A Doorbell for Dogs


Keith Jin didn't like how much damage his dog Pebble scratched into the doors of his house whenever he wanted out. So he invented a portable, mountable doorbell that his dog can use. Now Pebble has Mr. Jin trained to open the door whenever he rings the bell:

"There is a holder that's attached to the wall with mounting tape and the doorbell button goes inside," said Jin. "The design of it has training in mind. You can put a treat inside the space behind that initiates the dog to be interested in this."

He said the dog eventually learns to push the bell every time they want to be let out, or come back into the house.

"I tried probably for a year or so just to refine it and now got to this point where it's easy to train, easy to install." he said.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: KVAL

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"A Doorbell for Dogs"

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