A Baby Skunk In Pajamas Cuddling With A Toy Sloth

Ultimately, the title says everything you need to know about these photos -they show an adorable baby skunk in pajamas cuddling with a sloth toy. But, if you want to know why said baby skunk happens to be in pajamas, there is a story behind it. 

Stunky here belongs to Redditor KalisCoraven. The seven month old skunk just had surgery and wouldn't leave her stitches alone, but skunks can't wear cones like dogs and cats so the vet suggested KalisCoraven put her in a dog diaper and a baby's onesie so she couldn't reach the stitches. As for cuddling with the sloth toy -that's just because Stunky is the cutest thing ever.

Via Grist

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"A Baby Skunk In Pajamas Cuddling With A Toy Sloth"

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