Cat Rescued from Sofa Five Days Later

Pauline and Bill Lowe of Corringham, England, donated two couches to the St Luke's Hospice charity shop in Grays, Essex. One of the couches had to be disassembled to get it through the door, and reassembled after it was outside. The Lowe’s cat Crockett was soon noticed missing, but they couldn’t figure out where he might have gone. The sofas went to the shop, and one was bought four days later.

The couch was delivered, and new owners set it up in their home.  
Crockett was discovered a day later by the sofa's new owners.

Shop manager Jenny Munro said: "[They] heard a soft miaow sound and, on further investigation of the sofa, saw two claws poking out of the material which moved away when touched.

"In order to release the cat they had to rip the material under the sofa as Crockett had lodged himself well into the back."

The ten-year-old cat appeared to be in good condition, and by contacting the thrift shop, Crockett was soon reunited with the Lowes.  -via Arbroath

(Image credit: St. Luke’s Hospice)

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The Great Leap Upward

(YouTube link)

It’s Superdog! Able to leap tall buildings… I mean, the couch… I mean, sometimes. A majestic approach leading to a ignominious derailment does not slow this cute little pooch down at all. You can’t help but laugh, but he doesn’t care, he just gets back up and sticks the landing on the second attempt. The video goes from glorious to goofy to glorious again, and you just want to to give him a good cuddle for his ambition and fearlessnes. That’s a good dog. -via Uproxx

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A New Geep in Ireland

The Irish Farmers Journal reports on a strange baby born on Paddy Murphy’s farm. New lambs were being born, but one looks like a goat. The goat-sheep cross, or “geep” is a week old and already showing nubs where his horns will grow.

(YouTube link)

The lamb-kid may look like a goat, but his mother loves him. According to Wikipedia, such hybrids happen, but are usually stillborn. Sheep have 54 chromosomes and goats have 60. In the few rare cases of surviving crosses, the hybrid had 57 chromosomes. No doubt scientists will want to take a look at Paddy Murphy’s new geep. -via Metafilter

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Willie Is Better Than Your Cat

(YouTube link)

How many times have you seen a video of a cat unrolling the toilet paper roll? Many. How many times have you seen a cat re-roll the toilet paper after he’s unrolled it? This may be a first. Michael Thompson‘s cat Willie unrolled all the paper, then re-rolled it back again! Maybe he just didn’t like the way the roll was loaded. Now it’s just the way he wants. -via Say OMG

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Spending Quality Time with the Goldfish

(YouTube link)

You should always take time out of your day to let your loved ones know how you feel. Playing with your pets is important, so they don’t feel rejected. Even if that pet is a goldfish in an outdoor pond or lake. And don’t just pet them and leave -make sure you pick them up and give them cuddle, too. -via Daily of the Day

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14 Fun Facts About Manatees

How much do you know about manatees? They live in Florida and it’s illegal to harass them -we know that much. Smithsonian wants you to know much more about manatees, and dugongs and sea cows, while we’re at it. Here's just a sample:

7. The closest living relatives of sirenians are elephants. Manatees evolved from the same land animals as elephants over 50 million years ago and the fossil record shows a much more diverse group of sirenians than we have today, with dugongs and manatees living together throughout their range.

10. Christopher Columbus and other early explorers claimed to have seen female figures swimming in the ocean—the mermaids in the writings and drawings of this era. Whether they had been at sea for too long or it was a trick of the light, we now know that many of these encounters were with manatees.

If that were the only thing Columbus and the other early explorers were wrong about, they’d have done well. So it seems like mermaids are related to elephants, huh? Not exactly the fairy tale you learned as a kid. Learn more about manatees at Smithsonian.

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How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

Have you ever looked at cats on the internet and wished that you, too, could have a famous cat and reap the benefits of internet celebrity? What have those cats got that your cat doesn’t? After all, your cat is cute and funny, too! What you need is some guidance. Who knows- your cat may be the next Colonel Meow, or Grumpy Cat, or even Maru!  

Neatorama is happy to bring you an excerpt from the new book How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom by Patricia Carlin with photographs by Dustin Fenstermacher. The book goes on sale today from Quirk books. Order yours today.

What’s the easiest way to identify your cat’s special gifts? Just memorize this simple acronym: OBISTPHYBEHO. It stands for OBserve, Identify, STudy, PHYsical, BEhavioral, HOnesty. Here’s how the system works:

Step 1. OBSERVE. Assess your feline’s potential by taking a long hard look at him. Place your cat in a well-lit room. Study him from all angles, moving slowly so as not to trigger a startle reaction. You should know this cat well enough to pick him out of a police lineup (and don’t think that scenario won’t ever happen).

Step 2. IDENTIFY your cat’s most noteworthy features. You’ll have to ask hard questions. What makes your cat meme-worthy? Why would a complete stranger want to immortalize this animal on a Facebook wall? Remember, your cat will be vying with hedgehogs, pandas, babies, and Bible quotes for that same space. What does she bring to the table? Jot down anything that comes to mind: dreamy eyes, a mellifluous meow, a two-tone coat, the ability to fart while eating.

Continue reading

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Ultimate Pokemon Pet Cosplay - Umbreon Dog

When people say they’re doing a bit of Pokemon cosplay with their dog they usually just dye them different colors, or strap some ill fitting scraps of fabric on them and call it a day.

But this lucky(?) dog got to cosplay as Umbreon the right way- with a really cool looking full body costume! The costume, which includes a full head mask, was created by DeviantARTist leafeon-ex, who apparently owns one of the world's most patient dogs.

Umbreon dog may not be able to see all the adoring Poke-fans fawning over her, but she has the satisfaction of knowing that if she steps into the pet costume battle arena wearing this crazy cool getup she’s sure to catch all the awards.

-Via Reddit

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Super Cute! Cats and Dogs Meeting Babies for the First Time

(Video Link)

We have photos of our dog meeting our kids when we brought them home from the hospital. The first time, his expression was along the lines of "What is that thing?" But he's loved them from first sniff.

Lots of dogs and cats are this way. The above video compilation from Tiger Productions shows our furry children meeting our fur-less children for the first time.

-via VA Viper

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Animated Short Shows How To Read Cat Body Language

(Video Link)

Cats are kinda crazy and unpredictable, or at least we think they are because we have a hard time reading their body language and understanding how their postures and behaviors reveal what they’re actually thinking.

Now, thanks to animator Cindy Suen and her adorable animated short Cats Communication, we have a guide to the visual language of felines.

It's not the most definitive source on the subject, but it reveals enough information so you can avoid becoming a target of kitty rage the next time you encounter one of these furry freaks in the urban jungle.

-Via DesignTAXI

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Elephant Plays Water Polo

(YouTube link)

Beco is an elephant at the Columbus Zoo. He is celebrating his fifth birthday this weekend. Watch him play around with a very tough rubber ball -no wonder it’s his favorite toy! Seriously, the manufacturer should use this in an ad touting how tough their sports equipment is. -via Arbroath

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Adorable Photos of Metalheads and Their Pet Cats

If you want to talk about hardcore cat lovers, talk about hardcore musicians. They love their cats as much as anyone -or maybe more! Alexandra Crockett took photographs of metal musicians from groups such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Black Goat, Isis, and Exhumed with their beloved pet cats. Her photo book Metal Cats will be available May 6, and part of the proceeds will go to no-kill shelters. See a preview of the photographs at Flavorwire. The very best photo, in my opinion, is the one selected for the book cover.

(Image credit: Alexandra Crockett)

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Meet Champ, The Most Photogenic Dog in the World

Most dogs look either pretty, handsome, or cute. Some more than others. But Champ, who is pictured above, is perhaps the most consistently photogenic dog in the world. A lot of that is probably the skill of his owner and photographer, Candice Sedighan.

You can find her Flickr page here. I strongly suggest that you block out about an hour for examining it because the adorableness is refined at such a high level. It will suck you in.

Sedighan has attracted so much attention that Flickr interviewed her about her work. See the butterfly photo above? That's not photoshopped. Champ is very cooperative in Sedighan's work. In fact, she says, Champ follows her around whenever he sees her pick up her camera because he's ready to go to work.

-via American Digest

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Duncan Lou Who on the Beach

(YouTube link)

Duncan Lou Who is a boxer whose back legs were so deformed that they were removed. Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, an organization for special needs dogs, took him in and gave him a chance at life. Duncan lives with Annie, another boxer who is missing her front legs. Duncan has a set of wheels, but he prefers to run free, which he does very well! Here we see his first trip to the beach, where he plays like a very happy dog, indeed! -via Viral Viral Videos

Duncan joins the stories of other dogs who have overcome disabilities like Zip, Roosevelt, Sugar, Faith, and this little dog whose name we do not know.

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(Image credit: Magne Klann og Lars Aurtande/NRK)

We’re not sure whether the new Norwegian TV series Piip-show is a drama, a comedy, or a soap opera. It’s real “reality TV” that takes place on a tiny miniature set modeled after a popular Oslo coffee shop called Java.

(Image credit: Andreas Grimsæth/NRK)

The set is littered with seeds, to attract the main cast: birds and squirrels. A Google translation of the show’s website gives us a rundown of some of the “regulars”:

The perky tits

The most stable regulars are tits. They are loud and talkative, and bursting with speed and energy. They are represented by several species, all with the perky personality of the joint. Blue Tit and Great Tit is both flashy appearance, with green back and yellow belly with black longitudinal stripe in the middle.

Tit is the largest of the two, and got its name because in the old days were often found hacking by fat, such as the Christmas ham that hung out to dry. The easiest way to distinguish great tit and blue tit facial expression:

A squirrel walks into a bar and all tits break loose

-via Nag on the Lake

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Images Of Bears Doing Human Things

(Image Via Imgur)

(Image Via Kevin Dietrich)

There’s a reason they chose a bear to be the star of so many cartoon shows, from Yogi to Baloo to the Three Bears in those Looney Tunes shorts, because very few critters act as humanistic as bears.

When a bear stands up and gives you a wave you can almost see your big, hairy uncle doing the same thing, and when they hold a newspaper, sit at a picnic table waiting for a basket full of goodies to come their way, or simply stick their tongue out at the photographer we instantly imagine a friend or family member doing the same thing.

Enjoy this selection of images showing Bears Doing Human Things, put together by the animal loving folks at Bored Panda.

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Obie the Tiger

Obie is a full-grown tiger who lives at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and Retreat in Wisconsin. According to his veterinarian, redditor 4CatDoc, he was taken from a drug dealer when he was just a cub.

Obie is still alive and well, he is spoiled like a child. Who you have to keep in a cage. Bad analogy. He's treated like young Buddha. Since he was hand-raised by so many people, he gets a 20 pound meat-cake on HIS birthday with fat frosting, stuffed animals (buttons removed) to carry around, and is generally a content tiger.

The biggest danger with Obie would likely being played-with-to-death or being layed upon, so no one goes in with him.

The drug dealer also had a mountain lion kept in a 6 foot by 6 foot by 6 foot dog kennel in his basement. DEA was shutting him down, but learned he was getting a tiger cub. They arranged with the sanctuary to make sure we had room for after the raid.

He was tired and scared and hungry, but adapted very well. The cats, not the drug dealer. Then again, the dealer was likely scared and hungry in prison, but honestly, I hope he did not adapt well at all.  

There are more pictures of Obie, including a couple of baby pictures, linked at reddit.

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Photographer Captures The Strange World Of Creative Dog Grooming

The world of creative dog grooming revolves around color usage, contour shapes, and other design principles that feel right at home in print but are hard to imagine seeing on your pet.

Paul Nathan is a fashion photographer who was captivated by the strange beauty of creatively groomed canines, specifically those who compete in a national competition called Intergroom, so he put his pretty pictures of dogs looking rather ridiculous into a book appropriately entitled Groomed.

Dogs that have undergone a creative grooming makeover look fine on stage with the other colorful contestants, but they would look completely ridiculous walking around the neighborhood!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Rescued Dog is Grateful

(YouTube link)

A dog became trapped in a concrete-walled waterway in Romania. We don’t know how long he was there before two men hauled him out, but it was long enough for the dog to realize he was in danger.  He readily displays the pure joy of being on dry land and was very appreciative of the rescue. Contrast his reaction to that of the cat in Sweden that was rescued by a sailor from under a boat. Dogs cannot hide their feelings. Cat make it an art. That’s a good dog.  

There has been much discussion about holding a grown dog by the scruff of its neck. While that isn’t the best way to handle a dog from the dog’s point of view, it is safest for a man approaching a frightened dog he doesn’t know. -via reddit

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Meet Squiggy

Neatoramanaut Jean Cotton sent us some pictures of her dog Squiggy! Squiggy is a hairless Chinese Crested and Japanese Chin mix. He is a local celebrity in Exeter, Rhode Island, where he is considered "cute and unusual looking."

His best features are his sky-high mohawk and a tongue that is constantly hanging out of his mouth.

Squiggy was the winner of the online voting competition of the Sonoma-Marin Fair World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in 2013. Voting in the 2014 contest should begin sometime in April. You can see more pictures of Squiggy at his Facebook page.

Send your pet pictures to tips@neatorama to be included in the pet blog Lifestyle of the Cute and Cuddly!

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Cats Playing Chess

(YouTube link)

Cats are not particularly good at chess, but don’t tell them that. They play with such enthusiasm, we’d hate to ruin their enjoyment! The humans in these matches are very forgiving about cats moving pieces the wrong way, taking too many turns, and moving their opponent’s pieces. That’s the price we pay for a friendly game with someone we know and love. -via Tastefully Offensive

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20 Fun Facts About Our Mysterious Feline Friends

Psst! Wanna learn something new about your cat? Or cats in general, too. We know they’re cute and funny; that’s why we share so many cat videos. But they are also pretty intelligent.

Sure, their brains are small, accounting for just 0.9 percent of their body mass. But according to Psychology Today, "the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and a structure that is about 90 percent similar to ours." The cerebral cortex—the part of the brain that's responsible for cognitive information processing—is more complex in cats than in dogs, and cats have some 300 million neurons, as compared to 160 million in dogs. Some research does suggest that dogs are slightly smarter than cats, but cat owners might have a different opinion on that.

One more fun cat brain fact: The most sophisticated supercomputer in 2010 performed 83 times slower than a cat’s brain.

There are 19 other fascinating fun facts about cats over at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Erin McCarthy)

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20 Fantastic Pieces of Furniture For Pets

Why should cool home designs be limited to human residents? Pets like to look a little classy too. And over on Homes and Hues, we've compiled some of the coolest and most fun pieces of pet furniture ever created.

There's everything from geeky designs for cats -like this Indiana Jones bridge...

to ridiculously fancy beds for dogs. Whatever you and your furry friends are into, there's sure to be something to impress you both in this delightful list.

So don't miss all the fun, go look at these 20 Wonderful Pieces of Furniture For Pets

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Oh Deer! What an Embarrassing Position!

How humiligratin'! This is not what you had pictured when you tried to leap that small fence, is it?

The deer didn’t quite make it over the picket fence Sunday morning. The Kelley family of Attleboro, Massachusetts, woke up to find the poor deer hanging upside-down from the point where its rear legs were caught between the pickets.

(YouTube link)

Luckily, the pickets in this one-year-old fence slide out, so Brian Kelley was able to free the deer by removing one picket -very carefully. The deer seemed to be okay, and Kelley did not get kicked in the face as expected. -via Arbroath

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Playing Ping Pong with a Cat

(vimeo link)

The title does not mean that someone is playing table tennis against a cat. Two people are playing, and they happen to have a cat. And you know how cats are, they want to be all up in the middle of everything, especially if it involves a moving object. This cat’s name is Oreo, and she thinks she should play, too. Or rather, she thinks she should catch the ball and declare herself the winner. After watching this, I’ve decided that unless you have serious points to score, playing “with a cat” might be the most fun way to play table tennis!  -via Tastefully Offensive

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