The Dog Born With A Selfie On Her Ear

(Image Link)

Selfie dogs are starting to pop up on social media, and they're setting the standard for all animal internet activity to come, but they need a smartphone to share their selfies- while Lucy carries her selfie around on her ear.

Lucy shook her ear like a Polaroid picture one day and the self portrait just sort of appeared...just kidding- she was born with this odd coloration on her left ear that looks like a thumbnail image of her face.

Lucy was part of a litter delivered at the Lollypop Farm Humane Society in Rochester, New York, and when the ultimate selfie dog's story went viral people found her so ear-resistable she was adopted right away.

-Via Honest to Paws

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Fun Ways To Mildly Annoy Your Pets

(Image Link)

If you have a pet that is never annoying, noisy or destructive then you are one of the luckiest pet owners on Earth...or you're lying.

Most of us fall right in the middle with pets that are annoying, destructive and noisy on occasion, so we don't hate them enough to put them on the curb with a "Free" sign around their neck.

However, they destroy and annoy at times and for that they must pay, but animal abuse of any kind is despicable and dead wrong, so how do we get revenge without going over the line?

We get back at our pets by mildly annoying them, making them wear hats, wigs or a piece of bread on their head, or better yet just use them as a placemat, they mildly hate that.

(Image Link)

See Do You Like Annoying Your Pets (Mildly)? here

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Einstein the Parrot Turns 30

Einstein the African grey parrot at Zoo Knoxville is 30 years old today. (They call it his "hatch day.") In honor of the occasion, the zoo released a video of Einstein showing off his impressions, sound effects, and singing. He has quite a repertoire!

(vimeo link)

Einstein was purchased for the zoo from a breeder in California at the age of 5. The talented parrot is an ambassador for the zoo, has appeared on TV, and even gave a TED talk in 2006. -via Laughing Squid

[Edit 4/6/17 by Alex with information from the zoo - Thanks Amy!]

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Dreaming Baby Hippo is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today!

The cuteness, it burns! This YouTube clip is only 20 seconds long, but that's enough to convince us just how cute Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo Fiona is when she's dreaming. The hippo, born prematurely 9 weeks ago, is probably dreaming about something yummy to eat seeing how she licks her chops like that!

Take a look:

Then head on to the Cincinnati Zoo's Fiona page for more cuteness. Oh, okay, one more video:*/p

Continue reading

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World's First Bridge Built Only for Squirrels

Image: Avi/Wikipedia

We passed through the city of Longview, Washington, on our recent family trip, and my wife noticed that the town is famous for the "Nutty Narrows Bridge," a bridge built solely for squirrels.

In 1963, resident Amos Peters decided that there were too many squirrels flattened by cars when running across the street to the park, so he built a mini-suspension bridge to keep the squirrels safe. A local councilwoman named it the "Nutty Narrows Bridge" after the state's Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and the name stuck.

To date, the Nutty Narrows Bridge has the title of the World's Narrowest Bridge and also the World's Narrowest Animal Crossing. It was also the world's first bridge built just for squirrels!

Thanks Tiffany!

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Some of the Best Animal Videos of All Time

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of animal videos on the internet and practically all of them are squee-inducing. That's why it's so darn hard to pick the "best" of all of those videos. Over on The Daily Dot though, one writer was foolish or brave enough to do just that. He ranked 37 of what he says are the definitive best animal videos on the entire net. The list is pretty good actually, but there are some notable omissions -perhaps most notably in my opinion, Hamster on a Piano Eating Popcorn.

(Video Link)

I'm sure plenty of you will take issue with some noticably lacking videos that aren't the list either. But even so, there still is a lot to love about this impressive list of incredible animal videos

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Owl Renesting Season

Owls are not great nest-builders. It's not uncommon for a nest to fail, and baby owls to fall out. Volunteers from the Dane County Humane Society's Wildlife Center in Wisconsin take it upon themselves to return these fallen owlets to their nests, or even provide a new nest, if they are sure the parents are around to care for the babies. Jenn Jackson posted pictures of two renesting missions, led by John Kraak and Michael Minardi. The first one is in this album. Be sure to read all the captions for the story. Here's a sample.

Mom guarding the insufficient nest, certainly not the worst we've seen.

If you’re new to this I’m pleased to introduced you to the patent pending, incredibly amazing MPJ Device. You may think it is a bucket, but let me be clear; this is a high tech renesting device.

First flight! Up goes the MPJ Device with owl in tow.

Finally, our own rooms!

There are a lot more pictures, so go read the full story. And check out the album for the second mission, too. -via Metafilter

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Amazing New Pet Products for April Fools Day

April Fool's Day has turned out to be a shopping spree for pets, featuring products that don't exist across the corporate world. Liberty Games has an arcade game for cats, and another for dogs.

Petco offered a poop-scooping drone.

(YouTube link)

Florida Atlantic University will allow students to bring pets to school next fall. They even offer a meal plan for pets, 15 campus cat trees, and a video explaining the program. The scheme is only revealed when you register your pet.

Trulia has doghouses for rent.

Analog Watch Co. will make a watch band for you out of your pet's discarded fur.

The candy store Sugarfina unveiled its first boutique candy for dogs, Beef Broth gummy bears.

Puzzlenation launched a line of puzzles for pets.

But the pranks from retail companies don't all involve pets. See a running list of corporate April Fool jokes at Time.

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A Cool Looking Countertop Aquarium Designed Just For Jellyfish

Jellyfish look beautiful while swimming along under the sea, but you usually can't (or don't want to) get close enough to really appreciate their beauty in person.

And watching video footage of them just isn't the same, so how can a jellyfish lover enjoy all that squiggly, squirmy jellyfish fun up close and personal in the comfort of their own home?

They can bring home a JellyTank- a 5-gallon aquarium made just for jellyfish, with colorful, and remote controlled, LED lights that make their gelatinous bodies glow in really cool ways.

It also features "mechanical and biological filtration system" that won't suck the poor jellyfish up into it, and even comes with a Moon Jellyfish to start you off.

JellyTank from Media Whale on Vimeo.

-Via Fatherly

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Wild King Cobra Politely Drinks From Water Bottle

King cobras have a bad reputation, and the mere sight of them makes many people squirm in their seats, so if they saw a king cobra dying of thirst they'd probably say "good riddance".

But the animal lover in this video is from Southern India, where people have learned to live alongside king cobras despite their deadly bite. So when a thirsty king cobra came up to the animal rescue worker looking for a drink he calmly gave the snake some water from a bottle.

(YouTube Link)

From the video description:

The video - shot in Southern India - shows a daring wildlife rescue worker offering water to the snake.

The 12 feet long cobra was rescued from a village in Kaiga township - where it has strayed, apparently looking for water.

Some parts of southern India have been hit by drought, making water scarce. Wildlife officials say the drought has severely affected wild animals in the region.

So when the team of rescue workers found the cobra, the first thing they did was to offer it water.

-Via Mashable

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Waiter, Please!

Two cats have learned that they will get a bite of kibble when they ring their bell. Apparently, it works just as well if one cat rings the other cat's bell, too. They have trained their human well.

(YouTube link)

Sure, it's cute, but aren't you glad they aren't your cats? All night long, you'd be trying to sleep, and Hector Salamanca would be trying to detonate an explosion. But who knows, maybe its better than the racket these two were making before. -via Boing Boing

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Bubble Party

No matter how cute they are, I don't want a raccoon for a pet. I will, however, gladly watch other people's raccoons having fun.

As nice as it to watch a couple of raccoons play with bubbles, turning on the sound will only add to that enjoyment. (via Everlasting Blort)

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Mail Carrier vs. Attack Cat

Debra Anderson delivers mail in Canada. She seems like a cheerful person. She really gets a kick out of one of the homes she delivers to, because of the tuxedo cat that obviously hates her.

(YouTube link)

Part two, taken a few days later.

(YouTube link)

Anderson truly enjoys her job. I hope she enjoys having a viral video. -via reddit

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Animals Who Look Like Famous Fictional Characters

Which came first, the fictional character design, or the goofy pet that inspired the look?

You look like you need a laugh, so check out pictures of pets who remind you of someone, whether that someone is a person or a cartoon. There are 17 such comparisons in a list at TVOM. 

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Wearing Socks Changed This Pug's Life

Leia is a cute little 14 year-old pug, but like many senior citizens, she can't get around as easily as she used to. Unfortunately, her humans didn't realize that would be a problem when they tore out their old carpet and replaced it with hardwood flooring. 

Poor little Leia was slipping and wobbling around the house and she lost her confidence to get around. Her parents knew they had to do something, so they tried giving the little pug socks -and things totally turned around for her. 

While most dogs hate wearing socks, Leia took to them immediately. "She will stand on the living room rug and bark for me or cry, trying to get around if the socks aren't on," said owner Geroni-Lajoie.

You can see more pictures of Leia over at The Dodo.

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The Medium Cat

Atchoum (previously at Neatorama) is a French Canadian cat who communicates with ghosts. He also does owl impressions. Otherwise he looks like a small dog with a bad case of bedhead. Here, he explains how he deals with supernatural apparitions, and the other residents of his home.

(YouTube link)

You might have to watch this video twice to catch everything Atchoum does, since you may have to follow the dialogue by the subtitles. See more of Atchoum at his Facebook page. This video dub is from Faireset, who has given us several great cat videos. -via Metafilter

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Designing Lessons from Cats

Think outside the box? No, I'm thinking about how to get inside the box!

If we want to make progress in life, we might start thinking like a cat. After all, cats lay around the house looking cute and have all their needs taken care of. They must be doing something right! If it's just looking cute, that may hard for some of us, but cats do have their own weird strategies for approaching tasks and problems to solve. Thryn at Hackernoon looks at some of those feline work strategies. While this motivational article is about designers, it could apply to any worker. -via Metafilter

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This Little Piggy Went To Home Depot When His Fence Was Blown Down

Pigs look like carefree critters when they're laying around in their sty or wallowing in the mud, but they're only super chill when they know they're protected from the big bad wolves by a fence or a wall.

So when 60 mph winds knocked down Hamlet the pig's protective fence he did the only logical thing to keep himself safe- he went down to his local Home Depot store in Portage, Michigan to look for some help.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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This Artist is the Fuzziest and Cuddliest Painter Around

Kenny Au knew that his husky was destined for greatness if he just knew how to acheive it -so he and his wife trained Hunter to paint. Well, to be more accurate, they trained their dog to paint after the super smart pup learned everything else it seemed possible to know.

They taught him how to make a simple head movement with a brush in his mouth and the rest, as they say, is history. Now little Hunter loves to paint and even looks at his owners with a longing look in his eyes when he wants to make a little art. 

According to Kenny, having a job like painting keeps Hunter calm -presumably stopping him from going on a destructive rampage like the dog with the caligraphy ink we featured earlier this week.

Hunter's art is now for sale on Etsy for $38.72 a pop and they can even be signed with a paw print stamp (since he doesn't like getting dirty even to sign his own creations). 

You can read more about Hunter on the Huffington Post or see more of his pictures on Instagram.

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Stray Cats and Their Street Games

A Japanese photographer who goes by Nyan Kichi has made friends with a colony of feral cats. He's found that the cats particularly love to play in an area where the street has a lot of drain holes.

They've made a game of jumping into and peeking out of these holes!  

They don't seem to enjoy Nyan Kichi's attempts at a gentle game of Whack-a-Mole, but they don't mind having their pictures taken at all. See a selection of the best pictures at The Dodo, and see all the pictures at Instagram. -via Metafilter

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Three Companies That Offer Paid Time Off for New Puppy Owners

(Brown Puppy With Bone tee available on NeatoShop)

Adopting a new puppy is a wonderful, nightmarish experience, but it can be a lot more positive if you don't have to go to work every day and leave your pooch either outside, in a crate or with someone else. Just like a new baby, dogs need time to bond with their parents and that's why it pays to have a job that offers paid time off when you adopt a pup -and these three companies featured on Travel and Leisure offer just that (and a few even offer pet bereavement leave).

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It's Impossible to Contain the Cuteness That is 23 Baby Pandas

Image: Weibo via @Samchong

Last year, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding unveiled their latest batch of cuteness: 23 baby pandas making their public debut at the center. Workers tried to arrange the baby pandas according to their sizes on top of a large green podium, but that task proved to be futile.

One baby panda was particularly adventurous and decided to go off stage ...


But don't worry, folks. Fushun, the baby panda that fell off became quite famous. Apparently, he fell off the stage straight into the people's hearts.

There's a YouTube video clip by CCTV of the event:

Continue reading

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Bringing a Clydesdale to a Nursing Home is "Pet Therapy on Steroids"

Image: Village of East Harbor Senior Living

A horse in a nursing home sounds like the beginning of a joke, but bringing an actual Clydesdale horse into the Village of East Harbor Senior Living Community in Michigan turns out to be great therapy.

As many seniors living in the center have trouble with mobility that prevent them from going outside, Maggie Provenzano brought her Clydesdale Neigh-Neigh inside the home.

"It was pet therapy on steroids," administrator Carolyn Martin said to TODAY, "Neigh-neigh brought everyone out of their rooms, even those who rarely go to activities or come out to socialize."

Take a look at more touching photos over at TODAY (warning: auto-play video)

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Why Do Cats Act So Weird?

We love cats because they're cute, cuddly and act like they're from another planet, and we know how smart they are so we assume their strange behavior is a sign of boredom and restlessness.

But, as this animated TED-Ed lesson by Tony Buffington shows, cat behaviors such as pouncing on stuff, exploring and squeezing into tight spaces, clawing and climbing up as high as they can go are all instinctual.

(YouTube Link)

Tony answered many cat questions in this video, but I still don't know why my cat is scared of his own reflection and his own shadow...maybe cats are instinctual and weird?

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Best Flight Ever

(Instagram link)

Instagram user joey_spazz caught some precious video on his last flight. He's got the best seat mate ever, his Australian cattle dog Ohana. She even smiles for the camera! -via reddit

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After His Owner Died, Dog Walked the Same Route That He Used to Walk Every Morning

Image: William Ramos/RBS TV

This is a story of loyalty and friendship that takes place in the streets of Caçapava do Sul, Brazil. Every morning, a Japanese Akita named Thor walks the street alone along the same route that he has taken with his owner on his walk for over a decade.

When his owner Claudio Cantarelli died in 2015, Thor was so heartbroken that he stopped eating and would lie in the courtyard without moving for days. But, thanks to a loving neighbor who took him in, Thor is now doing better and has started walking the same route again.

"He [Claudio] walked every day and had his lunch. He was an artist and was everyone's friend - and now, Thor makes the same walk. I notice that the dog always stops at the same places. It's impressive," hairdresser Airton Oliveira said to RBS TV [in Portuguese].

Thor even made the same stop at the lottery office, where Claudio went almost every day. There, he waited for a while as if hoping for his owner to come out from the establishment to continue on their journey together.

Previously on Neatorama: Dog Awaits Return of His Master for 11 Years

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Turkey Breaks Up Fight Between Roosters

Roosters walk around so smug and cocksure they make the other farm animals believe they're invincible, but the turkeys know the truth about rooster pride- it's all a bunch of hot air and puffed up cape feathers.

The truth is most roosters are scared of their own shadows, and one turkey is worth ten roosters in the battle of the birds.

(YouTube Link)

Dennis Coon filmed this feathery kerfuffle to show viewers how Mr. Turkey keeps the peace and maintains his rep as the meatiest bird in the yard!

-Via Tastefully Offensive

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Stubborn Russian Cat

Boris is hungry, or at least he knows a good stash of food when he sees it. He's not giving up his loaf of bread easily. No siree.

(YouTube link)

And you see who wins the battle, even though Boris never stooped to attacking the woman. Boris lives in an animal shelter in St. Petersburg. He has to share food with 25 other cats who need homes, and no doubt has memories of greater hunger in his past. While this particular scene doesn't bode well for Boris' adoption, the Instagram video assures us that he is usually a nice cat, believe it or not. See more from the shelter 50 Tails.   -via reddit

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These Indian Runner Ducks Are Late For Work

If you think the rat race is cutthroat and mile-a-minute then you clearly haven't been caught in cross mallard traffic during rush hour, when ducks don't give a quack about anything but gettin' to work on time.

(YouTube Link)

These ducks know they're lucky to be gainfully employed, so they rush off as a flock every day to get to work in the Vergenoegd Wine Estate, where they have an important job to do- eating the snails off the vines.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Tokyo's Newest Style of Cafe Offers a Nice Place to Nap

We all feel run down during our work day sometimes, but while most people lean towards a caffeinated beverage, sometimes the best way to refresh yourself is with a nap. Now a new Tokyo cafe concept is offering guests a chance to do just that with dim lighting and fancy reclining beds.

Visitors must order a food item to ensure a two-hour slot in the bed, which also includes a cup of decaf coffee for before bed and a caffeinated cup of Joe afterward. 

You can read more about the cafe concept at RocketNews24

Via Eater

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