Kittens Found On The Side Of The Road Turn Out To Be Rare Jungle Cats

Most strays are just sick animals in need of care and a new home, so eighteen-year-old Hamdan Shibli didn't think twice about helping the three tiny kittens he found on the side of the road while walking to work.

And I can't blame him, look at how cute those little fluffballs are!

Hamdan saw they were wild cats so he scooped up the little kittens and put them in a bush, hoping their mom would return and take care of them.

But soon after posting a pic of them online he realized those kittens were special- because they were jungle cats, which are native to Asia but number about 600 living in the wild in Hamdan's home country of Israel.

Their mother never returned, and the kittens were covered in ticks and in bad shape, so Hamdan put them in a basket and took them to a wild animal hospital for treatment.

Sadly one of the three kittens died in the hospital, which isn't that surprising considering the abandoned kittens were only five weeks old and in bad shape, but the other two are now tick free, on the mend and eating solid foods.

And hopefully they'll be able to return to the wild when they're well enough to take care of themselves, so they can grow up to look as majestic and beautiful as the adult jungle cat in this photo.

-Via Boredom Therapy

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Mosby's Motto

Tyler Hudson looks at life through the eyes of his dog Mosby. Mosby's got life all figured out, and it's a pretty cool life.

(YouTube link)

To be honest, there's a lot we can learn from our pets. They take life as it comes, they don't stress, they're just happy. That's because they have one thing we don't have: someone who loves them who will always take care of them. And they trust in that. -via Tastefully Offensive 

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Dog Is Not Sold On Hamster's Cuteness, No Matter How Hard His Human Tries To Convince Him

Dogs make great companions, great security guards and great pets, and their greatness has definitely gone to their head- because dogs rightfully feel like they're better than any other household pets, except cats, of course.

So when you get some new little rodent to add to your collection don't bore your dog with introductions, because as Dog of Instagram bmd.san shows us hamsters are not even worthy of a dog's attention, not even as a snack.

A short while later the dog actually got over his superiority complex and accepted a hamster's love in his heart, and now the two are "friends".

-Via Digg

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This Cute Little Owl Complains Whenever The Petting Stops

There's a bunny in Japan who won't let their human stop petting them, and he throws a tantrum when the stroking stops, which apparently isn't an uncommon rabbit behavior.

But as far as I know most owls don't care much for physical interaction with humans, so they certainly don't strike me as the type of animal sitting around waiting to be stroked by some human.

However Nicha, the cute little pet owl in this video, is both a fan of people and petting, and she complains loudly every time her human stops scratching her cute little head.  

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Birds That Escape From Captivity Are Teaching Other Birds How To Speak (And Swear)

Some birds are so smart they can not only learn to speak like a human- they can also teach other birds how to speak.

And when these chatty birds escape from captivity they take their ability to imitate human language with them, and before you know it their new wild bird friends are asking for crackers and screaming curse words from the trees above.

According to ornithologist Jaynia Sladek from the Australian Museum birds that are natural mimickers hear birds saying human words and can't help but want to imitate these new sound cues:

Some birds are so smart they can not only learn to speak like a human- they can also teach other birds how to speak. And when these chatty little birds escape from captivity they take the knowledge of how to imitate human language with them, and before you know it wild birds are asking for crackers and screaming curse words from the trees above.

Wild birds are able to quickly learn from the chatty ex-pets and as a result, start picking up new words and sounds. The remnants of the language are often passed down to offspring. “There’s no reason why, if one comes into the flock with words, [then] another member of the flock wouldn’t pick it up as well,” Sladek told Australian Geographic.

Read Birds That Escape From Captivity Teach Wild Birds How To Speak (And Swear) In English here

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Guy Gets Same Tattoo As His Adopted Dog, Soon Realizes He Made A Terrible Mistake

(Image Link)

It's not a good idea to get a symbol tattooed on your skin without finding out what it means first, just ask anyone who got a tattoo in Chinese or Japanese or Sanskrit during college.

The guy in the photo above adopted a dog with a tattoo then got the very same tattoo on his bicep without researching it first and discovered he'd made a terrible mistake after posting his heartfelt story on social media.

He thought the tattoo had been applied by the dog's cruel and heartless former owners, turns out it's a mandatory tattoo applied by vets to shelter pets to indicate they've been neutered. Well, at least he'll have something to talk about if he ever dates a veterinarian!

-Via Goodfullness

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Is This Underwater Afghan Hound More Funny or Spooky?

Most dogs swim using the dog paddle method. This Afghan hound might be doing the dog paddle, but you wouldn't know it through all that hair. He looks more like a ghost floating through the ether.


(Twitter link)

To be honest, the dog resembles a sloth dressed up in a Chewbacca or Cousin It costume. -via Digg   

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What Life Is Like When You Have More Than Three Pets

(Image Link)

At one point my family had fourteen pets living in our home, and if my little sister had gotten her way that number would have continued to go up on a daily basis.

We had two parrots, two finches, a turtle, four cats, two dogs, a rat and two cockatiels, and even though I was only 11-13 years old I often had to take care of them all, which was a crash course in pet responsibility.

(Image Link)

It was also surprising to see how well all these pets would get along with each other, and despite the pet madness (and all the poop) my younger self didn't mind being surrounded by critters.

Then again, it probably would have been quite different if we'd had a dozen cats living in our home, and our house would have smelled even worse...

(Image Link)

See 10 People Reveal What Life Looks Like When You Have More Than 3 Pets here

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A Squirrel's Big Moment

The highlight of the Kent State-Louisville game Saturday was when an unauthorized player took the field. A squirrel caught the attention of the broadcast team, and the crowd, too. When he took off running down the field, everyone stood up and cheered! Will he score a touchdown?

(YouTube link)

You'd run pretty fast, too, if a stadium full of giants was yelling at you. Louisville trounced Kent State 42-3, so the squirrel was truly the most exciting play of the afternoon. -via reddit

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Jack Russell Bullies Three Cats

A tiny terrier pays no attention to the fact that these lion cubs are several times his size. What matters is intimidating them from the start, so they know who's boss. Jack Russells are born with a Napoleon complex, and use it to the fullest extent.  

(YouTube link)

The cubs probably just want to play, but they know better than to mess with a yapping ball of fury, no matter how small it is. -via reddit

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Former Stray Dog Adopts 8 Tiny Pigs

Stories about adult animals adopting baby animals from another species are well liked by all, so a story about a dog adopting 8 little piglets should go over like gangbusters!

This is Treasure the dog, and she doesn't judge a baby animal by its species, nor will she ever refuse a baby animal in need because she was a stray once herself so she knows what it's like to be an orphan.

When Treasure's owner Wes Trevor, owner of Spectrum Plants Gold Coast in Australia, found the little piglets they were in pretty bad shape, but he fed them special food and began nursing them back to health. 

Then Treasure's motherhood instincts kicked in and she started caring for the piglets like they were her own litter of oinking pups, and she even began producing milk for the hungry little oinkers.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Bored Panda

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This Little Piggy Wants To Be A Pet, Not A Rack Of Ribs, In Pig Me

What is a little pig to do when they live in a world full of sausage and pork chop lovin' people who want to see little piggies killed, butchered, cooked and served on a plate?

He must run for his life to escape his horrible fate, and hide in the shadows to avoid being seen by any hungry humans, but in the end he must think of his future and try to make that difficult transition from herd animal to pet.

(YouTube Link)

Pig Me is another great animated short from The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and watching it made me want a rack of ribs and a pet pig...what is wrong with me?!

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Nearly 600 Very Good Dogs

If you were going to witness an attempt to break a world record, this is the one you'd want to attend. An association called the Border Collie Owners of South Australia (BCOSA) welcomed 576 border collies to a park in Willaston, South Australia, Sunday to create the largest gathering of border collies ever.

(YouTube link)

The previous record was 503 border collies in one place. However, the Guinness organization does not recognize gatherings of specific dog breeds, so the result is only bragging rights, and a memorable event for both the dogs and their owners. In other words, a good time was had by all. -via The Daily Dot

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A Newly Discovered Underwater City Engineered By Octopuses

Scientists are now well aware of how smart octopuses are, and the more we learn about these intelligent and gentle creatures people once thought of as sea monsters the more we find to respect and admire about them.

They're masterful escape artists, brave warriors willing to battle even the most dangerous predators, and they have been known to use discarded coconut shells as mobile homes.

And if that's not enough to convince you the octopus is an amazing animal maybe their underwater city Octlantis will wow you:

In Jervis Bay, off Eastern Australia, researchers recently spotted 15 gloomy octopuses congregating, communicating, dwelling together, and even evicting each other from dens at a site the scientists named “Octlantis.” The international team of marine biologists, led by professor David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University, filmed these creatures exhibiting complex social behaviors that contradict the received wisdom that these cephalopods are loners. Their study was published in the journal Marine and Freshwater Behavior and Physiology (paywall).

It’s not yet clear what led to the creation of Octlantis or if these sorts of congregations are common.

At least one other gloomy octopus site was found recently, though; it was discovered in 2009, not far away in Jervis Bay, and named Octopolis. At that time it was considered a total anomaly. Researchers believed that the cephalopods gathered there because an unidentifiable human object happened to have formed a central point that the cephalopods surrounded with dens. The unknown artifact was a single object about 30 cm long, heavily encrusted, possibly made of metal. The site has been observed for seven years now, and at any given time, there are somewhere between two and 16 octopuses there.

Read Octlantis Is A Just-Discovered Underwater City Engineered By Octopuses here

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Bini the Basketball Bunny Achieves World Record

Bini (previously at Neatorama) has many hobbies, such as painting and doing tricks for his human. He likes to play a little basketball before he goes to bed every night.  

(YouTube link)

The folks at Guinness World Records have recognized Bini's talents with a world record for "most slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit." Seven of them. Yeah, sure, it's a made-up category for Bini, but it's still amazing. It got the rabbit into the book Guinness World Records 2018: Amazing Animals. This is the first edition, so who knows? Maybe some other bunny will come along and challenge that record. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Everyone Who Meets Pippin The Miniature Stallion Falls In Love With Him

Pippin is a miniature stallion with the heart of a Clydesdale, and he doesn't feel like he's any less of a horse than his bigger cousins because his spirit shines bright and he makes a big impression on everyone he meets.

In fact, most people and horses who meet Pippin instantly fall in love with the little guy, and who can blame them- he's a little shaggy little sweetheart with a super chill temperament and the soul of a lover.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Paw My Gosh

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Snooperkatz, the Lost Cat of 1894

Christian Gudebrod ran the The Gudebrod Brothers Silk Company, Inc. at the building now called Bleecker Tower in New York City. The business had a shop cat named Snooperkatz that Gudebrod was particularly fond of. When Snooperkatz went missing in May of 1894, Gudebrod posted flyers offering a one dollar reward for the return of his lost cat.

Unfortunately, nobody returned Snooperkatz. However, every man, woman, and child who saw the flyer brought Christian Gudebrod multiple street cats in hopes of getting the dollar reward.

As The Sun reported on May 11, 1894, within just a few days, the large building was overrun with cats, “raising their voices in a stream of profanity that is dark, deep and strong.” There were “black cats, white cats, gray cats, yellow cats, mottled cats, tomcats, pussy cats, tailless cats, earless cats, whiskerless cats, cats of high caste, and cats of absolutely no caste at all!”

Apparently the people who brought the cats were not too keen on taking them back where they found them. Anyway, the story made the newspapers, and The Sun sent a reporter to interview Gudebrod about the incident. Gudebrod told many tales about the mischievous and often downright devilish Snooperkatz, which you can read at The Hatching Cat. -via Strange Company

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DIY Projects That Will Change Your Cat's Life

(Image Link)

Cats tend to get really bored hanging around the house all day, so unless we want shredded couches and torn curtains we have to provide sources of entertainment for our feline family members.

And when our cats get bored of their trees, toy mice and little feathered things on strings we have to give them a new amusing thing to swat at, pounce on or rub themselves against, like this self petting station made from toilet brushes.

(Image Link)

The best stuff you can give your cat is the stuff you make yourself, because you know your cat well enough to know whether hanging (or swinging) around in a cool kitty trapeze all day will be a lifestyle upgrade.

You'll also be able to make toys both you and the cat can enjoy, like this treat dispenser puzzle that makes your lazy kitty work for their vittles while you laugh at their futile attempts. There ain't no treats in there, ya dumb cat!

(Image Link)

See 25 DIY Projects That Will Change Your Cat's Life here

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One of the perks of owning a boat is getting to name it with the most ridiculous pun you can think of. In this case, a punny name is quite appropriate, considering the passengers. The top comment was quite clever, too:

They're all good buoys!

Of course they are.

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Relax and Pet Your Dog

(Twitter link)

Paul Rugg, who writes and does voiceovers for cartoons (he worked on Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain, among other shows) tells us how he relaxes at home with his beloved dog. Truly a man's best friend. -via reddit

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This Man Saved His Poor Little Pooch From A Pool Of Quicksand

When our furry family members are in trouble we come to their aid just as quickly as we would if one of our human kids needed help, proving how much we value our pet's lives.

51-year-old Paul Stott was out for a stroll on a Northumberland beach with his little Chihuahua mix Dave  when poor Dave was swallowed up by a pool of quicksand.

Paul wasn't sure how to rescue little Dave but didn't hesitate either- he reached right into the quicksand pool and yanked the poor little guy out.

Paul's quick thinking kept Dave from becoming quicksand food, and now Dave's story will serve as a warning to other dog owners about the dangerous quicksand pools on the beach.

Here's Paul demonstrating how deep the quicksand pool is, and how far in he had to reach to grab poor Dave:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Daily Mail

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Blind Cat Loves Music

Sarper Duman is a Turkish musician and a cat lover -he feeds the stray cats of Istanbul and has taken eleven of them in to his home. One of his fans sent him this cute video of a blind cat enjoying Duman's music.

(Instagram link

"This has been the most touching message i've ever recieved. This beautiful blind cat's name is Namık. They say he acts that way whenever he is shown my videos. It's so impressive for me... Always be happy Namık !"

Aww! We don't know whether Namik is hugging the phone out of affection for the music, or if he just wants to listen to it closer. The effect is the same. Here's a bonus video of Duman with one of his own cats.

-via Boing Boing

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German Shepherd Mom Tires Out Her Pups By Herding Them

If you think being a parent to a human child is hard imagine raising a litter of hyperactive puppies who don't ever seem to want to cooperate, let alone give their poor doggy parent time to relax.

This is probably one of the reasons why so many animal parents stop caring for their kids as soon as they can take care of themselves, but dogs typically take care of their pups for at least the first two to three months of their lives.

So what is a German Shepherd mommy to do when her little ones seem to have an unlimited supply of puppy energy? She has to come up with a creative way to tire them out, preferably one which involves the shepherd half of her DNA.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Shareably

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These Animals Look Like They're Posing For The Cover Of Their Band's New Album

Animals don't have to pretend to be cool or put on airs when they're hangin' with their buds because they were born too cool to care, and they look cooler just sitting there not posing for a pic than any human ever could.

This inherent coolness makes groups of animals automatically look like members of a hot new band, and when you photograph the pack you've got the makings of a super slick album cover for the hottest album of the year.

The best thing about an animal band is they will play for food, but when it comes to trashing hotel rooms they're much worse than their human counterparts- because their room destruction involves way more fecal matter.

See 10+ Animals That Look Like They're About To Drop The Hottest Album Of The Year here

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Man Plays Peek-A-Boo With An Adorable Little Owl

Wild animals have been known to act strangely when they meet a human, putting on a little show meant to either welcome or intimidate their new acquaintance.

It's hard to tell what this little owl was thinking when it played peek-a-boo with Michael Stephenson at the Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park near East Yorkshire, England, but Michael was thinking that tiny owl was the cutest thing he'd ever seen.

Michael was honored to have been chosen for such a sweet game of peek-a-boo, but for all he knows the little owl was trying to scare him off by popping up and unleashing its super intimidating stare upon him. Nice try little guy!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Man Teases Dog About Giving Away His Treat, Dog Has A Lot To Say About The Betrayal

Teasing the family pets can be fun, especially when they act like little punks all the time, but if you're going to tease your pets at least have the decency to capture the whole thing on video, so we can all have a laugh at their expense!

Six years ago Andrew Grantham took the joy of teasing the family pet to a new level of ridiculousness on his YouTube channel Talking Animals with this video entitled "Ultimate Dog Tease".

In it Andrew imagines what his dog would say when Andrew teases him about giving his treat away to the cat, and needless to say this is one of the funniest and most important videos ever posted on the internet.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Shareably

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Dog vs. Ducks

Hey Maymo! Would you rather play with a hundred duck-sized ducks, or one horse-sized duck?

(YouTube link)

Maymo the lemon beagle wants to play with all of them, of course. The video description sets this up as a "prank" on the dog, but he's just plain delighted. -via The Daily Dot

See more of Mayo's shenanigans.

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Helping a Little Buddy Cross the Street

A hedgehog is trying to cross a road in Tambov, Russia. A gaggle of geese know that the hedgehog is small and pavement-colored and it's likely that drivers won't see him. So they do the right thing and give him an escort! Notice the one goose that holds her wings out to be more visible. It looks like she is holding traffic back!

(YouTube link)

They make right proper crossing guards, don't you think? Yeah, sure, it's possible the geese aren't paying a bit of attention to the hedgehog, but that's not nearly as cute. The entire group made it to the other side.  -via Tastefully Offensive

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Hermit Crab Uses A Creepy Doll Head As Its Shell

Hermit crabs can't be too picky about choosing a new home, because while they're looking for new digs they're at the mercy of predators.

But hermit crabs do seem to have a sense of style when it comes to choosing a new shell, and they're often attracted to shells that have shiny bling, sharp edges or shells that look tough and intimidating.

I can't imagine any animal, predator or otherwise, would want to mess with a hermit crab sporting a creepy doll head on their back, so this hermit crab shared on Reddit may have found the ultimate form of passive defense.

-Via Daily Dot

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Maru and the Aquarium

Maru the Japanese Scottish fold is ten years old, but he still loves his boxes, no matter what they are made of. His roommate Hana is all grown up, and still taking lessons from Maru. In this video, Maru confronts a see-through box, or what we'd call an aquarium.

(YouTube link)

We can clearly see that Maru, like all cats, takes the shape of his container, and is therefore liquid. -via Tastefully Offensive

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