Bow To This Shoebill Stork And It Will Bow Back

Some birds are really good at imitating sounds or movements made by humans, but the shoebill stork in this video is way too polite to make fun of humans that way- so it has mastered the art of the bow.

This stuffy stork even shakes its head as it bows just like a human, and although the dinosaur bird looks like it wants to bite its affectionate visitor the stork maintains its composure and keeps on bowin'.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Here, You Hold These For a While

Rescue Rovers Dog Adoptions took in a pregnant pit bull and placed her with foster mother Stevoni Wells. Grayce gave birth to eleven puppies! When they were just two days old, she took them in her mouth one by one and placed them all in Wells' lap.  

Wells and her husband seem to think that Grayce wants to be petted but doesn't want to leave the puppies unsupervised. It's also possible that Grayce wants some help from an experienced mother. Or maybe it's just a gesture to show how much she loves and trusts her foster mom. -via Metafilter

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Watch A Wild Orangutan Use A Handsaw To Cut A Branch

We all know how smart primates are, and how they have learned to use certain tools both with a little help from humans and on their own, but knowing about their craftiness cannot compare to seeing it in action.

So here's a video showing an orangutan from Southeast Asia using a handsaw to cut a branch in two, using her feet to hold the branch steady and clearing the sawdust from the cut as she works.

(YouTube Link)

This wild orangutan with a knack for sawing stuff is featured on the BBC nature documentary series Spy In The Wild, which features:

animatronic animals fitted with high-definition cameras, revealing never-before-seen footage of wildlife, up close and personal.

-Via IFL Science

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Two Goats, One Pot

Two goats in Nepal got their heads stuck in the same jar. Whatever was in that container must have been really good, or else the critters are just insanely competitive.

(YouTube link)

It appears the farmer rescued them by brute force. Wouldn't it have been easier to shove one goat further into the pot while pulling the other out? -via Digg

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Forget Snakes on a Plane, Here Are Falcons on a Plane!

Redditor lensoo posted this photo saying a friend of his sent him this image of a flight where a Saudi Prince bought tickets for 80 falcons (technically, he said they were hawks, but Business Insider points out that they were actually falcons as falconry is a popular pastime in the Middle East). It's also relatively common for them to travel on planes in that part of the world.

According to Atlas Obscura, falcons can actually get their own passports for flying in the UAE. The regulations about falcons flying on planes are pretty strange, but also pretty interesting. You can read more about falcons on planes on Business Insider.

Via PetsLady

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Screw Politics, Watch This Puppy Dance

Can you imagine how hard it must be for a little doggy to sit in a pet store window all day watching people walk by who will not be taking them home?

Now that I've broken your heart prepare to have it repaired, filled with squee then melted into a pile of warm goo by this little puppy's Sold Pupper Dance.

(YouTube Link)

Whenever you feel like an unwanted mongrel, and whenever you get tired of reading about the dark state of the world today, watch this video and let those Sold Pupper feels take you away from it all!

-Via Boing Boing

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A Huge Collection Of Really Cool Tattoos Dedicated To Dogs

(Image Link)

People looking for a lasting way to pay tribute to their beloved pet often get a tattoo with their name or likeness, so that pet will be with them for the rest of their lives.

(Image Link)

This is a really sweet way to remember a pet you've loved and lost, but the ink memorial can have the opposite effect on you if the artist does a crappy job of rendering your dear pet's likeness.

But we're not here to dwell on bad tats, we're here to check out some really cool body art dedicated to good dogs both alive and gone to that great big dog park in the sky.

(Image Link)

If you like tattoos this collection will inspire you, if you like dogs this list will probably touch you, but if you hate dogs and tattoos then I suggest watching Benji with your local tattoo artist!

(Image Link)

See 10+ Of The Best Dog Tattoo Ideas Ever here

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This Lobster is Ready for Love

It's normal for lobsters to get barnacles on their shells, but usually they just show up in random patches. This beautiful boy has a heart tattoo on his back that makes him truly special.

It's the perfect lobster for Valentine's Day -assuming he doesn't end up on someone's plate. After all, it's kind of hard to eat something that says it loves you while you chow down.

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Protect Your Cat in Battle With This 3D Printed Cat Armor

We've featured cat armor before, but it's always been expensive and hard to get a hold of. Now you can get your own in no time with this 3D printed cat armor available at Print That Thing. In fact, the armor is even free to print, so your cat can be protected for simply the cost of 3D printing materials. 

So download your cat's armor over here.

Via Geek Girls

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The Secret History of the First Cat in Space

The Soviets sent the dog Laika and other animals into space before humans. NASA sent chimpanzees into space to pave the way for astronauts. The French, a little behind the superpowers, sent a cat into space.

On October 18th, 1963, the Centre national d’études in France was set to send a small cat named Félix into space. After lagging behind its Soviet and American competitors, France was eager to stake its claim in the space race—with cats, for some reason. But on launch day, the mischievous little beast went missing—and an accidental heroine stepped in to take his place. Her name was Félicette.

From the streets of Paris, this tuxedo kitty—nicknamed “Astrocat”—would reach heights never achieved by feline kind. On October 24th, 1963, Félicette jetted 130 miles above Earth on a liquid-fueled French Véronique AG1 rocket, soaring high above the Algerian Sahara Desert. She returned just fifteen minutes later, already a decorated heroine for her nation.

Read about the French space program that launched a kitty at Gizmodo.

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Easy and Cheap Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Your Dog

Whether or not they have a partner, many people still consider their dogs to be the most important figure in their lives. Now thanks to Kol's Notes you can find nine clever photoshoot ideas to celebrate your true love.

Best of all, the ideas all cost less than $5 to create so you can get an awesome picture of your perfect pooch without spending all kinds of cash. Of course, the ultimate success of your photoshoot will depend largely on both your photography skills and how patient your pup is, so the guide won't help you if your pet is the type to destroy props before you even get the camera in focus.

So see the full list of photo ideas at Kol's Notes.

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The Cutest Twitter War Ever

What zoo around the world produces the cutest baby animals? It's not really a competition, because we get to see all of them using the Twitter hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff. It started with a Tweet from the National Zoo announcing the birth of a baby seal. Then Sarah Hill issued a challenge for the Virginia Aquarium to top them. They responded, and then zoos all over started joining in.

That all happened just yesterday, so be sure to check back for more cuteness as time goes by. -via Metafilter

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The Magic Flute Told in Cat GIFs

You might know Mozart's opera The Magic Flute as a wonderful musical experience, but how well do you remember the story? It will only take a couple minutes to go through it with the help of classic cat GIFs! The image above illustrates the line

Papageno despairs at having lost Papagena and decides to hang himself, but is stopped by the three spirits. They advise him to play his magic bells to summon Papagena.

So bells it will be. Some of the gifs are extremely funny, and the entire project proves there's a cat on the internet for every occasion. Read The Magic Flute and enjoy the cats at King FM 98.1. -via Metafilter

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This Optimistic Possum is Here to Cheer You Up on Bad Days

Redditor stretlaw's father happened to spot this impossibly happy possum while he was out hunting. The precious critter (who wasn't harmed) has quickly become an internet celebrity and Bored Panda even started a Photoshop battle that shows just how much the world needs Optimistic Possum right now.

His endless happiness makes him a perfect match for Bob Ross.

But maybe he's actually just desperately trying to get the attention of the woman he loves.

Check out the rest of the Photoshops on Bored Panda

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This Raven Cares Nothing For Your Petty Human Parking Laws

(Video Link)

We all know that "my dog ate my homework" is a pretty lousy excuse, but what about "a raven ate my parking ticket?" It seems this bird has a strong opinion on Canadian bureaucracy. The driver still has to pay the ticket, but at least thanks to local Annemieke Mulders, at least he now has this entertaining footage to watch while he writes out his check.

Via Atlas Obscura

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Puppies Rescued from Buried Hotel

Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy was crushed Wednesday when an avalanche of snow fell on it. Nine people have been rescued, seven have died, and 23 others are still missing. Rescue crews continue to dig around the clock. Two Abruzzo sheepdogs lived at the hotel, and were found wandering the streets after the disaster. But Nuvola and Lupo had puppies in December, which were still missing five days after the avalanche. On Monday, firefighters found all three puppies alive in an air pocket in the hotel's boiler room. The puppies were reunited with their parents. The rescue operation gave firefighters and other emergency workers hope that they may still find other survivors in the wreckage of the hotel.

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Six Million Years Ago There Were Otters the Size of Wolves

If you've ever seen a giant river otter in person, you might be surprised how big they seem when they're right in front of you. But that's nothing compared to the now extinct otters that lived six million years ago. Scientists working in China recently found the fossils of the previously unknown species that would have weighed in at around 110 pounds. The discovery of a complete skull and a few incomplete skeletons is a big jump forward in the knowledge about otter evolution as before that the only fossils scientists had to go by were a few shattered teeth. Like modern otters, they largely lived on shellfish.

If you're really into the science, you can read all the details in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. Otherwise, you might want to stick with the summary on Gizmodo

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Brussels Sprouts Must be Candy for Guinea Pigs

People tend to be pretty torn about their feelings on brussels sprouts -they either love them or they think they're the grossest things in the world.

(Video Link)

Guinea pigs seem to have a drastically different opinion on the strange leafy veggies though. In fact, if this video is any indication, they seem to think brussels sprouts are the best treat in the world. I guess even if you think sprouts are revolting at least now they can bring you some joy.

Via Boing Boing

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Marley and Ella

(YouTube link

You wanna see something adorable? Mom got 9-year-old Marley a kitten! Marley is very happy about it. The emotional scene was so popular that Marley gave us a follow-up, where we see that Ella the kitten has grown in size, and seems very happy with Marley. -via Laughing Squid

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Owner Discovers Heartwarming Note Attached To Her Cat's Collar

Pet cats who are allowed to go outside often become acquainted with their human neighbors as they survey their kingdom, hanging out at various pads and scoring free food and pettings.

These cats usually wear a collar while they're outside, showing the neighbors that the cat they're feeding and petting has an owner nearby, but the collar can also act as a way for neighbors to communicate.

Imgur user SliceofToast discovered a strange note attached to her cat Nala's collar after Nala had come in from her daily patrol of the neighborhood.

The note said "Please Read", so SliceofToast opened it up and discovered the note wasn't so strange after all, just a pleasant sign of affection for a furry frequent visitor.

She must live in a nice neighborhood, because my neighbors were always trying to either steal my cats or run them over!

-Via Honest to Paws

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This Dog Holds the Guinness Title for the World's Longest Tail

We recently introduced you to the new world's tallest dog and now it's time to meet the new holder of the "world's longest tail" Guinness title. Keon is an Irish Wolfhound, which are known for having long tails to start with. But then even most wolfhounds don't have tails that measure 30.2" -that's over two and a half feet long and it doesn't even include the hair at the end. In fact, Keon's tail is 1.7" longer than the previous Guinness record holder.

(Video Link)

No word on how often he knocks things over when he gets that thing wagging.

Via Pets Lady

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Sad Dogs Outside Shops Look So Sad

Dogs have a knack for making people feel pity for them, and when a dog sets its sad eyes upon us, its head, tail and ears hanging low us it tugs at our heartstrings and makes us want to comfort the poor pooch.

For instance- dogs make the saddest face in the world when they're left outside while their human goes inside a store, creating sadorable moments ready to be caught on camera.

The "Sad Dogs Outside Shops" Facebook page chronicles the plight of those poor abandoned and deprived dogs whose cruel owners leave them out in the cold, so we can all pity their sad, sad lives.

See These Sad Dogs Outside Shops Will Make You Cry here

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Escaped Bloodhound Runs Half Marathon; Comes in Seventh

Ludivine the bloodhound escaped her yard when she was let out to go to the bathroom. She then decided to join a half marathon, showing up at the starting line and ended up running all 13.1 miles and came in seventh in the rankings -and was the fastest female runner. Ludivine actually probably ran more than 13.1 miles as she took a few detours to sniff at dead animals in the area and play in the water.

While she wasn't considered a real participant in the event, the dog did get an official medal to celebrate her great running time. April Hamlin, the pup's owner, had no idea the dog ran off until after Ludivine came back a local celebrity. 

Read more about the story at CNN

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Raccoon And Her Newborn Cubs Accidentally Hitch A Ride Across The USA

Wild animals who are about to give birth try to find a safe and secure place to deliver their offspring, where neither humans nor other critters can harm them while they're at their most vulnerable.

But sometimes that search for safety lands them in a heap of trouble, or transports them to a faraway place.

(Image Link)

A raccoon mom desperate to find a safe place to deliver her cubs smuggled herself on board a moving truck which had recently been burglarized and proceeded to give birth.

Unfortunately, the guy driving the truck was moving from Fort Myers, Florida to Marin County, California, so she and her cubs were stuck in the back of the truck for eleven days without food or water.

When the driver discovered those cute little stowaways they were near death, so he turned them over to the wildlife hospital WildCare for treatment.

WildCare was able to nurse the raccoon family back to health, and the Oakland Zoo was willing to take them in and give them a new home.

-Via SFGate

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This Shark Loves Cuddling

Generally speaking, marine animals don't like to be touched but that's not always the case. In fact, professional diver Rick Anderson has a close friendship with a Port Jackson shark that constantly seeks out his pets and belly scratches.

It all started when he started trying to show his diving students how friendly sharks can be by playing with one freshly hatched shark. From that point on, whenever Anderson dived in those waters, the shark would find him and seek cuddles and scratches. This has gone on for seven years, "it got to the point that if I didn’t notice her, she would come out and tap me on the legs until I held out my arms for a cuddle, often to the amazement of my students," he says.

Of course Rick encourages other divers to be respectful of wild animals,"they’ll let you know if they don’t want to be handled," he says, adding, "If you touch some of them, you can also wipe off their protective layers of skin." So please, don't go running around trying to pet under water animals just because this shark is adorable.

You can read more about the shark and Rick and see more pictures on Buzzfeed.

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Giant Alligator Casually Crosses Paths With Tourists In Florida

Tourists who visit the wild parts of Florida hear rumors they may see wild animals up close and personal during their visit, and yet they're still shocked when the rumors turn out to be true.

But I'm pretty sure most native Floridians would still flip out if they saw a twelve foot long alligator walking by just a few feet away.

Kim Joiner and Sean and Kristi Buckley were visiting the Circle B Park in Lakeland, Florida when a giant gator named Humpback strolled by like he's no big deal, giving Kim and the Buckleys a chance to play gator paparazzi.

And just like that Humpback was gone back to wherever 12-foot-long alligators spend their days, but not before Kim could shoot this video footage of his casual stroll.

(YouTube Link)

-Via My Modern Met

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People Are Knitting Sweaters to Help Rescued Elephants

Elephants may be jumbo-sized, but they're still quite emotionally sensitive. So the elephants rescued from abuse who live at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center rely on the compassion and love of their caretakers. 

Unfortuantely, as much as the voluteers at the center love their charges, they can't hug their whole bodies all day long to keep them warm during a surprising cold spell in India. So instead, the volunteers are working to knit the elephants jumbo-sized sweaters to keep them cozy and warm during the freezing winter weather.

Each sweater takes about four weeks to make, but that's a small price to pay when it means keeping rescued elephants happy and healthy.

Via The Dodo

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This Bad-Haired Moth With a Weird Penis Was Just Named After Donald Trump

Just in time for the inauguration, scientists have named the first ever animal after Donald Trump. A few species were named after Obama during his term and now it's Trump's turn. Of course, there is always a reason behind naming a new species after someone and in this case, it's the moth's strange, scaly forehead that bears resemblance to its namesake's yellow helmet of hair. The moth also has a strangely curved penis, but there's no word on if that went into the naming decision or not. 

Those who wish to see the N. donaldtrumpi in person will have to visit California or Baja Mexico, where they are presumably scoping out land to build a great wall.

Via Gizmodo

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This Cat's Post-Rescue Transformation is Amazing

Sinbad the cat is a Persian kitty that belonged to an elderly man in Chicago. Unfortunately, as her owner got older, his mental health declined and the kitty's thick, long hair started matting as he neglected to brush her. When a city worker came to do some repairs and maintenance on the man's home, he noticed the cat's poor condition and called the The Anti-Cruelty Society, who sent an investigation team to check on the kitty. When the team arrived, they asked the man if he would be willing to give up Sinbad and he agreed. 

At the shelter, vets bathed the cat and gave him two rounds of hair cuts -shedding over five pounds of hair from the cat. After he started to look better, shelter employee Elliot Serrano took Sinbad home over the holidays and ended up falling in love with the recovered and loving kitty. Serrano has since adopted Sinbad and the recovering cat is happy to live in a happy home.

You can keep up with Sinbad's exploits on his Facebook and Instagram.

Via InventorSpot

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The Empire Scratches Back

That one scene we all remember so well from The Empire Strikes Back is now available with an all-cat cast! Pasdidée set up the frame and then had to be very patient for his two cats to get their parts right. Here the human version and cat version are shown side-by-side, or rather, top and bottom, as it were.

(YouTube link)

In fact, they may have even switched roles in the middle, but it's hard to tell. Even for the director.   -via reddit

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