Bites of Fright by Christine McConnell

This is artist and photographer Christine McConnell, a/k/a my role model. She does everything, and does it well. She bakes (Miss Cellania featured the cake she baked of her parents' house last month), and some of her creations are delightfully dark. 

She is lovely (see photo four) and, according the photo captions on her imgur albums, she personally delivers her baked goods in a beautifully restored classic car (photo five). She does oil paintings. She does house painting. She makes most of her clothes from scratch. She designed a Halloween decoration concept for her parents' large home. She makes skeletons, aliens and snakes out of sugary tastyness. I just love that Christine!

Visit McConnell's imgur albums, instagram account and her recent reddit post to see more. 

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"Bites of Fright by Christine McConnell"

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