Headline Will Go Here Blah Blah Blah

No, it's not a headline draft mistake. Usually, we write the post first then try to come up with a witty headline, but in this case, the title practically wrote itself! This photo from the Patriot-News newspaper from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, fits perfectly, dontcha think?

Charles Apple of the American Copy Editor Society has a HUGE list of mistakes copy editors should've caught but didn't.

Here are some of the best bad headlines from TV news and newspapers from his blog, The Visual Side of Journalism, which has just become one of my favorites! You should check it out.

That's Mach 881743!

Mike Masco of WMAR TV in Baltimore tells us that it's going to be REALLY hot today!

Man killed to death. To death!

Well, that just stinks! Who knew that crap would be so pricey?

This just in: CNN senior political analyst and advisor to four US presidents David Gergen has changed his name to JJJJJJJJ.

Well, a lot of people hate the London 2012 Olympics logo, but calling it shit is a bit harsh!

Well, don't you just hate driving on snot?

Well, to be fair, morons do come in all colors.

Poor Neil Armstrong. Walking on the Moon didn't seem to give him any sort of job security over at Nike. Oh, you mean Lance Armstrong, LA Times?

No comment on this one.

OMG! Someone at NRK's evening news program in Norway needed an eye exam after using this eye chart.

Like I said, there's many more over at Charles' blog worth checking out: Link

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