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Smeagol The Cat Does A Great Impression Of Gollum When He's Scared

Smeagol the Sphynx is a hairless cat that doesn’t really look much like Smeagol’s corrupted counterpart Gollum until he’s scared of losing his nine precious lives to a werewolf attack.

(YouTube Link)

When his cruel master dons a werewolf mask and decides to play a dirty trick on Smeagol you can really see the Gollum inside him rearing its ugly head!

Poor Smeagol- you get teased about being hairless, you have to wear a sweater in the winter to keep your body warm, and one of your owners is a sadistic man with a werewolf mask.

If only you had a golden ring that gives you the power of invisibility, then you could get revenge on that masked man...

-Via HappyPlace

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Series "Freestyle" Catches Pups in Mid Jump

German photographer Julia Christe's series "Freestyle" captures dogs in mid-air while jumping. The result is these adorable photographs of the various canines, agog, legs jumbled and hair flying. If only my dogs had been included in the series; my inability to get them to stop jumping on people could have finally paid off. 

See all the photos in Christe's series, as well as the rest of her portfolio, at her website.  

Via Laughing Squid | Images: Julia Christe 

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Revisiting TurboRoo, the Two-Legged Chihuahua

When we last checked in with TurboRoo, the Chihuahua born with two legs, he was a tiny puppy who had just been fitted with his first set of wheels. He was being cared for by the staff at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis.

Now this little guy has been adopted by his former foster parents and has become the self-assured, adorable young adult dog of six months shown here. With his sporty set of 3-D printed wheels, TurboRoo has no problem keeping up, as evidenced in the photo below, in which he confidently greets other dogs. TurboRoo appropriately lives in Speedway, Indiana with his two brothers, Braxton the Puggle and Navin the kitten.

Keep up with Turbo's fast-rolling pace on Instagram and Facebook.

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Cat Math

(Image: shvelo)

It's been a very long time since I've had a math class, but I felt pretty confident that this was correct. Then I read the comments. Now I'm unsure.

Er, okay.

I can kind of follow this.

I'm just going to pet the cat instead of saying anything.

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Mama Margay Has Her Kitten

On November 1, a margay at
Bioparque M’Bopicuá in Uruguay gave birth to the adorable kitten seen in these photos. Typical gestation is approximately eighty days and most often results in a single birth. 

The margay is a small cat native to an area ranging from southern Mexico to northern South America east of the Andes. Kittens weigh a mere three to six ounces. Adult margays are only six to nine pounds and approximately thirty inches long.

Sadly, the species is listed as “Near Threatened” on the IUCN Red List, due to loss of habitat and illegal hunting.

Read more about margays at Zooborns.  

Images Credit: Montes del Plata/Bioparque M’Bopicuá

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The Cosmopolitan Cat

If you’ve been reading Neatorama for a while, you know we’ve posted quite a few of the adventures of travelers Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell, who live and blog from a different part of the world every three months in a project called For 91 Days. When they were in Turkey, they also set up a side project called Daily Cat Istanbul because they took so many pictures of the cats of the city.

Jürgen and Mike are finding that cats are photogenic everywhere, so they’ve started a new Tumblr blog called The Cosmopolitan Cat, in order to share pictures and videos of cats everywhere they go. So far, there’s only the cats of Macedonia (plenty of them), but there will be more cats added as they are found. Each picture list scrolls horizontally.

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Thirty Rare and Exotic Dog Breeds

Slovensky Cuvac | Image:

The dog breeds seen here are not frequently seen and are fairly difficult to locate as available puppies from reputable breeders. Like all dog breeds, each was initially bred for specific purposes and they generally have characteristics unique to them.

The Slovensky Cuvac, shown above, was bred to guard livestock; at first, specifically sheep in mountainous regions of central Europe. Their thick, beautiful coats kept them warm in their working environment. The Cuvac skill in guarding and protection was recognized early on, thus they were eventually tasked with watching cattle, poultry and even people.

 Karelian Bear Dog | Image:

The Karelian Bear Dog is an aggressive hunter able to match wits with prey like bears, moose and wild boars, as well as to protect their owners during the hunt. The breed is native to Finland. Karelian Bear Dogs have been utilized for bear control at Yosemite and Glacier National Parks. 

 Çatalburun | Image:

The Çatalburun is one of three breeds that have the amazing split nose seen in the photo above. The breed is native to Turkey and is rarely seen outside of that country. The distinctive nose of the Çatalburun is incredibly sensitive, enabling the breed to have a sense of smell superior to most others. 

Tibetan Mastiff | Image:

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed originating with the nomadic peoples of Tibet, China and Nepal. Tibetan Mastiffs were used as guards of everything from herds of animals to palaces. This is a muscular and hearty dog — required characteristics in order to thrive in the high altitude of the Himalayas.

The photos shown here are of these dog breeds as puppies. See adult pictures, along with twenty-seven more featured breeds, here.  

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The Further Adventures of Rambro

YouTube Link

You may remember Rambro the Angry Ram, who was saved by a man in Nelson, New Zealand when a local was planning to kill him due to his aggression. If your memory needs refreshing, have a look at this previous Neatorama post showing Rambro attacking a quadcopter drone his owner uses to locate him on his large property. The plot of land on which Rambro lives essentially provides him with his own gorgeous New Zealand forest to roam. The ram has a female sheep mate, a new baby and all the treats he can eat, but that hasn't subdued his feisty attitude.

The video above shows Rambro as he takes on a six-ton excavator that he evidently doesn't like the looks of. Immediately below is Rambro devouring lemons, peel and all  (is it any wonder that he's sour?!). The video at bottom shows Rambro taking on a punching bag. Little did he know the bag would fight back —  but the ram got the last bleating laugh.

Do you desire a particularly grumpy spirit animal and are turned off that Grumpy Cat has gone Hollywood? This ram has what it takes to stay outraged for years to come.

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

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Buster the Raccoon Has a Bed and Blankies, and He's Not Leaving Them

YouTube Link

Buster the raccoon is a tad pampered. He lays in bed under comfy, warm covers on a cold morning, his humans already up and about. They attempt to coax Buster out of bed, but he's no dummy. Why jump out of bed when a raccoon can linger and cover his face with his paws occasionally to block out needless human lights and noise? Who knows, a bribe of treats could come next. -Via Tastefully Offensive

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The Hamster Bartender

. . . and the bartender says, "Why the long face?"

Well, maybe not at this bar. Twitter user @kawanabesatou makes tiny living rooms, kitchens, and bars for his hamsters and photographs them at work. Bartending isn't such a bad gig. And it can help them pay their human for their room and board.

The drinks are kind of small, though. Go head and order a double.

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Bailey the Golden Retriever Is the Canine Darling of the Internet

Bailey, a Golden Retriever, is convinced that she’s a human! She adopts convincing human poses. It’s just an act, though. She doesn’t actually know what she’s doing. Notice that the iron isn’t plugged in! It’s going to take her a long time to flatten out that shirt.

Artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge gained fame by painting dogs playing poker and pool. Bailey participates just because it’s fun. Don’t step into her game! She’ll clean you out.

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Donkey Stuck in Manhole: Let the Puns Begin

When you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, they can get mixed up. In Pratteln, Switzerland, that is exactly what happened when a 13-year-old donkey named Nilo fell down a manhole early Saturday morning. It was definitely a manhole -and not an asshole- because it was too small for the donkey to maneuver in, and he was stuck. Passerby Bruno Schneider saw the donkey’s predicament and called the local fire brigade, who came and saved his ass extracted the donkey from the manhole. Except for some cuts and bruises “at the rear of him” (as Google Translate puts it), the donkey is fine. Nilo is back at home at the petting zoo from which he escaped Friday night. However, a photograph handed out by the Basel Landschaft police department has gone viral globally, with the expected puns and comparisons to Donkey from the movie Shrek. -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Basel Landschaft Police)

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Japanese Snow Monkey Swipes Tourist's Phone

This amusing capture by acclaimed Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten shows a Japanese snow monkey (also known as a Japanese macaque) who mischieviously stole a tourist's iPhone at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan. 

In an interview with 500px, van Oosten explained the circumstances surrounding the shot.

"We were standing close to the edge of the hot spring, when one of the tourists started taking shots with her iPhone, moving the phone closer to the macaque after each shot.

Suddenly, the macaque grabbed the iPhone from her hands and quickly moved away towards the middle of the hot spring!

The owner screamed in agony, but the macaque was too fascinated by its new toy to notice.

The minutes that followed were downright hilarious. Monkeys already resemble humans in so many ways, but when they're holding an iPhone, the similarities are almost scary. At some point, it even managed to let the built-in flash of the iPhone go off. When the macaque decided to do some serious underwater testing, the owner of the phone almost fainted. Meanwhile, I was fully aware that this would result in some of the most original snow monkey shots ever."

van Oosten's photo was entered in the UK Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2014, in which he won the People's Choice Award category.

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog | Image: Marsel van Oosten

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Oh, Just a Kitten with Her Teddy Bear in a Cherry Pie Bed

YouTube Link

When Bella was a kitten, her human thought she was so cute that she wanted to "eat her up." So she was inspired to make the kitten a cherry pie in which to sleep. She said Bella loved the bed and would often take her teddy bear and curl up inside it. This footage is of one such occasion.

The video is old enough that Bella is no longer a kitten, but since it's not been posted on Neatorama before, I'm doing so now. I figure kittens with teddies inside comfy cherry pies is mandatory viewing, when it comes to cute animal videos. -Via Tastefully Offensive

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Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

(YouTube link)

Two years after a simple picture made her a smash internet meme, Grumpy Cat is a bona fide movie star. Well, she’s the subject of an upcoming Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Now, how can you star in a movie when your only talent is frowning? Grumpy Cat doesn’t actually do anything! Well, there are obviously some workarounds. She communicates telepathically with the voice of Aubrey Plaza. It appears that they also used both stunt cats and puppets for action scenes. Kids will probably love it. -via Viral Viral Videos

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This is a Baby Penguin Robot

(Photos: Frederique Olivier, John Downer Productions, Le Maho et al., Nature Methods)

Yvon Le Maho of the University of Strasbourg in France and his colleagues wanted to study the heart rates of emperor penguins. They equipped monitors on 34 penguins for that purpose. To collect data, they needed to enter the penguin colony daily. A human presence would cause the penguins to become anxious and would likely skew the data.

So Le Maho and his colleagues built this rover that looks like a penguin chick. They sent it into the colony many times to approach the tagged penguins, gather data, then leave. This rover did not disturb the penguins. Greg Miller writes for Wired:

In another experiment, the researchers disguised the rover as a penguin chick and sent it into a colony of notoriously shy emperor penguins. The birds allowed it to approach (see above) and in one case even infiltrate a creche of chicks (see below). Finally, they tried the undisguised rover on southern elephant seals, massive animals that can weigh more than 7,000 pounds. The seals hardly seemed to notice.

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The Corgi Avengers

There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people corgis to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could.

Thus did Nick Fury bring together the greatest corgi team in the Marvel Universe. In this glorious dog cosplay, Omelette Oakenshield plays Captain America and Omelette's mom plays Nick Fury. The other dogs are stars of the corgi blogging scene, which is apparently a thing.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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The Adventures of Moyo the Rescued Baby Elephant

YouTube Link

The Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery near Harare, Zimbabwe rescued the baby elephant seen in these videos, who was found in February, 2014 abandoned by his herd. The calf, named Moyo, was brought to the nursery after a search for his herd was unsuccessful. The staff at the elephant nursery suspect that, judging by his extremely low weight when found, Moyo was born premature and wasn't physically able to keep the pace of his herd, which would have been pressured by poachers.

Since his rescue, Moyo has made friends with the nursery staff, as well as with the baby warthog in the video above. The video below shows various adorable clips of Moyo's adventures at the nursery, where he's said to be thriving, happy and loved by many. -Via Tastefully Offensive 


YouTube Link

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How Your Cats View You

There's a monster in Catropolis. That monster is Yasmine, the artist behind Cat Versus Human.

She is a menace to all feline life in Catropolis. They've tried to hide from her and wait for her rampages to subside. But this approach is no longer effective. They must take drastic measures to ensure their survival. Read on to experience their tale.

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Angelic Halos for Blind Dogs

(Photo: Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs)

Two years ago, Muffin Bordeaux, a toy poodle, went blind. He stumbled around, bumping into hard objects and hurting himself. He was depressed and increasingly immobile. So his owner invented this gadget to help him navigate the world: Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs. It’s a harness that forms a ring around the dog’s head. This helps to protect a dog’s head when s/he moves around.  Many of the harnesses come with padding shaped like angelic wings, hence the name “halo.”

(Video Link)

Here’s a video of a dog wearing one of the halos. Since taking up his wings, Basil has become more active. He’s not worried that he’ll ram into hard objects, so he explores the darkness confidently.

-via 22 Words

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Animals Enjoying Pumpkins

Image: Zoo Vienna Schönbrunn 

We humans aren't the only ones who like to consume and play with pumpkins when October hits. These animals find pumpkins both fun and delicious in their various zoo homes all over the globe. It probably would take humans having "zoo keepers" to get us to cut out the candy and feast on what's natural and good for us instead. There's a health benefit to having a boss! -Via Zooborns

Image: Lincoln Children's Zoo

Image: Sue Ogrocki

Image: Tammy Spratt/San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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