Roadside C-section on a Deer

Sean and Michele Steele of Alberta were on the highway to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, when they saw a truck hit a deer. Sean pulled his truck over, and went to pull the deer off the road -and possibly put it out of its misery. He dragged the deer carcass into a ditch

“And then that’s when I seen the feet coming out the side of the doe.”

Steele pulled out his knife and performed a cesarian section on the deceased deer. It took less than three minutes, and the fawn started breathing on its own. The couple looked up a local wildlife shelter, the Northern Lights Wildlife Society. They wrapped the fawn in blankets and put her in the back seat.  

The young fawn was dazed on the side of the road, working to get her legs under her and not realizing what had become of her mother until she was loaded into the back of the Steeles truck.

“She had life in her right away,” Sean said. “She started squirming around, and she did start calling for her mother when she was in my truck.”

The shelter says that Friday, as the fawn was named, has been doing well in the week since she was born in such unusual circumstances. -via Metafilter  

(Image credit: Stephanie Steele at Facebook)

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Man Casually Tells Bear to Get out of His Dumpster

(Video Link)

Enormous bears are a nuisance to the humans of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It's necessary to shoo them away from time to time. This man takes care of business in the morning by politely but firmly ejecting an ursine squatter from his dumpster.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Death Sucks

The death of a beloved pet can rock your entire family's world, and as we deal with the grief of losing our furry friend we realize polite speech isn't strong enough to express our true feelings.

As this comic from Brian Gordon of Fowl Language Comics shows we're allowed to let the sucks (or worse) flow freely when we're in mourning, especially if the deceased is the family dog.

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Raccoon Family Uses Teamwork to Climb Wall

(Video Link)

Mommy raccoon and her two baby raccoons must scale a wall. One little raccoon holds onto mommy's tail while mommy hangs down to pick up the other sibling. The trio are now offering consulting services to organizations in need of staff development.

Police officer Chris Williams recorded this footage at Camdenton High School in Camdenton, Missouri.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

Everyone knows that lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are cute but dangerous, but there are a lot of critters out there that seem entirely harmless but are actually every bit as deadly as those previously mentioned beasts.

1. Squirrels

Squirrels are adorable little fuzzballs that just want to eat nuts and play all day right? Well, for the most part, yes. But there have been stories of rogue squirrels attacking people and pets. In Florida, a three year old boy was attacked by a squirrel and he had to be hospitalized after receiving nine bites. In California, an elderly couple was sent to the hospital after being scratched and bitten by a crazed squirrel that had previously attacked at least six other people. While no humans have been killed by squirrels (that we know of) but in Russia, eight of them worked together to kill a stray dog that was barking at them -according to the newspaper report, "they are said to have scampered off at the sight of humans, some carrying pieces of flesh." If that doesn't leave you with a whole new image of the fluffy-tailed rodents, I don't know what will.

Sources: Wesh, Daily Mail, BBC

Image Via Nathan Rupert [Fllickr]

2. Giant Anteaters

You probably wouldn't be intimidated just looking at one, but giant anteaters can defend themselves surprisingly well. The large mammals have powerful , sharp claws that they use to dig up termite hills. These claws can kill humans. When they feel threatened, the animals stand on their hind legs and extend their arms in what looks like a hug -but you do not want to take them up on a cuddle.

Source: Live Science

Image Via Allan Hopkins [Flickr]

3. Swans

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Injured Elephant Approaches Humans for Help

(Photo: Bumi Hills Foundation)

A wild bull elephant approached the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe. He looked inside the windows and then waited.

The local humans saw that he appeared to be injured and dehydrated. So they called in a veterinarian, who tranquilized the elephant and examined him. He found that the elephant had been shot, probably by a poacher. Now Ben, as they have named the elephant, is on the mend. The Telegraph reports:

It was not clear when the incident took place but Ben survived the attempts on his life after the vet treated him and disinfected his wounds. Ben now wears a tracking device to ensure his improvement can be monitored as it continues healing on the property.

-via Sarah Hoyt

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I Recreated Pusheen Stickers with My Fat Cat

The post is in French, but I could translate the title well enough. Julien Therrien admires the adorable cartoon cat Pusheen and the Pusheen “digital stickers.” So he recreated them using his own cat. The results are tres adorable. See all eleven pictures at Les Populaires. -via Metafilter

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Finding Dory Isn't So Great for Our Fish Friends

The internet is abuzz with the release of Finding Dory today, and while many humans couldn't be happier about the film, wild blue tangs should be shivering in fear. You see, despite Finding Nemo showing that wild fish belong in the wild and not in fish tanks, sales of clownfish skyrocketed after the film's release. Marine biologists are expecting the same to happen with blue tangs now that Dory is leading her own film, but unlike clownfish, blue tangs can't reproduce in captivity. That means every single blue tang in someone's fish tank came from the wild. Even worse, since the fish live in coral reefs and there are no regulations about the capture of fish for aquariums, countless reefs have been damaged in the capture of wild fish and that number will only go up as blue tangs increase in popularity. 

So if you see Finding Dory and just have to own a Dory of your own, don't head to your local pet store, go to the local Disney Store instead and buy a toy version, which will be a lot more cuddly anyway.

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Simon's Cat Logic: Where Cats Sleep

Simon Tofield and cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explore the question of why cats select such odd places to sleep. Their choices make perfect sense if you think like a cat. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a nice pile of clean laundry myself, if there were enough of it and I didn’t have to confront folding all that laundry myself.

(YouTube link)

Simon tells us about his four cats’ favorite sleeping places. I have one that sleeps in the open compost pile, which is usually covered in grass clippings. Compost produces heat, so that makes sense. I have another who hides behind a clump of houseplants on the deck, because she likes to pretend she’s in the jungle, or at least, that’s the way it looks to me. This video ends with the Simon's Cat cartoon Cat Nap. -via Tastefully Offensive

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CatCon is Coming to LA in All Its Cuddly Goodness

If you're on the internet, chances are you see cat pictures every day. If you're one of the people who shares pictures of cats every day, you might want to find your way to CatConLA on June 25 and 26.

(Video Link)

This glorious celebration of all things cat features such major feline stars as Lil' Bub, Nala Cat and Pudge, as well as human-turned-cat star Julie Newmar, who played Cat Woman in the old Batman TV series. There will also be cat makeovers, manicures, a feline-inspired fashion show and a room escape game played from the point of view of a cat in a cardboard box. There's even a cat film festival in the evenings. And if you have space in your home for a new kitty friend, there will also be an adoption center on site.

If you can't make it, don't feel too bad because I'll be covering the event, taking lots of pictures to share with all of you Neatorama readers when I get back.

Via LAist

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My Laptop Is Set Up To Take A Picture After 3 Incorrect Password Attempts

People are horrified when they discover someone has been using their computer without their permission, so they install security software that takes a picture when an incorrect password has been entered too many times.

They expect to see some random sneak or sneaky relative caught trying to use the comp without permission, but Imgur user pigeonkitty received this shocking picture via text alert instead:

(Image Link)

Hacker cat has been caught in the act, and now pigeonkitty knows who used her credit card to order ten kilos of catnip and that cat-sized nuclear submarine...

-Via Twisted Sifter

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The Glory of the Washington D.C. Bark Ball

Prom is considered a right of passage for many human teenagers, but what about our obedience school students? Don't they deserve a night of fun frolicing in formal wear?

The Washington Washington Humane Society-Washington Area Rescue League thought so, which is why they've arranged a yearly Bark Ball for furry, formal-dressed youngsters. The black tie event celebrated its 29th year this Sunday at The Washington Hilton.

As is typical with these events, the female's stunning dresses and accessories really stole the show, but in this case, the apparel of the humans was largely overlooked in favor of the fashionable pups -except in rare cases where the human managed to wear a dress that matched their date.

Via Gothamist

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Lion Looks Like He's Hunting Little Boy At Japanese Zoo

Most kids like to visit the zoo so they can see all the animals they've learned about in school in the flesh, and those zoo animals don't know why tasty little morsels keep staring at them through the glass.

Sometimes the critters get curious and come in for a closer look, but when the curious critter in question is a massive lion at a Japanese zoo the curiosity looks an awful lot like stalking prey.

(YouTube Link)

The kid's parents should show him this video when he's older so he can see how close he came to being a lion's lunch.

-Via Cosmopolitan

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Teamwork Rescues Dog

A dog has fallen into a huge concrete drainage canal somewhere in Kazakhstan. There’s water rushing by, so he can’t just walk upstream or down. The sides are steep and there’s nothing to hang on to.

(YouTube link)

But a group of young guys put their heads -and their hands- together to save the pup. Way to go! -via Atlas Obscura

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Surveillance Camera Footage Catches Kid Stealing Hugs From Dog

Kids who don't have pets of their own must find creative ways to get some pet love, even if it involves some light breaking and entering.

Surveillance camera footage shot by homeowner Hollie Mallet caught a young man named Josh in the act of stealing hugs from Hollie's well trained black Lab Dutchess, which totally stole her heart.

Hollie asked her neighbors if they knew who the little boy was, and Josh's mom Ginger came forward to confess it was her son who had been stealing hugs from Dutchess.

Now Josh and Dutchess are free to hang out whenever they'd like, and Josh no longer has to go into ninja mode when he feels like hangin' with his favorite furry neighbor.

-Via Pets Lady

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A Donald Trump Cat Scratcher for Your Political Kitty

I'm sure some people would think this Donald Trump cat scratcher is a great way to connect your feline to the man destined to "make America great again," while others think it's a great way to teach their cat to attack the greatest threat to America since George Wallace. Either way, it's pretty cool that you can now indoctrinate your kitty in such a clever way -though personally I'd never let this thing through my front door. 

This silly scratcher is one of 15 cool cat scratching toys featured on PetsLady, which also features the fun kitty turn table previously featured on Neatorama.

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GPS Trackers Show How Far Pet Cats Actually Travel While Outside

(Image Link)

Cat owners who let their furry family members go outside know cats like to roam about and survey their section of the kingdom, patrolling the area so their humans aren't suddenly invaded by an army of mice.

But the distance they travel remains a bit of a mystery, since we usually can't see every bit of where our cats go while they're outside.

People have tried attaching cameras to their collars to see where they go, but this doesn't give us a very good idea of the total distance traveled.

So Australia's Central Tablelands Local Land Service came up with the brilliant idea to log how far a cat actually travels using a GPS tracker, so cat owners can see how much their cat actually gets around.

Cats are considered an invasive species in Australia, and yet owners claim their cats always stay close to home, so the Land Service hopes these GPS maps will open their eyes to just how much their cats get around.

See more from GPS Trackers That Show Cats' Activity During The Night here

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Grocery-Shopping Cats

The German supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount gives us an ad in which cats go grocery shopping. They’ve managed to stick as many internet cat memes as humanly possible into one minute.

(YouTube link)

The ad doesn’t give us any particular reason to shop at this particular store, no comparisons with other stores, no sale prices, but by golly, you’ll remember the ad. -via Uproxx

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Clams Coming to the Surface of Sand Look Creepy

Oh look, a nice sandy beach. What a perfect place to take a nice relaxing walk. Wait, what's happening. Oh God. It's a swarm of previously unseen rocks with mouths.

(Video Link)

Seriously, clams coming up to feed look pretty horrifying, but hey, at least they're delicious. Mmmmm... I think I'm going to get a big pan of clams and some wine now.

Via Digg

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The Real Reason Why Some Dogs Sniff Butts At The Dog Park

Not all dogs dream of working in law enforcement, but those who do often catch their criminally unambitious brethren completely by surprise, which is why dealers use drug mules instead of drug dogs.

Drug dogs are those good dogs who use their super keen smellers to sniff out crime, and as this comic from Deathbulge shows they can smell a sack of sticky icky a mile away...even if it's keistered.

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Animals Sing “Seven Nation Army”

Thanks to the editing skills of YouTube member Insane Cherry, we are treated to a version of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes sung by dogs, chickens, goats, foxes, and other animals. I dare you to get through the entire video without giggling.  

(YouTube link)

I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy who gets sneezed on by a goat -over and over and over. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Kitten Stuck in a Sunflower

(YouTube link)

We’re all familiar with the problem of a young kitten climbing a tree and not knowing how to get down. In this case, rescue was a lot easier because the kitten climbed up in a sunflower plant! It was awfully high from the kitten’s perspective, but an easy problem for his human to solve. Probably the simplest cat rescue we've ever posted. -via Atlas Obscura 

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That’s a Good Dog

Bretagne, pronounced Brittany, was one of the search and rescue dogs charged with looking for survivors at Ground Zero fifteen years ago. She and her handler, Denise Corliss, responded to the call from their home in Texas, where they both had just completed training. We reported on Bretagne's return trip to New York City last year. Warning: you may need a hankie for this video.

(YouTube link)

At age 16, the golden retriever was suffering the effects of old age, and was taken to the vet one last time on Monday. She got a hero’s salute from the Cy-Fair Fire Department and emergency responders when she walked into the Fairfield Animal Hospital in Harris County, Texas. They were also there when her body was carried out, draped in an American flag. Bretagne was the last of the 9/11 search and rescue dogs. She would have turned 17 in August. -via reddit

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Cat with a Hole in its Side

Cows with port holes exist in real life, but this cat is an optical illusion. Oh, the cat is real enough, but the round hole in its side is not. It was spotted in the United Arab Emirates, where the sand is the same color as the cat’s calico spots. The black part of the spot creates the illusion of depth. The caption under the photo by Twitter user @hanamomoact translates to “The hole in my stomach is not empty.”

The caption of the video translates to “The version of the videos don't lie to Momma, hungry hole.” That’s a machine translation; if you can read Japanese, I’m sure the original is more eloquent. -via HuffPo

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Husky Blows Bubbles in Her Water Bowl

If you're a Siberian Husky, then you do whatever it takes to stay cool in the summer. For Maya, that means blowing bubbles through her nose in her water dish. It's fun, too!

(Video Link)

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Orangutan Builds a Hammock

(Video Link)

This clever ape at the Twycross Zoo in the UK reasons that if he stretches a cloth between two overhead lines, he can climb in and enjoy a bed. A colleague at Ape Research & Development then discovers that this bed will swing easily with a nudge.

The mechanism becomes unstable and collapses. But this is, after all, just the proof of concept phase. They'll have a working prototype soon enough.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Dog Freaks Out Over Cat-Shaped Balloon

(Video Link)

What sorcery is this?!

It is a cat and, yet, it is also not a cat. The creature hangs in midair, floating above an uncanny valley between living creature and non-living object. The husky investigates.

-via Pleated Jeans

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Newborn Octopuses Are As Strange and Wonderful As You Might Imagine

(Video Link)

Like many people on the internet, we here at Neatorama love octopuses. They are beautiful, intelligent and utterly strange creatures -and now you can see them as newborn babies -and as newborn as they get, considering that the video actually shows them leaving the egg. The life of an octopus isn't easy and most species die shortly after mating, but it's all worth it just to give this next generation a fair start on life.

Via Atlas Obscura

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Why You Should Never Turn Your Back On A Big Cat

Big cats like tigers and cheetahs are popular among the pet collecting crowd, but these apex predators don't change their killer ways no matter how long they're kept in captivity and often turn on their captors.

Which is why Tampa, Florida's Big Cat Rescue felt compelled to create this video showing what happens when you turn your back on a big cat.

(YouTube Link)

It's funny to see the cats come stalking up behing him then act like "what? I'm not doing anything..." when he turns around, but this video wouldn't be so funny without that sturdy fence.

-Via Laughing Squid

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10 Awesome Owl Items on Etsy

Owls are amazing creatures both in reality and in myth. They're even a symbol of wisdom. If you're among the many people in the world who are obsessed with owls, you won't want to miss these awesome Etsy finds.

Barn Owl Ring

By ElinaGleizer

Nesting Owl Dolls

By craftsec

Curious Owl Painting

By MirzoevaArtBoutique

Continue reading

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