Yotaro The Japanese Robot Baby And Japan's Low Birth Rate


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Yotaro is a robotic  baby simulator designed by a team at the University of Tsukuba in Japan.  The baby has warm water running through it's silicone face that allow the baby's skin to feel warm and have a runny nose. The baby also responds to touch and expresses a series of emotions.  Some of you may have seen this guy around the web last year, but he seems to be back again. Even though not its original purpose, the robot is now being suggested as a way to pull at Japanese heart strings and encourage them to get down to the business of having children. Japan currently has an extremely low birth rate.
Yotaro project members think a mindset change on children in Japan won't come from money, but some contact with a baby -- even a robotic one. Project member Madoka Hirai said she started noticing baby clothes and pictured what life with a child could be like -- something she had never thought about before Yotaro.

Kyung Lah of CNN has more: Link

Do you think  a robot baby would make a woman want to have kids? I'm not convinced. At the same time I wouldn't pass up a chance to play with this little guy.

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"Yotaro The Japanese Robot Baby And Japan's Low Birth Rate"

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