Owners Had No Idea What Sitter Did With Their Dog Until He Sent Them The Video

Dog owners hope for the best when they hire a sitter, so if the dog seems to genuinely like their sitter that's usually a good sign since dogs don't hide their feelings about humans.

But if your dog straight up loves hanging out with their sitter then you might want to watch the two of them in action, because there's probably something adorable going on there.

Skylar the dog absolutely adores her sitter James Liakos, and James loves hanging with Skylar so much he filmed their adventures together, creating the incredibly sweet video "Cute Whippet Dog Story: Man's Best Friend".

James' clients had no idea what was going on, until James sent them the video...

(YouTube Link)

-Via PawMyGosh

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Hamster Loses Struggle with Hamster Wheel

This hamster trying to use a hamster wheel is a metaphor for the way life tends to throw a wrench in our plans. You're going along just fine, thinking you've finally figured something out, or have a skill down, and suddenly things go sideways and you don't even know how it happened.

(YouTube link)

The real kicker is that you get laughed at when you are in the most vulnerable position. But we can be like this little hamster, and just pick ourselves up and try again! -via Digg

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Baby Elephant Throws Tantrum In Middle Of Road, Parents Know Just What To Do

Young elephants are just like little kids in one key way- they like to throw tantrums when they're trying to get their way, hoping their parents will take pity on them and give in to their demands.

And pachyderm parents handle these tantrums the same way many human parents do- by ignoring the bratty child until they fall back in line again.

(YouTube Link)

According to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust this tantrum throwing behavior is pretty typical:

"Elephants also display many of the attributes of humans as well as some of the failings. They share with us a strong sense of family and death and they feel many of the same emotions. Each one is, of course, like us, a unique individual with its own unique personality.
They can be happy or sad, volatile or placid. They display envy, jealousy, throw tantrums and are fiercely competitive, and they can develop hang-ups which are reflected in behaviour."

-Via World of Animals

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Crappy Cat Drawings That Are Actually Photorealistic

Cats ain't the easiest critters in the kingdom to draw, and yet their personalities and feline essence can be captured in a less than realistic drawing.

But one of the biggest problems with drawing cats is that they won't pose or sit still long enough to be used as a model, so if you're not a quick draw artist you have to catch them while they're sleeping.

This creates a new problem- cats often sleep in funny places and positions, so the drawings come out looking more like a caterpillar than a cat, which makes people think you don't know how to draw cats.

People will also judge your cat drawings if the feline subject is making a funny face, because cats never do funny things and they certainly don't make funny faces, not ever!

Heloisa created the Twitter account Poorly Drawn Cats (@poorlycatdraw) because she's always being judged for her cat drawings even though every one of them is a photorealistic masterpiece.

See When Your Teacher Keeps Saying You Can't Draw Cats, But Your Paintings Are Photorealistic here

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Why It Sucks To Be A Male Hyena

Hyenas spend their days laughing at all the other critters in the savanna, and as usual those who laugh at the expense of others are crying on the inside.

But unlike the lions, whom they laugh at despite their royal status, a male hyena's life is way worse than a female's- because they're basically ostracized once they hit adolescence:

A life of hunting zebras and raising young on the savanna isn’t half bad for a female hyena. Sadly, the same can’t be said for their male counterparts. As MinuteEarth explains, things take a downturn for the males of the species once they hit adolescence. No female in their pack will mate with them, a behavior scientists believe evolved to avoid inbreeding, so they head off in search of a different group to join. After dealing with vicious hazing from their new clan, they file in at the bottom of the rank and wait for other males above them to die so that they can slowly gain status.

Even after rising through the hierarchy, the most a male hyena can aspire to is being second place to the lowest-ranking female. Thanks to their bulky build and aggressive behavior, female hyenas enjoy a dominant position that’s rare in the animal kingdom.

Looks like life got the last laugh Mr. Hyena! Here's that video by MinuteEarth to explain more:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Mental Floss

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Watch a Swimming Corgi from Underneath

Okay, can you think of anything less efficient than little Corgi legs doing a dog paddle? Yet Zero is having a great time in the swimming pool. The Jaws theme is the icing on the cake for this cute video. I wonder if all that fur traps air bubbles and make a Corgi more buoyant than other dogs.

(YouTube link)

Zero's full name is Zero Marie Hussein Corgibutt, which makes her special right away. She has her own Instagram account. -via Tastefully Offensive

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'Catios' Are The Latest Cool Craze Among Cat Owners

(Image Link)

Cats like to hang outside as much as possible, but letting them go out whenever they want can expose them to many dangers and potentially shorten their life span.

Which is why cat owners are building enclosed "catios" so their furry family members can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with less risk of curiosity killing the cat.

(Image Link)

Catios look pretty cool too, so you won't end up looking like a crazy cat person when you convert your patio or install one on the side of your home.

And your cat will thank you for the opportunity to bask in the sun and see the birds up close inside a space that's safe from predators and dangerous people.

(Image Link)

See more from Cat Owners Everywhere Are Building 'Catios' In Their Backyard here

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Homemade Sushi for Cats

We already knew that chef Jun Yoshizuki and his wife Rachel have three perfectly spoiled cats: Haku, Poki, and Nagi. You don't know that half of it. Watch him make the cats some perfect sushi, while they watch.

(YouTube link

Jun always makes homemade cat food, even for Poki, the world's most annoying cat. -via Metafilter

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Bird Regrets Opening a Box

This curious parrot sees a box on the table and has to open it. It has an unexpected kitten inside. That's okay, until the cat acts up, then it's goodbye cat! This strikes me as possibly the most perfect gif I've ever seen. I don't know why it didn't make the front page of reddit. In the original video, the bird relents to his human's order to free the cat. However, he makes it clear that he does not forgive the cat for his rude behavior.

(YouTube link)

-via Boing Boing

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Inquisitive Manatee Is Fascinated By See Through Canoe

Manatees are curious creatures in both appearance and personality, and their curiosity often drives them to interact with humans even though they really should steer clear.

I don't blame the Florida manatee in this video for being fascinated by the See Through Canoe, since it makes the human in the canoe easy to see while keeping them out of reach.

It's making the curious sea cow in this video wonder what he could accomplish with his own See Through Canoe, so if it comes up missing this video may be used as evidence.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Amazing World Of Hedgehog Art

People have been in love with hedgehogs since they first set eyes on those cute little critters, and since then we've been expressing our love by making them the subject of many artistic masterpieces.

However, the human centric heads of the art world didn't want galleries displaying works of art depicting hedgehogs as superior life forms, so they censored the artwork by painting people over the hedgehogs.

So hedgehog art historian Princess Pricklepants has been busy uncovering the ugly truth about human art history, peeling back the layers of cover-up paint to reveal the true stars of our favorite works of art.

See The Amazing World Of Hedgehog Art History here

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Long-legged Cat

Look at the legs on this cat! McPokie tells us that this longcat was taken in by his local animal shelter in Australia, where she finished weaning her litter of kittens. Her name is Quenda, and she is estimated to be about two years old.

Contrary to her leg length she is, in addition, ridiculously tiny for an adult kitto.

Also in addition, due to her legs going on forever and ever she had a high of applicants after the shelter posted an appeal for her to be adopted and so she has now found her forever home.

While we are happy that she now has a home, we are also glad the shelter photographed Quenda and her legs, or we'd never believe it. -via reddit

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Symba the Fat Cat Has Quite the Happy Adoption Story

Miss C recently shared the story of Symba the cat, a 35 pound stray that was surrendered to the Human Rescue Alliance and adopted by Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin, who promised to stick to his diet program.


If there were any doubts about his new owners' dedication, the couple proved their absolute adoration for Symba (who was since renamed Vito) by including him in their wedding photos. 

You can see more of the adorable pictures on DCist

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Reasons Why Your Cat Won't Stop Meowing

Some people think their cat meows at them all day because it wants their attention or because it "likes to talk". But really their cat is meowing at them because they can't speak human but want their human to know something is up.

This something could be boredom, physical pain or simply to get their owners to praise them for their great meowing skills.

However, you shouldn't disregard your cat's meowing until you know for sure there's nothing wrong with them, especially if the cat suddenly becomes way more talkative than before.

I once had a cat who kept meowing her head off until she was hoarse, and we thought she was just after our attention- turns out she had a tooth that needed to be pulled and an abcess in her gums, and had we waited any longer to take her in to the vet she might have died. Listen to your kitties, folks!

Read 7 Reasons Your Cat Won't Stop Meowing here

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Mr. Handsome Needs a Home

The Chatham County (North Carolina) Animal Shelter came into possession of a 31-pound stray cat last week. He soon came to be called Mr. Handsome, and found his own sleeping place on a shelf in the center's office. Although he was obviously fed and loved by someone, his owner has not been found

“We have never had a cat this big in the 10 years I’ve been here,” said Ginny Jenrette of Chatham County Animal Services (CCAS). “I also worked at a veterinary clinic prior to this and the largest cat I had seen there was 26 pounds.”

This feline, which is being kept in an office because he is too large to fit properly inside a standard kennel, weighs in at 31.4 pounds.

The shelter is now looking for a qualified home for Mr. Handsome. To be considered, an applicant must have a veterinarian willing to watch after his health and weight. The application form is here. -via Mashable

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We All Have Hobbies -And This Swan's is Gardening

(Video Link)

Black swans get a bad name, but there is dark side to their beauty. In fact, they can have great personalities and even fascinating hobbies, like this swan who likes to garden in his free time. It seems this isn't even such a rare hobby for black swans, but I can't tell you if they all keep such a well-groomed garden

Via Pets Lady

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Singing Samoyeds

What we have here are four Samoyeds, harmonizing like a barbershop quartet. Well, three of them anyway. In every quartet, there's one guy who wants to only take the solos. In this case, that's Biscotti.

(YouTube link)

Dog trainer Lisa Marino caught her dogs singing and had to share it with us. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Kitten Playing with Dog

This kitten wants to play, while the dog just wants to nap. It's a cute sequence. But wait... do you see what I see? How many toes does this kitten have?

(YouTube link)

I think this kitten has at least twenty-four toes, maybe more. Those big feet are going to win him some fans! -via Tastefully Offensive

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Fisherman Finds Bizarre Surprise Inside A Largemouth Bass

Fishermen enjoy posting pics of their catches online so they can brag about their haul and provide proof to their skeptical friends, pics that don't look like much unless you're a fisherman or big time fish fan.

But 22-year-old fisherman Monroe MacKinney posted a pic of his catch that everyone will enjoy- because the largemouth bass he caught had a dead mole in its gullet that looked like it was trying to climb out.

-Via Motherboard

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This French Bulldog Sounds Just Like A Race Car

Some Bulldogs have really bad breathing problems, and both English and French Bulldogs have been known to snore louder than humans due to their respiratory system issues.

These breathing problems cause them to make really funny noises, making them sound like a snuffling pig or a honking goose, but Chibs the French Bulldog tops them all- because he sounds like a furry little race car.

(YouTube Link)

Abby Russell lives with the adorable Mr. Chibs and the equally adorable Pumpkin, and she shared these videos of Chibs teaching Pumpkin how to "sing" for her dinner, so they can open a doggy dinner theater in Vegas.

-Via Daily Treat

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Animals Hugging

Here's a site you'll want to bookmark for those days when all the news is bad news and nothing seems to go right. Animals Hugging is exactly what it says, with a few animals kissing and cuddling thrown in. Sometimes the critters are the same species, while others show interspecies affection.

You'll see cows, bats, horses, rabbits, goats, kangaroos, squirrels, deer, chickens, and parrots showing affection, but more cats and dogs than anything. -via Metafilter

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Cat Carries Her Bed Upstairs

(YouTube link

A cat in Quebec gave birth to a litter of kittens upstairs. Not long afterward, she decided that they needed her cat bed, which was downstairs. Whether it was because the bed is soft, or because it has sides to keep the kittens corralled, she knew what she wanted, and went to work to make it happen. YouTube commenters are wondering why the humans didn't help her, but she seems to have the situation pretty well under control. Smart cat. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Cat Has A Hilarious Reaction To His Owner Telling Him It's Time To Go Home

Develop a close bond with your pet and you'll swear they understand the words coming out of your mouth, as if they learn human languages simply by living amongst us.

And as they develop a deeper understanding of our speech patterns they start to take notice of certain bits they like and bits they don't like.

Food related words make them come running, praise makes them purr, and direct orders are seen as a threat to their freedom, which causes them to switch into rebel mode as demonstrated by Luigi the cat.

(YouTube Link)

-Via AWM

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The Role of Cats & Dogs in Victorian Cases of Spousal Abuse

A blog post from Mimi Matthews is an overview of cases from the Victorian era of pets defending a woman from spousal abuse. It opens with the trial of George Amey, who assaulted his estranged wife, Isabella. George no longer lived with Isabella, but visited her in the home he had left, where she lived with her cat Topsy. An altercation began, and George threw Isabella down and started to strangle her.  

George might have killed Isabella if not for Topsy’s sudden—and rather unexpected—intervention. Upon seeing her mistress being ill-used, the faithful cat sprang into action. As the Illustrated Police News relates:

    “The wife told the warrant-officer Roskelly that while on the ground and screaming, a favourite cat, named Topsy, suddenly sprang on her husband and fastened her claws in his eyes and her teeth in his face. Her husband could not tear the cat away, and he was obliged to implore her to take the cat from him to save his life.”

George was arrested, charged, and ultimately sentenced to prison for one month.

This is just the first of three cases that explain why women alone tend to become cat ladies or dog ladies. Although, in one case, it was the man's own dog that prevented him from killing his wife. -via Strange Company

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The Aquarium With a "Naughty Penguin of the Month" Board

The National Aquarium of Zealand knows that penguins may be cute, but they can also be rather bratty. That's why they've instituted a "naughty penguin of the month" board for their resident troublemakers in order to let the public know a little more about the birds they are admiring.

To be fair, they also chronicle the good behaviors of well-behaved penguins as well. For example, the board might point out that Timmy was naughty because he stole fish and pushed another penguin over, but Betty was good for swimming well and waiting paitently for fish. Deep down though, all penguins, even pesky little Timmy are good penguins.

Via Travel and Leisure

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Cat Charms Cows

(YouTube link)

Tom, the cat, and Mystery, the cow, both live at a dairy farm. You can almost imagine the conversation between them.

Mystery: Ooh, look! What an adorable cat! Aren't you just the cutest thing. Look, Bossy, have you ever seen a more beautiful cat? Look, he's licking my face! Isn't that sweet. He's so cuddly, now, aren't you, sweetheart? Come over here, y'all and see this cat! I think he likes me!

Tom: Milk! Milk!

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Do You Know Where Those Adorable Dog Photos On Reddit Come From?

People are constantly posting and sharing pictures of cute animals online, and there's a whole subreddit dedicated to sharing adorable animal pictures for people to "awwww!" at appropriately titled /r/aww.

But can any of us really claim to know exactly where each and every one of those animal pics on /r/aww came from?

According to John Savoia, founder of the Facebook group Dogspotting, many pics are being "stolen" from his Facebook group and shared on /r/aww without proper credit, which is "an affront to the true spirit of Dogspotting":

"Reddit is built upon content aggregation and not on content creation," John Savoia, who's widely credited with creating the tongue-in-cheek sport of Dogspotting, told me via email. To Savoia, that some /r/aww users feel comfortable passing off other people's images as their own ranks as the lowest of the low. "Dogspotting is built on the concept that honor and satisfaction come from doing the work of spotting," he said. "These poor souls probably haven't seen a real dog in years."

"Dogspotting is nothing without the vibrant and amazing community of people who everyday put themselves out there to spot dogs," he added. "Across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we want to show off the best of Dogspotting, not just the photos, but the people who bring that content to Dogspotting. Dogspotting is a lifestyle but it's also a community."

Read Reddit's /r/aww Is Full Of Stolen Dog Pics at Motherboard

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Goalkeeper Cat

(YouTube link)

This cat rarely lets a bottle cap get by! He was only seven months old when this video was recorded, but he's skilled at stopping them high or low. This kitty is laser-focused on his goal tending duties when the bottle caps start flying in a game a "Nyan hockey." You can see more of his games here. -via Laughing Squid

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This Guy Doesn't Whisper To Horses, He Dances With Them

Dog dancing totally makes sense to me, and cat dancing makes a strange sort of sense when you consider how cats cling to our neck and shoulders when they're scared, their claws in turn making us dance with pain.

I've also seen riders train their horses to dance, rearing up on their hind legs to chachacha, but dancing with horses is new to me and I'm loving every minute of it.

This video features one of the world's premiere trainers and horse dancers, Frédéric Pignon, showing off his beautiful and talented Frisian stallions.

(YouTube Link)

-Via World of Animals

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Bat Eats a Banana

Denise Wade is the volunteer flying fox coordinator at Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD. She takes in injured or orphaned flying foxes that need care until they can be released. Wade posts videos under the YouTube name Batzilla the Bat. Here she feeds a banana to Miss Alicia, a young rescue bat named for the woman who found her on the road.  

(YouTube link)

She loves that banana! Since Miss Alicia was not injured by her traffic experience, she was examined, fed, and given a chance to rest before being released. Oh yeah, and recorded on video for our continued entertainment. -via Metafilter

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