Cat Trapped in Stairs

Henriette Kleppan's family moved to a new home with their cat, Sverre. The house needed some work, including building new stairs. After the carpenters were gone, the family couldn't find the cat. They called for Sverre and finally heard him crying weakly from inside the new stairs! Four-year-old Julie and 7-year-old Mikkel were quite upset.

(YouTube link)

Sverre was closed up inside the stairs for at least five hours. He was pretty glad to be out, and doesn't seem to hold a grudge about the misadventure. -via Digg

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How Do They Train Drug Sniffing Dogs?

Dogs amaze us with their ability to detect scents from just a few molecules. At least we recognize their abilities, and use them to find things like drugs, explosives, and even cancer. But how to we train dogs to focus on one kind of smell? It's a basic dog training technique that's been refined to suit the dog's future job. But there are inherent dangers in these jobs, too.

While rare owing to the fact that the dogs are being used to find hidden drugs (thus likely barriers between the drug and the dog), it does sometimes happen where the dog may be exposed to something so toxic that even trace amounts pose a risk to them, such as relatively recently happened in Broward County, Florida where sniffer dogs were exposed to the extremely potent opioid fentanyl.

To get around this problem, the dog’s handler will keep a vigilant watch and particularly not deploy sniffing dogs at all if there are any loose drugs present. For the unseen drugs that nonetheless may be particularly potent, the handler also might carry things like naloxone with them, which rapidly reverses/blocks the effects of opioids, just in case.

Read about the specific training technique for drug detection dogs, plus some of the benefits and dangers of using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband at Today I Found Out.

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This Spunky Little Aardvark Doesn't Want To Be Weighed

It must be difficult for keepers to weigh all the different animals that come to their zoo, especially the ones that don't take kindly to being cornered by humans.

But 3-week-old Winsol the aardvark is probably a pleasure compared to the really feisty critters found at the Cincinnati Zoo, even though he refuses to sit still long enough to get weighed.

(YouTube Link)

Winsol was born on the same day as the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2017, hence his strange name, and he hasn't left his mom's side since he was born, which is probably why he was so squirrely while he was being weighed.

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Little-Known History of Seafaring Pets

Ship's cats have always been common, because they are the best way to exterminate rats and other vermin on long voyages. However, cats are just one of many types of pets taken on ocean travels throughout history. Sailors have been accompanied by dogs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and other animals, and not all of them were for dinner. Patricia Sullivan, founder and curator of the online Museum of Maritime Pets, talked to Atlas Obscura about the little-known tradition of land animals at sea. They served in wartime and peace time, too.

Pets were also trusted companions for maritime explorers. “Many pets were working animals on exploration vessels,” Sullivan says, with dogs used for hunting at ports of call and cats on exterminator duty. More than all of this, seafaring animals played important emotional roles on long, grueling, monotonous, dangerous voyages plagued by uncertainty. “Sailors were out at sea for months or years at time, so pets were important de-stressors” she says. “I think people would have gone mad without something to pet.”

A few years ago, Sari Mäenpää, a curator at the Maritime Museum of Finland, was conducting research when she first really noticed the presence of pets in the museum’s image archives. “I came across loads of photos, especially from the sailing ship era, where cats and dogs were portrayed in ‘official’ crew photos, and suddenly I started seeing images of them everywhere.”

Read about more of these seafaring pets at Atlas Obscura. 

(Image credit: Australian National Maritime Museum Collection, Samuel J. Hood Studio)

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Street Photographer Captures The Different Personalities Of Dogs Around The World

Wherever there are people there are dogs coexisting with human populations that are as diverse as they are, and whether they're trying to please their masters or snatch what they can while the humans aren't looking dogs will always be by our side.

London-based street photographer Alan Schaller normally focuses on “the realities and diversities of human life", but as he traveled the world he noticed the dogs he met were pretty diverse too.

So Alan started focusing his lens on the dogs of the world, shifting his focus from man to man's best friend, but before he shoots he really gets to know his subject:

The process involves getting familiar with the dog first, creating some kind of a bond and gaining their trust. "I find dogs are in general more consistently friendly, unpredictable, and amusing than humans," says Schaller. "Almost every dog I have photographed, unless the scenario has been tragic, has made me laugh at some point when meeting it."

See Street Photographer Travels The World Portraying Very Different Personalities Of Dogs here

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Take Me Home

There are thousands, if not millions, of pets sitting in pounds, shelters and rescue centers around the world, all of them just waiting for some kind humans to come and take them home.

It's important that as many pets as possible are adopted from pounds and shelters and given a better life, and to help expedite the process some pets have sadly taken to pretending to be purebreeds to make themselves look more adoptable.

But if you're going to adopt a pet don't be a breed snob, because mutts make awesome pets too!

(YouTube Link)

Take Me Home is a short and sweet CG film by Nair Archawattana and students from the Academy Of Arts University, and it reminded me why I love mutts so much- because many of them have an indomitable spirit!

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Maya the Odd Cat

The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Massachusetts focuses on finding homes for odd cats: feral, disabled, neglected, elderly, or otherwise hard to place cats. They heard about Maya, a cat with a chromosomal abnormality that was headed for euthanasia at another shelter. Maya has a flattened snout and vision issues, but the more you look at her pictures, the cuter she becomes. The sanctuary placed Maya in a foster home, and now she has a forever home where she lives the life of a normal house cat and is quite pampered. Maya is also doing her part for other cats by being the unofficial face of the Odd Cat Sanctuary and drawing attention to other cats who need homes. See more Maya at her Instagram page.

(Image credit: meetmayacat)

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Cats Stealing Stuff

(YouTube link)

Cats have a firm sense of private property, but it only pertains to themselves. A cat sees something, it will take something. "I found it, it's mine now!" You know, like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, just quieter. Enjoy this compilation of all kinds of cats taking all kinds of things for themselves. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Trouble in Tossing the Christmas Tree

David Graham of Charleston, South Carolina, was simply trying to discard the Christmas tree. His plan was to dump it over the backyard fence into the woods. His wife Erin wondered why it was taking so long, so she peeked out the window and then had to grab her camera.  

(YouTube link)

Their two dogs weren't making things easy at all! Did they consider it a game of tug-of-war? Or were they just upset that the wonderful tree was going away? I would bet the former, as the dogs seem to be having a great time. David, not so much.  -via Tastefully Offensive

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Miss Hap the Korean Kitten

This picture was taken by Staff Sergeant Martin Riley of the Marine Corps in Korea. The image of a Marine feeding a two-week-old kitten with an eyedropper offered a tender moment in a brutal war, and was published in over 1,700 newspapers in 1953.

In the middle of the Korean War, this kitten found herself an orphan. Luckily, she found her way into the hands of Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor. He adopted the two-week-old kitten and gave her the name “Miss Hap” because, he explained, “she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Miss Hap was still luckier than her mother and sibling, because she found the right person to take care of her. Read the story of the kitten and what eventually happened to her here. -via Strange Company

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Bagel Shop Worker Takes Pics Of All The Dogs That Come To The Drive-Thru Window

Fast food workers meet hungry people at the drive-thru window on a daily basis, and they also get to meet the customers' dogs who, if asked, are usually just as hungry as their owners.

That's why most dogs greet the person at the drive-thru window warmly, because they can smell the food cooking behind them so they're hoping for a handout.

A post shared by Natasha (@ebdogs4096) on Jan 7, 2018 at 8:19am PST

Einstein Bagel Company employee Natasha Jones takes a picture of all the dogs that greet her at the drive-thru window whether they're friendly or full of snarls, then she shares their pic on her Instagram account EBDogs4096.

A post shared by Natasha (@ebdogs4096) on Dec 29, 2017 at 11:36am PST

Natasha's account is a sweet look at the friendly canine faces she sees at work every day, and since she hooks them up with a free doggie bagel they've stopped wanting to go for a walk and now want to go for a ride in the car- straight to the drive-thru!

A post shared by Natasha (@ebdogs4096) on Jan 7, 2018 at 10:50am PST

See more of these adorable pics at Laughing Squid

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Determined Ferret Opens Drawer

This little ferret wants the dresser drawer open, and will not give up until it is! You have to wonder what's in there. Maybe it's ferret treats, but it could be something as simple as underwear to play with or a place to curl up and sleep.

(YouTube link)

Persistence pays off! Yeah, she fell at the end, but the drawer is open enough, and she can get back up there whenever she wants. -via Laughing Squid

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This Russian Fisherman Keeps Catching In The Strangest Fish

A Russian fisherman named Roman Fyodorov has been making a splash online simply by sharing pics of his catches because they look like a prop from a sci-fi movie, and many of the fish he has caught are so rare few have ever seen them.

But therein lies the problem with Roman's Instagram shares- commenters claim many of the fish he catches are rare and endangered species, and they implore him to stop killing these fish for the sake of social media entertainment.

Other commenters have pointed out that Roman's fish look fake, but if they are props they're incredibly well made and that would make Roman a special fx wizard posing as a fisherman.

So as far as anyone can tell Roman's catches are real, revealing that there are some really strange fish swimming around in the Black Sea.

-Via New York Post

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Mobbed by Lemurs

Reporter Alex Dunlop of the BBC was at Banham Zoo in Norfolk to tell viewers about the zoo's annual census. It became a bit difficult for him to stick to the script when lemurs began to show intense interest in the visitor.

(YouTube link)

They not only wanted to jump on him, they also wanted to get a taste! I considered it quite a show of professionalism when Dunlop called the leaping lemurs "little nippers" instead of something that would have been bleeped, but just a moment later they got the better of him. A man can only take so much. -via Metafilter 

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Synchronized Snow Sissies

Time to let the horses out for their exercise! They'll love playing in the snow today. Or maybe not.

(YouTube link)

Horses are pretty hardy, but they're no dummies. It takes the two the exact same amount of time to figure out what's really awaiting them during playtime. Winter horse blankets can only do so much. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Does This Sweater Make My Butt Look Big?

An hourglass shape is only guaranteed by the supporting attire, as every bride is told by her fashion consultant. If you thought corgis were fat little dogs, this should set your mind to rest. They're not necessarily fat, just extra fluffy! And this little guy doesn't need a sweater to stay warm, he is just being fabulous and fashionable. Redditor Momzadork24 is a yarncrafter who loves dogs, so it's only appropriate that she would post this gem.

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The Kitten Covers - Iconic Album Covers Re-Imagined With Cats

Music superstars like Madonna, Billy Joel and Bob Marley used to be the top of the pop culture heap, but now thanks to the internet the human stars have fallen so the kitty stars can rise.

And it's on that note that graphic designer Alfra Martini created The Kitten Covers- iconic album covers with the tired old human stars replaced by cute cats.

The Kitten Covers Tumblr seems to be defunct, since their last post is from May of 2016, but if you like the concept then it's definitely worthwhile to dig through their digital crates and see what you find!

See more from The Kitten Covers at My Modern Met

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Is It Too Cold to Walk Your Dog?

Parts of the US are dealing with temperatures way beyond their comfort zone this winter. If your four-footed friend is used to going outside at regular intervals, you might be worried about his safety. Here's a handy chart from veterinarian Dr. Kim Smyth that may help you out.

Of course, there are some caveats. You can see those in blue. Wet weather and breed of dog can tip the scale one or more points in either direction. Acclimation to the cold is an important factor, too. For instance, dogs who are training for the Iditarod in Alaska are conditioned to be in the cold over time. If you took an average Husky and dropped it off on an icy tundra, he would likely perish. If your dog is acclimated to cold weather, like many hunting and working dogs, his number on the TACC scale is different than if he’s used to lying in a warm bed all winter like my dog.

There are other variables. If you have a dog sweater or coat and/or boots, that will help your pooch brave the short time he must be outside to do his business. Read more about pets and cold weather here. -via Lifehacker

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How Antidepressants Are Harming Marine Animals

You may have heard you're not supposed to flush your old medications down the toilet, and you may have heard that doing so is bad for the environment, but very few people seem to know exactly why it's so bad.

So here's one reason why you shouldn't flush your pills down the toilet, especially antidepressants- because they can end up in the ocean, thereby affecting the wildlife.

Researchers at Portland State University are studying how flushed antidepressants that end up in the ocean affect wildlife like Oregon shore crabs, and their tests revealed that fluoxetine had a dramatic effect on these crabs:

The authors introduced fluoxetine, the main ingredient in Prozac, into a laboratory body of water inhabited by Oregon shore crabs, or Hemigrapsus oregonensis. Normally, the crabs are nocturnal foragers, avoiding confrontation and hiding in sediment when predators appear.

After being exposed to the drug, the crabs exhibited a dramatic change in behavior. Instead of shying away from predators—in the lab study, the larger red rock crab—they became more confrontational, increasing the risk of an early death. They also became more active during the day and displayed aggression towards other crabs, engaging in fights.

a USGS study published earlier this year found antidepressants in the brains of fish living downstream from wastewater treatment plants. The study's authors warn that increased populations near coastal regions may worsen the issue. It's also unknown how concentrations of several different drugs can combine to alter behavior. Right now, it looks like our solution to one problem—depression—may have a host of ecological repercussions.

-Via Mental Floss

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Meerkats Wait In Line During Feeding Time With Their Favorite Human

People usually say they want to see big animals like the elephants, big cats and gorillas when they go to the zoo, but when they get there they find the little critters like the meerkats are a lot more fun than the big beasts.

That's because smaller critters are more active and therefore more fun to watch, and if you're ever at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia during feeding time you'll see a really funny sight- meerkats lining up and waiting patiently to get some food from Beth the zookeeper.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Cats React To $500 Litter Box

Some cats are picky about damn near everything in their lives, from their food to the places they'll sleep, and unlike pretty much any dog these prissy kitties even care about where they poop.

Nowadays there are lots of self-cleaning litter boxes on the market that help keep the box extra tidy, like the totally Space Age Litter Robot III priced at about five hundred bucks.

But do cats really care about pooping in luxury, or are they just as happy crapping in their standard enclosed tray?

Bitwit gave the Litter Robot III a thorough once over then he let his cats decide whether it was worth the price, jump to 8:15 to see how Bitwit's cats feel about this fancy litterbox.

(YouTube Link)

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The Inexplicable Lure of the Cat Trap

A couple of years ago, we learned how to trap a cat. Then, the trend was circular or hexagonal cat traps. But a family in Amsterdam experimented with a square cat trap. Will their cat Alvi fall for it?   

(YouTube link)

If you mean fall in love with it, then yes. But it's not always a sure thing. The same experiment was presented elsewhere to Smoothie, who is more cautious about new things.

(YouTube link)

If you snooze, you lose, Smoothie!  -via Laughing Squid

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Cute Little Yellow Bird Joins His Doggy Buddies For Dinner

Dachshunds seem like they'd be too discriminating and stuffy to dine with other common household pets, so a story about a Dachshund dining with a pet bird seems like pure poppycock.

But these dapper Dachshunds don't seem to mind sharing mealtime with the little yellow bird who shares their home, and the little bird seems like he's more worried about the dogs stealing his food than he is about the dogs eating him!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Dog and Dominoes

Would you have the nerve to try setting up a domino fall while your dog watches? I think I'd put the puppy outside, or at least in another room. The temptation to play is so strong! Haru the Shiba Inu can barely contain herself as her humans set up a thousand dominoes.  

(YouTube link)

But Haru was a good dog most of the time, and she was rewarded with the honor of knocking down the first domino when the setup was all ready. You can see more of Haru at Instagram. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Name This Cat

What should this cat's name be? The picture has been posted in several places at reddit, and suggestion are:

Lord Nibbler
Strahd Van Meowavich

Do you have any better suggestions?

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Kitten Eating a Strawberry

Cats are carnivores. They mainly eat meat. But everyone has a story about a cat they knew who ate melons, or corn, or something else that cats normally don't eat. This kitten is one of those weird cats, but he's not alone!

(YouTube link)

Yeah, his brother likes a bite of that strawberry, too. There's something very appealing about watching these cats nom on a bit of nature's candy. (via Digg)

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Horseback-Riding Cat

Horse trainer Emma Massingale has a pony named Comet and a cat named Louis. They are good friends who go on adventures together. Louis doesn't need a saddle when he goes horseback riding; a horse blanket will do, but a saddle will do fine if that's what's on the horse. It's not like he could get his feet into the stirrups!

(YouTube link)

In this video, they take a lovely ride together through the countryside of Devon, England. Or at least Louis takes a ride, while Comet does the walking. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Adorable Pics Of Pets Stealing Their Owner's Significant Other

(Image Link)

Humans who get jealous when their lover spends time with other humans are often dealing with issues of insecurity and abandonment, which is why they care so much that their significant other is spending time with someone else.

But you're taking your personal issues a bit too far if you get jealous of a pet, except when that pet is actively and aggressively trying to break the two of you up and steal your significant other.

(Image Link)

That's when you have to wonder how deep your pet's feelings for your boyfriend or girlfriend run, and whether you should be thinking about finding them a furry partner of their own- for safety's sake.

(Image Link)

No matter how crazy in love your pet becomes keep repeating these words to yourself- it's only a phase, they're just being a (insert species here), they don't live that long, it's probably all in your head...

(Image Link)

See 30+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner's Partner And Didn't Even Feel Sorry here

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Scientists Discover Sharks Living Inside An Active Volcano

(Image Link)

Sharks can be scary as hell when encountered while swimming around in the ocean, so imagine how terrifying it would be to come across them inside an active volcano!

It may sound like the plot of a cheesy sci-fi movie like Sharknado but it's true- back in 2015 scientists discovered living sharks inside Kavachi, an active underwater volcano in the Solomon Islands.

(Image Link)

Researchers sent down a robotic camera that captured the stunning footage of a Pacific sleeper shark, hammerhead sharks and silky sharks swimming around inside the acidic and super-heated environment like it's no big deal:

“Divers who have gotten close to the outer edge of the volcano have had to back away because of how hot it is or because they were getting mild skin burns from the acid water,” Phillips said. “These large animals are living in what you have to assume is much hotter and much more acidic water, and they’re just hanging out. It makes you question what type of extreme environment these animals are adapted to. What sort of changes have they undergone? Are there only certain animals that can withstand it?

(YouTube Link)

-Via Did You Know?

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A Fascinating Timelapse Video Showing The Metamorphosis Of A Dragonfly

Dragonflies are absolutely gorgeous insects, with vibrantly-colored bodies and magically iridescent wings that shimmer in the light, but did you know they start out as ugly little bugs called nymphs before they become beautiful?

Just kidding, dragonflies even look cool in their nymph stage, and as cool as it is to see a dragonfly up close it's even cooler to watch one transform from a plain-colored nymph to a colorful adult in this video from Beauty of Science:

This short film documented the magical transformation (metamorphosis) of a dragonfly from its nymph to an adult. All footages were captured with an iPhone 6s from May 25th 11pm to May 26th 7am. This transformation is a wonder of nature.

The Metamorphosis of a Dragonfly from Beauty of Science on Vimeo.

-Via Laughing Squid

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