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George R. R. Martin's Darkest Secret - His 30 Year Old DOS Computer

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George R. R. Martin is now reaping the rewards of the millions of words he shaped into the epic fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire, but there’s one thing he won’t be spending his newfound HBO series money on- a new computer.

Martin is content to hammer away on a 30-year-old DOS computer, using WordStar 4.0 to create all of his works from the good old days of Wild C.A.R.D.S. to his newest epic fantasy, and he says it's all because he hates newfangled features like spell check.

His admission is bound to raise a few questions, chief among them for many teens- what's DOS?

-Via 22 Words

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"George R. R. Martin's Darkest Secret - His 30 Year Old DOS Computer"

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