Nothing to Prove

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Believe it or not, women come in a wide variety of personalities with a wide range of interests -just like men. You'd never know that by the arguments on some internet forums about whether a particular woman is a "geek" or a "fake geek girl" -or even whether such a thing as a female geek exists. Meanwhile, there is a growing group of women who have heard it all and want you to know they have nothing to prove. Geek girls are just what they are, and the song "Nothing to Prove" by The Doubleclicks says it well. In this video, women -and young girls, too- contribute video clips that say what they want to add to the conversation. I had to watch this twice, because the first time I kept stopping the video to read all the signs. The second time I wanted to hear the song in one piece. You can submit a picture or story, too, at the Tumblr blog Geek Girls have #Nothing to Prove. Link -via Metafiter 

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"Nothing to Prove"

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