Meet Squiggy

Neatoramanaut Jean Cotton sent us some pictures of her dog Squiggy! Squiggy is a hairless Chinese Crested and Japanese Chin mix. He is a local celebrity in Exeter, Rhode Island, where he is considered "cute and unusual looking."

His best features are his sky-high mohawk and a tongue that is constantly hanging out of his mouth.

Squiggy was the winner of the online voting competition of the Sonoma-Marin Fair World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in 2013. Voting in the 2014 contest should begin sometime in April. You can see more pictures of Squiggy at his Facebook page.

Send your pet pictures to tips@neatorama to be included in the pet blog Lifestyle of the Cute and Cuddly!

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Cats Playing Chess

(YouTube link)

Cats are not particularly good at chess, but don’t tell them that. They play with such enthusiasm, we’d hate to ruin their enjoyment! The humans in these matches are very forgiving about cats moving pieces the wrong way, taking too many turns, and moving their opponent’s pieces. That’s the price we pay for a friendly game with someone we know and love. -via Tastefully Offensive

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20 Fun Facts About Our Mysterious Feline Friends

Psst! Wanna learn something new about your cat? Or cats in general, too. We know they’re cute and funny; that’s why we share so many cat videos. But they are also pretty intelligent.

Sure, their brains are small, accounting for just 0.9 percent of their body mass. But according to Psychology Today, "the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and a structure that is about 90 percent similar to ours." The cerebral cortex—the part of the brain that's responsible for cognitive information processing—is more complex in cats than in dogs, and cats have some 300 million neurons, as compared to 160 million in dogs. Some research does suggest that dogs are slightly smarter than cats, but cat owners might have a different opinion on that.

One more fun cat brain fact: The most sophisticated supercomputer in 2010 performed 83 times slower than a cat’s brain.

There are 19 other fascinating fun facts about cats over at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Erin McCarthy)

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20 Fantastic Pieces of Furniture For Pets

Why should cool home designs be limited to human residents? Pets like to look a little classy too. And over on Homes and Hues, we've compiled some of the coolest and most fun pieces of pet furniture ever created.

There's everything from geeky designs for cats -like this Indiana Jones bridge...

to ridiculously fancy beds for dogs. Whatever you and your furry friends are into, there's sure to be something to impress you both in this delightful list.

So don't miss all the fun, go look at these 20 Wonderful Pieces of Furniture For Pets

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Oh Deer! What an Embarrassing Position!

How humiligratin'! This is not what you had pictured when you tried to leap that small fence, is it?

The deer didn’t quite make it over the picket fence Sunday morning. The Kelley family of Attleboro, Massachusetts, woke up to find the poor deer hanging upside-down from the point where its rear legs were caught between the pickets.

(YouTube link)

Luckily, the pickets in this one-year-old fence slide out, so Brian Kelley was able to free the deer by removing one picket -very carefully. The deer seemed to be okay, and Kelley did not get kicked in the face as expected. -via Arbroath

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Playing Ping Pong with a Cat

(vimeo link)

The title does not mean that someone is playing table tennis against a cat. Two people are playing, and they happen to have a cat. And you know how cats are, they want to be all up in the middle of everything, especially if it involves a moving object. This cat’s name is Oreo, and she thinks she should play, too. Or rather, she thinks she should catch the ball and declare herself the winner. After watching this, I’ve decided that unless you have serious points to score, playing “with a cat” might be the most fun way to play table tennis!  -via Tastefully Offensive

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Commuting Would Be Better If You Could Ride A Giant Cat To Work

(Video Link)

Morning commutes can be rough, especially when you're riding public transportation to work, but it would all be so much more enjoyable if you could ride a giant cat to work!

You'd finally be able to catch up on the sleep you've been missing, the cat would provide you with a bath if you didn't have time to take one before work, and if giant rats attack the city you're sitting pretty atop your own rodent devouring machine.

This pleasantly ridiculous Japanese commercial for Lotte's Fit gum, who claims chewing will put you in a good mood, but if you can ride a giant cat to work without being in a good mood you're either allergic to cats or you'd prefer to ride the puppy to work.

-Via Kotaku

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A Cheetah Visits a Safari Vehicle

Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow went on a photo safari in the Serengeti National Park and had an up close and personal visit from a cheetah. He may be an apex predator, but he’s as curious as a house cat when confronted by something new and different, like a vehicle in his territory.

The young male then started to relax and made himself quite at home. He rested his front paws through the car roof, they were actually dangling in front of my face. At one point he put his whole head into the car and smelt my head. The cheetah stayed there for another five minutes before his mother started to call to him. He then jumped off our car and headed back to his family.  

The experience inspired Clow to start running her own photo safaris. See the sequence of eight pictures at Africa Geographic. -via Laughing Squid

(Image credit: Bobby-Jo Clow Photography)

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The Strange Appeal Of Cats Sitting On Glass

(Video Link)

There’s something so darn interesting about looking at a cat through a pane of glass, and cats seem to find it rather fun and interesting as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell there’s a cat on the other side of the glass when they look like nothing but a big old pile of fluff, and when they get on top of a piece of glass with a human, or another critter, on the other side they tend to go a bit bonkers.

This video is called An Ode to Cats Sitting on Glass, and it celebrates the fun had by felines when they discover that compelling piece of glass, and all the ways it can be used for their amusement.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Who’s Guilty?

(YouTube link)

When you come home from work and there’s a real mess in the house, your first instinct is to grab your phone and record the evidence. At least that’s what I hear; it would never occur to me to do that, but I’m an old fogey. Anyhow, this guy came home to a horrific scene. Who is responsible for this?

Cat one: No, I didn’t do it. And even if I did, who cares?

Cat two: I didn’t do it. I didn’t even see it.


Dogs are wonderful, but they aren’t known for playing it cool. If I had to decide, I would bet that the cats were just as guilty, even if the dog "technically" made the mess. -via Arbroath

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These Jerboas Look Like Real Life Pokemon

Jerboas are technically desert dwelling rodents who live primarily in Northern Africa and Asia, but let's face it- they might actually be the cutest animals in existence.

With their adorable bean shaped bodies, long spindly legs, huge ears and big, round eyes these little suckers are so darn cute that people have been keeping them as pets for years.

But what else is there to a jerboa besides their ultimate cute factor, and the fact that they look like real life Pokemon?

Head over to BuzzFeed and you can read 19 Ways Jerboas Will Instantly Win Your Heart, and don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly wanting a little jerboa of your own!

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A Penguin Obstacle

(YouTube link)

A group of Emperor penguins encounter a rope across their path. What to do? After all, they aren’t exactly high-steppers! One eventually accidentally steps on the rope and crosses without incident, and that’s why he is now King Emperor Penguin. There’s also a version of this video with penguin language translated into somewhat accented English. -via Arbroath

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A Cat and His Hammock

(YouTube link)

Timo the ragdoll cat got a wonderful gift- a cat-sized hammock! But as anyone who’s ever received the gift of a hammock knows, it’s not easy to learn to negotiate those things. It’s even more difficult for a fat cat who doesn’t listen to plainly spoken instructions. But Timo keeps at it, because a hammock is a great place to relax, once you get in it. You can see another video of Timo and his hammock at Laughing Squid.

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Magic for Dogs

(YouTube link)

Dogs share their thoughts in body language, and confusion can be the funniest of all emotions expressed in body language. Magician Jose Ahonen shows many different dogs a simple magic trick in which he has a dog treat, and it’s suddenly gone! Even without words, you can easily see what every dog is thinking. What happened? Where’s it go? It must be on the floor! How’d you do that? You must be a wizard! I’m sure that every dog eventually got his treat, which would not only reward them, but set things right in their world again. That’s a good dog. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Cat Alarm Clocks

Does your cat do this? It’s been a long time since I was awakened by a cat, since there are four people in my house who are all equally as likely to fill the cat dishes, and there are only two or three hours in which we are all four asleep. I learned long ago that well-fed cats help to insure a decent sleep interval. This compilation is from Huffington Post. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Ivanovitch Tries to Reach the Sink

(YouTube link)

Ivanovitch’s favorite toy, a small rubber chicken, is in the sink. Normally, the cat would jump on the trash bin lid to get to the sink. Today, the bin does not have a lid. Ivanovitch could be forgiven for not knowing that …the first time. But in his desire to retrieve the toy, he forgets.

Who names a cat Ivanovitch? How would you call him? Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter what you call a cat, they are going to ignore you anyway. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Video: Helicopter Crew Rescues a Dog

(Video Link)

Oreo is a black and white labrador. She's friendly, but also kind of dense. She explored a rocky cliff on Portuguese Beach in Sonoma Coast State Park, California. Oreo made it about 40 feet down a 90 foot cliff and got stuck. She couldn't climb back up. And she couldn't climb down, either, because the waves were battering the cliff hard. If Oreo had tried to get down, she would have probably drowned.

Thankfully, some humans from the local police department were able to help. The helicopter crew from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department flew in. Deputy Henri Boustany dangled from the end of a 100-foot line. Paul Bradley, the helicopter pilot, lowered him to Oreo's position. Boustany was able to pick up the dog without any problems.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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Adorable Bulldog Puppy Rolling Down A Hill

(Video Link)

This wrinkly little English bulldog is named Sophie, and she has figured out that the fastest way to get down a hill without falling on your face is to roll to the bottom.

Apparently rolling is a common English bulldog behavior, so it's not surprising that this little girl figured it out at such an early age, and once she gets going it looks like she's having fun and doesn't want to stop!

Bulldogs are so cute when they're pups, with those faces all wrinkly and those tiny legs attached to that signature sausage body, but it seems the only way to make them cuter is to dress them up in a little hoodie.

-Via Cheezburger

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Adorable Images Of Animals Caught Mid-Yawn

(Image Via Reddit)

(Image Via The Luxury Spot)

It’s a little known fact that animals have a lot of the same bodily functions as humans- they cough, fart, and sneeze, and if something isn’t sitting right in their stomach they have no problem throwing up, and boy do lazy critters love to yawn!

Check out this gallery full of pics and GIFs that capture adorable critters caught in the middle of a yawn, they’re all feelin’ lazy and yawning in the most adorable ways possible. Darn you cute bunch o' critters for being so darn adorable! *shakes fist*

-Via Pleated-Jeans

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Fox Kit Rescued from Can

(YouTube link)

You’ve seen videos of animals with their faces stuck in food cans and other containers many times. What makes this one different is how tiny this fox kit is, and how adorably cute his little face is when we finally get to see him! This was from a few years ago, and those who know say the kit’s mother came and got him not long afterward. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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This Dog Really Knows How To Get Comfy

It's tough to be a dog, especially if your owners have kids, and sometimes a dog just wants to kick back and relax with some canine “me” time.

This dog may not be able to iron out all the wrinkles in his life, or his face, but at least he’s got time to kick back on the couch and sip on some Irish coffee before heading back to the daily grind of bone chewing, digging holes in the backyard and chasing the neighborhood cats off the fence. A dog’s work is never done…

-Via Cheezburger

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A Need For Speed Trailer Remake Starring Cats

(Video Link)

Whether you’re excited to see the film adaptation of the video game franchise Need For Speed, or you’re really excited about the new Muppet movie and couldn’t care less about that other one with the cars in it, you’re definitely going to enjoy this NFS inspired trailer starring cats, because the internet.

Knead Fur Speed is definitely worth the price of admission, even though the story does fall apart a bit at the end there, but hey- did I mention it has cats in it? Plus, it was made by The Pet Collective, and they're awesome, so enjoy!

-Via Gamma Squad

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Rock Cats Official Mewsic Video

(YouTube link)

Rock on, kitties! Tuna and the Rock Cats are a musical group consisting of cats, a chicken, and a groundhog who plays a gong. They belong to Samantha Martin and are part of the Acro-Cats cat circus. Martin trained shelter cats with a clicker to perform all kinds of clever stunts, from walking a high wire to riding skateboards to playing musical instruments. And they have their comedic moments, too.   

(YouTube link)

The Acro-Cats are one of only four cat circuses in the country. You better believe these cats (and other animals) are loved and well cared-for. -via Laughing Squid

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When the Owner is Gone

(YouTube link)

It's a house rule: the dog is not allowed on the bed. Apparently, the cat is, which is not fair at all. But that’s the man of the house’s rules. He set up a camera to see what happens when he is gone, and found that a man’s rules only apply when a man is around. Ignoramusky provides the perfect soundtrack. When the cat's away, the mice will play!

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Dog Tells Couple It's Time To Go By Honking The Car Horn

(Video Link)

Graham and Fiona Haddow decided to leave their boxer Fern in the car for about twenty minutes while they visited an art gallery, but Fern wasn't having it.

He started honking the car horn, telling them it was time to go, and didn't stop for a full fifteen minutes until they came out!

Their first mistake- leaving the dog in the car in the first place, which is just plain wrong, especially if you're doing something totally unessential like visiting an art gallery.

They're lucky Fern didn't deposit a big, steaming pile of disapproval on the driver's seat!

-Via 22 Words

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