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The Muppet Parody of Star Wars

The Muppet Magazine—a fanzine promoting Jim Henson’s furry creatures—launched in January of 1983. An issue from the summer of that year has a special gem inside: a 5-page parody of Star Wars.

It tells the tale of Priness Loina and Ham Solo (a take on Muppet character Link Hogthrob) on a mission to sell cheap movie merchandise. So it’s a lot like Spaceballs. Their foe is the black-helmeted Superschnozz who is committed to wrecking the movie.

You can read the whole thing here. It features Fozzie Bear as Chewbackwards, Gonzo as Superschnozz (Darth Vader), Kermit as Fluke Skywalker and Dr. Julius Strangepork as Obiwan Fenokee.

-via Alyssa Milano

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"The Muppet Parody of Star Wars"

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