The Swimming Lesson

(YouTube link)

When a raccoon invades your swimming pool, you may as well put him to work -as a swimming instructor! La Piscine (The Swimming Lesson) is the latest from Faireset and his magnificent YouTube channel Parole de chat. You may have to watch twice, because unless you're fluent in French Canadian, you'll have to follow the subtitles. See more of Faireset's nonsense in our previous posts.  -via Metafilter

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The Cat That Had 62 Kittens

The steamship Iron Monarch had a ship's cat whose name was not recorded, but her feats of reproduction were. While the crew might have just called her "Pussy," they held the cat in high regard. In October of 1925, the ship was carrying a load of coal and facing gale force winds and crashing waves during a storm. The crew was busy holding things together.

And then through the spume that made its way from length to breadth of the ship, biting and lashing the faces of those who were “only doing their duty,” there was heard a thin, small voice, which asked in beseeching tones, “Oh, where is our poor old cat?”

And over the face of each seaman – men inured to hardship and rough life; mariners who have voyaged the seven seas of the world – came a pallor only associated with death or with some great mental upheaval. As one man, they rushed through the seething waters to all parts of the ship, jeopardizing their own lives (even, the cook left his galley) in the search for pussy.

They eventually found her, with nine new kittens born during the storm. That brought her lifetime record up to 62 kittens. If you got a smile out of that story, you'll want to read more tales of ship's cats at Seafurrers. -via Strange Company

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The North-Going Cat and the South-Going Cat

(YouTube link)

Two young cats made their way across a door frame in Russia in opposite directions, so they of course ran into each other. There's no room to turn around, so what can they do? Oh yeah, they could just jump to the floor, but that would be admitting defeat. The goats that got stuck on a ledge the other day could learn a thing or two from these kittens. -via Boing Boing

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Kitten Birth Watch

Tinykittens is a cat rescue project that practices TNR (trap, neuter, release) on feral cats in British Columbia. You can read our previous posts about them. Last year, we told you about their rescue of the elderly feral cat they named Grandpa Mason, who turned out to have a real soft spot for kittens. Tinykittens founder Shelly Roche told Global News that Grandpa Mason was lonely after his latest litter grew up and found homes. They had spayed and neutered 90% of the local feral cat colony, and were looking for kittens that might need a grandpa's love.

However, since then, Tinykittens has captured feral cats Chloe, Rula, and Ramona, all pregnant. Grandpa Mason has already made friends with Chloe. Tinykittens has a live webcam on their three pregnant cats, and expect them to deliver in the next few days. You might want to bookmark the link to check on them. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Grandpa Mason and his kittens)

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Slow Mo Kittens

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, the Slow Mo Guys, have a segment from the latest episode of their YouTube series The Super Slow Show in which they pander to us with a "montage of lovely, fluffy, soft, 4K kittens." I'm down with that.

(YouTube link)

If you want to rationalize the time you take to watch this video, I guess you could term it educational. Call it a study of how kittens move as they learn how to be graceful cats. But you and I know the real pull is the raw joy of watching kittens play. -via Tastefully Offensive

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What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

My dog doesn't care much for TV unless there are noisy birds on the screen, but other dogs I've had would sit on the couch with me and watch TV like little humans, paying closer attention to the shows on the screen than I did.

Their canine channel surfing always made me wonder how much they were actually seeing of what was happening on the screen- were they actually watching shows or just following sound and movement?

Hank Green answered this age old question on this episode of SciShow, explaining how a dog's TV watching habits may vary by breed and discussing how a dog's eyes, which are more attuned to flickering yet see less colors, see TV differently than you and me.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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You've Always Gotta Buckle Up

It's important to always practice proper auto safety procedures -even if you already happen to come equipped with your own collision impact protection. 

Via Pets Lady

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This Dog is Best Friends With Owls

They say birds of a feather stick together, but that's certainly not the case when it comes to Ingo the dog and her owl friends. 

It seems Ingo originally was friends with one little owl named Poldi and his collection of buddies has drastically grown from there -though the pictures seem to prove that Ingo and Poldi are still the closest of the group.

You might say they get a real "hoot" out of the relationship.

Fortunately for all of us, Ingo's owner, Tanja Brandt is a professional photographer who is there to capture every unique and beautiful encounter between Ingo, Poldi and all the other owls they encounter.

You can see more of the fantastic images on Ingpo's Facebook page.

Via Bored Panda

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Digital Artist Uses His Skills To Turn Animals From Ordinary To Fantastic

Animals aren't known for having vivid imaginations, but the wildlife which we share the world with has captured the human imagination since the very beginning, inspiring artists to create some really wild artwork.

A post shared by Julien Tabet (@julien.tabet) on Mar 3, 2018 at 11:00am PST

And while some people don't consider digital image manipulation to be a true artform French artist Julien Tabet does some really wild stuff with photos of animals using Photoshop- and his altered images are definitely creative and artistic.

See more at UFUNK

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Creative Alternatives To Expensive Cat And Dog Toys And Supplies

Cats and dogs don't care how much we spend on the pet toys and accessories we buy for them, and even if they sneak a peek at the tag they have no idea what they're looking at because they can't read and don't understand how money works.

So those who spend a fortune on their pets are spending that money to make themselves feel good, not their pets, and should probably find a pet charity to donate to instead of throwing away all that money.

(YouTube Link)

HouseholdHacker put together these clever cat and dog "hack" videos for the frugal pet owner who also likes to do a bit of DIY, presenting simple yet smart ideas that work like a charm including:

  • Turn your mismatched socks into cat toys by filling them with paper and tying them off on the top, or a dog toy by putting an empty water bottle inside the sock instead
  • Use a muffin tin to slow down dogs who eat too fast, and cover each bowl with half a tennis ball to give them an added challenge
  • Mix water, Dawn dish soap and white vinegar to make a cheap flea shampoo
  • Add pumpkin to cat food to help with their hairballs

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Cat's Guide to Easter

Furball Fables shows us how to celebrate Easter as a crazy cat person. You don't really have to be crazy, just have cats and no children to make baskets for. I really like how she puts catnip into eggs and then has the cats hunt for them. It won't take long for an apex predator to find them by smell!

(YouTube link)

One part of the Cat's Guide to Easter is making the greeting card. That appears to be the most difficult task, since there are five cats and getting them to pose for a picture is like... well, it's like herding cats.

(YouTube link)

A good time was had by all.

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A Singing Cat

(YouTube link)

Even though this video is kind of dark, the real payoff is in the audio. I had to listen to it over and over. Check the vibrato. This cat has soul! The Tumblr version is here.  -via reddit

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Exercising with Her Buddy

Mary is a 17-year-old in Australia. Secret is her dog, a border collie/Australian shepherd mix. With a pedigree like that, you know this is an intelligent dog. Mary has been training Secret all her life, beginning with clicker training. They even exercise together!

(YouTube link)

Secret is learning new stunts during their exercise routines.

Secret also dances, does housework, and creates art. And she finds time for some fun, too! See more of Secret at her Instagram page. That's a good dog. -via reddit

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Suki and the Great Outdoors

You've probably seen this picture somewhere. It gets posted at reddit every few months, and it is shared on social media quite a bit. The cat's name is Suki, and she has 800,000 Instagram followers. Suki the Bengal cat was adopted by Marti Gutfreund, who trained her from kittenhood to walk on a leash and to enjoy traveling to new places, such as the beautiful parks of Alberta, where they live, and the deserts of the Southwest. Suki has a great time, and takes awesome pictures because she always looks like she is posing.

Though Suki usually appears without a leash on Instagram, she’s always wearing one when outdoors — Gutfreund simply removes it in Photoshop to achieve a cleaner image.

Canada’s provincial and national parks require animals to be leashed, and Gutfreund is committed to Suki’s safety. She encourages other owners of aspiring adventure cats to properly leash-train their pets before taking them outdoors. Once a cat is comfortable outside, owners should ensure their pets stay hydrated even on shorter adventures, Gutfreund advises.

Suki herself is gearing up for the adventure of her lifetime: In August, Gutfreund is whisking her to Europe for six months. They’ll visit Gutfreund’s family in Germany and tour the rest of the continent too, snapping as many pictures as possible along the way.

Read about Suki at Adventure Cats and see more pictures at Instagram.

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If I Fits, I Sits

We know cats are liquid, as they take the shape of their container. And cats love any kind of container: boxes, dishes, shelves, closets, bags, or whatever they can get into. A cat's definitinon of "container" is pretty flexible, ranging from mom's purse to a rain gutter. We might even call a cat a "container-seeking liquid."

(YouTube link)

Chris Poole has recorded video of his cats Cole and Marmalade ever since they were kittens. Here is a compilation that shows how they like to try on any kind of container to see if they fit. And if they fits, they sits! -via Tastefully Offensive       

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The Evolution Of Animal Genitalia

Unless you're a biologist or a bit of a freak you probably don't spare much thought to how animal genitalia has evolved over the centuries, but it turns out the private parts of animals are pretty interesting.

And as you can see in this animated short featuring a TED talk on the evolution of animal genitalia given by Dutch biologist/research scientist Menno Schilthuizen "genitals are the fastest-evolving organs in the animal kingdom" and they're all super duper strange.

(YouTube Link)

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1910: A Cat, A Bulldog, and a Lobster Walk into a Harlem Restaurant…

Fay's Restaurant in New York City was the spot for a fight that made the papers in May of 1910. The eatery kept a container of lobsters on the sidewalk for diners to select for their dinner. A cat named Mattie lived at the restaurant for pest control, but she was always more fascinated with the lobsters. And Miss Rose Leland came in to eat with her bulldog Gus, who was allowed to stay as long as he behaved and his leash was wrapped about Leland's chair.

On this particular spring night, one of the lobsters fell on the sidewalk after the waiter had gone inside. Naturally, Mattie jumped at the opportunity. She had no idea what she was up against.

The lobster clamped its claw onto Mattie’s tail, sending her howling and scurrying through the front door and into the restaurant. Not about to be left out of the fun, Gus the bulldog pulled wildly at his leash–and Miss Leland’s chair–to join in the melee.

Down went Miss Leland, who screamed in horror and then reportedly fainted. Gus caught up with cat and lobster as they ran around the other diners. The lobster released its claw on Mattie and grabbed Gus by the hind leg.

The resulting melee and the punchline from the newspaper story can be found at The Hatching Cat, as well as the history of the Harlem neighborhood in which it took place.

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Houdini Cat Encounters Water Trap

Sven has a cat named Muldar who is a genius. He wants what he wants and no human shenanigans are going to stop him. Closing the door? Pfft! Muldar will just open it. Set a pan of water in front of the door? Not a problem. For Muldar. For Sven, it's a problem.

(YouTube link)

Sven noted that the water pan was added to keep Muldar from scratching at the door, and that putting a round knob on the door (as has been recently suggested) would make no difference. I concur; Muldar would just figure out how to open a door with a round knob. -via reddit

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Tinklebury Bingo at the Crufts Dog Show

Last weekend at the annual Crufts Dog Show, a Papillion named Tinklebury Bingo had a memorable second round run in the agility course. The dog was suffering from either stage fright or a brain fart, but once the clock ensured that there was really no competition in the balance, the judge took things into his own hands, literally.

(YouTube link)

Honestly, this cute little doggo may have done this on purpose to get back at Melissa for naming him Tinklebury Bingo. A good time was had by all.   

Also, if you recall Olly, the Jack Russell rescue that stole the show last year, you'll want to see him perform at this year's competition. -via Metafilter

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How Do Animals Experience Pain?

My dog has a hard time telling me when he's in pain, and he tries to go about his business as usual no matter what's wrong with him as if admitting to pain would disappoint the alpha.

Meanwhile other pets I've had would yelp and holler and wail at the slightest twinge of pain, flipping out like the world is ending over something minor. This difference in how animals react to pain has always made me wonder- how do animals experience pain?

As usual there's a TED Talk for that, this one hosted by biologist Robyn J. Crook.

(YouTube Link)

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Cat Leaps Off Cabinet With Bed In Mouth, Lands Perfectly In Bed Like A Boss

Cats are the ultimate stunt critters, and their acrobatic feats never cease to amaze humans who underestimate the tiny panthers living in their house.

Sometimes their stunts look like a scene from a movie, and when they make the stunt look as smooth and effortless as the cat in this video does you can't help but wonder whether you actually witnessed the stunt at all.

But since the vet's office employee who shot this video shared by Daily Mail UK knew to film the cat's leap of faith this daring kitteh must have practiced this stunt at least a few times before. That doesn't make it any less impressive though!

-Via Geekologie

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The Unreal Sound Of A Kookaburra Laughing In Slow Motion

The song of the laughing kookaburra is one of the most distinctive bird songs in nature, and it's one of the standard sound effects used whenever footage of the Australian bush is shown on film.

That signature kookaburra sound is so unique and such a rich, full-bodied sound that it even sounds cool when it's played in slow motion, as demonstrated in this video of Dacelo the kookaburra shot by his human Connor Margetts.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Photographing Finnish Forest Animals Like They're Supermodels

Wild animals don't think of their fellow critters as much more than noisy neighbors, predators or prey, but to humans who adore animals these wonderful creatures are seen as superstars.

We love looking at pictures of them, view videos of them doing their thing in the wild with wonder, and we see them as some of the most beautiful residents of planet Earth.

So when former landscape photographer Joachim Munter decided to start shooting the critters that inhabited each natural scene instead of the scene as a whole he felt it only right to shoot them like you'd shoot a super model.

Joachim's fabulous portraits of the critters who live in the forests around Helsinki, Finland almost seem staged, but that's because Joachim takes the time to make his wild models feel comfortable around him:

Upon first glance, these animals look like they were trained. From a curious fox to a hungry squirrel, Munter builds such a strong bond with the creatures, they look perfectly comfortable while in front of his lens. "Wildlife photography is all about gaining the trust of the animals," Munter said. "The most important thing - in my opinion - is not to chase the animals. You just need time and patience; let the animal become comfortable around you."

See more at Bored Panda

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A Song Made by Dogs

These doggos are very good boys. They've been spending plenty of their time practicing their instruments and composing an original tune.

(YouTube link)

Okay, maybe they got a little help from the editing powers of YouTuber Smoothes. And some backing tracks from Chunk Funko. But they are still very good dogs. -via Digg

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Faithful Dog Waits for Owner Outside Hospital for Months

A homeless man was stabbed and taken to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His dog chased the ambulance to the hospital, and waited outside the entrance. The man soon died of his injuries, but the dog remained for more than four months, waiting for his man to come out the door. Local lawyer Cristine Sardella asked about the dog's story and posted it to Facebook. The Dodo contacted her.  

Hospital staff have been providing food and water for the dog since then, but Sardella hoped more could be done to help him. Having taken in two dogs already, she's unable to provide a home for him herself, so she decided instead to spread the word on social media. The response was overwhelming.

Shortly after, a local rescuer picked up the dog and carried him to a kennel while arrangements were made to find him a forever home. But before that happened, he escaped.

"He fled across the city," Sardella said. "He walked over 3 kilometers and returned to the hospital."

Read more of the dog's story at The Dodo. That article is from Thursday. Since then, Sardella has posted happy news. A Google translation of the linked article says,

Before adoption, the animal was taken to a veterinary clinic by Marco Antônio Rodrigues, who learned of the situation and decided to rescue him.

"He stood at the hospital door every day, but the important thing is that the hospital staff gave him support. Most of the time people drive the animal out. I hope he can now have a happy life with these new owners, "he says.

At the clinic, Champion went through treatment, showered and put the vaccines up. The man who paid the expenses was a woman who was also sensitized by his fidelity.

In an interview with G1 , the new owner, Leticia Fatima Nawas Botoluci, 30, who works at the hospital, said she chose the name because she considered him a winner.

The image at Mundo Pet shows Champion looking much better. -via reddit

(Image credit: Cristine Sardella)

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Bentley Does His Business

(vimeo link)

Bentley the goldendoodle is a good boy. He always goes outside to pee. But I think he has some security issues about it. He always takes a toy with him. Or a towel, a blanket, or something that will give him a little comfort and courage. Maybe it's his "buddy system." Or maybe it's just a habit. Anyway, his human, Kelly Brown, made this compilation video of the various things Bentley takes on his trips outside. You can see more of Bentley at Instagram. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Dog The Munchkin Cat Likes To Wear Costumes

Cats look comically cool in costumes yet have a hard time keeping their cool while dressed up, but some kitties actually seem to enjoy wearing costumes, like this adorable Scottish fold munchkin cat named "Dog".

A post shared by Cho (@dog1501) on Jan 11, 2018 at 3:28am PST

Dog genuinely likes wearing the costumes his owner Lê Quoc Phong puts on him, and because of his mellow mood and snazzy outfits Dog is able to go to work with fish vendor Lê and help him bring in customers.

A post shared by Cho (@dog1501) on Sep 21, 2017 at 6:22pm PDT

Even though he has an ironic name Dog is one cool cat, and according to Lê  he's the kinda cat who gets around town:

Dog feels very cosy [in these costumes] and can walk normally. …Dog loves ice cream, traveling and sleeping. He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country.

A post shared by Cho (@dog1501) on Feb 26, 2017 at 1:09am PST

-Via Laughing Squid

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After the Vet

(Image credit: schmerbert)

Cats and dogs are often high on life, but that is nothing compared to being high on drugs. It's nice to be able to laugh at goofy pictures of cats and dogs, and also know that they are okay, and even under a doctor's supervision.

(Image credit: mrs_wac)

The Mind Circle compiled a bunch of pet pictures taken during or after a veterinary visit. Some are sedated, some are angry, but all are adorable in their own way. -via Metafilter

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Cat Goes Ice Fishing

A young cat has discovered a miracle in winter time. He can walk on water! The ice-covered pond lets him get really close to those tempting, wriggly fishies!

(gfycat link)

The problem is, he got his sporting activites mixed up. He thought he was fishing, but he's really ice skating! He's about as good at it as I am. -via reddit

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A Quartet Of Pigs And A Pug Ride Around In A Red Shopping Cart

Pigs will eat practically any type of food you put in their trough, and even though vegans hate to hear this pigs will even eat pork, or any kind of meat for that matter, without hesitation or a second thought.

That's why pigs don't make very good shopping partners when you're heading to the grocery store, and if you don't hook them up with snacks the whole time they're in the store they will start to squeal.

But Priscilla and Poppleton aren't your average porcine shoppers, and when their human takes them to the store along with their two piggy partners and Pigtail the pug they stay on their best behavior- even though that food smells really good.

(YouTube Link)

Priscilla, Poppleton and Pigtail do all kinds of stuff together, like riding around in a wagon and hanging out by the swimming pool, and the quartet plus one will even take a bath together when they start to smell a bit ripe.

A post shared by Prissy and Pop (@prissy_pig) on Sep 5, 2017 at 7:26am PDT

-Via Laughing Squid

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