Star Wars Gets The Macross Treatment

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You may have already drawn a correlation between Star Wars and Robotech, you may have pulled out this geeky trump card while in a heated discussion with a fellow fan over which franchise is better, and you may feel like all SW is missing is an animated treatment in Macross era anime style.

If this sounds like you then this animated short by otaking77077 will be right up your alley, even though it’s missing transforming TIE fighters and a brash young pilot like Rick Hunter, but to those who have never compared the two series you'll flip at how well these two sci-fi flavors go together!

EDIT: Neatoramanaut Frau has an update:

The music was not added by otaking77077. It was added by Youtube user JPL4185 and published to Youtube in 2012.
It was originally a private project WIP that Otaking would post in bits to 4chan's Mecha board.
Because it was a WIP - Otaking pulled it.
But as most often is the situation - someone sees something so awesome they have to share, so they copy it before it disappears.   -Thanks Frau!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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"Star Wars Gets The Macross Treatment"

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