Robotic Glove Gives You Super Strength, Crushing Handshake

This is RoboGlove. It's like a Power Loader from Alien, but for your hand. It wraps around your hand, greatly enhancing your grip strength. General Motors, which is developing the technology, is being quiet about precisely what it can do. But we know that the aim is to make it powerful for heavy tasks, yett remain sensitive for gentle ones. Wired reports:

GM’s now working with Swedish med-tech company Bioservo to adapt the Robonaut’s grip to gloves. Pressure sensors and actuators mimic nerves and muscles, so the glove knows when the hand inside is picking something up. It’s gentle enough to handle eggs but firm enough to maintain a strong grip, so you aren’t wasting energy holding your hammer.

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Disney Castle LEGO Set

LEGO sets are getting bigger and bigger. Get ready for the Disney Castle set, designed to resemble Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida. It has 4,080 pieces, including pieces that represent Cinderella’s glass slipper, the Magic Mirror, the rose under glass from Beauty and the Beast, frogs, archery equipment, and even the buckets from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” It comes with five minifigs: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Tinkerbell. The set will be available September first for $350, and you can see a gallery of closeup pictures at Geekologie.

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This Smart Little Puppy Gives Himself A Bath Every Day

It's rare to come across a dog who actually likes to take a bath, and even rarer to find a dog who doesn't immediately run outside and roll in the dirt after getting clean.

But Brady the golden retriever is such a clean freak he gives himself a bath every day, then Brady wraps himself in a towel afterwards rather than shaking water everywhere like a cur.

(YouTube Link)

Brady's humans should hire him out so he can teach other dogs the value of bathing regularly!

-Via CountryLiving

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Medieval Graffiti

The medieval history we study is mostly that of the elite people of the time, because they were literate enough to leave records, or powerful enough to hire someone to leave records. We don’t know nearly enough about the commoners, and the vast majority of people were commoners. But a few years ago, a project was begun in England to seek out and record graffiti left on buildings that have survived for several hundred years, particularly churches.

To date, the Norfolk survey has recorded more than 26,000 previously unknown medieval inscriptions. More recent surveys begun in other English counties are revealing similar levels of medieval graffiti. A survey of Norwich Cathedral recently found that the building contained more than 5,000 individual inscriptions. Some of them dated as far back as the 12th century. It has also become clear that the graffiti inscriptions are unlike just about any other kind of source in medieval studies. They are informal. Many of the inscriptions are images rather than text. This means that they could have been made by just about anyone in the Middle Ages, not just princes and priests. In fact, the evidence on the walls suggests that they were made by everyone: from the lord of the manor and parish priest, all the way down to the lowliest of commoners. These newly discovered inscriptions are giving back individual voices to generations of long-dead medieval churchgoers. The inscriptions number in the hundreds of thousands, and they are opening an entire new world of research.

Some of the marks are the “signatures” of the craftsmen who built those churches. Others are “witch marks” that people left as prayers for protection from evil forces. Some are text marking left by the semi-literate. And many markings are pictures of what medieval peasants dealt with in their daily lives, which you can read about at Aeon. -via Metafilter 

(Image credit: NSMGS)

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These Hilarious Presidential Campaign Signs Should Win The 2016 Election

When an election year rolls around lawns and fences across the country start sprouting campaign signs, because presidential candidates think this crappy advertising tactic still works.

But voters know better than to vote for somebody just because their name appears on a plastic board littering a lawn, which is why this diabolical double billing will never be voted into office.

Well that, and the fact that one of these two characters are fictional, can you guess which one?

The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be a diabolical dilemma, forcing voters to decide which candidate is the lesser of two evils, so maybe we should just vote for this guy instead?

See These 12 Voting Signs Should Win The 2016 Election here

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An Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters 2

The entire internet is asking why we need a remake of the perfect movie, meaning Ghostbusters. Screen Junkies remembers when we asked that question back in 1989, as the sequel to the original 1984 film was launched. Yes, it was a sequel, but the whole idea was to recreate the magic, so it ended up being a rehash.  

(YouTube link)

In this Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters 2, we get a shot-by-shot rundown of how the sequel was a copy of the original. It still made over $200 million. The new remake hits theaters tomorrow, and it at least has different actors. -Thanks, Paul Panday!

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Big Apple, 3am - Strange Things Happen While The City Is Sleeping

Big Apple, 3am by Coinbox Tees

You can see a lot of strange stuff if you go walking around the Big Apple in the middle of the night, but if you see four heroes in a half shell squaring off against some giant mechanical dude with an alien in its belly you should probably watch from a distance. It's not that the ninja turtles aren't good at their job, it's just that they don't always succeed in taking down the bad guys the first time around, especially if a bunch of Foot soldiers show up out of nowhere on the side of evil. And if they're overrun the baddies will start looking for someone else to pick on, so observers are fair game, so take a note from April O'Neil and watch from the shadows or you might end up flatter than a pizza!

Add some teenage mutant awesomeness to your geeky wardrobe with this Big Apple, 3am t-shirt by Coinbox Tees, it's got the cowabunga you're looking for at half the price!

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Nerf This Overnight Party Born To Punch Mei's Ice Cream

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Go And Catch Them All, But Be Careful While Playing Pokémon Go

(Image Link)

Pokémon Go has brought lots of good things to the world of mobile gaming, bringing real life trainers together like no Pokémon product ever could, but along with the good there is always the bad.

(Image Link)

In St. Louis, Missouri, robbers set up a beacon at a PokéStop then proceeded to rob any players who responded to the signal at gunpoint, effectively using Pokémon Go to bring victims their way.

(Image Link)

In Wyoming a 19-year-old girl stumbled upon a dead body while playing Pokémon Go near the Highway 789 Bridge, leaving her with some new memory scars but zero water type Pokémon.

“I probably would have never went down there if it weren’t for [Pokémon Go],” 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins said. “But in a way, I’m thankful. I feel like I helped find his body. He could have been there for days.”

(Image Link)

And staff at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. are asking players to be respectful and stay out of the building while hunting Pokémon, because duh.

But what's worse- someone reportedly caught the poisonous gas type Pokémon called Koffing inside the museum, although the image has since been removed from Imgur.

So go, catch 'em all and meet your fellow trainers in the wild, but be safe, stay aware and make sure you don't get caught in a Team Rocket style trap!

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20 Facts About the Mansion from the Hit Show Empire

Empire is a Fox TV show about Luscious Lyon, a hip-hop artist who founded a recording company, and is now the CEO of a diverse corporation. His home has become a focal point of the series, with its opulent but tacky decor and furnishings. The real home where the series is filmed is a mansion outside of Chicago, and it’s got a great story itself.

2. The property has been on the market since 2013, the asking price then was $15.9 million. In 2015 owner Sam Cecola lowered the price to a more affordable $13 million. Cecola is also the owner of the very popular Admiral Theater strip club in Albany Park, Illinois. At one time he also owned the notorious Club Paradise strip club in Las Vegas.

4. Cecola and his wife purchased the property in 2003 for $1.1 million. The house was completed to their exact specifications five years later in 2008. The long building process is said to be directly related to the huge amount of custom woodwork and ornamentation the couple demanded throughout the house. There are 5 luxurious bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 2 half-baths.

Whether you’re in the market or not, you’ll want to check out the story, details, and pictures of the mansion at Housely.

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Daddy Bullfrog Protects His Tadpoles

(Video Link)

The African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus) is the biggest in Africa and noted for his aggressiveness. He's big and tough, but a complete sweetheart when it comes to caring for his kids.

In this video from the TV series Nature, his tadpoles grow up in a puddle next to a pond. The sun is drying up the puddle, placing his kids in mortal peril. So he digs a channel from the puddle to the main pond, providing them a means of escape.

-via Gifsboom

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Generic Products, Private Labels

Neatorama is proud to bring you a guest post from Ernie Smith, the editor of Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail. In another life, he ran ShortFormBlog.

(Image credit: Flickr user Allen)

Private labels are a common strategy retailers use to keep profits in house, but fortunately for everyone, house brands are a lot less boring these days.

In 1986, about a decade removed from his icon-setting days as lead singer of the Sex Pistols, British punk architect John Lydon released an album with his follow-up band, Public Image, Ltd., that had an extremely high-concept name. In fact, it didn’t technically have a name at all. If you bought the record on vinyl, it was called Album; if you bought it on CD, it was called Compact Disc. And so on. It was actually a parody of generic branding, mimicking the approach of a U.S. chain, Ralphs, at a time when the film Repo Man had drawn attention to how plain store branding had become. We’re assuming that if Lydon had figured out a way to record an album on a box of baking soda, he would have called the album Baking Soda. (That said, he had already done this overly obvious naming joke better earlier in his career with the release of PiL’s landmark second album, Metal Box, and, oh, the band’s name.) Today, we’re gonna talk about private labels, retail’s gift to conformity. Sometimes, the song remains the same.

Saving Money

Consumers can save up to 33% when buying private label or “store brand” products over the brand-name product, according to a 2010 study by the Private Label Manufacturers Association. The largest costs savings could be found with non-food items—generic aspirin just 38 percent of the cost of the non-generic brand—though items such as soda, American cheese, and maple syrup also racked up the savings.

Private labels: From high-market to low-market and back again

Walking into a Trader Joe’s store in 2016 is a fascinating experience. You’re not just buying cookie butter; you’re buying into the idea that a single company is creative enough to be able to sell cookie butter under the same brand as its beer and cereal.

It makes them look like geniuses, because they were able to make the experience about them rather than all the products they sell. It seems brilliant, but in a lot of ways, they’re not doing things much differently from Ralphs, besides maybe spending a lot more on graphic design.

Continue reading

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Margot Robbie Defines 50 Australian Slang Terms In Under 4 Minutes

Margot Robbie had to ditch her Australian accent while playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but that doesn't mean she has lost touch with her Aussie roots.

She's still every bit the authority on all things Australian that she was before becoming Harley, and one aspect of Australian society which she has truly mastered is the art of Aussie slang.

Here she is demonstrating her laudable knowledge of linguistic lore by defining 50 Australian Slang Terms In Under 4 Minutes for Vanity Fair.

(YouTube Link)

It's ironic Margot didn't know what "doovalacky" meant considering (according to a Google search) it's a word used when you can't remember the name of worries, Miss Robbie, you still proved you're a Fair Dinkum Aussie!

-Via Meme Base

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This Musician Tattoos the Names of Suicide Survivors among His Fans

(Photo: Robb Nash)

Robb Nash is a Canadian rock musician. One day, a young girl handed him a suicide note. She said that she had changed her mind and didn't need it anymore.

So Nash talked to groups of teens, urging them not to make this terrible choice. And so more fans sent in their suicide notes, as well as razor blades and bullets that they had planned to use. Over time, he's received 535 notes from young people who are thinking about suicide.

Nash started tattooing their names on his arm. Now he's got 120 names of suicide survivors on his arm. He tells BuzzFeed:

“I point at my hand and say, ‘Look at my arm. These kids had the same thoughts as you, and they’re still here.’”

-via My Modern Met

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Shave the Corpse

This ad appeared in the January 1912 issue of Casket and Sunnyside magazine, a trade publication for funeral professionals. A commenter at Weird Universe tells us more about the magazine.

From an article on the 1988 demise of Casket and Sunnyside [bad pun warning]:

It would be easy to cite Casket and Sunnyside's closing after 117 years as the failure of its editors to think "outside the box." But according to a former competitor in the funeral magazine business, C&S was "stiff competition" indeed. Unfortunately, bad business decisions and indifferent owners caused the esteemed magazine's 50-year-long downward spiral.

C&S first started publishing in 1871 as The Casket and merged with a competing magazine, Sunnyside, in 1932. Shortly thereafter it started showing the first signs of rigor mortis, going from 24 to 12 issues annually.

-via Boing Boing

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Photographer Creates Long Exposure Shots Of Entire Movies

Long exposure shots can light up the night, track motion with trails and reveal all that happens in front of the lens while it's left wide open, creating a single frame record of time passed.

But what happens when you create a long exposure shot of an entire movie?

You get a ghostly image representing how long the actors and the sets appeared in the film, as well as an overall feel for the color palette used in the film.

The image directly above is Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear Window, and as you can see Jimmy Stewart spent so much time on-screen in the film you can actually make him out in a long exposure shot.

On the other hand, the image at the top of the post is from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and while you can make out parts of the set and a few ghostly silhouettes the shot doesn't say much about the cast.

Photographer Jason Shulman captures the feel of his favorite flicks with these ethereal long exposure shots, and once you start staring at them it's hard to look away!

-Via Bloody Disgusting

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Cockatiel Sings The Addams Family Theme

Cockatiels can whistle and sing pretty well if you train them early in life. This cockatiel learned the theme to the TV series The Addams Family, including the finger snapping part! For that, he raps his beak. A friend almost joins in, but with one searing look, he goes back to a solo performance. -via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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For Hire: Real Pokémon Trainer

Gotta catch 'em all but don't have time? Call on the services of Alicia Thomas, a professional Pokémon trainer--yes, professional. This is what she does for a living.

According to her Craiglist ad, if you pay her, Thomas will login to Pokémon GO with your account credentials and quickly collect many, high-quality Pokémon:

I will walk around in 1-4 hour shifts signed in to your account capturing every single Pokemon I come into contact with, activating every Poke Stop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs. I'll even send you hourly updates while you're at work/class/on a hot date informing you of any really exciting things I've come across for you. Pokemon training help, gym battles and strategy tips are also included, if requested.

Thomas isn't just some random person with a phone. She's a Pokémon expert and is prepared to be the best trainer you've ever had:

Personally, I am a level 15 trainer in Pokemon GO right now and control all of the gyms near my place. […]

Details: I currently own an iPhone 6s, several portable chargers and am in very good physical fitness. Spending hours on my feet is not an issue.

I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. As the Ninth Rule of Acquisition says, "Opportunity plus instinct equals profit." Thomas's instincts guided her to an opportunity and she's seized it. I hope she makes a lot of money.

-via Jeremy Barker

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The Freezing Joke - What Kind Of Madman Uses Penguins As Henchmen?!

The Freezing Joke by MIKELopez

Some say the Ice King has lost his mind because he's lived alone for too long, others believe he was always crazy but has now turned into a homicidal maniac. Finn and Jake know the Ice King better than most, and they've seen how quickly that joker can turn from cool guy to cold as ice! The power of the crown compels him to do things, sometimes really bad things, but living in the land of Ooo makes everyone feel a bit nutty so his actions are often overlooked. But the day he kidnapped Jake and threatened to deflate him was the day Finn the Human stopped playing games and became a serious hero...

Show the world that jokers come in all shapes, sizes and skin tones with this The Freezing Joke t-shirt by MIKELopez, it's one crazy cool design that's sure to blow minds!

Visit MIKELopez's NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

DevilBoy Angel Goku The Panther King BB.Boy

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The World’s Dumbest, Greatest Adventure

In 2001, Tom Morgan drove a Fiat 126 from the Czech Republic to Mongolia for the fun of it. It was so much fun that he got some friends to try it in 2004, and the Mongol Rally was born. This year’s rally starts in southern England on July 17th, when 900 participants will take off on a 10,000 mile quest to drive to Mongolia and back. There is no prize money. Most will not finish the race. You have to be somewhat crazy to want to try it. Here are the rules:

Rule 1) If the car looks like it would survive a trek across seven different time zones and multiple deserts, it’s probably not allowed. Specifically, cars must have an engine smaller than 1.2 liters (for reference: most modern Mini Coopers have an engine size between 1.4 and 1.6 liters).

Rule 2) Beyond occasionally posting in a Facebook group, the Adventurists offer no help. They tell where you the Rally starts and where it ends. Teams are on their own to plan a route, obtain visas, and decide what to bring.

Rule 3) Each team has to raise a £1,000 for charity. Half goes to a charity of the team’s choice and the other half supports the Rally’s official charity, The Cool Earth Foundation.

The organizers of the race, a group called The Adventurists, actively discourage any type of planning or preparation. But this year, they are embedding videographers with some of the teams, so we will get to peek into their adventures. Read more about the Mongol Rally at The Awl. -via Digg

(Image credit: Flickr user Holidayextras)

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Klingon Warship Coffee Table

Don't freak out if you see a few household objects hovering in midair in the living room. It just looks that way if the Klingon Bird-of-Prey table is cloaked.

Barry Shields, a master craftsman who also made tables with the Enterprise-C and an X-wing fighter, produced this marvel of Klingon engineering. It's built around a 48 inch square glass top. The ship consists of walnut, cherry, and poplar. Shields is selling it for about $5,000, which is expensive. Like Admiral Kirk, you may prefer to simply steal a Bird-of-Prey.

-via Home Crux

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A Brief History of Evil Twins in Soap Operas

The biggest stars of a TV show are the good guy characters, the ones we are supposed to relate to and root for. At least, that was the tradition in TV for decades. But it’s not nearly as much fun to play the good guy as it is to play the villain. That’s where the evil twin comes in. The much-used plot device opened the way for mysterious dramas that could only be explained by an evil twin. It gave a “good” character room to do things he or she otherwise wouldn’t do, and it baffled audiences until the  big reveal. And there was another benefit: it was a way to have two characters on for the price of one actor. For soap operas, these plots could go one for months or even longer.  

In 1983, Brian Patrick Clarke began his run as nice married guy Grant Andrews and his Russian spy doppelgänger Grant Putnam on General Hospital. Ellen Wheeler picked up the dual roles of Marley and Vicky on Another World in 1984, eventually leaving the part to Anne Heche. David Canary would also start his decades-spanning work as ruthless businessman Adam Chandler and his gentle, artistic brother Stuart on All My Children that year. But perhaps most interesting was the case of Frannie and Sabrina Hughes; the half-sisters appeared on As the World Turns between 1985 and 1987, and the dual role was originated by a not-yet-famous Julianne Moore.

And that’s only a few years. Evil twins have been spicing up soap operas for decades, which you can read about at mental_floss. 

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FBI Officially Closes Its Case on D.B. Cooper

In 1971, a man using the alias Dan Cooper bought a ticket for an airline flight from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. He hijacked the plane, then demanded a ransom of $200,000. After landing in Seattle, Cooper got his ransom money, released the passengers, then ordered the pilot to take off again. While over Washington, Cooper put on a parachute and jumped out of the plane with the ransom money. 

He was never seen again.

Cooper, later called 'D.B. Cooper' by a confused media corps, became a national sensation. His amazing crime and disappearance captured the popular imagination. Law enforcement agencies hunted him, but with no success.

Now more 44 years later, the FBI is ready to close the case and end its decades-long investigation. In its press release, Public Affairs Specialist Ayn Dietrich-Williams writes that continuing the investigation is a poor use of limited resources:

Although the FBI appreciated the immense number of tips provided by members of the public, none to date have resulted in a definitive identification of the hijacker. The tips have conveyed plausible theories, descriptive information about individuals potentially matching the hijacker, and anecdotes—to include accounts of sudden, unexplained wealth. In order to solve a case, the FBI must prove culpability beyond a reasonable doubt, and, unfortunately, none of the well-meaning tips or applications of new investigative technology have yielded the necessary proof. Every time the FBI assesses additional tips for the NORJAK case, investigative resources and manpower are diverted from programs that more urgently need attention.

-via Laughing Squid

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The Mask Cosplayers

The stars of the Montreal Comic Con this past weekend were dancers Simon Fontaine and Michele Paul, who cosplayed the movie The Mask.

(YouTube link)

A good time was had by all. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Pokémon GO Defense

(Chris Hallbeck/Maximumble)

I predict this will literally happen someday. A criminal defendant will offer his location while playing Pokémon GO as evidence of his innocence. And, at roughly the same time, a crime drama on TV will show Pokémon GO being used to frame someone for a murder he didn't commit.

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Epic Trailer For Dan Harmon's New Animated Series HarmonQuest

Dan Harmon has taken us back to community college, to the far reaches of the Rickstaverse and he even brought historical figures back to life just to give us a history lesson.

And now Dan is set to take us somewhere that is simultaneously really old and really new- the dark, monster infested depths of a tabletop RPG dungeon. (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

HarmonQuest is an awesome new animated series adapted from actual Pathfinder RPG sessions Dan and funny friends such as Aubrey Plaza, Chelsea Peretti, Ron Funches and Paul F. Tompkins played out in front of a studio audience on Dan's Harmontown podcast.

(YouTube Link)

The 10 episode first season will premiere on Seeso on July 14th, when it will prove comedians don't make the greatest tabletop RPG players, but they definitely make the game more fun!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Paris’ First Floating Hotel

There’s a new luxury hotel in Paris with incredible views of the River Seine, because it’s floating on it! OFF Paris Seine was designed by Parisian nautical architect Gérard Ronzatti, who has designed numerous vessels and floating restaurants all over the world. The glass and metal hotel was built in 19 component and floated from Havre to Paris, where it is moored between the Pont Charles de Gaulle and the Pont de Bercy. OFF has 58 rooms, including four luxury suites, a restaurant, bar, and even a pool. Read more about the OFF Paris Seine and see plenty of pictures at Housely.

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A Harry Potter Style Yo Momma Joke Battle

The guys and gals who attend Hogwart's School of Wizardry have to find ways to blow off steam in-between lessons and their constant battle against the dark side of the magical arts.

Some like to get stinking drunk on Firewhisky, others train tirelessly for Quidditch tournaments and magical duels, but the most popular pastime of all is the Yo Momma joke battle.

A finely crafted zinger aimed at an opponent's unwitting mother can be more damaging than a spell, and leave a nastier mark than the one old Voldy left on Harry's head.

It's fine for the students at Hogwart's to pass the time bagging on each other via Yo Momma jokes, but leave Harry and Neville out of it because talkin' smack about their mommas is just plain mean!

-Via Nerd Approved

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BBC Ad for Rio Olympics

You may have seen footage of jaguars running, but have you ever seen an anteater throw a hammer? A pair of caymans diving in synchrony? Monkeys playing volleyball? An armadillo lift weights? A sloth do gymnastics? Sloth gymnastics, heh. All the animals of South America want in on the fun!

(YouTube link)

Rio may not be ready for the Olympics, but the BBC is ready to broadcast them. This is their promotional ad for the Summer Olympic Games that start on August 5th. Oh, yeah, Brazilians would like everyone to know that the Games will be in the city of Rio de Janeiro, not in the Amazon rain forest. -via Digg

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Ladies Ghostbusters - Busting Never Looked So Good!

Ladies Ghostbusters by Retro Freak

When there's something strange in your neighborhood you don't care who comes to take care of the problem, you just want those ghosts zapped, trapped and removed from the realm of the living! Of course, there are those sexists who feel busting ghosts is a man's job, and those people will probably end up living in a haunted house because if you burn one Ghostbuster you burn them all. So if you're scared of ghosts and tired of scraping all the ectoplasm off your stuff then get over your problems with women and let the ladies do their job!

Busting makes everyone feel good, so show your support of the revamped all female cast with this Ladies Ghostbusters t-shirt by Retro Freak, it's sure to get you lots of love from your fellow fans!

Visit Retro Freak's NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Gaming Facts Hadouken My Iron Totoro Why So Serious Boo A Sword To The Past

View more designs by Retro Freak | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Armpit Fan Is a Solution for Your Body Odor

(Image: Thanko)

It's hot outside, but it's even hotter inside your shirt! Your armpits are greenhouses for bacteria that make you . . . aromatic. And those of us who live and work with you wish that you were less olfactorily noticeable.

Rocket News 24 reports on a marvelous solution: the armpit fan. It's a battery-powered fan that clips onto your shirt sleeve. It will either relieve the heat of your armpits or spread your stench further. There's really only one way to find out for sure.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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