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Cat Gives Birth to Kittens In Bird Nest

Henry McGauley of County Louth, Ireland, found a stray cat in a tree. That’s not unusual, but the cat was curled up in a bird’s nest where she had birthed four kittens! The white cat is familiar to the neighborhood, and McGauley wife Fiona had fed her before. The nest is about eight feet above the ground.

The couple think the nest may have belonged to a pair of wood pigeons who left it a few days ago and now it has furry, not feathered, squatters. Fiona said she will be moving the happy family onto terra firma as the kittens do not have the required wings to ensure a safe landing if they fall.

Henry chuckled as he said: “I always thought the cat was a bit bird-brained but I never expected her to move into a nest.”

The couple planned to move the kittens out of the tree to prevent them falling out of the nest. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Ardee Petsupplies)

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Rare Rabbit Found on First Night of 3-Month Expedition

The Annamite striped rabbit, native to Vietnam and Laos, was first described in 1998 and has rarely been seen since. Sarah Woodfin, a graduate student at the University of East Anglia, set out on a three-month expedition with a team from WWF Vietnam to find and study the rabbit.

She said; "I didn't expect that I would ever see one up close. I thought that if I was very lucky, I might see one from a distance in the forest. I certainly never expected that I would have the opportunity to hold one of these magnificent animals. I was utterly delighted.

"My team and I encountered the rabbit completely by chance on the first night of my trip.

"It was found hopping along a stream bank eating vegetation. One of my team members managed to catch it and brought it back to camp, where we were all able to have a good look at it.

You can read more about the search for the Annamite striped rabbit at Science Daily. But the question remains: what does a team of researchers do for the next three months once their goal has been attained? We all know they can’t give the surplus grant money back. -via reddit

(Image credit: University of East Anglia)

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Heroic Goose Adopts Goslings After Tragedy

A burned goose was brought to the wildlife rehab organization Back to the Wild in Castalia, Ohio. She had been spotted sitting on her nest full of eggs while it burned during a suspicious fire.

“It’s just her instinct to protect the babies, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around her,” Sammie Villa, Back to the Wild staff supervisor, told The Huffington Post. “All she’s thinking is, ‘I need to keep my babies safe.’”

Because the fire is the subject of a police investigation, Villa was unable to provide more detail about what started the blaze.

The caller put the fire out with a bucket of water, but it was too late for the eggs to survive, Villa said. The mother managed to escape without any internal injuries, but nearly all of her feathers had burned off. Back to the Wild staff took in the bird to nurse her back to health.

But the poor goose got a second chance when the wildlife center took in six goslings with no mother. Mother goose immediately took the brood under her wing, keeping them in line and protecting them from perceived threats. When the goose has recovered all her feathers, the family will be released into the wild together. See more pictures at the Huffington Post.  

(Image credit: Back To The Wild, Castalia, Ohio)

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Weasel Babies Follow Mom

(YouTube link)

Every group of children has that one kid that’s smaller or a bit less agile than the others. In a litter, you would call him the runt. Here, a long-tailed weasel leads her offspring over a wall. They aren’t all that great at climbing, but they eventually get it. Except for that one, who needs a little more time and encouragement. However, once he’s at the top, the other side looks so far down! What will he do? Mama comes back, but she’s a little exasperated by then. You’ll laugh when you see how the episode ends. -via reddit

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Science Reveals Why Your Cat Is Such A Picky Eater

Every once in a while, you come across an article about someone who works as a taste tester for a dog food or cat food company. It’s probably a nasty job, but someone’s got to do it. Or do they? The latest research indicates that human taste buds and cat taste buds may be so far apart that human tasters completely miss the mark.

The researchers (from pet food flavor companies) used cell cultures to test the cellular response of two taste receptors, the cells found on taste buds, that respond to bitterness in humans. Overall, the receptors in cats barely responded when exposed to natural and artificial compounds that taste bitter to people, such as the sweetener saccharin that has a bitter aftertaste. The receptors responded less to aloin, a compound found in aloe, and more to denatonium, which is added to chemicals like antifreeze to deter children from drinking them, suggesting that cat tastes diverge from people more than the researchers thought.

So maybe the cat food that is advertised as delicious could actually taste better to you than to your cat. Let’s hope that this research leads to the employment of hordes of hungry rescue cats as pet food company taste testers (and not just research subjects). That’s probably their dream job, after all. -via Uproxx

(Image credit: Flickr user Robert W. Howington)

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30 Days of Baby Bunnies Growing up

Ashraful Arefin is a photographer in Dkaha, Bangladesh. For the past year, he’s owned two rabbits. The couple recently welcomed a litter of four kits into the world. So Arefin has been busy photographing the baby rabbits, documenting their lives from the day they were born. He writes:

Each and every day from their birth was special to me. Watching them growing up everyday, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet… everything was just so special and magical to me! I thought I’d try to capture those moments and share the happiness with other people.

Thank you, Mr. Arefin! Go forth to Bored Panda and see the baby bunnies. You can also view more of his rabbit photos on his Facebook page.

-via Lost at E Minor

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This Amazing Dog Can Do a Handstand on a Rope

(Video Link)

Ozzy is fantastic! He and his human, Nick, live in Norwich, UK. He’s a cross between a Welsh Border Collie and Kelpie. Ozzy holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of a tightrope by a dog. You can watch him set that record here.

In this video, he’s doing a handstand, which is something that we’ve seen before. But he’s doing it on a tightrope! Ozzy can also do a parkour trick that Nick calls tree bouncing.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Cat Has A Strange Reaction To Crinkling Plastic

Ever have one of those cats that react oddly to every kind of stimuli? If you have then you know how funny it is to find a new noise that sets them off, because their little kitty reaction is simply priceless!

(YouTube Link)

The cat in this video is named Blu, and he has a very strange reaction to the sound of crinkling plastic, such a strange reaction in fact that it almost seems like the furry fellow is about to have a stroke!

-Via KnowYourMeme

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An Adorable Collection Of Hybrid Animals

Most animals are naturally so darn cute that it's virtually impossible to imagine how they could be made any cuter, but thanks to the magical power of Photoshop we can multiply that cuteness factor by a million.

These awe inspiringly adorable animal hybrids may not exist in the wild (yet...), but they can, and will, run around in the fields of our critter loving imaginations for an eternity. Thanks teh internet!

Let's start this collection off with a hybrid that most families would be happy to have hanging around in their homes- the delightful Dird

(Image Link)

Turtles and tortoises don't bring a lot of cuddling and tail wagging to the table, but the cheese torturger will bring you dinner!

(Image Link)

Don't try to lock eyes with this rabbowl or he might see you as prey...

(Image Link)

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The Jungle Mirrors

YouTube Link

This excellent video footage was captured by French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre, who has shot similar footage in the past (previously). He set up a mirror in several jungle locations in Gabon, Africa to evoke reactions from the diverse species that inhabit the habitat. The reactive behavior of the different animals is as varied as it is fascinating. -Via Buzzfeed

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Want: A Cat Library

Redditor Loocylooo works for a county government in the southwestern United States. The county animal shelter has a facility in the front lobby of her office building: a cat library. Employees who work in the building can check out a cat for up to an hour at a time. They can also adopt a cat from the cage, which has led to so far over 100 adoptions.

This is brilliant! And regular libraries could do this, too! Most library management systems have reserve modules, so it's just a matter of barcoding the cats, adding them to the circulating reserves collection, then making them available to library patrons. When the lending period is over, patrons could return the cats at the book/cat drop or the circulation desk.

Standard reserve requirements would stand: no interlibrary loan or in-system transfer. Heavy fines would apply for late returns.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Baby Elephant's Collapse is No Trouble His Herd Can't Handle

YouTube Link

In this sweet footage that reinforces everything animal lovers know and like about the caring family and herd behavior of elephants, a calf seems to have problems crossing the road and either lies down or collapses in the middle. Members of his herd shield him from the stopped traffic and gently coax him to his feet. -Via The Daily Dot

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Horse Happily Blows out the Candles on His Birthday Cake

(Video Link)

When his human friends sang "Happy Birthday," JD the horse knew exactly what to do! He blew out the candles, then laughed. He's so happy to be the birthday boy!

JD lives at Ilithien Stables (yes, that's a Lord of the Rings reference) in Whitehouse, New Jersey. Hopefully he got some good presents to go with his cake.

-via 22 Words

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Hilarious Pet Store Descriptions by Obvious Plant

We've featured the work of prankster and Tumblr user Obvious Plant before, but his sign plants at a local pet store might just be his best prank yet. From voodoo death birds to judgemental tree frogs, these pets promise to give you a little more bang for your buck. Well, all but the turtle that is...

I guess not all pets can be incredible -some are just born boring.

Via The Daily What

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That’s a Good Dog

The moral of this story is that if you give a dog some meatballs, he’ll do anything for you. I don’t know what that has to do with banking, but it’s a cute story from a Thai bank ad.

(YouTube link)

(Checks tranlastion) Oh, the moral of the story is that a small investment can pay off big in the future. I didn’t get that the first time around because I’m not particularly savvy about finances. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Ain't No Thang, Just Newborn Baby Goat Triplets in Sweaters

YouTube Link

Yes, nothing to see here except three adorable baby goats  a two sister, one brother trio  being kept warm on a chilly day in colorful li'l goat sweaters. Then they're snuggled together in a basket. Then they're getting a baby goat bath. So move along, lest you be temporarily paralyzed by the cuteness kryptonite that is bouncing baby goat triplets in sweaters, baskets and baths. -Via Laughing Squid

YouTube Link

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Sweet Baby Rylai

Look at this adorable puppy! Except… she’s not a puppy, she’s a kit. Rylai is a red fox (Vulpes vulpes), barely a month old. She was selectively bred to be white, and is not an albino. Her owner Jennifer has an FAQ on Facebook that answers a lot of questions about Rylai and fox ownership in general.

#growingsofast #legsfordays #rylaithefox #fox #petfox #foxesofinstagram

A photo posted by Rylai (@rylaifox) on May 18, 2015 at 8:22am PDT

At such a young age, Rylai has drawn quite a following on Facebook and Instagram. No doubt she’ll grow to be a beautiful adult vixen. -via Scribol

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