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Crazy Custom Painted Movie Posters From Nigeria

Countries around the world make movie posters their own way, using their own native art techniques and imagery that appeals to their own people, and whether the movie is local or imported from LaLaLand every release gets its own custom poster treatment.

Nigerian artists have a very unique style when it comes to creating a painted movie poster, and this style is partly derived from the subject of their paintings- the freaky films being created in Ghana:

Movies like Wondeful Dog, Why Should I and Blood Money look like the African equivalent of Grind House cinema, and they've inspired some wonderfully terrifying movie poster masterpieces which can be found in a gallery created by Imgur user iliketechno.

Oh, and there are a few whacked out versions of Hollywood movie posters in there too:

Check out the rest of these bizarre Nigerian movie posters at Imgur   (Contains NSFW images)

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"Crazy Custom Painted Movie Posters From Nigeria"

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