Shuttlecraft Prop from the Original Star Trek under Restoration

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under restoration

The 1:1 scale shuttlecraft prop from the original Star Trek somehow survived the decades that passed since the end of the show. Last year, it sold at auction. The new owners, Adam Schneider and Alec Peters, took the prop to professional boat restorers and asked them to make the old girl spaceworthy again. interviewed them about their efforts. Mr. Schneider wrote:

It's probably taken 2,000 man hours of work. It's a world-class restoration at a world-class shop. This is not me because I have no skills as an amateur doing work. This is a fabulous facility [Master Shipwrights in New Jersey].

Not only is it going to be cosmetically good, but from a structural point of view, from a quality of finish point of view, from a quality of wood point of view, and from an ability to move it safely without damaging it. It has never been in better shape.

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ

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"Shuttlecraft Prop from the Original Star Trek under Restoration"

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