Why Shame Animals When You Can Shame Your Polyhedral Dice?

(Image Via Nerd Approved)

Dog shaming never made much sense to me, considering dogs can’t read English and therefore have no idea what their master has written on the sign hanging around their neck.

Chicken, guinea pig, baby and cat shaming likewise don’t make much sense for the same reason, but it’s really all about what’s written on the sign, right?

(Image Via Ian Davison/Kotaku)

Well now there’s a new form of shaming directed at inanimate objects, in this case polyhedral dice, created by frustrated roleplaying gamers who are tired of bad die rolls ruining a perfectly good campaign:

(Image Via Bishoop47/Kotaku)

That’s right folks- Polyhedral Dice Shaming is sweeping the RPG nation, and now we can let those low rolling dice know how we feel about their poor performance:

(Image Via LonoXIII/Kotaku)

So, the next time your dice don't live up to your expectations, take those low rolling suckers out of play and write up a die shaming diatribe of your own!

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"Why Shame Animals When You Can Shame Your Polyhedral Dice?"

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