Poki, the World's Most Annoying Cat

Rachel and Jun (previously at Neatorama) already had two cats, but then they found Poki, injured and malnourished, on a highway. After his recovery, he showed his true personality. Poki is annoying, selfish, persistent, obsessive, and won't take "no" for an answer. Those traits are fairly typical of cats, and we find them endearing up to a point. Poki takes them to extreme.  

(YouTube link)

In this video, Poki has become obsessed with the plastic recycling bin, in addition to his other annoying habits. What can Rachel come up with to keep him out of it? Nothing, it seems. Poki is going into the garbage bin again. -via Metafilter

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Famous Pigs on Instagram

Pigs are surprisingly intelligent animals that make excellent pets. In fact, they're very similar to dogs as far as personality goes. And while porcines may not be as popular as pooches, they still have their loyal fans. 

This Mental Floss article by our own Miss C features 15 of the most popular pet pigs on Instagram. Aside from reading their individual stories on the article, you can also see their profile links to see more of their pictures and see just how adorably endearing a pet pig can be -like Bitsy the Mini Pig above and Kana the Surfing Pig below.

So see all the cute little piggies here.

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Seemingly Adorable Dog Behaviors That Can Also Indicate Aggression

Dogs can't use their words to express their displeasure so they resort to visual and auditory clues like snarling, barking and growling to warn people and other animals that they're not okay.

And yet people don't seem to be picking up on these signals, so they're constantly getting bitten by dogs who just want to be left alone.

That "smile" on a dog's face when a stranger approaches them and tries to pet them without a proper introduction?

It may mean the dog wants to bite the stranger's hand for being such a pushy jerk, but most socialized dogs who have been raised around people resist the urge to snap.

Their wagging tail can also be misconstrued as a positive reaction to a person:

The tail can send a bunch of different emotional signals, depending on the kind of wag. For instance, look at the height of the tail -- if Spot is holding his tail up high, he's warning you.

If the tail is a little lower, he's more calm. If he's keeping it down near the "between the legs" position, he's scared.

Then you also have to consider the direction of the wag. A dog wagging its tail more to the right has noticed something it is cool with and would like to approach. However, if the wagging is switched to the left, it indicates anxiety. All of these nuances of wagging can convey a wide spectrum of different emotions to other dogs from a safe distance.

See 5 Adorable Behaviors That Mean Your Dog Hates You here (NSFW language)

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Seal Cuddles Plush Seal

The Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Monbetsu, Hokkaido, Japan, is a marine conservation facility that takes care of seals found injured or trapped in fishing nets, until they can be returned to the sea. They posted pictures of this adorable earless seal looking contented as can be while clutching his/her plush seal toy.  

Say it with me now- "Awww." -via Boing Boing

(Images credit: @mombetsu_land‏)

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All Talk

Looks like the dogs are ready for a fight, defending their territory! Let's see how that plays out.

(YouTube link)

Animals know when to pick their battles, because otherwise the species would not survive. This video has been likened to arguments on the internet. It's easy to be badass when there's no chance of getting your head bashed in, whereas in real life, people tend to bite their tongues and remember that discretion is the better part of valor. -via reddit

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These People Are Clearly Not At One With Mother Nature

Mother Nature has an extremely high record of success, and the vast majority of her creations are so good they're able to survive and thrive on Earth for millennia.

But every once in a while Gaia's creations forget they're supposed to coexist in harmony with the rest of the animals on Earth, and some poor, dumb human pays the price.

It's not surprising Mother Nature's feral children have adopted an "attack first, ask questions later" policy when it comes to people, considering how much damage humans have done to Ma Nature's home.

But you'd think domesticated animals would have learned to be nicer to humans by now, considering we breed them, feed them and give them something better to do than walk around scrounging for food all day!

See 35 People Who Are Clearly Not One With Mother Nature here

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Robot Cat

Robot Cat is a lethal humanoid mecha controlled by an adorable but ferocious kitten. Robot Cat rescues animals and seeks revenge on animal abusers! However, the robot doesn't always function at peak efficiency in this video by Sylwester Wardęga (previously at Neatorama). 

(YouTube link)

English captions are available, but not really necessary. You'll need to turn them on if you watch the making-of video, which is in Polish. It's quite funny, and you get to see more of the kitten. -via Metafilter

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Adorable Pics Of Kittens Enjoying Their Kittenhood

(Image Link)

Even though full grown cats will act like kittens, and some may look like kittens their whole lives, it's easy to tell a kitten apart from a catdult- because kittens can't contain their frisky side.

(Image Link)

Some catdults start acting like kittens after hitting the catnip, but they come down from their high pretty quickly, while kittens keep going and going and going until their batteries run out.

(Image Link)

As we all know growing up can be a scary experience, and catdults look scary to a little kitten, so kittens should be encouraged to stay small and kitten-y for as long as possible.

(Image Link)

See 19 Insanely Cute Kittens Who Just Don't Know Any Better here

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Dog Goes Shopping

A border collie goes to Canadian Tire and picks up several bags of dog treats. Meaning, he picked them out himself, presented them to the cashier, and carried the bag himself. Like some humans, he was too proud to count the change.  

(YouTube link)

Border collies are the smartest dogs on the planet. Somehow I got one that would walk straight into a wall. But she was lovable anyway. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Ginormous Facts About Coconut Crabs

Coconut crabs are crazy cool looking, but they're also 3 feet long, weigh nine pounds and tear coconuts open with their claws, so if you see one in the wild it's probably best to keep your distance.

And even though you'll want to get a closer look despite knowing they can literally shred your skin you may want to reconsider- because they're also known as robber crabs, so they might snatch your shiny keys.

Coconut crabs are also extremely antisocial critters, living up to the "hermit" title better than most of their hermit crab cousins, so if you see a coconut crab waving at you it's trying to tell you to stay away!

Read 10 Ginormous Facts About Coconut Crabs at mental_floss

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This Beluga Whale Crashed a Wedding and Now He's the Hero of a Photoshop Battle

Having a beluga whale photobomb your wedding must be good luck -but not as lucky as it is for Redditors eager to do a romantic Photoshop battle. 

From recasting the beluga as the best man and the bride...

To flipping the script to an entirely different movie. 

Every image is funny in its own special way, so head to Reddit to see them all.

Via Daily Dot

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Our Lady of Strays

The Territorio de Zaguates is a home for abandoned and stray dogs on a farm in Costa Rica. Lya Battle keeps around 300 dogs, saved from the streets or euthanasia, on ten acres of her family farm because she loves them.  

One could be forgiven for thinking that as a dog lover (or “dog slut,” as she laughingly describes herself), Lya Battle is out of control. But out of control is a matter of perspective. Especially considering how it was that Lya became renowned as the Mother Teresa of Mutts, the mistress of a place called Territorio de Zaguates (roughly translated as “kingdom of strays”), a situation that might never have happened the way it did if one day her father, who she adored, had not shot her mother, who she did not.

So in this article at Outside you get both the story of Battle's family and the story of Costa Rica's largest dog shelter. -via Digg

(Image credit: Lucas Foglia)

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Human Lovers, Cat Brothers

Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera were matched on Tinder. They have a lot in common. They both have young daughters, and they both have big orange-and-white cats. In fact, when Cavin saw Herrera's cat Butter, she exclaimed that it was her cat Ozzy. It turns out that they had adopted cats from the same shelter at around the same time. The shelter checked their records, and the two cats were from the same litter. Butter and Ozzy are brothers! The shelter even had a picture of the littermates together when they were kittens.

(YouTube link)

It was a sign that the two were meant to be together. Cavin and Herrera are getting married next month, and the cats will be moving in together again. See more pictures at Buzzfeed.  

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Dog Returned To Shelter With Letter From Girl Who Loved Him

Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a pet, and yet these bad owners keep adopting pets and abandoning them when caring for the animal becomes "too hard".

Rhino Lightning the Boxer fell victim to one of these bad owners when he was adopted from the Humane Society then returned months later because "They felt that he was a little too rambunctious with their small children".

But one of the kids clearly loved spending time with poor Rhino, and the helpful letter she sent along with Rhino shows she's going to be a great pet owner- unlike her parents.

Her adorable note contains advice like "Rhino need's lots of atenchen", "don't tease him with treats he will start to bark like crazy" and "his full name is Rhino litning then your last name. please don't rename him".

Rhino was adopted soon after being returned to the Humane Society of Utah, and the new owners agreed to follow the little girl's advice and let Rhino Lightning keep his awesome name.

Read Dog Is Returned To Shelter With With A Letter From The Girl Who Loves Him here

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Keeping up with the Kattarshians

Four kittens live in a house together. It's scaled to be just their size. Three live webcams (and a night vision camera) follow their antics as they learn to get along with each other -or not. Is that a great premise for a show or what? That's Keeping up with the Kattarshians, an Icelandic production starring a litter of kittens who will eventually be up for adoption.    

(YouTube link)

The overwhelmingly cute kittens are siblings and we call them the Catdashians (The Kattarshians in Icelandic, due to the spelling in our language) and we’re keeping up with them. They are unfortunately orphans and will stay in their wonderful house for 3-4 weeks until some nice people adopt them and other homeless kittens take their place.

Keeping Up With the Catdashians is a cooperation project with The Icelandic Cat Protection Society and with full knowledge and approval of the Icelandic Food And Veterinary Authority, the Animal Welfare Officer and the Expert Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Officer in Iceland.

Employees and volunteers from The Icelandic Cat Protection Society take care of the kittens and make sure they get a sufficient time with people which is very important. They also take care of housekeeping, cleaning the litter box and serving food. Meanwhile we take a break from the streaming. This happens 2-3 times a day.

This video compiles the best scenes from the past week. To watch the action live, bookmark this link. When I last checked, they were asleep: one in the top bunk, two on the floor, and one in the bathtub.

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This Parrot and Prairie Dog Are the Best of Friends

We've seen some adorable animal friendships over the years here at Neatorama, but I don't know if I've ever seen one as the one between this prairie dog and parrot.

(Video Link)

These two not only love to roughhouse (though pretty gently)...

(Video Link)

They also like to cuddle when they get tired. No matter what they're doing though, the action is always 100% cute.

Via Laughing Squid

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Photographer Throws Miniature Parties For The Squirrels Who Visit Her Yard

I think squirrels are swell little critters, and it really chaps my hide when I hear about people killing those little bushy tailed brats for no good reason.

However, I don't like squirrels enough to invite them into my home or party with them, but photographer Ashly Deskins does and the photos she takes at her squirrel parties are totally nuts!

Ashly sets up little parties on her back porch then waits patiently for her party guests to arrive before taking absolutely precious pictures of the squirrels eating and enjoying the festivities.

In an effort to keep the squirrels she has named Luna and Neville, and their friends, coming back to her yard Ashly is constantly changing and improving her party scenarios:

“It started with just some little props and eventually led to me buying flooring to create more detailed images,” Deskins said. “By observing the squirrels, I can determine what they feel comfortable jumping on… and what I can or can’t use.”

See This Woman Throws Miniature Parties For Squirrels Who Come To Visit Her here

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Cat Tries To Steal Food From Dog

This slow motion video shows us in excruciating detail what happens when you interfere with a dog getting a treat. Notice the looks of extreme anticipation on their faces. The cat is calculating some kind of subterfuge. Then a french fry is finally flung in their direction.

(YouTube link)

Yeah, that's what they say about the best laid plans. At least the cat will be able to explain his injury as a "Lab accident." -via Boing Boing

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Pearl The Goat Is In Love With The UPS Man

Goats are interesting critters with fascinating minds and bold personalities, and that's why they're popular pets both on and off the ranch.

Sadly, some goats are treated poorly by humans, but if they're as lucky as Pearl the goat they end up in a rescue center like the Gentle Barn in Tennessee, where they can meet new, and much nicer, human friends.

And even though Pearl was abused by her former owner she still has lots of love to give to her favorite human friend- the UPS man.

(YouTube Link)

Read Pearl The Rescued Goat Is In Love...With The UPS Man at Huffington Post

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The Adventures of Fish and Chips

Lindsay Richards decided she wanted a cat. Lain Roby agreed after seeing cats on the site Adventure Cats. So the couple adopted Fish, and took him on many outdoor adventures. A few months later, they adopted Chips, who become Fish's little brother and constant companion. Both cats were leashed trained from an early age, and are used to riding in cars, boats, and backpacks.

The two cats love spending time in the woods, hills, and beaches of Vancouver Island and anywhere their humans want to go. Read about Fish and Chips at Adventure Cats, and see more of these photogenic kitties at Instagram.

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Cat Profiles by Obvious Plant

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you also want to learn a little about a cat's personality. Knowing their likes and dislikes will help.

These profiles are from a series of cat labels from Obvious Plant. See all ten of them here. The cats are all real, and available for adoption through the Santé D’Or Foundation in Los Angeles. -via Metafilter

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Animals With the Strangest Hearts

Biology, in general, is an amazingly strange and complicated thing, but it's certainly more bizarre in some animals than others. And while the science that keeps our hearts beating is already pretty impressive, the science behind the animal hearts in this Atlas Obscura article is truly odd.

For example, did you know cuttlefish have three hearts and blue blood? Or that while diving, the hearts of emperor penguins slows down and blood flow cuts off to all but the most important organs so they can dive without getting the bends? Perhaps most shockingly, the wood frog can stop its heart from beating entirely during the winter when almost all of the water in their bodies freezes solid?

Learn more about these fascinating animals and their hearts over on Atlas Obscura.

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These Dogs Are Unimpressed By Zero Gravity Environments

People generally get a thrill out of floating around in a zero-g environment, but dogs clearly don't get the same thrill.

I guess digging zero-g is a human thing, because according to the dog in this video shared by Imgur user IAmtheDenmarkian the whole weightlessness thing sucks...especially when gravity returns.

(YouTube Link)

And, in case you were wondering, space dogs think zero gravity environments suck too, because they don't get why humans want to float around in a giant metal space tube when there aren't any snacks.

-Via Travel + Leisure

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Rhea the Naked Birdie Proves Bald is Beautiful

Birds have feathers -except when they lose them for one reason or another. Sweet Rhea the Naked Birdie suffers from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, which leaves her completely without feathers.

But what she lacks in fluff she makes up for in attitude -and this little birdie has personality to spare. 

Her daily adventures and adorable outfits have made her quite the star on Instagram and she is even becoming an icon for the disabled as she proves that there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking a little different and getting around in an unusual manner.

She's also quite a sweater model and people from across the globe have sent her custom sweaters to help keep her warm and content. Rhea may well have the largest wardrobe of any bird on Earth!

You can keep up with her precious pictures on Instagram.

Via PetsLady

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Squirrel Attacks Burglar

Adam Pearl of Meridian, Idaho, came home to find evidence that his home had been burglarized- footprints in the snow, missing items, etc. His pet squirrel Joey was okay, though. As events unfolded, it turns out that Joey had acted as a guard dog, and repeatedly bit the intruder!

(YouTube link)

He should get a "Beware of Squirrel" sign to warn off any future home invaders. Joey is now regarded as a hero. -via Uproxx

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How Cats Show Their Love

(YouTube link)

Simon Tofield of Simon's Cat fame illustrates the many ways cats show affection to humans. And the humorously unintended consequences of that affection. Suddenly, I realize that none of my three cats feel any affection at all toward me. Ungrateful beasts. -via Laughing Squid

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This Dog Was Abandoned at a Gas Station And He's Now the Cutest Employee

Two years ago a gas station in Brazil was just about to be opened when the owners found a dog wandering around that had been abandoned by its former owner and was afraid to leave. Rather than adopt him as a personal pet, they decided to make him the official station mascot. 

Now Negão a favorite employee at the station and he even has his own nametag. Employees take him on walks multiple times a day and the 24 hour station always has plenty of friendly visitors to come in and give Negão the loving pets he deserves. 

"Negão waits for people to arrive, and then goes up to say hello, winning them over with his charms," the owner says. "Customers love him. Some people even bring him toys." He's even the face of a new movement in Brazil that aims to get businesses to help take in some of the strays out of the area because there are too many dogs and not enough homes.

Read more about the cutest gas station employee around over at The Dodo.

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Mia Wins Hearts at the Agility Course

Mia knows the agility course, and she's got plenty of speed and agility. But Mia is a beagle, and is therefore both happy and distractible. She delighted the audience at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

(Facebook link)

Don't be a beagle, don't be a beagle!

That's a good dog. To see how it is supposed to be done, watch Tex, the 2015 winner. -via Metafilter

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Meet The Monkey Mom Of Illinois

For some reason animal lovers still think having a monkey as a pet is a novel idea, but nine times out of ten the shit hits the fan soon after they bring their pet monkey home and they realize they've made a terrible mistake.

And once those people have learned their lesson a poor little monkey is left without a home- unless they're lucky enough to land in the arms of Airocolina 'Pinky' Janota, aka the Monkey Mom.

Airocolina runs a primate sanctuary in Beecher, Illinois, where she currently serves as 'alpha monkey mom' for six orphans- two Marmosets, one Bonnet Macaque and three Rhesus Macaques.

All of the monkeys Pinky takes in at the Settlers Pond Shelter were abandoned by their owners in the United States, but in Pinky's care they're living the high life, with dapper duds to wear and all the finger food they can eat.

See Illinois woman keeps SIX primates and is even teaching them sign language here

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Historic Best In Show Winners From Westminsters Past

Each year a carefully selected pack of canine contestants strut their stuff for the judges at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where they represent their breed and try to prove they're the Best In Show.

This year the competition will be even hairier, since three new breeds have entered the battle- the Pumi, the American hairless terrier and the Sloughi, all very interesting dogs indeed.

But enough about the now, let's look back at Westminsters past with Miss C's article 12 Historic Westminster Best In Show Winners and see who won about 100 years ago.

His name is Haymarket Flawless, and he won Best In Show in 1918. Hay was both the first Bull Terrier and the first Canadian dog to win, and he definitely could have been the Spuds McKenzie of his day.

And speaking of dogs with star power, get a load of 1957's winner- Shirkhan Of Grandeur.

Shirkhan was the first Afghan hound to win Westminster, and he was so gorgeous and elegant looking TIME Magazine felt compelled to bow down:

The others walked or trotted, ran or cantered like dogs. Shirkhan moved like a king."

But you don't have to be doggy royalty to win Westminster, just ask Tickle Em Jock.

Scrappy little Tickle Em Jock was purchased from a London butcher for $15, and he became the first Scottish terrier to win Best In Show in 1911.

However, Jock obviously had a hard time putting his rough and tumble past behind him- because he bit a judge at another show later that year after winning Best in Breed. Tickle 'em indeed!

See 12 Historic Westminster Best In Show Winners at mental_floss

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