This Magic 3 Layer Custard Cake Looks Divine

When people make a cake to bring to an event it usually falls into one of three categories- sheet cake, cheesecake, or some sort of carrot or fruit cake with a twist they saw on Pinterest.

These are all fine and delicious cakes to bring to an event, but what if you want to bring a dessert that knocks their socks off and makes you look like a cake genius?

Then you need to make this magical three layer custard cake and pretend you're the inventor of the latest trendy dessert.

The magic custard cake is a miracle of dessert science, created using a normal batter which is baked at a low temperature so the batter has time to separate into layers as it bakes. It's ooey gooey genius!

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See Magic 3 Layer Custard Cake recipe here

-Via Good Housekeeping