipped by.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Little Things

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Where’s Pierogi?

Grace Spelman moved to a new apartment with her cat Pierogi. Pierogi has found plenty of wonderful new places to hide while Grace gets things organized. Can you find her in these pictures? The one above is pretty easy. This one is not.

Did you find Pierogi? Spelman posted 26 photographs and one video of Pierogi trying to hide, in varying degrees of success. You'll enjoy finding her in each one. -via Metafilter

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Your Cat Needs a Cool Aquarium Animal Hat For Halloween and Beyond

Dressing up your kitty this Halloween? Even if you're not, he or she might just need a little fun fashion accessory and Think Geek has you covered. It seems these elastic-secured hats are all the rage in Japan and now your little furball can be totally chic as well.

The hats are only $5.99 and come in a blind box so you don't know which design you'll get -but you could end up with a clownfish, Blue-Tang, squid, penguin, otter or a shark. 

Get your paws on one here.

Via Daily Dot

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All The Good Dogs At The 2017 Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

The Tompkins Square Halloween Parade is where New Yorkers take their dressed-up dogs to show off their Halloween costumes! The annual event was more crowded than ever yesterday, with people being turned away at the park gates. Still, there were thousands of dogs, and Scott Lynch was there to capture portraits. See 69 of his best pictures of some really good dogs dressed as spooks, politicians, clergy, food, wild animals, and pop culture characters. Or even plants, like the Corgi here dressed as a chia pet! You'll find the gallery at Gothamist.

(Image credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

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Canine Turbo Button

The cat and the dog encounter each other on the stairs. It's a common occurrence, but this time, the cat accidentally hit the dog's turbo button and activated his "room zoom."


(Twitter link)

Cats have one, too, but for them it only lasts long enough to circle the room or get to the other end of the house. This cat is astonished at the dog's behavior, but he won't slow down long enough to hit reset. -via Buzzfeed

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Photoshoppers Are Loving This Super Sexy Gecko

Not all geckos are created equal -and this one might just be the sexiest gecko alive. Fortunatley for the world at large, his owner was kind enough to upload this image of him to the internet so we can all bask in his glory.

Unsurprisingly, people had a blast with photoshopping him in all types of hilariously over-the-top positions. 

And not all of them are particularly sexy either -like this epic cliffhanger picture.

One thing they all have in ommon though is just how cool this fabulous gecko is. Here's hoping we see lots more of him in the future. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy an epic collection of ridiculous Photoshops over on Bored Panda.

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My Sweet Jax

Musician and comedian Erik Helwig (Hot Dad) performs a touching tribute to his beloved cat Jax. First you think, this is silly. It doesn't even rhyme. Then you think, this is a pretty catchy tune. But before you know it, you think, aww, I know how you feel, cats will do that to you.

(YouTube link)

Over the course of the song you get to know Jax, a cat you've never met. You just might get a little teary. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Shiba Inu Becomes Confused When Her Toy Barks Back At Her

Some dogs simply adore their toys, dragging them around the house and cuddling up with them in their beds, but as a rule dogs don't dig toys that bark back at them.

So be forewarned-giving a dog a toy that makes noises and moves on its own can lead to confusion, anger and some very precious moments, so you'd better have your camera ready just in case.

Japanese Twitter user @daifuku_channel shared this adorable video featuring a Shiba Inu who has a hilarious reaction when her toy barks back at her. She can't decide whether she hates the toy or loves it!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Brave Australian Woman Hoists Shark Out Of Pool And Returns It To The Ocean

The more time you spend around sharks the less they seem like mindless eating machines, and people who actually get to like sharks will go out of their way to save a shark's life whenever possible.

But you've gotta be mighty brave, and very comfortable with sharks, to grab one with your bare hands and hoist it out of the water, even if it is just a little ankle biter.

The lady in this clip went for a dip in a Cronulla rock pool in Sydney and found a shark swimming around in there, but instead of letting it ruin her good time she earned the nickname "Shark Lady"- by grabbing the little biter, hoisting it out of the water and tossing it back into the ocean.

Now Shark Lady is an internet hero and a symbol of how Australians coexist with nature. Good on ya Shark Lady!

-Via Guacamoley

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Why Brush Your Teeth When You Could Be Petting the Cat?

Markus Klemelä just wanted to brush his teeth. His cat wants some lovin'. The cat, like all house cats, doesn't recognize boundaries when he wants something, so Markus could only do one thing -grab his phone to record this interlude.

(YouTube link)

The cat is pretty insistent, and has a world-class purr machine. -via Digg

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The Animal Most Likely To Kill You In Each State

Whenever people discuss the deadliest animals in North America they mention rattlesnakes, bears and, if they're coastal, sharks, but nobody talks about the fact that deer kill more people each year than bears, snakes and sharks combined.

Deer-related deaths are presumably largely due to car accidents but the fact remains deer, and horses and cows for that matter, kill way more people each year than you'd expect.

These illustrated charts by Man Vs. Beast show us which critters kill the most people each year, as well as your odds of being killed by an animal and the most common animal-related death by state.

But these charts (inexplicably featured on a casino website) don't stop in the U.S., here's a chart that shows the world's deadliest regions and which critter is most likely to kill you in each region. Travel safe!

-Via Wide Open Country

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A Master Falconer Shows How His Birds Protect Valuable U.S. Crops

Falconry is an ancient hunting tradition that dates back to at least 2000 B.C., and while most hunters no longer need to rely on birds of prey to help them catch their dinner falconers still have plenty for their talented birds to do- like guard crops.

32-year-old Master Falconer Justin uses his well trained winged friends to guard some of America's most valuable fruit crops from nuisance birds who want to greedily gobble them all up, and his job seems like one of the coolest jobs in America!

(YouTube Link)

-Via VICE News

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Friendly Ferret Fight

Just like two young brothers do, the ferrets Atlas and Orion squabble over their water dish. We know it's just a sibling rivalry, as neither one of them were hurt.  

(YouTube link)

First they chase and slap each other, then one tries to drown the other in the bowl. Then they wrestle for a while. Who won? If you ask the ferrets, they would probably both claim victory. Just like brothers. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Buddy The Iguana Thinks He's A Dog

Every pet iguana I've ever met just sort of hung around all chillaxed and lazy like, occasionally munching on a bug or scratching themselves but otherwise not moving around much.

Maybe they just didn't enjoy my company, or maybe I caught them at a lazy time, but whatever the case they definitely didn't come running when their owner called them like Buddy the iguana does.

Buddy has apparently been taking notes from the dogs in his neighborhood because he comes running every time his owner Dave Durham calls him, and he can't wait to get petted just like a pooch!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Metro

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Praying Mantises Are Preying On Birds, And Zoologists Want To Know Why

(Image Link)

Praying mantises are known for their strange alien appearance, their inspiration of a kung fu form, and the fact that females bite the male's head off and devour his body for nourishment after mating.

But did you know praying mantises also prey on birds?

Neither did I, but apparently the praying mantis has developed a taste for bird brains so they've added birds to the list of creatures they will prey upon when they're hungry.

A group of zoologists from the U.S. and Switzerland studied 147 cases hoping to find clues about this strange act of bug-on-bird predation:

The group's findings, which were recently published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology, suggest that mantises all over the world are chowing down on unsuspecting avians. Praying mantises were observed eating 24 different bird species across 14 families. Nearly 70 percent of accounts happened in North America, where tiny hummingbirds were the most common prey. States with the highest incidents of this, according to the study, were New York, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and California.

"In the older literature, there are all sorts of anecdotes of mantises eating bizarre prey, such as centipedes and poisonous spiders, but these were usually 'Gladiator' encounters where investigators would throw together a mantis and another fearsome invertebrate in a jar or cage," Michael Maxwell, the study's co-author and a behavioral ecologist at National University, told me in an email.

Interestingly, this behavior was observed on every continent except Antarctica, spanning twelve mantid species—something the study's lead author Martin Nyffeler, a senior lecturer at the University of Basel, called "a spectacular discovery" in a statement.

"For many of us, the most surprising thing about the new study is the range of non-hummingbirds recorded as mantis prey," Kaufman added. "The others are all very small songbirds, but still, some of them must weigh as much as one-third of an ounce, which seems like a lot for any insect to deal with."

Weirdly, all of the mantises were identified as female. Females aren't necessarily more aggressive, but they do engage in sexual cannibalism if very hungry. Twice, female mantids were observed feeding on a bird while also mating with a male.

Read Praying Mantises Are Devouring Bird Brains All Over The World here

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Apple Bobbing Chicken Style

What we consider low hanging fruit is a struggle for a chicken to procure, and humans take for granted how easy it is for us to simply pluck an apple off a tree and take a bite.

But an apple is quite the prize for a chicken, and well worth all the effort it takes to jump up and snatch one down off the tree, so they'll hop around all the live long day to sink their beak into that tasty fruit.

And watching a chicken at the Ashley Herb Farm in Market Harborough, Northamptonshire struggle to grab that tasty treat reminds us that we've gotta exercise if we want to eat those sweet treats!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Large Cat Spotted

First, David Sluder saw an enormous cat just off the road in Hernando, Mississippi. It appears to be a wild cat, maybe a cougar. He didn't get too close to it.

(Facebook link)

The local news team from Fox13 sent Scott Madaus out to the location to do a live report. He teased it beforehand with this live shot.

(Facebook link)

Well, that is a large cat, but not any larger than Garfield or your everyday big tom cat. The video and the resulting screen shot, seen at the top, went viral yesterday, and everyone got a bit of a laugh. Yes, Madaus did his tease when the house cat appeared on purpose.

"You have a very serious job being journalist, but at the same time when things like this happen you can't take yourself too seriously," he said.

-via Buzzfeed

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Kitten Rescued from 25-Foot Deep Hole

If black cats are bad luck, then this kitten has already used all his bad luck up. However, it was good luck that a geologist working nearby heard him mew. The kitten had fallen 25 feet down a hole in Venice, California. No one knew how long he'd been down there.

The Los Angeles area’s Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART) was called in to rescue the kitten. SMART rescuers Ernesto Poblano and Felix Lopez used an infrared camera attached to the end of a long pole to investigate the pipe and find the kitten. Once it was spotted, and the rescuers assessed the animal’s physical surroundings, they made a plan to safely remove the kitten from the pipe.

They sent down another pole with a camera and a loop attached to grab the kitten. Watch a video of the rescue at National Geographic News.

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Cat Goes Crazy Every Time His Owner Pulls Out The Whipped Cream

When a cat really likes something, whether it's food or a plaything, they have no problem expressing their interest, and some cats will damn near claw their owner's arms off just to get what they're holding.

So take it from the human who lives with Marmalade the cat- if your kitty develops a taste for whipped cream you'd better start whipping it by hand, or they'll climb you like a tree every time you pull the can out of the fridge!

(YouTube Link)

I wonder how Marmalade the cat feels about marmalade the fruit preserve?

-Via Pawpulous

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Giant Panda Cubs Falling Down

Baby pandas quickly learn the art of falling down, because they aren't all that great at climbing, walking, or even standing still. They soon become very good at falling down. The Toronto Zoo put together a compilation of falling down clips from their panda-cams, accompanied by a wonderful performance of The Barber of Seville from the Davis High School Symphony Orchestra.    

(YouTube link)

Apparently, pandas are built for falling, being so roly-poly and all. From the YouTube page:

In 2003, scientists from Zoo Atlanta, Chengdu, and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding published a study that described trends in the behavior of giant panda cubs. Among other findings, this study confirmed that falling was a normal and expected part of the play of the giant panda cubs being reared by their mother. The researchers suggested that the natural play experiences of growing cubs with their mothers and siblings may significantly contribute to the panda cubs’ development into reproductively successful adults.

-via Metafilter

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Man Pretends To Eat His Kitty's Food And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Animals tend to take their owners at face value, and since they don't understand concepts like teasing and deception the way we humans do they believe whatever their humans tell them is true.

So when the man in this video hunkered down over his cat's bowl and pretended to eat her food the poor cat couldn't help but feel like her food supply was being threatened- so she took action.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Cheezburger

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A Man and His Cat Travel Australia

Richard East has been traveling around Australia in his VW van for more than two years now, accompanied by his cat Willow. He says traveling (and living in a van) with a cat is easier than traveling with a dog because she's so laid back. Willow doesn't wander far off, but just in case, she is wearing a tracking collar. He posted this picture of him and Willow having tea and a chat in a forest at reddit. He also answers questions about his experience traveling with Willow. You can keep up with their adventures at East's website or Facebook or Instagram.

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A Tiny Kitten And A Bunny Play Tag

House cats can overcome the primal urge to hunt prey animals like rodents, birds and rabbits and peacefully co-exist in the same household if you socialize them with other species when they're young.

But it's rare to see the exact moment when a kitty and a bunny become best friends, so cherish this precious moment caught on video as a tiny kitten and a little bunny play a rollicking game of tag.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Guy Creates A Tinder Profile For His Alaskan Malamute And The Conversations Are Hilarious

Nobody can make you feel like an unwanted and unlovable schlub on Tinder quite like a dog, because while people are busy swiping left on your profile pic everyone will swipe right on a pic of a cute dog.

Phil the Alaskan Malamute's owner created a Tinder profile for him to test this theory, and not only did Phil's profile pic get him lots of love it sparked some crazy conversations with humans looking for pets in all the wrong places.

Some people saw Phil's profile and tried to woo him away from his owner with promises of belly rubs, head scratches and biscuits, but it turns out Phil was only in it for the exposure.

See more from Guy Makes His Malamute A Tinder Profile And The Conversations Are Hilarious here

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Teaching Your Cat Persistence

In this video from Dublin, a cat named Jas will not put up with an empty bottle next to him when it's so much fun to knock it off. His humans are getting a kick out of it, too.

(YouTube link)

Oh yeah, this video is cute and all, but making it a game is showing the cat how much you love him knocking things off the counter. He might end up doing it the rest of his life just to please you. However, he is a cat, so "pleasing you" won't be his main agenda. -via Tastefully Offensive

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How To Bark Down A Dog To Get It To Stop Chasing You

Being chased by a roaming dog looking for trouble can be humiliating, terrifying and frustrating since those curs don't know when to mind their manners, and people often make matters worse by running away.

Brendan Leonard from the Adventure Journal says running is a bad idea because dogs instinctively chase anyone who runs from them, so it's better to stop, turn around then flip the f$%k out on the dog.

According to Brendan staying calm and barking back at a dog trying to chase you down may confuse the dog and diffuse the situation:

What the dog has not seen is a human being going FREAKING CRAZY on it. Which is what you're going to do. For one second. When the dog realizes you have completely lost your shit, it will be shocked. You are unstable, possibly dangerous. And, ideally, the dog will stop chasing you.

I've seen the power of standing still diffuse a situation with an aggressive dog that was chasing my friend and I, but I certainly wasn't thinking about barking at the vicious Rottweiler as it sniffed my butt and tried to figure out why I didn't run away. Longest three minutes of my life...

-Via Lifehacker

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The Best Places to See Marine Life on Vacation This Winter

Winter is a great time to see marine animals and if you're willing to go somewhere a bit cool this season, there are a lot of places you might want to visit. In fact, with these kind of animals, it might be a good idea to plan a vacation around specific species. For example, if you want to see narwhals, Nanavut, Canada is a great place to go. On the other hand, if you want to see reindeer, you should head to Tromso, Norway. And not all of the places are chilly -the best place to visit humpback whales is in Hawaii. 

Read about other great places to travel and see animals over on Travel and Leisure.

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