Amazing Animal Street Art Sculptures Made Out Of Found Trash

Humans create massive mountains of waste that often end up adversely affecting wildlife populations in one way or another, and much of the waste we create doesn't biodegrade fast enough for us to catch up.

This leaves generation after generation picking up after their ancestors, and despite the time and energy we spend trying to find a solution waste is so piled up we may never get rid of it all.

So how can we save wildlife and ourselves from being buried under a mountain of trash?

Portuguese street artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, aka Bordalo II, repurposes found trash by turning it into amazing sculptural artwork, using the trash texture under layers of paint to give his pieces that 3D pop.

Bordalo II on his series Big Trash Animals:

Trash Animals is a series of artworks that aims to draw attention to a current problem that is likely to be forgotten, become trivial or a necessary evil. The problem involves waste production, materials that are not reused, pollution and its effect on the planet.

Damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tires and appliances are just some of the objects that can be identified when you go into detail. They are camouflaging the result of our habits with little ecological and social awareness.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

13 Things You Didn't Know About The Dick Van Dyke Show

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

On October 3, 1961, a new CBS sitcom hit the airwaves. The Dick Van Dyke Show centered around the adventures of an easygoing comedy writer named Rob Petrie (played by Van Dyke), his beautiful wife Laura (a young, then-unknown actress named Mary Tyler Moore), and his two comedy co-writers Sally Rogers (Rose Marie) and Buddy Sorrell (Morey Amsterdam). Let's take a look at a few things you may not have known about The Dick Van Dyke Show.

1. The series was originally called Head of the Family and starred Carl Reiner. The executives at CBS thought Reiner was "too Jewish, too intellectual, and too New York" and cast Van Dyke instead, in a new version. Van Dyke actually was taking a bit of a risk in signing on to do the show. He was then starring in a hit broadway show (Bye Bye Birdie) and had to quit to do the series. If The Dick Van Dyke Show had flopped, he would have been an out-of-work actor.

2. The original opening credits for the show were just a packet of photos of the cast spilling onto a table and being individually shown on screen. These credits were used only during the show's first season. For the show's remaining four seasons, the classic two openings were used, i.e. the famous shot of Rob entering the room, greeting his wife and friends, and tripping over the ottoman. Another version has him entering exactly the same way, walking towards the group, and expertly sidestepping the ottoman. These two versions were used randomly in the opening credits. (During season three, another similar opening has Rob entering the room, sidestepping the ottoman, then stumbling anyway, was also occasionally used.)

Continue reading

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Actors You May Have Forgotten Were On Star Trek

Star Trek TV shows such as Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise have played host to so many guest stars over the years it's hard to keep track of them all.

And casual viewers may not recognize stars like Jason Alexander, Iggy Pop and Jonathan Banks under all that makeup.

Of course, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is recognizable no matter what he's wearing, and he appeared on Voyager in the late 90s, at the height of his WWE wrestling career.

He played a Tsunkatse fighter who puts a hurtin' on Seven of Nine, and even uses Rock's finishing move, The Rock Bottom, to take down the reformed Borg drone.

Landing a guest starring role on Star Trek is a dream come true for an actor who's also a Trekkie (Trekker?), so when Jason Alexander was offered the role of Kurros on Voyager he had to .

Jason sites Shatner's performance as Captain Kirk as his inspiration to pursue acting so being on Star Trek was at the top of Jason's acting wish list, but he wanted to hold out for a role as an alien:

As he explained to in a 2011 interview, “It was finally Voyager that understood that and called with the perfect part.” He was thrilled with Kurros explaining that “They gave me everything — an alien guise, great intellect, and evil. The trifecta. What more could you ask for?”

It's unclear whether Jonathan Banks shared Jason's enthusiasm for wearing alien makeup, but he definitely threw himself into the role of Ennis leader Golin Shel-la on Deep Space Nine.

Jonathan brought that brooding badass energy we've come to expect from him to the role of Golin, and you can almost see the beginnings of Mike from Breaking Bad in his portrayal.

So what kind of energy did Iggy Pop bring to his portrayal of Vorta clone Yelgrun on Deep Space Nine? Man, Iggy plays Iggy no matter what!

(YouTube Link)

See 15 Actors You Forgot Appeared On Star Trek here

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38 Facts about NASA

(YouTube link)

Americans have a weird relationship with NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration runs educational programs all the time, but it's easy for the rest of us to forget about it until they do something totally spectacular, like landing the Mars Curiosity rover. We fret about the agency's expense, but meanwhile, we all secretly wish we were part of it. One can never overestimate the body of knowledge that NASA has contributed to mankind. So let's learn some things we didn't know about NASA in this week's episode of the mental_floss List Show.  

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Pickles Comics - Best When Read By Candlelight

Pickles Comics by Anderson Green Devil 

They say dogs are innocent just like every other animal on Earth, and some even claim all dogs go to heaven, but those devout dog lovers have never met Mr. Pickles- the hellhound with a heart of pure evil. Mr. Pickles looks like a normal dog on the outside, and he maintains a low profile while he carries out the wishes of his dark master, but ask anyone who has visited his lair and they'll tell you- Mr. Pickles is a psycho pooch and a stone cold killer. Oh wait, you can't ask anyone who has visited his lair, because they're all dead...

Show some love for your favorite hellhound with this Pickles Comics t-shirt by Anderson Green Devil, it's one wicked way to stay on that hellhound's good side!

Visit Anderson Green Devil's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Stranger Comics Storm Punk love kills Really, Really, Bad.

View more designs by Anderson Green Devil  | More Cartoon T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

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You Could Get Married at Kensington Palace

While it's a gross exageration to say that every woman wants to be a princess, the reality is that there are plenty of women who want to have that fairy tale royal wedding. Now those wannabe princesses can actually get married at a royal palace -it will only cost a whopping $15,000. Of course, as the official London residence of Price William and Princess Kate as well as a historical location, it there are very limited rental dates, which certainly adds in to the cost.

Read more about getting married at the Palace over at Travel and Leisure

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The Magic Flute Told in Cat GIFs

You might know Mozart's opera The Magic Flute as a wonderful musical experience, but how well do you remember the story? It will only take a couple minutes to go through it with the help of classic cat GIFs! The image above illustrates the line

Papageno despairs at having lost Papagena and decides to hang himself, but is stopped by the three spirits. They advise him to play his magic bells to summon Papagena.

So bells it will be. Some of the gifs are extremely funny, and the entire project proves there's a cat on the internet for every occasion. Read The Magic Flute and enjoy the cats at King FM 98.1. -via Metafilter

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Guy Who Voices Mario Gives A Super Strange Interview

Fans will forever think of Nintendo's Mario with the voice of veteran voice actor Charles Martinet, because most of us can't think of Mario without hearing that "It's-a Me, Mario!" catchphrase in our heads.  

But Nintendo really should've had Charles be the voice of Donkey Kong more than once- because the guy's a bit bananas!

(YouTube Link)

Great Big Story sat down with the voice of Mario (and Luigi too!) to discuss how he became the voice of Mario, his storied acting career and the 26 wonderful years he has spent with Nintendo.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Daphnis the Wavemaker

Daphnis is a tiny moon of Saturn, one of seven discovered by the Cassini probe as it explores the space around the ringed planet. In this incredible picture taken by the probe, you see Daphnis causing a ripple in the rings.

Cassini took the image on January 16, 2017, while 17,000 miles (28,000 kilometers) away from the moon. Measuring 5 miles (8 kilometers) along its longest axis, irregular Daphnis resides in the 26-mile (42-kilometer) wide Keeler Gap in Saturn's outer A ring. The Keeler Gap seems narrower than it really is in this image because of foreshortening due to the spacecraft's viewing angle. You can just see grooves along the long axis of Daphnis in the image, as well as a few impact craters.

Despite its small size, Daphnis' gravity is causing the ripples in the rings. Cassini's 20-year mission will end on September 15, 2017, when it crashes in the surface of Saturn. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA)

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R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore

She turned the world on with her smile. Mary Tyler Moore, who defined modern womanhood in TV's Golden Age, has died. She was suffering from pneumonia, and was taken off a respirator at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut Tuesday night, according to her family.

Moore is best known for her portrayal of Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966 and Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 1970 to 1977. She won six Emmy Awards, and was nominated for an Oscar for the 1980 movie Ordinary People.

“Mary Tyler Moore became a feminist icon as Mary Richards,” Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, the author of “Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted: And All the Brilliant Minds Who Made The Mary Tyler Moore Show a Classic,” said.

“She only wanted to play a great character, and she did so. That character also happened to be single, female, over 30, professional, independent, and not particularly obsessed with getting married. Mary had America facing such issues as equal pay, birth control, and sexual independence way back in the ’70s.”

Ms. Moore had earlier, in a decidedly different era, played another beloved television character: Laura Petrie, the stylish wife of the comedy writer played by Dick Van Dyke on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Also on CBS, the show ran from 1961 to 1966.

Ms. Moore was the lesser star in those days, but she shared Mr. Van Dyke’s background in song and dance, and as a comedy duo they magnified each other’s charm. Ms. Moore transformed and tamed the vaudeville style that had dominated sitcoms, perfecting a comic housewifely hysteria in Laura, made visible in the way she often appeared to be fighting back tears. Her “Dick Van Dyke Show” performance won her two Emmys.  

She had more influence on television than was visible, thanks to her MTM Enterprises, which was run by Moore and her then-husband Grant Tinker, who passed away in November. Moore leaves behind her husband, Dr. Robert Levine. Mary Tyler Moore was 80.

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Innocent Things That Were Demonized During The Satanic Panic

(Image Link)

Overzealous religious fanatics tried to turn the Satanic Panic into a new McCarthyism for the 80s, but they failed because anybody with a brain could see that Pampers, the Smurfs and Mr. Ed were not a threat to their immortal soul.

But in 1986 evangelists Greg Hudson and Jim Brown presented their evidence anyway, claiming Mr. Ed had been corrupting innocent souls for the Lord of Darkness by using its theme song as a subliminal tool for recruitment.

They claimed that when you played the theme song backwards it sounded like the singer was saying "The Source is Satan" and "Someone heard this song for Satan".

(YouTube Link)

As if that bit of jackassery wasn't enough- Proctor & Gamble got caught up in the Satanic Panic when it was decided their beautiful logo, which dated back to 1882, featured Satanic symbols.

(Image Link)

P&G had to hold a press conference to deny claims they were donating to a Satanic Church and set up a toll free phone line to assure people there was nothing Satanic about their logo.

In the end they removed their awesome Art Nouveau logo to avoid further problems with the Panic crowd.

Next stop- those totally sinister Smurfs cartoons!

(Image Link)

Cartoon obsessed crackpot Phil Phillips joined pastor Gary Greenwald to battle those treacherous toons on Turmoil in the Toybox, claiming the Smurfs, with Thundercats, He-Man and Rainbow Brite were a gateway to corruption aimed at children.

(YouTube Link)

The Smurfs were said to be a depiction of dead homosexuals, the Thundercats and He-Man were inspired by "heathen gods", and Rainbow Brite has a pentagram on her cheek- the mark of pure evil.

(Image Link)

See The Devil Made Them Do It: 8 Examples Of Satanic Panic In The '80s here

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The 12-Year-Old Who Fought In the Civil War

John Clem was born in 1851, which should have made him too young to fight in the Civil War, but he was determined. The Ohio youngster had to fight his way into the service, and when he was discharged as the war was winding down, he was a 12-year-old folk hero. Clem wrote his autobiography in 1914, which told some amazing stories, some of them backed up by the historical record.   

John’s interest in military service had begun shortly after Confederate rebels fired on Fort Sumter, officially starting the U.S. Civil War. At one point, he approached the Third Ohio Regiment of Volunteers, which happened to be passing through Newark, and asked the commanding officer to take him on as their drummer boy. “He looked me over, laughed, and said he wasn’t enlisting infants,” Clem later wrote. But he wasn't willing to let the matter drop. His sister Elizabeth later recalled that as the family sat eating dinner one night in May 1861, “Johnnie said ... ‘Father, I’d like mighty well to be a drummer boy. Can’t I go into the Union army?’ ‘Tut, what nonsense boy!’ replied father, ‘You are not yet 10 years old!’”

After the Klems finished eating, John announced that he was going out for a swim. Instead, he ran away from home.

Clem participated in some of the war's most famous battles, was captured by the Confederate Army, and was wounded twice. After the war, he went to high school -and then joined the army again! Read the story of John Clem at mental_floss. 

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Mother And Her Four Kids Built Their Own House By Watching YouTube Tutorials

Women who escape abusive relationships often have a hard time starting their lives over again, and depending on their situation may even find themselves facing an unknown future without their kids.

Cara Brookins of Little Rock, Arkansas was both fortunate to escape multiple abusive relationships and have her four kids by her side through thick and thin, but the one thing she wanted was a home of her own.

So Cara started watching YouTube tutorial videos on how to build a house, took out a $150k loan from the bank, then she and her four kids began building their dream home.

That was back in 2007, and after years of hard work and dedication the Brookins family now lives in a wonderful 3500 square foot home called Inkwell Manor.

Cara tells the story of her family's journey from broken home to a home they built with their own ten hands in her new book Rise: How a House Built a Family, an inspirational story to be sure!

-Via Bored Panda

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Ice Carousel

Janne Käpylehto took a chainsaw to a frozen lake in southern Finland and carved out his own ice carousel! He cut a near-perfect 40-foot circle, and then used a solar-powered outboard boat motor to power the spinning circle of ice.   

(YouTube link)

The ice must be pretty thick and heavy to stay level with a shelter, fire, and several people all on one side, although you can see it dip slightly as they jump across the circle. Käpylehto plans on building a bigger one next.

I’ve been planning to build an ice carousel for some time, but managed to do it in Lohja just now. I shot a video with aerial views and its gone viral. Total views more than 5 million. Next one will be a 50-meter giant with sauna, PV plant, electric outboard motors, stage and band.

-Thanks, wordord!

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This Optimistic Possum is Here to Cheer You Up on Bad Days

Redditor stretlaw's father happened to spot this impossibly happy possum while he was out hunting. The precious critter (who wasn't harmed) has quickly become an internet celebrity and Bored Panda even started a Photoshop battle that shows just how much the world needs Optimistic Possum right now.

His endless happiness makes him a perfect match for Bob Ross.

But maybe he's actually just desperately trying to get the attention of the woman he loves.

Check out the rest of the Photoshops on Bored Panda

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Rogue Droid - Don't Be Scared, He's With Us

Rogue Droid by Dan_Hoogkamp_Art

K-2 security droids aren't perfect creations, despite what their makers might claim, and in the end they're only as sane and loyal as their programming dictates, so if their AI goes haywire there's no telling what they might do. But there must be something more to the recent rash of Imperial security droids going rogue, like a trick cooked up by those devious Rebels to undermine the glory of the Empire. That's why the Emperor has never relied on these security droids to get the job done, because you don't win wars with droids- you win them with Force and superior firepower.

Take your new favorite droid star with you wherever you go by wearing this Rogue Droid t-shirt by Dan_Hoogkamp_Art, it's K-2SO cool!

Visit Dan_Hoogkamp_Art's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Star W-orbs: A New Hoop Pokebeast Go Rogue A Boy and his Battle-cat

View more designs by Dan_Hoogkamp_Art | More Sci-Fi T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Playing on Thin Ice

Look, the water is completely covered in ice -wonder if it will hold my weight? Let's find out!

(YouTube link)

This would be an everyday "thin ice" video if it weren't for the laughter. The woman recording can't stop laughing long enough to help her buddy out of the water, but somehow is able to continue recording.  -via reddit

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Cards Against Humanity Hiring. The Only Catch? You Have to be Barack Obama

Cards Against Humanity's business operations have been a little strange. They've increased prices on Black Friday, dug a giant hole for the middle of nowhere and even sold users actual cow poop. That's why they claim they now need a CEO that can offer "real adult leadership." The only problem is that the job listing has some pretty specific requirements, such as "experience hunting terrorist masterminds," minimum eight years experience President of the United States of America or equivilent nation," and "must currently hold a national approval rating of 57.% or higher." 

The company took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune just hoping to catch the eye of the right candidate. Unfortunately, despite their offer to pay for relocation costs, the only man qualified for the job happens to have already stated that he plans to stay in Washington D.C. until his youngest daughter graduates high school. I guess it's four more years of a company that has "no idea what we're doing."

You can read the full ad on Craigslist.

Via DCist

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Plucked from Obscurity: Killer Clothes

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Inventive, yet under-publicized devices
by Marina Tsipis, Improbable Research staff

U.S. patent #2033357 was granted to Norman D. Riker of Plandome, New York on March 10, 1936 for an “apparatus and process for killing human and animal vermin.” It is intended, he writes, “for killing human and animal vermin such as Pediculus capitis, Pediculus pubis, and Pediculus corporis.” Mr. Riker clothes the infested human or animal in a special garment which bathes the individual in a pest-killing chemical solution.

Norman D. Riker invented this special “gas-tight” clothing, and a method for using it to kill vermin on a person or an animal.

Continue reading

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The Myth of the Damsel on the Railroad Tracks

Atlas Obscura is digging into historical and pop culture villains during their Villains Week. The first story is a look back at the damsel-in-distress trope of evil, mustachioed villains tying women to railroad tracks. We've all seen it in silent movies. Or did we? It never made sense that a murderer would go to that much trouble to cause a death delayed just long enough for the hero to arrive. Fritzi Kramer, who runs the blog Movies Silently, tells us how that familiar scenario began.  

On her site Kramer identifies the first occurrence of this type of scene in an 1867 Victorian stage melodrama called Under The Gaslight. The play’s stage directions call for one of the characters (named Snorkey) to be tied to the train tracks by the villain. It’s close to the scene we’re familiar with save for the fact that the person on the tracks is a man, and he’s saved by the leading lady.

This sort of train-based peril became a regular element of the melodramas as a cheap and easy way to create suspense. Moving into the early-20th century, and the silent film era, many films took their cues from those same 19th-century stage dramas. One of the more famous examples of this type of story was the serial The Perils of Pauline, which saw the titular heroine encounter all kinds of scoundrels and villains each week, who would put her in life-threatening danger—although it is important to note that she was never tied to the railroad tracks. This sort of overblown adventure tale became a well-known story type in its time, but that melodramatic style also inspired some comedies, which spoofed some of the more overused elements of the genre.

In fact, the vision we have of the villain with the top hat and evil mustache tying a woman to a railroad track never actually happened in a serious drama! That trope was cemented in the parodies that made fun of it. Read about the standard plot and how it changed in our minds over the years at Atlas Obscura.

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This Raven Cares Nothing For Your Petty Human Parking Laws

(Video Link)

We all know that "my dog ate my homework" is a pretty lousy excuse, but what about "a raven ate my parking ticket?" It seems this bird has a strong opinion on Canadian bureaucracy. The driver still has to pay the ticket, but at least thanks to local Annemieke Mulders, at least he now has this entertaining footage to watch while he writes out his check.

Via Atlas Obscura

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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All This Random Stuff

Heart has the answer for Brain's dilemma, as always. They've hit upon the filing system for random stuff that I've been using for many years. All my stuff is labeled "Miss Cellania's." It's the best way to get everything put away in the proper place. Yeah, I'll sort it out. Someday. This gem of a comic is from The Awkward Yeti. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Very Cool Valentine's Day Cards Featuring New Wave Superstars

If you're love is tainted except for on Friday, if your strangelove tears you apart and makes you feel like you have a heart of glass, or if you're part of a bizarre love triangle then you're a New Wave lover.

That means you're not interested in celebrating conformist holidays like Valentine's Day, but you will be after you see these cool Valentine's cards by Matt Lineham.

Matt's the guy who made those amazing New Wave Christmas ornaments, and now he's back to make Valentine's Day a little hipper with his friends Siouxsie Sioux, David Bowie and the B-52s!

Matt's Valentine's cards come in five flavors- New Wave, Bowie, Stranger Things, Walking Dead and the ultra wicked 80's Horror series, which is clearly the most romantic series of the bunch.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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7 True Crimes Solved By Twists Too Ridiculous For Network TV

Forensic science has a few tricks up its sleeve that we would never know about unless they are used to solve some crime we are following. Cracked collected stories of crimes that were pulled off by seemingly competent criminals with little conclusive evidence, until some genius hi-tech crimefighting capability was launched. Solving these crimes took both modern technology and the investigators' imagination to use them. Look deep enough, and they can find their way around even the most clever perpetrator.  

Vincent Brothers was a bad man. Not Shaft bad, but "commit mass murder on your own family and then smugly lie about it in court" bad. In July of 2003, the elementary school vice principal flew from California to Ohio to supposedly visit his brother, but in reality, the trip was his planned alibi. Once he landed in Columbus, he rented a car, drove back to Bakersfield, CA, and waited for his wife to come home with his three children and his mother-in-law. He then shot and/or stabbed all of them to death, including his six-week-old son. Once he finished staging a break-in at the house, he drove the rental car back to Ohio and enjoyed the rest of his trip like nothing happened.

So how did they convict Brothers? By bringing in entomologist Lynn Kimsey to examine the insects on the front of the rental car, which told the story of exactly where that car was driven, fortunately before it was washed. She could even tell what time of day he drove by the bugs! That's just one of seven such stories of great detective work, in a list at Cracked.

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Famous Works Of Art Get Their Selfie Game On For #MuseumSelfie Day

(Image Link)

People who take and post a ton of selfies are considered vain, and since vanity is a sin, or at very least a distasteful trait, people who excessively post selfies are mocked and shamed.

But do you know who shouldn't be ashamed of being vain and posting selfies all day long?

(Image Link)

Famous works of art, that's who, because the inanimate what seems to become a who when they pose for a selfie like we do.

(Image Link)

#MuseumSelfieDay took place on January 18th this year, and it has become so popular among museumgoers and works of art that museums around the world are dying to get in on the fun!

(Image Link)

See Museum Displays Get Their Selfie Game Going On Twitter For #MuseumSelfieDay here

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Puppies Rescued from Buried Hotel

Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy was crushed Wednesday when an avalanche of snow fell on it. Nine people have been rescued, seven have died, and 23 others are still missing. Rescue crews continue to dig around the clock. Two Abruzzo sheepdogs lived at the hotel, and were found wandering the streets after the disaster. But Nuvola and Lupo had puppies in December, which were still missing five days after the avalanche. On Monday, firefighters found all three puppies alive in an air pocket in the hotel's boiler room. The puppies were reunited with their parents. The rescue operation gave firefighters and other emergency workers hope that they may still find other survivors in the wreckage of the hotel.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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MarioWorld - Down The Sewer Pipe We Go, Where We'll End Up Nobody Knows...

MarioWorld by NibiruHybrid

In the quest to make video games more immersive and perfect the art of virtual reality a gamer's paradise was built called MarioWorld, where players could actually feel the bricks breaking under their fists and feel the Goombas squishing under their feet. This virtual world was unlike any built before it, because MarioWorld contained androids instead of 3D holograms, and people began shelling out their life savings in order to experience the future of gaming firsthand. But a glitch in the system nicknamed BW53R threatened to tear the whole place down, and soon the Goombas and the Koopas would be doing the squishing...

Show the world what the future of VR gaming looks like with this MarioWorld t-shirt by NibiruHybrid, it's so cutting edge your fellow gamers will think you're a time traveler from the future!

Visit NibiruHybrid's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Harley Triple Self Portrait Shred Head Killer Turtles Leo Turtle Merc Sketch

View more designs by NibiruHybrid | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Six Million Years Ago There Were Otters the Size of Wolves

If you've ever seen a giant river otter in person, you might be surprised how big they seem when they're right in front of you. But that's nothing compared to the now extinct otters that lived six million years ago. Scientists working in China recently found the fossils of the previously unknown species that would have weighed in at around 110 pounds. The discovery of a complete skull and a few incomplete skeletons is a big jump forward in the knowledge about otter evolution as before that the only fossils scientists had to go by were a few shattered teeth. Like modern otters, they largely lived on shellfish.

If you're really into the science, you can read all the details in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. Otherwise, you might want to stick with the summary on Gizmodo

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Illusion by AI

You think you recognize this picture when you really have never seen it before. Redditor vic8760 created it by accident while working with artificial intelligence (or at least he says it was an accident).  Sure, it looks like Napoleon Crossing the Alps, except made up of smaller images from other familiar artworks. But it's not. Look closer, and every figure you thought you saw is only a drape of color, somewhat resembling fabric. You can enlarge the image here to see the details. The more you look, the less sense it makes. The program may have been "inspired" by other artworks, but it didn't exactly use them in creating this image.

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Brussels Sprouts Must be Candy for Guinea Pigs

People tend to be pretty torn about their feelings on brussels sprouts -they either love them or they think they're the grossest things in the world.

(Video Link)

Guinea pigs seem to have a drastically different opinion on the strange leafy veggies though. In fact, if this video is any indication, they seem to think brussels sprouts are the best treat in the world. I guess even if you think sprouts are revolting at least now they can bring you some joy.

Via Boing Boing

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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