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Multiple Covers of The Legend of Zelda Theme Music

The theme music from The Legend of Zelda, written by video game musical composer Koji Kondo in 1986, has captivated gamers as a musical score of enduring quality. Here's a roundup of variations on that music.

(Image: Qinni)

(YouTube Link)

George Randy performed the theme on a Moog Etherwave Theremin.

(YouTube Link)

YouTube user DrGusto and his friends formed a quartet consisting of a trumpet, two trombones, and a tuba.

(YouTube Link)

This past May, YouTube user JapanJens got married in Linkoping, Sweden and used the Zelda theme as a wedding march. The organist switches from Wagner's Bridal Chorus to Zelda at 1:40.

(YouTube Link)

Diwa de Leon vocalized four parts and accompanied himself on a violin in this arrangement.

(YouTube Link)

This demonstration of Tesla coil music was given at DucKon 18 last year in Chicago.

(YouTube Link)

There's an app that turns an iPhone into a functional ocarina. This is, of course, a reference to the LOZ game The Ocarina of Time.

(YouTube Link)

No amateurs here -- this is the actual Boston Symphony Orchestra performing the Zelda theme.

(YouTube Link)

I Fight Dragons, a Chicago-based band that drinks deep from the well of the Nintendo tradition, offered this glorious version. The voice balloons by band member Laura were a nice touch. (via Nerd Bastards)

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