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It's still a couple hours until lunchtime, but I'm hungry! Let's see what cuisine science fiction can offer us.

Star Trek -- a jumja stick. This Bajoran desert is made from the sap of the jumja tree. It's sort of like carmelized apple, except without the apple, or the creamy taste of carmel. Think of it as a dried popsicle.

Star Wars -- human. This Ewok delicacy can be served in a variety of ways, but gourmands prefer to have it roasted over an open fire. Tastes like chicken and pairs well with a dry chardonnay.

Babylon 5 -- spoo. Though physically repugnant while alive, the spoo makes for a quite tasty meat dish. Centauri prefer theirs cubed and aged, whereas the Narn (to the disgust of the Centauri), perfer fresh spoo.

Stargate -- kassa. Sometimes called the "evil Orville Redenbacher", this corn-like product is genetically engineered to be very addictive. That disadvantage aside, it's unbelievably awesomely good. I mean, I can't stop eating it.

What's your favorite food from science fiction?

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