A Collection Of Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers

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Weddings are nerve wracking enough as it is, so why would the bride and groom want to darken that magical day with the same old boring ceremony leading to the same old reception serving the same old cake?

The wedding ceremony might need to be timed and regulated but the reception is all about having fun, and nothing says fun-loving newlyweds quite like a hilarious cake topper.

There's a topper for the groom who took more than a little convincing to walk down the aisle

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Toppers for the Bridezilla and her Gameroom who can’t get enough of those megasized monster movies

(Image Link)

And a mighty modern topper for the couple who are obsessed with social media

(Image Link)

Why, these toppers almost make the whole wedding experience look like fun! If only the entire ceremony could be one long reception...

Check out the rest of the 17 Hilarious Cake Toppers That Will Make You Laugh here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

The Strange Way to Say "Yes" in Northern Sweden

(Video Link)

The Local news service journeyed to Umeå, a city in northern Sweden. There, a correspondent learned how to say "yes" in the local dialect of Swedish: purse your lips and suck in air for a moment. One native described it as the sound of sucking hard on a mint in your mouth.

I love it! We should adopt this word into American English.

-via 22 Words

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The Workspaces of Famous People

Steve Jobs

Google the word "workspace" and you'll be inundated with articles that emphasize its importance. From keeping the space free of clutter to designing it to inspire both productivity and creativity, opinions abound. Yet cookie-cutter instructions can't be the answer, because no single solution exists.  Every individual is motivated in a unique way and by unique objects and personal effects. Any two spaces in which accomplished people produce can vary wildly. The illustration of that concept can be seen here in this photo collection of the workspaces of people revered worldwide for their achievements. The collection is taken from the Tumblr "Famous Workspaces," which you can check out by following this link; it appears as if it's no longer being updated, but the archives are interesting. 

Via Design Taxi | Images: Famous Workspaces 

Maurice Sendak, home office

John Mayer, home office, NYC (top photo), recording space NYC (bottom photo)

See additional images

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Autopilot Not Working Well for Drone

(YouTube link)

Mark Taylor is surprisingly calm for a man who just crashed a new $3,000 drone: “Well, at least we got that on video.” That may come in quite handy for getting a refund, or at least enough YouTube views to lessen the sting. He was trying out the drone’s auto-takeoff feature. It was not a user error, but a bug in the system. Taylor has more details at the YouTube page, and an update that credits the manufacturer, DJI, with excellent customer service. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Shades of January

Artist Gemma Correll sees life in a delightfully funny way while still keeping the ennui front and center. This panel on the many shades of January is a perfect example. Which paint color is your favorite, or is there another shade she missed that you would select? See also her hilarious illustrations of winter hazards here. One can never be too careful.

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Amazing Soccer Play: A Front Flip Throw-In Lands in the Goal

(Vine Link)

It’s an unusual technique, but completely effective. Michael Del Lewis, a soccer player with McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas made an unusual throw-in at a recent game against Justin Wakeland High School of Frisco, Texas. He smoothly flipped into his pitch, propelling the ball into the net.

He scored a point because the goalie touched the ball during the throw. Otherwise, Stuff (warning: auto-play) informs us, it would not have counted because the rules of soccer prohibit scoring from a direct throw-in.

The game ended in a draw with a final score of 1 to 1.

-via Yababoon

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Top 10 Biggest Design Flaws In The U.S.S. Enterprise

Star Trek fans know that suspension of disbelief is crucial to their enjoyment of the space opera, especially the 1966 version. After all, the Enterprise was built by TV producers, not engineers. And those shows have been seen so many times that real fans have gotten a really good look at how unsuitable the Enterprise is for its mission. Some of the design flaws are pretty technical, while others are quite evident to everyone, like

9. No Seatbelts

We get it. It's fun to watch a dozen or so people get tossed around a bridge during a battle sequence — definitely more fun than just seeing a camera shake up and down while all the crew members remain safely strapped into their seats. But seriously, you'd think that after enough concussions caused by people falling out of their chairs, the Enterprise designers would just add some damn restraints. Class action lawsuit, anyone?

In most cases, drama trumps common sense, because a flawlessly-designed ship wouldn’t lend itself well to a crisis every week. Read about the most egregious design flaws on the USS Enterprise at io9. -via Metafilter

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Photographer Captures Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica

During an expedition to Antarctica, photographer Alex Cornell was lucky enough to see an iceberg flip over and was able to capture these spectacular images. Such flips are rare and often dangerous, because of the waves they make. Some iceberg flips can even cause tsunamis. 

People use the phrase "the tip of the iceberg" to mean that the bulk of information about a situation or item is unknown/unseen. The phrase relates to the scientific fact that approximately 90% of icebergs are underwater, thus the part we see is literally just the top tip. This can be explained by the density of sea water versus that of ice. The density of ice is .92 grams per milliliter. The density of water is 1 gram per milliliter (salt water 1.03 g/mL). So ice has nine-tenths (ninety percent) of the density of water, and thus, 90 percent of the iceberg is below the surface of the water. 

Most icebergs appear white, though some look blue or green. Ice contains air bubbles that diffuse all color wavelengths the same amount, making the ice look white. When ice is compressed, its bubbles are forced out and blue light is disseminated more than any other colors, thus the ice appears blue. Icebergs that appear to have stripes of green are caused by algae growth. 

Learn more about icebergs here, and see more of Cornell's beautiful photography from Antarctica at his 

Via Colossal | Images: Alex Cornell


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9 Disney Princesses as Indian Brides

Snow White

Amrit Grewal is a wedding photographer in Vancouver. Working with a bridal gallery that specializes in Indian couture, he created scenes of 9 Disney princesses for South Asian Bride Magazine. The result is a beautiful mixture of Disney imagery and Indian styles. You can see more photos in the series at BuzzFeed, including pictures of Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, and Jasmine.


-via Walyou

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10 Times Comic Book Creators Were Screwed Over

It's easy to love comic books, even if you're only a casual fan of the movies that are made based on the characters. It's a bit harder to love the big comic book publishing companies though -and the more you learn about them, the more you have a hard time defending their actions. 

This great Top Tenz article provides ten great examples of comic book companies screwing over the creators that developed all the characters we've come to love. While you probably already heard a bit about the whole Jack Kirby issue, you might not know some of the stories, like how Marvel countersued Gary Friedrich after he lost his case against them regarding royalties for the Ghostrider movie -claiming he had no right to sell merchandise based on the character he created.

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Attack On London - Breaking Down The Walls Of Time And Space

Attack On London by Gilles Bone

They're cybernetic organisms who used to be men, and they were using London as their own mechanical breeding grounds. Who would put a stop to their evil plans of assimilation and mechanization? Why, none other than the Doctor, that's who, a time lord with a plan of attack that involved turning titans into tiny tin toys...

Bring some sci-fi adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Attack On London t-shirt by Gilles Bone, it's cheaper than a sonic screwdriver and way more fashionable than a pair of 3D glasses!

Visit Gilles Bone's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Seawheaties Rose Of Versailles Maleficos

Throne Of Games

View more designs by Gilles Bone | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The New York Times Accidentally Invented a Country and the Internet Is in Love with It

(Image: Nation States)

Have you ever visited Kyrzbekistan? You should. It's a beautiful land with a rich culture and a friendly people. It also doesn't exist, but that shouldn't stop you.

Last week, a New York Times article described Kyrgyzstan, a real nation in central Asia. But it was misspelled as "Kyrzbekistan." The editors eventually corrected the error, but not before the people of the internet had run wild, describing the history, geography, and politics of it. You can find some basic facts about the landlocked nation here.

Kyrzbekistan has its own official Twitter feed, which you can follow to keep up on local news and learn about the Kyzrekistani culture. The nation is diversifying its traditional yak-based economy and encouraging international investment. So if you receive an email from a Kyrzbekistani prince asking for assistance in banking, you should probably take him up on the offer. There may also be an ambassadorship open.

-via Marilyn Terrell

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15 Fun and Goofy Pillows

Etsy seller Yulia Donath made this paired set of pillows that would be perfect as a romantic gift. They say, "You complete me." But, strictly speaking, they're designed to attach to additional pieces. If you have a suspicious lover, then they may not be a good pick.

These are 1 of 15 quirkly pillow designs rounded up by Renee Jacques at the Huffington Post. They include unusual body pillows, cupcake pillows, and sushi pillows.

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The Truth About Your Smile

Most of us get surprisingly little education about caring for our teeth. Our parents teach us to brush, and if we are lucky, we get a guest lecture in grade school on the proper brushing technique. And a small percentage of us have dental insurance and talk to a dentist every once in a while. But most people develop oral hygiene habits early in life and stick with them for decades, while science comes up with new findings that contradict conventional wisdom. In other words, you’re doing it wrong. Molly Beauchemin, a “health nerd,” brings us some tips for taking care of our choppers that may surprise you. Who knew you’re supposed to rinse your mouth after drinking acidic beverages, but not after brushing your teeth? And there’s more.

4.) Floss More, Brush Less

A dentist in Virginia once told me about this experiment: go 4-5 days without flossing, then floss. After you floss, ball the string up in your hand and smell it. You will never go without flossing again.

The moral of the story is this: the worst bacteria that causes bad breathe and cavities lingers near our gum line and flossing is the only way to get them out. Luckily, its actually a lot easier to knock plaque off our teeth than we think, so flossing followed by a light brush is sufficient to keep your mouth squeaky clean. In fact, some dentists suggest that if you had a choice between flossing or brushing you'd be better off just flossing. It's that important. As my best friend's father—a dentist—once told me: “floss more, brush less”.

Truly, dental floss is your friend in the long run. Beauchemin even addresses electric toothbrushes in the comments. Read a surprisingly interesting article about teeth at The Hairpin. -via Digg

(Image credit: Brianne Burnell)

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Tattoos Help Burn Victims Reduce the Visibility of their Scars

Before (l) and after the process of paramedical tattoos

Basma Hameed is what as known as a paramedical tattoo specialist. Her work applying flesh-toned ink in an attempt to render the scars of burn victims less noticeable makes a tremendous positive impact on their lives. Suffering from burns is agonizing and the rehabilitation process is full of painful skin graft operations. In addition to that trauma, patients are often stigmatized due to the appearance of their skin. Hameed's work can make a stunning difference in the looks of these patients. She was especially inspired to help others as she was also a burn victim who benefited from the process. What a wonderful way to help others in need. 

Check out the video below and see more before and after images at Basma's clinic website (Not recommended for people especially squeamish about scarring.) 

Via Distractify | Images: Basma Hameed

Basma's face before and after tattooing

YouTube Link

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Faster, Must Go Faster: The Volcano Version

In 1914, the Sakurajima volcano in Kyushu, Japan, erupted and its lava flowed for months until it filled the narrow straits and connected the volcano island and the mainland, turning it into a peninsula.

That volcano eruption was captured on film in the above photograph by the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun. The photo showed a group of men on a boat expedition to the island frantically trying to sail away as fast as they could from the billowing column of ash, smoke, and probably lava.

The photo is the first of many fascinating photos of volcano eruptions as curated by National Geographic.

If you like that one, here's a more modern one in the "escape from volcano" genre. This time, it's the 1991 eruption of Pinatubo in the northern Philippines. It's taken by photographer Alberto Garcia from the back of his van. "All of us survived, thank God," he said.

Take a look at the complete photo series over at National Geographic.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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No Vacancy: Abandoned Hotels Photo Series by Dietmar Eckell

Photo: Dietmar Eckell

In his photo series "No Vacancy," German photographer Dietmar Eckell traveled around the world to document abandoned hotels in the middle of nowhere. Once, these hotels were luxury retreats, pleasure domes or wellness sanctuaries - but for one reason or another, they have all been abandoned for nature to reclaim.

The photo above is of the "Hotel Royal," an infamous love hotel in Kanagawa, Japan. The hotel boasted seven stories and 35 rooms with a view of Lake Sagami. At first, the remote place seemed ideal for wayward married men and women to conduct illicit love affairs, but at the end it was just too far away (either that or love birds just really didn't care for the view).

An abandoned resort on the Tagaytay ridge in the Philippines. It was once billed as a weekend escape from Manila, but has been abandoned for decades.

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View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Set Your Phasers To Stunning With These Stupendously Sharp Sci-Fi T-Shirts

Just when you think people are losing interest in sci-fi and drifting towards Romantic Vampire Historical Fiction or Bizarro Epic Fantasy Poems some Doctor from beyond the reaches of time, or a brand war in the stars, comes back around to spark interest in sci-fi again.

Celebrate your love of all things sci-fi, and those particularly geeky LOLs only science fiction can deliver, with these witty sci-fi themed t-shirts from that intergalactic trading post known as the NeatoShop!

Exterminate All Folks by Saqman

The science fiction genre has been around longer than any human alive today

Farnsworth Genetic Replicants by JRBERGER

However, it wasn't always such a widely appreciated genre

Ming The Merciless by dutyfreak

It used to be that only a particular kind of fan watched sci-fi shows and films

Bazinga by Spicy Monocle

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Cow Mascot in Mexican Grocery Has Got the Mooves

YouTube Link

This hoofing heifer at a Mexican supermarket is proudly representing dairy product brand Alpura, as seemingly unfazed customers pass by with their carts. Who knew cows could twerk? This is monumental! Moomoomental, even. -Via Tastefully Offensive

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The Ultimate Revenge: Glitter Your Enemies

There are those who think you just can't have enough glitter -and then there's the rest of us. If you are one of the non glitter lovers than you know one of the substance's most annoying attributes is that it sticks to everything and seems to never leave. That's why SendYourEnemiesGlitter.com is such a brilliant idea. You can finally torture those you truly hate without doing anything remotely illegal or unethical. 

So how much does this marvelous torment cost? Only $9.99 AUD. Sure that's a lot for an envelope filled with glitter, but keep in mind that they also prevent you from having to touch the terrible stuff and they provide you with a return address that isn't traced back to you.

Via Nerd Approved

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19 Amazing Facts About Bells That Will SHOCK You!

(YouTube link)

Hey, I didn’t come up with that title- it was attached to the video already. We shouldn’t call these “facts,” as that implies a certain intersection with the truth. But you know, I often come across “facts” on the internet that turns out to be quite wrong, and now Joel Veitch of Rathergood and David Shute are doing their best to contribute to that mass of disinformation. It’s good that they made it go so fast, because if this were slow enough that your crazy great-aunt could understand it, she’d forward it to all her friends. -via b3ta

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ATL Riders - Biking Through The Apocalypse

ATL Riders by Machmigo

Merle and Daryl are Atlanta's original bad boys, two wild men as capable as they are ferocious, and when the zombie muck hit the fan it was only natural to want to ride alongside them, besides- it beat walking! They were made for the apocalypse, and had spent their lives training for just such an occassion, so those who rode alongside them knew they were in good hands. But what that group of outlaw survivors didn't realize is Merle and Daryl had two very different views on what it means to stay alive, and how many living humans would wind up dead at their feet...

Ride with the original bad boys of the zombie apocalypse, wear this ATL Riders t-shirt by Machmigo around town and watch your fellow Dixon brothers fans nod and smile in approval!

Visit Machmigo's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more deadly cool designs:

Treasure Hunter's League I Geek Too Forever Kupo League Of Dark Magic

View more designs by Machmigo | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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How to Get a Husband: A Guide from 1880

Attention "young ladies, spinsters and widows": this book is for you! You can read this entire book at Flashbak, so get ready to take notes.

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7 Cool and Wonderful Hotel Rooms

Sometimes the journey is greater than the destination, and sometimes the hotel room is the best part of the vacation. That really might be the case in vacations that involve stays in these strange wonderful hotel rooms we featured on Homes and Hues. 

From Batman-themed love hotels to converted airplanes and from hotels built just above the water to those built under water, these hotels are totally fantastic and utterly strange. 

Don't miss the full list at Homes and Hues: The 7 Strangest Hotel Rooms On Earth

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was the 8th album recorded by the Beatles. The band's touring days had officially ended in August of 1966, and in December, the boys reunited after several months of pursuing their own  individual interests.

John was finished filming his solo movie debut- a supporting role in an anti-war satire called How I Won the War. Paul had written the score of a film called The Family Way and George had made a pilgrimage to India to study the sitar under the tutorship of virtuoso (and future mentor) Ravi Shankar. Ringo, always the simplest, most down-to-earth Beatle, had spent his holiday time with his wife and newborn children.

The Sgt. Pepper album and concept basically came from Paul. Knowing full well that the Fab Four's touring days were over and that by this time the quartet had grown sick and tired of being "the four moptops,” he reasoned that they could actually assume new identities and send an album out "on tour" in their stead. The four would actually assume the identity of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and not have to worry about the pressure and strain of being Beatles anymore.

Paul had, by this time, almost by default, taken over the leadership of the band. For the past several years (long before Ringo had joined the band in '62), he and Lennon had jockeyed for the leadership of the group, but now John was fairly "indisposed" after two continuous years of "destroying his ego" with massive doses of LSD. According to John, he was "going through murder" by the early days of 1967.

Paul took over the reins for the recording of Sgt. Pepper, and the album was to be pretty much the swan song of the Lennon/Mccartney songwriting partnership, the most successful partnership in the history of popular music.

George was in the midst of being swept away by India, its religion and its music, and was becoming almost completely disinterested in any Beatles projects, thinking them unimportant and frivolous. (George was also growing as a songwriter himself and had become quite tired of being thought of as the "fifth wheel" of the group's composers, still an afterthought behind John and Paul after all these years.)

Succinctly and tellingly, Ringo was to recall the Sgt. Pepper sessions as “The time I learned to play chess.” Ringo too, as usual, took a back seat to John and Paul, but he, unlike George, had little ego and seemed to be content in the Beatles' changing circumstance.

Before the Sgt. Pepper sessions began, all four Beatles grew mustaches, the better to assume their new Sgt. Pepper "identities.” (John had also become the first Beatle to become shorn of his world-famous Beatle locks- before filming began on How I Won the War.) John had also donned his much-needed "granny glasses" in public. For years as a Beatle, the myopic Lennon had squinted out at the adoring audiences attending their concerts.

The album was to take 129 days to record (700 hours, all told), an unprecedented amount of time to record an album at the time.

Continue reading

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RC Rainbow Dash

This is the Rainbow Maiden, a beautiful RC aircraft by David Lewis. It's designed to look like Rainbow Dash, a daredevil pegasus on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While he doesn't provide any technical specs, we can be confident that Lewis's design at least 20% cooler than an ordinary RC airplane.

(Video Link)

Here it is the Rainbow Maiden in flight. Watch it soar! Perhaps with a bit more engine power, it could do a sonic rainboom.

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10 Amazing Stories Of People Who Woke Up From Comas

People survive and recover from comas fairly often, but the odds of recovery depend on a person’s illness or injuries and the length of time they are incapacitated. The longer the coma, the lower the odds of recovery. The ten (actually twelve) people in this list are all very different: their comas lasted from a few days to decades long, and their recoveries varied greatly. Some recovered very gradually. One was in a locked-in state for years while no one knew. And three presented strange language deficiencies when they came to. One was Ben McMahon.  

Growing up in Australia, Ben McMahon learned French and Mandarin, but was never fluent in them. In 2012, he was in a car accident which left him comatose for a week. Doctors said he would be lucky if he survived. He beat the odds and woke up but, oddly, he only spoke Mandarin and couldn’t speak English. He could also write in Mandarin.

Eventually, Ben regained the ability to speak English, but didn’t lose the ability to speak Mandarin. As of September 2014, Ben is living in Shanghai where he attends school, but also gives walking tours of the city. In fact, his Mandarin is so good it impresses native speakers, and he is the host of a TV show in Shanghai.

Some of the stories of coma patients contain disturbing circumstances of violence, injury, and abuse. Read them all at ListVerse. -via mental_floss

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This 4-Year Old Is the Next Bruce Lee

With his back to the screen, this kid perfectly mimics the moves of Bruce Lee. Watch him whip around a set of nunchucks with masterful precision.

(Video Link)

Go ahead. Just try to give him at timeout. I dare you.

-via Kotaku

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Nine Houses Which Were Built Out Of Spite

(Image Link)

People build houses and buildings for all sorts of good reasons, and a few bad ones, but building a house just for spite? Now that’s a new one!

Jerry Seinfeld once tried to return a jacket out of spite for the salesman who sold it to him, and that didn’t work out very well for him, but spite will make you do crazy things as you’ll see in 9 Houses Built Just For Spite, vintage mental_floss circa 2013.

(Image Link)

It is there that you will discover how one man dealt with noisy people using the alley next to his house, and how a doctor guy from Maryland kept the city from building a road through his property, and how this other dude in Nevada dealt with living next door to his enemy.

Spoiler alert- every story involves a house being built, and some spite! (Insert obligatory spite as building material joke here)

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22 Real Places That Inspired Disney Animated Movies

This is Prince Eric's castle from The Little Mermaid.

(Photo: Erik Charlton)

This is Chillon Castle, a real building in Switzerland.

The resemblance is striking, isn't it? Chillon Castle sits on the shore of Lake Geneva. It's existed in some form since at least 1150 and was most likely built to control what was a major road in medieval times. Chillon Castle has been a fortress, a prison, and an arsenal. It entered the popular imagination after famous writers, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Percy Shelley, and Lord Byron wrote about it. In "The Prisoner of Chillon," Byron describes the castle through the voice of someone trapped there:

There are seven pillars of Gothic mould,
In Chillon's dungeons deep and old,
There are seven columns, massy and grey,
Dim with a dull imprison'd ray,
A sunbeam which hath lost its way,
And through the crevice and the cleft
Of the thick wall is fallen and left;

And so it was an appropriate choice for the animators of The Little Mermaid.

This is only 1 of 22 real life places that inspired the background artists of Disney animated movies. You can view the rest at When on Earth.

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