The Tortoise and the Hare

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? You never really believed that a rabbit would stop in the middle a race and rest, only to end up losing from overconfidence. Well, here’s a real-life recreation of that race that confirms what happened. I think this might be in Thailand. The hare’s assumed potential speed is no match for the tortoise’s determination and persistence. Slow and steady wins the race! -via Uproxx

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Cats vs. Tortoises

(YouTube link)

Tortoises are fairly fearless and love to annoy cats. That’s probably for the same reason people annoy cats- because their reactions are funny. Several tortoises of varying sizes show their chutzpah in this compilation video. A tortoise knows he can stalk with impunity and just draw arms and legs inside the shell if the cat tries to fight back. For we humans, it’s a win-win, because we get to laugh at both the tortoise and the cat, get a video clip of the encounter, and step in to break things up if the situation gets truly dangerous. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Tania Hennessy’s Emoji Kittens

Tania Hennessy is an artist in Vancouver who fosters kittens for VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association). Her passion is taking pictures of kittens, which we can all agree is a wonderful thing to do. One of her projects is called Emoji Kittens, where real kittens interact with emojis.

You can see this one in motion at its own webpage: Doughnut Kitten.

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Hamster Things

Mashable put together a recreation of the Netflix show Stranger Things, using hamsters instead of people. How adorable!

(YouTube link)

Hamsters are natural actors. All you need are the perfect tiny backdrops and a good supply of hamster chow. -via Buzzfeed

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Etti-Cat, NYC’s Feline Subway Etiquette Advisor

Of the many jobs that cats have held, I’ve never seen one that was an etiquette advisor. But in 1962, a tuxedo cat launched a career telling New York City subway passengers how to use the trains, treat other passengers, and follow the rules. A series of posters featuring Etti-Cat were posted in almost 3,000 subway cars. Etti-Cat became so popular that she “authored” a book on manners. Now Etti-Cat is featured in an exhibition called Transit Etiquette Or: How I Learned To Stop Spitting And Step Aside In 25 Languages on display at the New York Transit Museum. Read about Etti-Cat and see some of the posters from the exhibit at Hyperallergic. -via Michael Leavitt

(Image credit: Flickr user Stephen Spencer)

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Cat Ash is Still Groovy

Well, at least this guy has an excuse when he messes up the "Klaatu Verata Necto" neccessary to pick up the Necronomicon -after all, he doesn't even speak English. This amazing Ash Vs. Evil Dead catplay was brought to you by the skilled cat costume creators over at Cat Cosplay.

Via Fashionably Geek

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When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend

Australians don't generally think of the kangaroo as a good pet, and many consider them to be pests and/or delicious when barbecued, depending on who you ask.

But hunky Australian and social media entertainer Jackson O'Doherty has a great rapport with kangaroos, and his pet roo Damien follows him around everywhere like a bouncy little shadow.

(YouTube Link)

It's hard to imagine hating kangaroos after watching this video, but their jerk side apparently doesn't come out until they're full grown and ready to fight.

-Via Laughing Squid

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This Famous Fat Cat Received A Statue in His Honor

Even if you never visited Istanbul, you probably have seen tons of pictures of him relaxing on benches and sidewalks throughout the town. No one knows if this lazy cat had a home of his own, but everyone in the neighborhood loved him and kept him well fed (obviously).

Sadly, Tombili (meaning "Chubbel" according to Google translate) became famous late in his life and passed away from an unknown illness in August. In his memory though, a petition started spreading online asking the city to errect a statue in Tombili's honor. The statue will be officially unveiled on October 4, but as you can see, it's already looking lazy and chill -just the way Tombili would have wanted it.

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Biggy Pop

Iggy Pop has a cockatoo he adores named Biggy Pop. Biggy has his own Instagram account, because he is a natural performer. The video above was posted there just this morning, showing Iggy playing with Biggy in the guise of a hand puppet. Biggy shows off his rhythm as the puppet sings to him. -via Metafilter

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Jack Russell Terriers vs. Garden Hose

(Facebook link)

In this cute video from Mark Hughes, five Jack Russell terriers are getting their pool filled. One decides to show the garden hose who’s the boss, and shakes the poor hose by the neck. The hose continues to spew water, and the other four dogs chase after the water stream. By the time the hose is completely subdued, the whole backyard is wet! -via Tastefully Offensive

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Pancakes for the Kitten

Chase Stout and Kenzie Jones recently adopted a new kitten, which they named Mr. Wilson. When Jones went out of town, she left Stout with instructions: “Don’t forget to feed the kitten.”

One morning, he sent her a text that said, “Do you know if Wilson likes chocolate chips in his pancakes?” Yes, he had made pancakes, a regular-sized stack for himself, and a tiny stack of three pancakes for Mr. Wilson. No, he did not put chocolate chips in them. As you can see, the kitten appreciated his efforts.

Read more about the adorable incident at Buzzfeed.

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Epic Squirrel is Epic

The picture of this epic squirrel has been spreading around the internet for a while, so when Redditor DarylMoore asked others to PhotoShop the image, it's no wonder that the results were amazing.

That squirrel probably never thought twice about his intense pose in front of a camera, but he sure provided us with a great gift when he did it -a gift only a Reddit PhotoShop battle could perfect.

Via Distractify

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9 Awesome 3D-Printed Animal Prosthetics

3D printing is revolutionizing a lot of industries, but perhaps no other use of the technology is quite as fascinating as its use in medicine. While its applications in human medicine are amazing, we can't help but be enthralled when we see animals getting a new lease on life thanks to a little 3D printing. Here are a few stories of animals who were saved thanks to the new technology.

1. Fred the Tortoise

Fred is a female red-footed tortoise from Sao Paulo who was injured in a forest fire that destroyed most of her shell. Rescuers thought the poor tortoise looked like Freddy Krueger, hence the not-traditionally-feminine name. By taking pictures of her shell from all angles and comparing them to a healthy tortoise, veterinarians were able to create a 3D model of a shell, which they then printed in four individual pieces from a corn-based plastic. It took 3 months all together for the shell to be made into a reality and, unfortunately, Fred came down with pneumonia just after her surgery. Fortunately, she survived the ordeal and artists began to come forward offering to help paint the rescued animal's shell so she looked like a traditional, healthy red-footed tortoise. The team took their time to ensure they could find the right paint that wouldn't damage the shell or present a health risk to poor Fred.

(Video Link)

Eventually, Fred will need a new shell, but for now, she's cruising in style and couldn't be happier with her new mobile home.

2. AKUT-3 the Sea Turtle

In 2015, a loggerhead sea turtle, scientifically named AKUT-3, was found in Turkey with a damaged jaw that left it unable to eat on its own in the wild. He was quickly taken in by the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Pamukkale University and the director of the center immediately recognized that 3D printing might be the turtle's best hope. The center then partnered with BTech Innovation and used CT scans to create a 3D model of the turtle's damaged jaws, which allowed for a custom-fitted implant made from 3D printed titanium.

3. Beauty the Bald Eagle

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Hilarious Panorama Photo Fails Make Cats Look Like Catbuses

The Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro captured the imagination of cat lovers, who wondered what real cats would look like if they were extra long with a bunch more legs, like a cat-ipede.

Now, thanks to these panoramic photography fails by Japanese Twitter user @hanamomoact we needn't wonder what a real life catbus would look like any longer!

Hanamomoact shot these funny catbus photos in the Middle East using an iPhone in panorama mode, the elongation a result of the cat moving in the same direction as the lens.

-Via design you trust

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Horses Find This Funny

A man tries to back a horse trailer into a spot at the stable. He’s not very good at it. The horses find this hilarious. Their laughter is infectious!

(YouTube link)

This ad is trying to sell us something hi-tech, but all I heard was laughing horses. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Cat Rides On A Roomba Like A Boss

Videos of cats and dogs riding around the house atop a Roomba became an internet "thing" because people love to watch animals do strange, silly and downright ridiculous things.

But the pets in the videos generally look either unimpressed or terrified by the ride, most likely because their humans have them riding on a regular old Roomba.

So if you want your cat to look like a total boss while they ride on a Roomba you've gotta put a shoebox on top, so they can roll around supine style.

(YouTube Link)

Install some rocket launchers on the side of the shoebox and this calico cat could take over the world!

-Via Tastefully Offensive

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Watch This Guy Take A Sting From A "Cow Killer" Ant

 photo vj5mytsmjxm2mu6cwuni_zpsachbbevq.gif

When an insect earns the nickname "cow killer" it's a sure bet that little sucker packs a mean sting, and it's also a sure bet some guy will let one sting him on video just to "see how it feels".

The "cow killer" velvet ant is actually a type of solitary wasp, and the wingless female delivers a sting so painful it's said to be "strong enough to kill a cow".

So who's willing to test this myth? Wildman Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness, a guy who is happy to play with bugs, and get stung by them, so we don't have to.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Sploid

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How Cats Conquered the World (and a Few Viking Ships)

There’s so much we don’t know about the history of cats, but one study is giving us some clues. Are domestic cats really all that different from their wild counterparts? Are they the same the world over? And how did domesticated cats spread around the world? Evolutionary geneticist Eva-Maria Geigl and her colleagues from the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris studied the mitochondrial DNA of 209 cats found at archaeological sites in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They ranged from a couple hundred to 15,000 years old. The DNA samples confirmed that cats were domesticated along with the rise in agriculture, as they were quite useful in rodent control.   

Thousands of years later, cats descended from those in Egypt spread rapidly around Eurasia and Africa. A mitochondrial lineage common in Egyptian cat mummies from the end of the fourth century bc to the fourth century ad was also carried by cats in Bulgaria, Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa from around the same time. Sea-faring people probably kept cats to keep rodents in check, says Geigl, whose team also found cat remains with this maternal DNA lineage at a Viking site dating to between the eighth and eleventh century ad in northern Germany.

“There are so many interesting observations” in the study, says Pontus Skoglund, a population geneticist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. “I didn’t even know there were Viking cats.” He was also impressed by the fact that Geigl’s team was able to discern real population shifts from mitochondrial DNA, which traces only a single maternal lineage. Nonetheless, Skoglund thinks that nuclear DNA — which provides information about more  of an individual's ancestors — could address lingering questions about cat domestication and spread, such as their relationship to wild cats, with which they still interbreed.

Of course were are Viking cats! Ships’ cats appear to be the key to spreading the love of felines and their pest control superpowers around the world. The study also determined that calico cats didn’t exist until the Middle Ages. Learn more about the study at Nature.  -via Digg

(Image credit: Joel Veitch)

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How To Keep Your Cat Happy

Chris Poole has a tutorial on keeping your cats happy, with the help of the world’s luckiest cats, Cole and Marmalade.  

(YouTube link)

Cats can’t help but be happy when they’ve got an outdoor enclosure, rooms full of toys, good food, fresh catnip, each other to play with, and loving owners to snuggle with. I’ll never have that much infrastructure, but I will think about planting some catnip next year. -via Tastefully Offensive  

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Ramon The Fast Talking Squirrel Thanks Human For Snack

Squirrels are chatty little critters, but they don't talk much around humans because they're afraid of being captured or killed, that is, until a human becomes their best friend by giving them food.

Then that human gets to hear the funny way a squirrel expresses its gratitude- in a strange, nasal kind of voice that almost sounds like words we can understand.

(YouTube Link)

K. John Stewart provided the voice over squirrel translation in this video, but Ramon the squirrel would like everyone to know that K.'s translation is correct. Here's the transcript:

Hello there, I am a fat little squirrel sitting on your porch. Thank you very much for giving me these delicious walnuts. I like them very much. You are a nice person. I will be sure to come back tomorrow to get some more walnuts. You are my favorite person in the neighborhood. I like you like you love you…

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Meal Fit for a Cat

Jun Yoshizuki of Jun's Kitchen charmed us last year by showing us how to make Fluffy Omurice. Everyone noticed his beautiful and well-behaved cat. Now he prepares a special meal for his cat Kohaku. 

(YouTube link)

From the YouTube page:

I normally cook a meal like this for Kohaku once a year on his birthday, but since I got a lot of requests to make a food for him, I decided to make this video. I’m going to make meals for human from next time. If you want to make a meal for your cats, please do research on which ingredients are okay to use. Also, make sure not to feed too much nor too often since it’s difficult to make a meal that are nutritious enough for cats.

And then he posts the recipes, in case you want to treat your cat, too! -via Tastefully Offensive

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This Puppy Gave His Rescuers Quite A Surprise

This poor little mud-covered puppy was discovered by workers at a construction site in London. He was quickly sent to the nearest vet -the South Essex Wildlife Hospital to be cleaned up and saved, but after a little shampoo, his rescuers were shocked by what they found underneath.

That's right, the poor little muddy, debris-covered pup was actually an adorable little fox kit. Puppy or not, I'm sure this little cutie was happy to be rescued from his filthy cocoon. 

Via PetsLady

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Hawk Flies Between Two People Without Ruffling A Feather

Birds of prey are the ultimate predators, but they're also incredibly intelligent birds with extremely keen eyesight and legs so strong they can carry off small animals close to their same weight.

But nothing in the raptor's reportoire is quite as impressive as their acrobatic flying skills, which falconers like Sjors Van de Wiel love to show off at bird shows like the Topvogel falconry show in Diessen, Netherlands.

Here Sjors demonstrates that hawks are such precision flyers they can zip through tight spaces, like the space between two people, without ruffling a feather.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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We’re Going to the Dog Park!

Scrattie, like most dogs, doesn’t know where the destination will be when they get in the car. Often it’s just errands. Every once in a great while, they go to the dreaded veterinarian. But as soon as they make that left turn, Scrattie realizes they are going to the dog park!

(YouTube link)

Oh, joyous day! Oh, what a happy dog! This is even better than when Navin Johnson got his name in the phone book. -via Viral Viral Videos

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This Snake Loves His Sandbox

(Video Link)

Snakes get a bad rap what with being slithery and some of them being deadly and all, but that doesn't mean they can't be cute. If you aren't quite sure you can accept this as fact, you won't want to miss this precious video of a baby boa playing in his sandbox. Don't turn it off before the very end or you might miss the cutest part.

Via Incredible Things

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Kitten Saved from Russian Highway

Warning: this footage is disturbing, on its way to a happy ending. It’s pretty nerve-wracking to see how many vehicles passed so close to a kitten that had fallen out of a vehicle, or even drove over it. Luckily none of them actually squashed the poor thing before a good Samaritan stopped to save it. Even he’s not sure at first whether the kitten is alive. It was obviously terrified stiff.

(YouTube link)

This sequence of CCTV footage is from the town of Kaliningrad, Russia. The guy is our hero, even though he might not even know about the video. -via Uproxx

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Simon's Cat Logic: Ragdolls

Ragdoll cats are all the rage in the last few years. They are big and fluffy and go limp when you pick them up. Artist and animator Simon Tofield tells us more about the breed, because he’s been drawing ragdolls.

(YouTube link)

I had a cat once that everyone insisted was a ragdoll, but I think she may have been a breeder’s reject because while she had all the other specifications, she wasn’t large. But she went limp just like the best of them.

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Cat Burglar Prowls Around Washington Neighborhood

They don't call them cat burglars for nothing, and a cat's thievery skills are an inspiration to crooks who want to commit crimes quietly and slink away scot-free.

But cats know nothing about the human legal system so they don't care if they get caught, and they can't help but show off all the stuff they've been boosting to their humans, which is how they get caught.

A shifty little kitty named Dory, aka Ninja Kitty or the Bad Kitty Bandit, has been prowling around a neighborhood in Washington stealing anything she can get her paws on, including two whole pairs of shoes.

(YouTube Link)

Dory has the whole neighborhood scared to leave anything on their porch at night, but some of the residents must think it's an honor to have their stuff stolen by such a crafty little cat, right?

-Via NBC4

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Australia's Biggest Dog Has No Clue How Big He Actually Is

Mastiffs could pretty much have their breed's name changed to massive and never miss a beat, because they're one of the largest dog breeds both in terms of height and weight.

Baron the English mastiff is at the far end of the size spectrum- he's officially the biggest dog in Australia, measuring 6 foot 6 inches long and weighing in at 250 lbs.

And yet dogs are dogs no matter the size, so of course old Baron thinks he wants to be a lap dog, crushing his owner Mark York like a big, boneheaded lover.

It costs Mark over $200 a week to feed Baron, and believe it or not Baron is only 2 years old so he may end up eating poor Mark out of house and home!

-Via Bored Panda

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Scaredy Cats

What’s the most popular hobby among house cats? It has to be birdwatching. These three cats are mesmerized by the bird outside their window. It’s better than any TV show! 

(YouTube link)

And what’s a popular hobby among dogs? Annoying the cats, of course. -via Arbroath

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