Meat Rushmore: Mount Rushmore Made with Jerky

What better way to commemorate the National Jerky Day than to recreate Mount Rushmore with meat jerky?

Beef jerky manufacturer Jack Link's commissioned a team of artists led by art director Alex Valhouli to recreate the iconic granite sculpture of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln* in jerky. The team spent 1,400 man-hour "meatsculpting" a scaled replica of Mount Rushmore with 1,600 pound of jerky.

"It celebrates America's lifelong relationship with meat snacks," said Valhouli, "The big challenge with meat sculpting is that it hasn't been done before and you can't possibly know what to expect."

The piece has generated some online controversies (just read the comments left on the YouTube video), but there's no question that the publicity stunt is unique.

*Abraham Lincoln is rumored to be a vegetarian and an animal rights activist, though there's no evidence of that.

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"Meat Rushmore: Mount Rushmore Made with Jerky"

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