Astronauts as Jedi Knights

NASA Expedition 45 will begin in September, although two of the crew members will be aboard the ISS in March to begin a year-long stay at the space station. Like most other missions, this one has a poster featuring all crew members, with a definite Star Wars theme. A pretty good effort, but it’s hard to beat last year’s Expedition 42 poster. See more NASA mission posters here.

Expedition 45 is led by Commander Scott Kelly, who is a twin. His brother Mark Kelly is a retired astronaut participating in a study of how space affects the body by comparing the twins’ physical changes over Scott Kelly’s year at the ISS. -via Gizmodo

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

18 Facts about Vivien Leigh


Beautiful Viven Leigh was only 25 years old when she filmed the movie for which she'd be most remembered, Gone With the Wind. At the time, Barbara O'Neil, the actress who played her mother in the film, was aged 28. 

The role of Scarlett O'Hara was coveted by every famous actress of the day, including Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn and Paulette Goddard. Beating out hundreds of actresses for the role of Scarlett, Leigh may not have realized what she was in for.

Over the course of the film shoot, Leigh worked 6, 16-hour days a week for 125 days. Actress Cammie Conlon, who played her daughter Bonnie Blue, remembered Leigh looking worn down. 

“I have candids of her taken on set. She is exhausted... She was in every scene, almost."

In spite of Leigh's hard work, she only earned a fraction of the salary that her costar Clark Gable did, although he wasn't in nearly as many scenes. Gable's 71-day stint made him $120,000. For Leigh's 125 days of work, she received $25,000. 

Read more interesting facts about Vivien Leigh at Mental Floss. 

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Scholars Determine That Climate Shapes How Languages Sound

(Image: CBS)

Caleb Everett, Damián E. Blasi and Seán G. Roberts recently published the results of their research into common characteristics of languages based on native climate. They conclude that as languages evolve, their dominant sounds reflect the climates where they develop. In particular, humidity plays a major role. Tonal languages are more likely to develop in wet climates. Science Daily explains that:

. . . languages with complex tones --those that use three or more tones for sound contrast -- are much more likely to occur in humid regions of the world, while languages with simple tone occur more frequently in desiccated regions, whether frigid areas or dry deserts. […]

One explanation, supported by extensive experimental data discussed in the study, is that inhaling dry air causes laryngeal dehydration and decreases vocal fold elasticity. It's probably more difficult to achieve complex tones in arid climates--particularly very cold ones--when contrasted to warmer and more humid climates. The result is that deviations of sounds, including increased jitter and shimmer, are associated with very cold or desiccated climates, the study says.

-via Seriously, Science?

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Daisy Monroe - Some Like It Quacky

Daisy Monroe by Emilie Boisvert

Daisy was tired of living in Donald's shadow, and she was sick of being seen as nothing but a goody two shoes, so she bought herself a new dress and adopted a sassy new attitude. She changed her last name from Duck to Monroe, added a beauty mark on her bill and tried to channel that Marilyn charm, but she couldn't speak without spraying so her movie auditions were a disaster!

Add some classic animation charm to your geeky wardrobe with this Daisy Monroe t-shirt by Emilie Boisvert, it's the darling way to show your love of cartoon ducks and Hollywood divas!

Visit Emilie Boisvert's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more fun and geeky designs:

Groot's Grooves Everything's Peachy Snow Fright Born To Be Marvelous

View more designs by Emilie Boisvert | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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50 Shades of Grey Quotes: Visualized

We’ve seen the fun to be had with the movie 50 Shades of Grey in the parody trailer Fifty Shades Of Steve Buscemi. The book that the movie is based on is renowned for its atrocious prose. The graphic designers at Beutler Ink took such delight in E.L. James’ descriptive phrases that they enshrined them in art.

As you’ll see, the pen is often a blunt instrument in the hands of E.L. James. But the pain of a terrible metaphor only amplifies the pleasure we take from her naughty prose. Feel free to share these with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. (But only if they use a safe word.)

These lines really appear in the book? You have to wonder how they designated one person to read the novel for the sake of art. Did they draw straws?

See More Images

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Woman Upset at Husband Who Forgot to Tell Her about the Snake in Their Car

(Photo: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers)

Women! Ugh. Right, guys? Nothing keeps them happy. You catch a snake and put it in your car, forget to tell her about it, and she flips out.

One man in Australia is experiencing this first hand. Richie Gilbert’s profession is snake catching, which must put him in high demand at his local elementary school on Career Day. He works for Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers. In a recent Facebook update, he wrote:

WHOOPS!!! Note to self: Next time I have a 1.5m snake loose in my car, don't let my wife drive it. […]

A couple of days earlier I had a python escape from a bag (mistake no.1) inside my car and Nat knew this but had assumed I had found it again and I didn't tell her otherwise (Mistake no.2).

Last night I was sound asleep and I get a call from her saying "I just opened the door and there was a snake coming out from underneath the steering wheel in the dashboard". Whoops!!!!

My bad.

The snake left the dashboard 3 days later.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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5 Coolest ‘Space Cowboys’ of All Time

Who’s your favorite “space cowboy”? Buzz Aldrin? Well, maybe, but this list deals with fictional characters from movies and TV. Before you try to envision your favorite, here’s the definition used:

It basically means any character from sci-fi (in this case, TV and movies) who flew around in space, but was also pretty much a cowboy. Same ideals and similar aesthetic (albeit a bit sci fi’d out). He is calm, cool, collected, and is generally not one to be trifled with. Often they are usually bounty hunters, but can come in any many shapes and sizes. The fact is, the space cowboy is everywhere, but there are no lists about them (until now, that is). Though there have been many in science fiction, here are five space cowboys are are pretty much the coolest dudes in all the cosmos.

Geeks Are Sexy justifies their picks for the top five space cowboys in pop culture. You may agree or diagree, and there may be a couple you haven’t seen, so there’s a new movie or two in your “must see” list.

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Woman Donates Her Kidney to a Stranger. Now They’re Getting Married.

It’s the perfect pick-up opportunity! I wish that I had thought of this while I was single.

Step 1: Donate a major organ to woman.
Step 2: Ask her on a date.

It’s a foolproof plan!

At least it worked for Ashley McIntyre and Danny Robinson of Louisville, Kentucky. Robinson needed a kidney transplant. McIntyre heard about him on a local radio show and wanted to help, even though he was a complete stranger. She was tested for compatibility and they were a match. On April 17 of last year, doctors transplanted one of her kidneys into him. The surgery was completely successful.

(Photos by Ashley McIntyre and Danny Robinson)

It turned out that McIntyre and Robinson were a match in more ways than one. They grew closer and spent more time together. On Christmas Day of last year, Robinson proposed to McIntyre. The Courier-Journal describes the scene:

"On Christmas Day, we went to my mom's and started opening gifts," he said. "I told her I'd forgotten one and pulled out a small box" with an engagement ring. He got on his knees and asked her to marry him.

She said yes.

-via Huffington Post

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Heinz Releases Sriracha Ketchup

Heinz has released a new ketchup product that is flavored with the beloved and trendy condiment sriracha. The brand, which already carries jalapeño ketchup, is now spicing things up with sriracha. 

In the Heinz press release on the product, brand manager Joseph Giallanella said,  

“The new offering adds a new kick to your favorite foods and recipes, pairing well with cheeseburgers, French fries and hot dogs, and is the perfect flavor boost for chicken and eggs.”

Sounds pretty tasty... and darn it if this didn't just make me crave french fries.  

Via Laughing Squid | Image: Heinz

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Man Swims Through Frozen Lake to Rescue Dog

(Video Link)

Dog is man’s best friend and man occasionally returns the favor. In this case from Russia, man really delivered. You see, the man who bravely jumps into a frozen lake isn’t rescuing his own dog, but a stray. The man uses his fists to smash through the ice as he swims toward the dog. According to news reports and video descriptions, after the rescue, a passerby in a car picked up the man and the dog and took them someplace warm where they could get vodka (for the man) and sausage (for the dog). The unknown hero has adopted the dog and named him Rex.

-via 22 Words

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Psychedelic Experiences

Once again, the guys at Doghouse Diaries nail it. Ask anyone who’s experienced anything else on this spectrum and has watched modern children’s TV shows. In my real world experience, they’re talking about Teletubbies. There’s also Boohbah, Spongebob Squarepants, Barney, and Yo Gabba Gabba. But it’s been that way for decades. You may have grown up with Gumby and Pokey, H.R. Pufnstuf, or Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, which no doubt were just as incomprehensible to your parents.  

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You Can Now Name an Heir to Your Facebook Account

(Image: Facebook)

The throne, the titles, the lands—you can get them all by arranging the right “accident.” But access to the private Facebook account? Until recently, that was impossible. But now Facebook has added a feature called a “legacy contact.” In the event of your death, even under dubious circumstances, your designated heir will inherit your Facebook account. This permits the inheritor to change the profile and cover photos, respond to friend requests, and make other changes to your account. Geoffrey A. Fowler writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Being a legacy contact is different from simply logging into the account of the deceased, and there are important things legacy contacts can’t alter. They can’t edit what the deceased has already posted, or what his or her friends post on the page. If you chose to post a photo while you are living that looks embarrassing when you are gone, your legacy contact can’t do anything about it. A legacy contact also can’t decide to delete a whole account. […]

There’s more fine print worth paying attention to: You can only select one person—and no backup—so spouses and partners who often travel together may face a difficult choice about whether to designate each other. Ms. Seth says Facebook is continuing to think about how it might allow for contingent legacy contacts.

Facebook members can change their legacy contact selection at any time, but once they’ve died, a legacy contact can’t pass along the responsibility to someone else.

-via Joe Carter

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Heart-Shaped Bike Rack

Do you love to ride? Artist Graham McLoughlin does, so he developed a bike rack to show it. He worked with the bike rack manufacturer Cyclehoop and the British Heart Foundation to place 14-heart shaped racks around London. You can see more photos of it at Contemporist.

P.S. The Cyclehoop website is really fascinating. There are all sorts of exotic rack and hanger designs like nothing I've ever seen.

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Turned Into Disney Characters for Valentines Day

Brian wanted a very special gift for his girlfriend Manini for Valentines Day. They are both Disney movie fans, so he commissioned artist Dylan Bonner to put both he and Manini into Disney movie scenes. The first reaction at reddit was that the artist must have over-Disneyfied them, but Brian included pictures in the imgur gallery that showed they are already indeed very attractive people. Now, if we can only keep these pictures secret until Brian can present Manini with the prints tonight…  

See more of Bonner’s work at his DevantART page.

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Mordor Dark Ale - The Brew That Will Drink You Dry!

Mordor Dark Ale by Cory Freeman Design

If you're looking for a beer that will look right back at you while you drink, a foamy brew that sucks the soul right out of your body, then you'll love Mordor Dark Ale. Brewed in small batches using only the finest hops grown at the base of Mount Doom and infused with the essence of pure evil, Mordor Dark will fill you up without fattening you up like those Dwarven stouts, and getting drunk on Mordor Dark is a truly terrifying experience! Mordor Dark Ale- for those who walk on the wicked side of life!

Bring some fresh brewed flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this Mordor Dark Ale t-shirt by Cory Freeman Design, but don't be surprised if people offer to buy you a drink for wearing such a great shirt!

Visit Cory Freeman Design's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delicious designs:

Mad Man With A Box Wade's Taco Shack Darunia's Death Mountain Dance Club Erebor Stout

View more designs by Cory Freeman Design | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Julia Pastrana's Long Wait for Respect

Julia Pastrana (previously at Neatorama) is the topic of a well written article at The Public Domain Review. Pastrana was an indigenous Mexican woman born in 1834 with deformities that resulted in her and her mother being shunned by their tribe. Julia was born with hypertrichosis terminalis and abnormalities of the mouth and jaw. These conditions made her appearance startling to most, as her entire body was covered in long, black hair and her face had an appearance more akin to prehistoric than modern humans. 

Exhibited as a human oddity worldwide, Pastrana suffered the indignities and tragic life of a person in such circumstances. Even in death, Julia was not free of being an object to be gaped at and studied. Yet in the end, the fight of an artist from her native country freed her of being a slave to human curiosity. Thus, the article covers both the incomprehensible cruelty of humanity and the empathy and grace that, in Julia's case, triumphed over it in the end. Read her story at the Public Domain Review. 

Via The Presurfer | Image: Wellcome Library

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Butterflies (A Simon’s Cat Valentine Story)

(YouTube link)

Love is in the air, as Simon’s Cat has discovered a pretty girl cat in the window. Now he’s got a case of the butterflies! What can he offer to impress her? This cartoon is the latest from animator Simon Tofield, who has a whole clowder of cats for inspiration. Tofield also offers a Valentines Day greeting to go along with the cartoon. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Buddhist Monks Playing Quidditch

Quidditch is a sport in the Harry Potter universe. It's sort of like soccer, except that the players ride on broomsticks. There are real world versions too--even for Muggles like you.

These Buddhist monks in Thailand are clearly contemplating putting down their robes to play professionally. This photo, which shows them in flight, has landed them in serious trouble with Thailand's National Office of Buddhism. The Phucket News reports:

NOB Director Nopparat Benjawattananan said today (July 10) that the monks in the widely shared photo acted inappropriately and lack discipline. The organization will identify them, he said; they deserve punishment. 

-via Tor

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The Surfing Heron

(YouTube link)

This heron appears to be surfing the lake, or maybe doing a type of glide dance step that only wading birds understand. His secret is revealed as you watch the video from Kruger National Park in South Africa, but you’ll need to turn off the ad as soon as it pops up in order to see it. -via Daily Picks and Flicks 

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10 Delightfully Bizarre Pet Products

Manufacturers of pet products are well aware that we're obsessed with our furry family members, and they're constantly creating new products which are invented in an effort to please our pets.

Meanwhile, cats would rather sleep in a cardboard box than a pet bed, dogs would rather chew on any old dead thing they find in the backyard than that expensive chew toy, and most pets could care less if they leave the house properly dressed.

Even though many pet products are frivolous and serve no real purpose they're really fun to check out (purely in the name of research, of course) so here are ten pet products that make pet ownership a real hoot!

1. Table Leg Cover & Dog Chew Toy-

(Image Link)

It should go without saying that giving your dog permission to chew on the legs of your dining room table is a bad idea, but if your dog's gonna chew they might as well chew in style!

This Table Leg Cover & Dog Chew Toy by Gala & Gino keeps your table legs from becoming a pile of splinters, and adds a bit of functional canine fun to your home decor.

2. Fish N Flush Aquarium Toilet-

(Image Link)

Tired of staring at the same old boring white toilet while you make water? Replace it with this Fish N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium and potty time will become an oceanic adventure!

Your fishy friends will be glad they're not the ones being flushed, and you'll have yet another place to put an aquarium, bringing you one step closer to becoming a real life fish whisperer like your hero, Aquaman!

3. Bow-lingual & Meow-lingual Pet Translator-

(Image Link)

If you're certain that your pets have been talking trash about you behind your back then you need to strap one of these handy dandy pet translation devices to their neck and bring their slander to the light.

The device comes in Doginese (BowLingual) and Meownish (MeowLingual) versions, and it's made in Japan by toymakers Takara Tomy, so you know it works right every time. Just look at how purr-fectly satisfied this cat is with the MeowLingual's amazing meow translation abilities!

(Image Link)

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One Piece at a Time

The title of this post refers to the Johnny Cash song, but it’s what Boris Karavkin actually did. Karavkin is a retired artist in Minsk, Belarus, which was part of the USSR. The wait to buy a new car in the Soviet Union was ten years or so back in the ‘60s, and he couldn’t have afforded one anyway, so Karavkin took matters into his own hands and built his automobile- which he still drives!

When assembling the car, Karavkin used sliding doors, a swivel chair for the driver’s seat and anti-theft nuts for hubcaps (the latter have always been popular with car thieves, the world over).

In 40 years, parts of the car have been replaced several times: the engine has been changed three times, the suspension and the air intake system were improved. But the ‘Fantasy’ has now travelled 300,000 km, and Karakvin says it has a maximum speed of 140 km/h.

Karavkin traded sign and poster work for car parts to assemble the vehicle, which took five years and was completed in 1973. Read the story of the homemade car at The Guardian. -via Metafilter

(Screenshot from TUTBYtv at YouTube)

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Cat Will Take Your Treats and You'll Like It

YouTube Link

One cat in the house is given treats, but that doesn't mean he'll be eating them. There's a swiftly moving paw in between the aforementioned cat and the treats presented to him. They're being stolen at a rate that obviously has him feeling too overpowered and outsmarted to do much of anything. -Via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Ray Cats, Artificial Moons and the Atomic Priesthood: How the Government Plans to Protect Our Nuclear Waste

Radioactive junkyards remain dangerous for millennia. So how do you keep future generations of urban explorers and dumpster divers away from all that toxic trash? With a sign, of course!

New Mexico’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) may be the trashiest place on Earth. Buried deep in the Chihuahuan Desert, the plant contains nearly 2 million cubic feet of radioactive sludge and debris leftover from various nuclear weapons and defense projects. But don’t mistake the WIPP for a simple pit in the ground. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy spent nearly 20 years carefully planning the safest way to throw out the country’s nuclear trash before committing to the site.

Today, the plant resides inside a 250 million-year-old salt deposit that’s positioned half a mile underground. And there’s good reason for that. Scientists chose the location because of its ability to prevent radiation from contaminating groundwater and seeping out to the surface. Because salt deposits tend to slowly collapse on themselves over time, scientists are banking on the idea that the structure will naturally seal in the nuclear waste, safely entombing the site deep underground.

Under the WIPP’s current charter, the site will continue to receive radioactive garbage from the country’s nuclear weapons and energy programs until about 2070—at which point it will be sealed up and never opened again. At least, that’s the plan. The WIPP still has one major problem, though. Radioactive waste remains dangerous to humans for at least 10,000 years. So, how do we tell people living in the far distant future to stay out of our trash? The government’s solution: some good, old-fashioned warning signs.

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Swan Rescued after Beak Freezes Shut

(Photo: Europics)

A swan was swimming amidst a group of ducks in the Peacock River, Korla, Xinjiang, China. A couple walking along the river noticed that in the cold weather, the swan's beak had frozen shut with a thick layer of ice. The swan was unable to eat food offered to her.

The couple alerted the Swan Guard, which is a local force that provides care for resident swans. The Swan Guard lured the swan into a warm building, where the ice thawed. The New York Post reports:

“I have been caring for swans for years and I admit that this is the first time I have ever come across anything like this,” said Swan Guard Sheng Liang. “We think it must have happened when she fell asleep with a wet beak.”

Sheng, 45, lured the frozen fowl to shore, then rushed her to a “swan house” the group uses for healing sick or injured birds, according to CEN.

“Once there, we put her in a warm room and waited for the ice to melt,” Sheng said. “Once she could open her beak again, we gave her a special treat of fish before taking her back to the river.”

-via Huffington Post

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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World’s Bravest Tooth Extraction

What’s worse than a polar bear with a toothache? I don’t know, since it’s not a joke. It’s the story of Boris, a polar bear at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. Boris is 29 years old, twice the average lifespan of a polar bear in the wild. He came to the zoo after he was rescued from a traveling circus. But his dental problems caught up with him, and a team of courageous veterinarians and assistants performed surgery on Boris to remove three rotten teeth. Sure, the bear was anesthetized, you’d still have to wonder every second how well that was working. -via Fark   

(Image credit: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium)

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Love Vigilantes - Why Is Your Cowl So Cold?

Love Vigilantes by Butcher Billy

They were always meeting in the strangest places, and their unconventional love affair was something neither one of them ever expected to last. And yet here they were decades later, doing the same thing on a different rooftop, their division in beliefs growing smaller by the day. Their meetings were no longer left up to chance, and the whole thing had become a game of cat and bat that could only end badly. They were afraid of expressing their feelings, afraid to lose the joy their rendezvous brought into their dark lives, but in the end they knew love would tear them apart again...

Share your love of timeless superheroic romances and timeless tracks with this Love Vigilantes t-shirt by Butcher Billy, it's one mighty cool tee!

Visit Butcher Billy's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Post-Punk Comics- Plastic Friday Crack That Whip I Could Be Wrong Ms. Pacman Corsette

View more designs by Butcher Billy | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Your Dreams, Photoshop Edition

"I was running in a field of flames, chased by flying octopus. I was really scared and my only weapon was fireworks." | Margaux, 01.17.2014

A new Tumblr called Photoshop Your Dreams has popped up, and it's an amusing diversion. People submit descriptions of their dreams and those behind the blog curtain render the description in Photoshop and post it for the entertainment of internet visitors. Aside from the visual humor, it's also a great virtual place to drop in if one wants company in their feeling of waking from a bizarre dose of their subconscious. 

Check out the Photoshop Your Dreams blog here.

“I dreamt I passed my driving license on tricycle.” | Gabrielle, 02.05.2014

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How the Military Waged a Graphic-Design War on Venereal Disease

Learning a lesson from the venereal disease epidemic among military personnel in Word War I, the U.S. government wanted to take no chances in World War II. They enlisted artists, designers, and advertising professionals to create a variety of public health posters about VD. Ryan Mungia published a collection of those posters in the book Protect Yourself: Venereal Disease Posters of World War II. He talked to Collectors Weekly about the campaign against VD. You’ll also find a gallery of the posters, which are quite artful in spite of their depressing subject matter.

(Image credit: courtesy Ryan Mungia from Protect Yourself)

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The Birth of a Legend


Movie producer Michael Bay is famous for the explosions that unnecessarily punctuate his movies. It is a destiny that he was born to. Similarly, the delivery room staff was temporarily blinded with lens flare when J.J. Abrams was born.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Trolls Furever

(YouTube link)

If you haven’t seen the new Andriod Ad called “Friends Furever” on TV, you’ve seen it here at Netaorama. A new parody turns the sweet friendships between different animal species on its ear, showing critters being awful to each other. You’ve seen some of these clips before, but each and every one is worth another look. -via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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