8 Bizarre Candies Spotted at the 99 Cents Store

The 99¢ Only Stores are great places to pick up cheap stuff, but also the best for spotting the funniest, strangest brands. Here are 8 candies that I'd never heard of before this past weekend. Anyone every try any of these? Leave a comment below and let us know!

1. Big Hunk

On the back, it reads "Bust it. Smack it." Um??

2. Belly Flops

Look what it says on the back! Basically, you're buying their rejects. Om no-thanks-m.

3. Warheads

Chewy cubes in a new bigger size! Wait, I think I missed the original size. Darn?

4. Super Cucharazo

Not sure what that is in the spoon, but I'm not buying it.

5. Texas Hold'Em

Almost bought these just for the tagline: Winner eats all!

6. Graffiti Taffy

At the bottom of the bag it says: "Different flavors every time!" Yeah, more reject candy... I don't think so.

7. 8 Chocolatey Covered Marshmallows

This candy is so sorry looking, it doesn't even have a real name!

8. Sweet'N Low

Don't like it in my coffee, so I'm probably not going to enjoy the "candy" version either. Oh, and surprise-surprise, it's "sugar free."

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