The Amazing Homes Built By Animals And Insects

Spinifex termite mound- Northern Territory, Australia

Vogelkop gardener bowerbird- Western New Guinea, Indonesia

Baya Weaver- Namibia

Just because animals and insects build homes out of necessity rather than the advancement of architectural design doesn’t mean that their constructions aren’t sturdy enough to withstand the elements, and they're aesthetically beautiful as well as fully functional.

Their construction crews don’t follow plans or blueprints to get the job done, and yet the structures that they build are so organically perfect that we humans find ourselves in awe of their building skills, and sometimes adopt their methods and materials.

These spectacular earthen homes are featured in wildlife photographer Ingo Anrdt's new book Animal Architecture, which is a visual celebration of the structures built by animals and insects from around the world.

-Via 22 Words

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"The Amazing Homes Built By Animals And Insects"

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