Beautiful Animal Portraits By Sergey Polyushko

Animals don't have to slap makeup on or get their hair done to look amazing, they were born beautiful and will always look beautiful to our animal lovin' eyes.

Some portrait photographers have a knack for bringing out their subject's best qualities, and when they focus their lenses on animals they make their furry subjects look even more fetching.

Kiev, Ukraine based photographer Sergey Polyushko definitely has that knack, and his animal portraits somehow manage to make the average squirrel look majestic.

Sergey shoots all kinds of photos, from landscapes to macros to fashion shots, but it appears his work with animals has helped him purr-fect his portraiture skills.

See more Beautiful Animal Portraits By Sergey Polyushko here

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The Fastest Animal in the World is Just Plain Batty

Many people still think the cheetah is the world's fastest animal, but it's really only the fastest land animal. Until recently, the correct answer was the swift, but now even people who said that are inncorrect -the fastest animal on earth is actually the Brazilian free-tailed bat. The cheetah can go up to 40 miles per hour. The swift can go up to 62 miles an hour, but the free-tailed bat blows them both out of the water, traveling an incredible 99 miles an hour. There is one challenger to the bat's title though -peregrine falcons can travel 186 miles per hour, but they can only go that fast while diving. So if you're going by overall speed, the falcon wins, but if you only count straight forward movement that could be used for travel -the bat is your safest bet.

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The Saddest Cat in the World is Now Happy

This cat came into the care of the BCSPCA in Vancouver earlier this year. He had cuts all over, a cauliflower ear, and a crushed spine. Veterinarians thought he'd never walk again. Excess tissue gave him a permanently sad face, but he had plenty to be sad about. The cat stopped eating, drinking, or even trying to move. He was scheduled to be put down when a couple stepped up and adopted him.

"It appears he was attacked by a large animal... His face permanently looks sad because he has a lot of excess skin on the face, and no one knows why," BenBen's human dad shares with Love Meow.

The shelter gave him a place to stay and cared for him for a while until a family adopted him, but soon returned him because of his medical needs.

"At that point he was deemed 'un-adoptable'. The vets said he'd never walk and he'd be on pain meds for the rest of his life."

But in a permanent loving home, Benjamin Button, or Ben Ben, had a complete personality change. After an hour of cuddling, he started to move around and explore. And he's recovered his basic health, although he will need lifelong care for his injuries. Yes, Ben Ben began to walk again. Although he will always have a drooping forehead, he is obviously happy with his family and the care they give him. He's also become an internet favorite. You can see more pictures of Ben Ben at his Facebook page and his Instagram gallery.  

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Can You Tell if This is a Dog or a Cat?

The internet is going crazy wondering if this adorable fuzzball is a cat or a dog. It's so hard to tell with that fluffy face and grumbly mouth. I'm not going to give away the answer just yet, but I can tell you his name is Atchoum and he lives with his family in Canada -and here's another picture:

So which is he? Well, he is actually a cat, but not just any kitty. He's a Persian that happens to have hypertrichosis -aka werewolf syndrome.

Via Little Things

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Bella The Boxer Has A Hilarious Reaction To Being Told She Can't Sit On Couch

Tell most dogs they can't sit on the couch and they'll just wait until you're not home and jump right back up, or they may even tear the couch to vent their frustration.

But Bella the boxer is a class act, and she prefers to let her voice be heard in protest rather than taking the passive aggressive route, which is music to our ears!

(YouTube Link)

Bella's human S Wells says she has lots of beds throughout the house, but like any spoiled rotten pooch Bella wants what she can't have!

-Via Animal Planet Life

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Dogs Simply Don't Understand Lemons

(Video Link)

Some dogs are natural enemies of lemons and some just don't know what the heck to make of them. Love them or hate them though, watching dogs react to lemons is always enjoyable -especially when it's a four minute long video featuring multiple dogs freaking out about the sour, strange taste of the little yellow fruit.

Via Pets Lady

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Parrot By Space Heater Gets Photoshopped Into Battle

What do you call a parrot who has been sitting by the space heater too long? A polly hot pocket. Polly wants a cracker? More like polly wants to become crispy like a cracker!

Okay, so parrot jokes clearly aren't my strong suit.

Redditors thought it was pretty darn funny to see a parrot spreading its wings by a space heater in the photo uploaded by _korbendallas- so they Photoshopped him into a bunch of silly situations.

(Image Link)

The parrot found the whole Photoshop experience quite exhilarating, especially when he got to live out his dream of being a part of the Rebel Squadron.

(Image Link)

But then things took a horrible turn, and the parrot wished he was back home and stretched out in front of that space heater again instead of staring into the cold black eyes of the grumpy reaper.

(Image Link)

See Innocent Parrot By A Space Heater Gets Photoshopped Into Amusing Scenarios here

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Synchronized Cat Jumping

The takeoff gets an 8/10, but the awkward landing was something they'd never prepared for. It takes this team a minute to analyze the situation and devise a workaround. The judges might give them points for their poker faces, or even for not falling under the circumstances.

(YouTube link)

Not exactly a champion performance, but an entertaining one. The cats might eventually get over the embarrassment if they don't find out that their performance was being recorded. Don't tell them. -via Metafilter

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This Kitten Thinks A Wild Peacock is a Giant Cat Toy

(Video Link)

This wild peacock lives in Malinda Coltura's neighborhood and he seems to be pretty well cared for and relaxed -even around pesky kittens. This kitten doesn't know that peacocks can be mighty aggressive or even what a peacock is, but he seems pretty happy to have found a new best friend complete with all kinds of great cat toys. The peacock may try to keep up his majestic composure, but it's hard to look so proud with a little kitten messing with you nonstop.

Via Hi Homer

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Yo-kai's New Boots

(Instagram link)

Patrick Beach bought boots for his Italian greyhound Yo-kai so he can play outside in winter. It looks like Yo-kai will need some time to get used to them! Bonus: this video gives us a real rofl, if not the mao. -via reddit

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What Hogwarts House Does Your Dog Belong In?

Is your dog a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff? You might have some suspicions or you might have no idea at all, but thanks to Buzzfeed, now you can know for sure. Unlike many of the quizes on Buzzfeed, the answers actually seem pretty fitting -my two dogs ended up in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and it's beyond fitting. So does your dog's Hogwarts house seem suitable to their personality?

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Meet Sandyra's Cat

Neatoramanaut Sandyra has mentioned her Maine coon cat a few times, and I finally requested a picture. This is C.R.

I had a Maine Coon cat a long time ago. He was huge, bigger than a full grown Pekinese. His paws were enormous and his head was wider than a human's head. He weighed 30 pounds and was the sweetest cat I've ever had the privilege to serve. I still miss him and his motorboat purr...

And here C.R. is indulging in his hobby of eating cat food directly out of the canister. -Thanks, Sandyra!

Everyone else, feel free to post pictures of your favorite cat (or any other pet) in the comments.

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What Do You Do With a Dozen Cats?

12catslady is a social media user who has 12 cats. Go figure. You can see them at Instagram, where the effect of seeing a dozen cats all staring at you in picture after picture is a bit unsettling. But they do more than pose. In this video, they investigate a toy. Only one cat is brave enough to touch it.

(Facebook link

Now, that's how we like our cats! -via reddit

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This Orphaned Rhino and His Best Friend Will Make Your Day Better

(Video Link)

This precious ball of baby hippo was abandoned by his family when he was only a few days old and he almost didn't survive. But the plucky little guy was loved on by his rescuers and when he made a best friend, things really turned around for him. Sure hippos and rhinos might not hang out in the outside world, but when the two baby orphans met, it didn't matter that they were different species, it just mattered that they could help each other move on from their hardships and have fun together. And isn't that the cornerstone of a real friendship no matter what species are involved?

Via Pets Lady

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Fat Kangaroo Rat Rescued from Wall Socket

(YouTube link)

A kangaroo rat tried to squeeze out of the wall through a TV socket, but he was too fat to fit! Gazza Vegan found him and freed him by breaking the plastic wall plate. He said the only thing hurt was his pride. Since the guy goes by the name vegan, you can trust that he didn't harm the little fella. -via reddit

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This Cat is a First-Rate First Mate

Cover cat II

A photo posted by Strauss von Skattebol (Skatty) (@straussvonskattebol) on Jul 4, 2016 at 1:15am PDT

Paul J. Thompson is a small-craft marine architect and computer programmer in New Zealand. He spends his summers aboard La Chica, the boat he built himself, and dreams of sailing it around the world someday. Thompson is also deaf. But he's got an assistant to alert him to maritime sounds: Strauss von Skattebol of Rebelpaws, a young polydactyl Maine coon cat who accompanies him on every journey. Skatty alerts Thompson to boats, visitors, and his ringing phone.

“Maine Coons are at home around water and in this case, Skatty is a polydactyl cat, which is what ships’ cats traditionally are,” Thompson said. “The old time sailors believed that the big polydactyl paws gave them a better grip on the deck and also made them better mousers. So for me, as a sailor, it is very satisfying to have a polydactyl cat.”

Skatty and Thompson spend their summers aboard La Chica, and in the winter, they split time between the boat and a nearby apartment. When on board, Skatty can usually be found with Thompson or in one of his favorite spots.

“When at anchor, he likes to sit on the solar panels as it gives him a good view, and since the panels are dark, they keep his bottom warm,” Thompson said. “Does not do too much for the charging rate however.”

Read about Skatty's sailor life at Adventure Cats. You can keep up with Skatty at Facebook or Instagram. -via Metafilter

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Oh Great, She's Here

If you're ever hosting a party and some jerk says "who invited that smelly beast?" when your dog comes walking into the room kick that person the hell out of your house immediately.

Who invited the dog? Nobody, that's who, because as this Heck If I Know comic shows nobody has to invite the dog- our dogs invite themselves, whether you like it or not.

So guests who are afraid of dogs, allergic or just dislike man's best friend for some reason need to suck it up when the host's dog crashes the party- or the host might bite.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Cat Gets Stuck Under Another Cat

(YouTube link)

When a cat wants to plop down, he doesn't really care what's underneath him, even if it's another cat. This cat got distracted by something outside the window and just dug in his place to watch. The cat that was already laying there had a mighty struggle to free himself! Sure, we allowed cats in our homes for pest control purposes, but we keep them for their entertainment value. -via Tastefully Offensive

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This Home-Wrecking Penguin is Breaking Our Hearts

Penguins are generally monogamous, but not always -and this poor guy found out the hard way that his wife fell into the "not always" category. When he fights the "other bird" to futily try to win back his wife it's sad, but when he desperately tries one last time to get her to come back to him, it's utterly heartbreaking -and Twitter agrees with me:

Via Distractify

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Live As A Human

Our spoiled little housecats have no idea how good they've got it in life, nor do they understand how hard their humans have to work so their prissy little kitties can use the finest litter and eat tinned meat.

But if they walked in our human shoes for a few excruciating days they would see the true cost of these luxuries, and maybe they'd start cleaning up after themselves once in a while.

So if your cat starts acting all loud and uppity show them this Anything About Nothing comic, set the job listings by their food bowl and ask them to sign a rental agreement- that oughta shut them up!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Get a Hug From Your Favorite Animal All Day Long

We love animals here at Neatorama, but the sad fact is that aside from the basic dogs and cats, you can't hug most critters. Thanks to Etsy seller MaryLouBangkok you can get the next best thing -a hug from your favorite animal on your finger through an adorable little ring. 

Even if you get to hug your dog or cat for real, you won't get to squeeze them every hour of every day -and these rings give you that chance. The bottom line is: we just can't handle the cute.

Via Fashionably Geek

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The Mountaineering Cat

Meowficent Monday

A photo posted by Quandary Q Lotus Lady (@exploration_cat) on Oct 17, 2016 at 8:49pm PDT

Graham Shuee adopted a kitten eventually named Quandary Q Lotus Lady from a Colorado shelter to use in his proposal to Erin. He placed a basket in her path as they were hiking in the mountains, which contained both the kitten and a ring. Of course, she said yes. Graham and Erin have since married, and have three cats. And Q, as she is called, still goes mountaineering with them.

"It was her idea in our minds, ever since the proposal she's been tagging along on most our adventures.  She's almost like a dog in that respect, she's very vocal and makes it known when she is restless and when she wants to get out and explore."

Erin hopes their adventures with Q help other people realize that just because they have a cat, it doesn't mean they can't take it outdoors and do things like hiking. Quandary was adopted from a rescue in Colorado Springs, Erin wants Quandary's adventures to inspire others to adopt shelter cats.

You can follow Q's adventures at her Instagram gallery. -via Fark

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This Turtle Thinks Sex is Just Plain "Wow"

(Video Link)

Finding a ready and willing sexual partner isn't easy, but when you do, it's sometimes surprisingly wonderful, leaving you with nothing to say but "wow." And this tortoise knows how that feels -and he can't stop expressing his excitement with just that word. At least there's no question as to whether or not he's having a good time.

Via Elite Daily

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David Tennant Narrates Scientifically Soothing Relaxation Videos For Pets

If you live with an anxious pet then you know how annoying those whiny, nervous and pacey little punks can be every time they hear scary noises, and how hard it can be to get them to relax.

You could get your vet to prescribe something, or buy a thunder shirt and some ear muffs, but who wants to buy more overpriced pet junk that may not work or turn their pet into a prescription drug addict?

Instead, let David Tennant calm your pet's scared and anxious soul with his wonderfully soothing voice, as he narrates the new pet film series by British insurance company More Than:

Pet behaviourist Karen Wild and vet Robert White-Adams (with a little help from David Tennant) talk about the science behind the first films for cats and dogs designed to help calm them around fireworks and loud noises.

(YouTube Link)

David Tennant should just officially change his name to "The Doctor" because he is an unique and amazing individual!

-Via Laughing Squid

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New Yorkers Don't Like It When People Talk Trash About Bodega Cats On Yelp

(Image Link)

If cities were filled with cat lovers then every store would have a resident cat or two, and employees would bring their purr-fect little angels to work with them every day.

But the cat haters out there keep the store cat presence to a minimum except for in New York, where Bodega cats are a respected member of the community.

(Image Link)

They keep the stores rat free, give residents who can't have pets in their homes a furry critter to scratch under the chin, and add some much needed animal warmth to the concrete jungle.

(Image Link)

So if you have a problem with New York's Bodega cats take it from cat hater Diana D. and don't vent on Yelp or people will send the hate right back at you!

(Image Link)

It seems all of NYC has turned against Diana D. since she foolishly decided to hate on bodega cats on Yelp- she has deleted her Yelp account and is now hoping the city's bodega cats don't decide to get revenge.

-Via Cheezburger

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Formal Fashions for Your Furry Friends

We love dogs, but let's face it -they're not typically ready to attend fancy cocktail parties. But now they can be thanks to Marie's Handmade Shop on Etsy. Whether you have a pug looking to attend a friend's wedding or a terrier getting ready for her doggy graduation party, these fashionable frocks are ideal for any fancy dress occassion.

And did I mention they have a Lincoln dog costume?

You know you can trust Honest Abe and his emancipation barclimation.

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Puppies Crash Bachelor Party

For Mitchel Craddock's bachelor party, a group of friends from Vicksburg, Michigan, went on a five-day trip to Tennessee to stay in a cabin in the woods and ride ATVs. The first morning, they were cooking bacon with the door open, and a hungry dog came to the door. They fed her bacon, gave her water, and made friends. When it became apparent that she had puppies, they followed her to a spot she was protecting and found seven puppies hidden in a hole!   

Although the pups had to be washed of dirt and fleas, Craddock said he was surprised by how healthy they were. “Every single one had a big fat belly on them. The mom had given the pups literally everything she had.”

All eight dogs, including the mom, were adopted by the groom and his groomsmen or their relatives. Their new happy homes are close to one another — within a 5-mile radius, Craddock said.

Craddock and his groomsmen didn’t expect to be caring for puppies at the bachelor party. “We pooled a bunch of money to buy food and beer. After the third day, our beer fund turned into puppy food fund,” he said.

Best groomsman's gifts ever! The puppies have all been treated by a vet and are settled into their new homes. Their names are Brimmie, Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear, and Finn. Mother Annie is also happy in her new home with Craddock's grandparents.

(Image credit: Trevor Jennings)

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Dog's Chew Toy Comes to Life

Jolene the golden retriever loves her Gumby toy. It's her favorite! So how do you think she'd feel if it came to life? Watch and see!

(YouTube link)

Ben Mesches selected his Halloween costume because of Jolene. At first she's incredulous, but then she's the happiest dog ever!  -via Metafilter

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50 Facts About Felines for National Cat Day

October 29 is National Cat Day. The day is an annual celebration to encourage people to adopt homeless cats. In honor of the occasion, mental_floss gives us a long list of facts about cats, interesting trivia, and downright good stuff to know. Here's a sample:

8. If you adore felines, you’re in good company: Many of history’s most famous figures—including Florence Nightingale, Pope Paul II, Mark Twain, and the Brontë sisters—all owned, and loved, cats.

9. Still, the title of history’s craziest cat man might go to President Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln was once asked if her husband had any hobbies. Her response? “Cats!”

There's 48 more facts about felines in the list, so go read it, then give your cat a nice scratch behind the ears.  

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A Penguin in a Pig Costume

Penguins are amazing, but if there's anything that could make them better, it's a Halloween costume -and Ripley's Aqaurium of Gatlinburg knows that penguins and Halloween are a perfect mix.

(Video Link)

While the bird in the pig costume is pretty incredible, it's not the only penguin in costume to wander through the company's offices. This little guy is hoping to trick or treat for some Swedish Fish!

Via Incredble Things

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