It's Batty How Different This Pooch Looks

Tucker may not realize he's different from other dogs, but he suffers from MPS VI, a rare disease that causes a number of medical issues as well as certain deformities. Those deformities look different on everyone with the disease, but in Tucker's case, they happen to have created a dog that looks more like a bat.

He may not be able to walk like other dogs and he may have to wear goggles outside to protect his eyes, but Tucker is still one happy pup and he loves to make all kinds of friends -both human and K-9. You can follow his adorable adventures on his Instagram, Tuckerwearsgoogles.

Via The Dodo

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Wilderness Expert Coyote Peterson Picks Up A Slug The Size Of A Small Dog

Have you ever seen a picture of someone holding an animal and thought “what the hell kinda critter is that?”

It usually winds up being a cat or a dog or a ferret, or something just as basic, but the big black thing wilderness expert Coyote Peterson is holding in the picture above isn't basic at all.

It's a giant black slug, a giant black sea hare to be exact, and it can weigh up to 30 lbs.

(YouTube Link)

Hunting a sea slug the size of a small dog for his new series "Beyond The Tide" is one thing, but if Coyote starts leash training one of these suckers we'll know he's in need of professional help!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Dog Research: Dogs Like, Dogs Snub

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Dog-centric research
compiled by Dirk Manley, Improbable Research staff

Dog Likes You Like You Like Dog?
“I Like My Dog, Does My Dog Like Me?” Therese Rehn, Ulrika Lindholm, Linda Keeling, and Björn Forkman, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, vol. 150, 2014, pp. 65– 73. The authors, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and at the University of Copenhagen, explain:

In this study, the possibility of there being an association between how an owner perceives his/her relationship to their dog and the way the dog experiences the relationship to its owner was investigated using two well-established methods... the Strange Situation Procedure (SSP)... and the Monash Dog Owner Relationship Scale...

Continue reading

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Some Dogs Are Terrible At Playing Hide And Seek

(Image Link)

There are plenty of dogs out there who enjoy playing chase and be chased, but only the shyest and meekest dogs hide well enough to engage in a game of hide and seek.

 photo a24c2476-8692-46f8-991a-33288bbcc5b7_zpsl1ip1l4h.gif

That doesn't stop dogs from trying to hide every time thunder starts clapping outside or they get yelled at for knocking over the trash yet again.

But try as they might they're just not very good at hiding.

(Image Link)

Dogs are the very best seekers though, so some of their strange hiding habits may be a way of masking their scent so their canine pursuers can't sniff them out.

Either that, or dogs are just total weirdos!

(Image Link)

See Proof That Dogs are Terrible at Hide and Seek here

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Scared Seal Dives into a Boat to Escape Orcas

(Video Link)

Orcas eat seals -we know that. Seals know that too and they know the best way to escape is to get to dry land. When there is no dry land though, there is another option for the truly desperate -a boat. And this little terrified guy was all too willing to hop a ride on a passing by ship filled with humans as long as it meant he wasn't on the orca dinner menu.

Via Digg

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The First Contemporary Art Exhibition For Dogs

Humans assume dogs don't appreciate fine art because they often tear any artwork they find lying around to bits, but dogs explore the world with their mouths and they mean no disrespect.

In fact, if a dog's eyes worked like ours they would definitely appreciate art and stare at it more, but they can't see colors like we do.

So dog lover and artist Dominic Wilcox decided to put together an art show both dogs and their humans would find amusing, with exhibits that appeal to canine sensibilities.

'Play More' includes- paintings with colors within the dog vision color spectrum, a giant ball pit shaped like a food bowl full of kibble, a virtual frisbee screen, simulated car window experience, and dancing water jets to delight and refresh art lovin' dogs.

(YouTube Link)

See more from World's First Art Exhibition For Dogs here

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Duet with a Parrot

(YouTube link)

A Brazilian musician sings with his parrot, who knows the songs and even harmonizes in places! I’d like to know how long they’ve been making music together for the bird to be such a good performer. -via Digg

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What's Better Than One Panda Party? A Three-In-One Panda Party

What do you do when three of your friends have birthdays within one week of another? You throw a giant, joint-birthday party. And that's exactly what Washington D.C.'s National Zoo did to celebrate the birthdays of three of their four pandas. Little Bei Bei turned one on Monday (that's not him in the photo since he slept through the cake time).

Bao Bao turns three today.

And pappa Tian Tian turns 19 on Saturday.

It seems safe to say that everyone had a good time, even if little Bei Bei here didn't actually get to eat his own birthday cake.

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Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks With Displeasure

Man, it must really suck to be the little Desert rain frog in this video by Dean Boshoff, because the ornery little critter is so cute even his scream of displeasure sounds like a squeaky toy!

(YouTube Link)

Dean was clearly in awe of the squeaky little guy when he wrote this about the encounter:

I recorded a short clip of the defensive cry of the Desert rain frog – Breviceps macrops while walking along the sand dunes in Port Nolloth, a coastal town in the Northern Cape province, it alerted me to its presence with its fearsome war cry. I knelt down and proceeded to photograph and film this unusual creature’s behaviour.

The Desert rain frog clearly doesn't have a clue about active defenses, because if it did it would realize its ridiculously cute squeak just makes people like Dean Boshoff want to pester it more!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Charlie the Chicken Wears the Pants In his Family

(Video Link)

It seems all roosters think they are the cock of the walk, but Charlie the chicken knows how to look good. He lives on Arizona’s Snodgrass family farm and while I can't find any information on why he has pants or where he got them, there's no denying that he looks great in them.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Hamster Plays Mario

If you enjoyed Pac-Dog, you’ll love watching a hamster play a hamster-sized game of Super Mario Bros! He’s not at all bad at it, too.

(YouTube link)

The hamster only gets through the first level, however. I’m sure that constructing the subterranean maze would be a huge project. Had my hopes up for a minute there, didn’t you? -via Viral Viral Videos

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Simon’s Cat Logic: Feeding a Cat

Simon Tofield and Nicky Trevorrow explain how cats go nuts when it’s feeding time. My cats can tell time better than I can, because if I’m the least bit late with the nightly Fancy Feast, they gang up on me. My oldest cat has nothing better to do than to guard the kibble bowl and let me know when it’s not quite full.

(YouTube link)

The best part of it is that this video ends with a new Simon’s Cat cartoon entitled Feed Me.

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Some of the Most Preposterous Pet Hair Cuts Ever

Some animals need their hair cut whether it's because the fur gets tangled too easily or because the pet would get too darn hot otherwise. It's not surprising then that some people figure that if their critter doesn't know what its hair cut looks like -they won't care how ridiculous it is.

While that line of reasoning seems logical enough, a look at the faces of the animals included in this top ten list of worst animal hair cuts know they are being madde to look a fool and they don't appreciate it. I anticipate that a lot of these pet owners are about to find a "present" on their pillow tomorrow.

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How Creepy You Are Based On The Type Of Pets You Own

Our pets are seen as a reflection of ourselves, and people reckon they can glean information about our personality, lifestyle and temperament from the types of pets we own.

And while this isn't always true, especially when it comes to dog owners, there's always at least one person who lives up to the stereotype in each group of owners.

People who own snakes aren't always creepy, but there's always that one guy who thinks it's fine to make out with his salmonella-infested serpent when people are over.

And then there are the people who own a bunch of cats or ferrets and refuse to acknowledge that their house always smells like animal urine.

But at least they actually own their pets and don't smell like they're covered in their own urine, that's when you start getting into a whole new level of creepiness.

Of course, you don't have to be homeless to be a totally deranged pet owner, just ask the crazy cat lady who can't remember exactly how many kitties she has roaming around in her house.

And no matter what anybody tells you human ownership is not okay and never was, so when your Gimp tells you he's yours to do with what you will he's speaking figuratively.

Take it from comic artist extraordinaire Caldwell Tanner and let the Gimps roam free!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Dogs Sticking Their Heads Through Fences To Say Hi

(Image Link)

Dogs sometimes refuse to take no for an answer when they're desperate to say hello, and no bush, wall or fence can keep them from shoving their head through to greet their neighbor face to face.

This almost manic drive to see who or what is living next door can result in wrecked fences, tunnels dug in the dirt under walls, and a sad little pooch with a stupid look on his face when he realizes he's stuck.

(Image Link)

Of course, not all dogs are saddened by the prospect of being stuck, because they're just happy to be out of the house!

(Image Link)

See 10+ Desperate Dogs Who Just Want To Say Hi here

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The Value of a Hug

This is Doodlebug, a young eastern grey kangaroo taken in by Gillian Abbott, who cares for orphaned wildlife at her home in New South Wales. She’s raised joeys and wallabies for seven years, and has successfully released 35 of them into the wild. Abbott has several teddy bears and other toys hanging from trees to provide enrichment for the animals. She took a picture of Doodlebug hugging a teddy bear and sent it to her son, who Tweeted it. The image became a viral sensation.  

"He was found abandoned and he actually walked up to a member of the public, put his arms up and asked to be picked up," she said.

The joey has been with the wildlife carer ever since and is now classified as "soft release".

"As you can see the gates are open, he can go through the bush, stay out as long as he likes but he can come home and have a feed if he's hungry," Ms Abbott said.

Abbott says she only sent the picture to make her grandchildren happy, but is glad it is also making strangers on the internet happy. -via reddit

(Image credit: Gillian Abbott)

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Raccoons Visit State Capitol

A pair of masked intruders were caught in the act of roaming the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City Wednesday night. Security footage shows two raccoons running through the building. Evidence indicates they rifled through a state senator’s office and left a mess in a cabinet where snacks are kept. The cleaning crew found the critters in the restroom, where they were trapped until animal control could be summoned.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which provides security for the Capitol, says it's not sure how the raccoons made it into the building. Patrol Capt. John Paul joked: "They didn't have any ID on them, no known address."

The two raccoons were to be taken to a wildlife sanctuary. You can see the security video and more pictures of the raccoons and the damage they did at KFOR. -Thanks, John Farrier!

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Photographer Saves Dying White-Tailed Eagle From Thick Mud

It's hard for some people to describe how much they love animals, because they have an easier time showing their admiration for the animal kingdom with their actions.

This passion is what drove Krzystof Chomicz to become a wildlife photographer, and what made him decide to rescue a dying white-tailed eagle from the thick coastal mud and nurse it back to health.

(YouTube Link)

Krzystof spotted the dying eagle near the Polish seaside town of Swinoujscie, stuck in the mud after the tide washed out, and his one man rescue operation was filmed by news cameras and drones.

But Krzystof proved he wasn't in it for the glory by spending the time and effort to treat the wounded raptor until he was fit for flight, setting his newfound friend free to hunt and soar again.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Duck Helps Depressed Dog

George is a dog that lives in Corryton, Tennessee. His companion of twelve years, a black Labrador named Blackie, died two years ago, leaving George grieving and unwilling to eat. His owner Jacquie Litton said that George refuses food and has twice come close to death. George was anxious and developed a skin condition. But that is changing. 

This past Monday Jacquie went and looked out her back window. She noticed there was a stranger on her back porch. It was a duck who hasn't left George's side since.

George spends his days by the duck, he let's the duck sleep on his bed and even allows the duck to rest his bill on his leg. Something very unusual for a dog who doesn't like anyone else especially our cameraman.

The Littons are thrilled with the way George has perked up since the duck’s arrival. But they are still adjusting to having a duck in their home. You can see more pictures and videos of George and Donald at Facebook. 

(Image credit: Jacquie Litton)

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Meeting a Family of Skunks

(YouTube link)

Don’t. Move. An. Inch. You don’t want to startle this family! Francois Arsenault was out on his bike in Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec when he was approached by a fairly tame mother skunk and her litter. Luckily, he satisfied their curiosity without triggering their defense mechanisms. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Seventh-Inning Fetch

Check out this baseball game! The kid hits what looks like a home run. He starts running the bases, but their dog is taking his position at left field seriously. You're out! Then again, maybe the dog is fetching the ball and bringing it to the boy, just like he's been taught to do. -via reddit

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Bear Sits Down Right Next To Cameraman

Bears are the subject of many human myths and misunderstandings, and while it's still a good idea to teach people to stay away from bears for safety's sake we should also teach that bears can be gentle creatures too.

Case in point- a wildlife photographer was sitting by the side of a river shooting pics when a wild bear came and sat down right next to him, hanging out like the two were old friends.

(YouTube Link)

This video will go down in history as the first appearance of the ursine YouTube star BeardiePie, who now has over a million bears subscribing to his prank video channel.

-Via Unofficial Network

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Cute Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

Scientists aboard the exploration vehicle Nautilus spotted what looks to be a child’s toy dropped onto the ocean floor off the coast of California. No, maybe it’s a Pokémon. But what if it’s an infant child of Cthulhu? This creature appears to be a cross between Zoidberg and Barney, but it’s a live cephalopod. It doesn’t do anything in the video, but the commentary from the observing scientists is worth a watch.

(YouTube link)

The animal is Rossia pacifica, or the stubby squid.

"On that watch it happened to be a lot of geology folks or ecology folks, so a lot of the commentary was of course more like 'What is this thing, it's so cute!' and sometimes we have less of that when we see rocks," Samantha Wishnak, a science communication fellow aboard the E/V Nautilus, told Live Science.

The scientists on watch during the squid sighting also initially misidentified the stubby squid as a cuttlefish, which the squid is closely related to. Wishnak said the E/V Nautilus team was able to rule out cuttlefish, as the species is not found in the eastern Pacific Ocean. With a few other ideas for what the species might be, the researchers on board collaborated with scientists ashore and at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and MBARI, to identify the stubby squid.

While it's not a cuttlefish, it may be a cuddle-fish. -via Metafilter

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This one’s for Neatoramanauts so confused and hearsetrax. Some kittens are just so adorable you feel you might die from the squee. But if you did, they’d be free to reveal their real personalities… which might not be so adorable. This is the latest from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

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The Seven Types Of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime

Unless you grew up with parents who didn't allow animals in the house, or you're severely allergic to animals, you've probably gone through multiple stages of pet ownership during your life.

We usually start out small with a hamster, hermit crab or goldfish, a barely-a-pet pet purchased because our parents don't have faith in our abilities to care for an actual pet.

But we show them when we help keep The Immortal animal alive for a large chunk of our lives.

By that point we're officially hooked on having a pet, and we've matured so much as pet owners that we're able to overlook our animals perturbing and peculiar habits.

Let experienced pet owner and illustrator Sarah Andersen walk you through all the pets you'll own in your life, so you can either see where you've been or where you're headed as a pet owner.

Currently I'm on number 6 but the cute little guy is quickly becoming a number 7.

See The 7 Types of Pets You'll Own In Your Lifetime here (contains NSFW language)

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This is How You Get Raccoons

Hey, I know! Let’s give the raccoons something else to eat, and maybe they’ll stay out of our bird feeders! You can see what this leads to- more raccoons, as they invite their siblings and cousins to the nightly smorgasbord.

(YouTube link)

Then with a regular food supply, the raccoons have plenty of free time to produce litters of more raccoons! The homeowner who recorded this says they’ve been doing it for a few years now, and he lives in a secluded area where there are no neighbors to annoy. -via Arbroath 

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Teen Boy Becomes Best Friends With A Deer He Named Money

Deer don't typically choose to become best friends with humans, especially when that human is a teenage boy, but Money the deer is different than the rest, and so is his human pal Kelvin.

(Video contains NSFW language)

Kelvin first met Money when he was out in his yard shooting hoops, and he was immediately struck by how odd it was that the deer wasn't afraid of him.

Thinking the deer might be hungry he fed it some crackers, donuts and marshmallows, which the short sighted people online gave him hell for doing, and that kind gesture was all Money needed to stick around.

Money was so happy with the provisions being provided he brought the rest of his deer posse down to Kelvin's house for some human hospitality.

And Kelvin started buying healthy snacks for his deer fam so the haters would stop riding his back about his choice of snacks for Money and his honey Lola.

-Via Motherboard

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Alaskan Moose Family Plays In The Sprinklers

The dog days of summer can really get you down, even if you're a moose, and we all want to find a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat.

Pools and water parks are great, and hanging out in the frozen foods section of your grocery store will keep you cool for a while.

But take it from the moose family in this video- running through the sprinklers is the most fun way to stay cool and go wild at the same time!

(YouTube Link)

This fun moose footage was captured by Eagle River, Alaska resident Candice Helm, who was kind enough to turn on the sprinklers so that adorable moose family could cool off.

Just don't put out any Moose Chow, Candice, or your summer visitors will never leave!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Batman the Cat is the Pet The Internet Deserves -And the One It Needs

Batman was born with four ears -two in front and two in back. He was recently brought into the Western PA Humane Society and his unique looks ensured he was adopted only a few hours after that. Adorably, his new owner is a little girl obsessed with superheroes -fitting not only due to his name, but also because he is a mutant so he could potentialy become the next member of the X-Men. He'll be a super family member, that's for sure.

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Siberian Miners Unearth Creepy Mummified Critter

When Siberian miners uncovered a horrific-looking mummified critter corpse in the diamondiferous sands in Udachny they didn't freak out and cry “monster!” - because they thought they'd found a dinosaur.

But most people with a rudimentary understanding of animal anatomy instantly recognized it as the corpse of a mammal, so the dinosaur angle was ruled out with a glance.

(Image Link)

As commenters argued about what it could be they determined it was probably a marten or weasel, possibly a badger, and definitely no big deal much to the miners' dismay.

The creature is currently being transported to the regional capital Yakutsk for examination, where experts will determine whether it's an important find or an elaborate prank.

-Via Gizmodo

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