27 Etsy Finds That Kids Would Love

Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you're looking for a way to treat or reward the kids in your life or are in need of a birthday gift or two, this collection of Etsy items is full of cute gifts — many hand knitted or sewn — from which to choose. Some of these items are even suitable for adult "kids" who are enthusiasts of things based on popular movies or games; the Wizard of Oz bookmark, for instance. Visit this link to see that item and 26 more, along with links to the various Etsy stores whose offerings are listed. 

Piñata Rug

Minecraft Bedding

Elsa from Frozen night light

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8th Graders Build Frozen-Themed Prosthetic Hand for a Little Girl

The Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin has a robotics team. Its equipment includes a 3D printer. The members learned about Ariah, a little girl in California who was born without most of her right hand. They decided to print an articulated prosthetic hand for her.

But it was no ordinary prosthetic hand. The team members decorated it with colors and images from the Ariah's favorite movie, Frozen. The Huffington Post reports:

With the guidance of their teacher, Peter Graven, they chose color combinations and added snowflakes to the design. To top it all off, they put “Queen Ariah” across the hand.

Later, they got to view an online video of Ariah using her new Frozen hand.

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The Best Response to a Classmate’s Insult

(YouTube link)

A boy at school called her ugly, and she gave him what for. This 4-year-old girl has the right attitude, and her comeback -whether it really happened that way or not- is priceless. And she happens to be very pretty, too. However, the pause she takes before the word “ugly” is heartbreaking, because words like that hurt no matter how confident you are. -via Buzzfeed

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Give Her An Egg!

(YouTube link)

When I was 16 months old, I got the jelly jar out of the refrigerator and sat on the floor and ate it with my hands. That’s the extent of my food preparation experience as a toddler. Tony Quarella and his wife included their 16-month-old daughter in their family cookie-making project. Well, they gave her the hat. Then that gave her an egg. What do you suppose happens when you give a toddler an egg? You might be surprised! -via reddit

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Rock Band Meets Young Fan with Down Syndrome, Responds Perfectly to Him

(Photo: The Kane Show)

10-year old Christopher Warner of West Friendship, Maryland loves the rock band Maroon 5. He absolutely adores their work, especially that of frontman Adam Levine. His teacher, Avery Stanert, made a video of Christopher raving about Maroon 5. That video went viral and eventually came to Adam Levine's attention.

Maroon 5 invited Christopher, his mother, and his teachers to attend one of their concerts. They got backstage passes and the chance to meet the band.

When it came time to meet them, Christopher had a panic attack. He lay down on the floor and wouldn't get up. That wasn't a problem for Levine and his bandmates, who lay down on the floor with Christopher

-via 22 Words

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The Girl Who Gets Gifts from Crows

(Photo: Lisa Mann/BBC)

Blogger David Thompson calls her "an eight-year old queen of the crows." So far, Gabi Mann of Seattle, Washington is using her super power modestly. It's been developing for the past year. What is her power?

Crows bring her things.

(Photo: Katy Sewall/BBC)

Wild crows fly up and drop small objects in front of her. They're gifts. For the past 4 years, she's fed them scraps for fun. Now they're expressing their loyalty. The BBC reports:

The crows would clear the feeder of peanuts, and leave shiny trinkets on the empty tray; an earring, a hinge, a polished rock. There wasn't a pattern. Gifts showed up sporadically - anything shiny and small enough to fit in a crow's mouth.

One time it was a tiny piece of metal with the word "best" printed on it. "I don't know if they still have the part that says 'friend'," Gabi laughs, amused by the thought of a crow wearing a matching necklace.

How should Gabi use this power?

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Parents Get Bright Red Tattoos to Match Their Daughter's Birthmark

(Photo: Michelle Rawlins)

Honey-Rae Phillips of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, was born with a string of bright birthmarks stretching from her right foot up her leg and that side of her body. People noticed. Strangers made comments.

Her parents, Adam and Tanya, initially covered up the birthmarks. But then they changed directions. Honey-Rae's birthmarks were not unsightly disfigurements. So they let her wear shorts and other clothes that expose her birthmarks.

And then Adam and Tanya went even further, taking the radical step of having Honey-Rae's birthmark pattern tattooed over their own bodies. The Daily Mail quotes Tanya:

'From the moment she was born, we told Honey-Rae she was beautiful and constantly covered her in kisses.'

She added: 'Some people will says it odd and think what we’ve done is quite extreme, but in our eyes all we have done is ensure Honey-Rae never feels different. Mummy and Daddy now have the same permanent markings as she does.'

The couple already had tattoos on their legs, but none as extreme as the imitation birthmarks.

Now they have had the procedure done, Honey-Rae couldn't be happier - and even points at the tattoos and yells 'match!'.

-via Daily Telegraph

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The Most Sinister Baby Laugh You'll Hear Today

Bwahahahahaha! This baby will make a great supervillain when he grows up. Just watch as he unleashes the most sinister laugh you'll hear today.

The video of the unnamed laughing (Russian?) baby, titled "The most sarcastic baby in the world!" by YouTube user moonez has gone viral and racked up over a million hits since it was uploaded just a couple of days ago.

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Baby Born with Intact Amniotic Sac

First off, little Silas Philips is fine. He was delivered by Cesarian section three months early at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, still shrouded in his sac of amniotic fluid. Neonatologist William Binder snapped a picture of the unusual sight with his cellphone, then opened the sac so the baby could begin breathing.

The photograph shows the baby just seconds old. Until the bag was broken, the baby was still getting oxygen through the placenta.

“It felt like slow-motion but really realistically probably about 10 seconds that we had to sort of quickly pause and be able to do this, because at the same time, we want to get the baby out of that sac, start helping the baby to begin breathing,” the doctor said.

The photo is a rare opportunity to see what a six-month pregnancy really looks like. And from the baby’s point of view, the trauma of birth didn’t happen until he was outside his mother. Despite his prematurity, Silas is doing well at ten weeks old and is expected to go home within a month. See a video report at CBS Los Angeles. -via Buzzfeed

PS: I found out some other interesting things about Dr. Binder.

(Image credit: Dr. William Binder)

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15-Year Old Hires CEO to Run the Company She Founded 3 Years Ago

(Photo: Anne Wermiel/New York Post)

This is Noa Mintz, the founder of Nannies by Noa, a successful small business in New York City. If you need a top quality nanny or babysitter, she can set you up.

She's only 15 years old.

From a young, er, younger, age, Noa got to know a lot of nannies and babysitters. She developed a knack for knowing if a caregiver's personality was a good fit for a family--or wasn't. When she was 12, she launched a company that paired nannies and babysitters with families who needed them. Noa ran the company while going to school and living an otherwise normal life as a middle schooler.

Now, as a high school freshman, she realizes that she can no longer devote enough time to her company, which serves about 190 clients through about 75 nannies and babysiitters. Noa has hired a CEO to take over of day-to-day operations. The New York Post reports that this is only her latest venture:

Mom Meredith Berkman, a former journalist, isn’t surprised by her daughter’s ambition.

“Noa is a natural-born serial entrepreneur — from 6 or 7, she was always trying to start these mini-companies,” says Berkman.

“She’d reach out to my friend and ask to be a consultant for birthday parties. There are kids whose lives are absorbed by tennis or acting — but this is her baby, her startup. It’s not a hobby for her. This isn’t a lemonade stand.”

-via Oddity Central

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Artist Creates Charming Cartoon Characters From Baby Photos

In her most recent project, Costa Rica-based artist Maria Jose Da Luz transforms pictures of infants and toddlers, which are adorable in their own right, into appealing cartoon characters. Taking the basic expressions of the children and tones of the photos and accentuating them, Jose Da Luz may also make slight changes, such as turning dad into a superhero. Why not? The result couldn't be more engaging and sweet. 

Visit the artist's Behance site to see her other drawings of this type. These pieces are done on commission. Request a portrait of your own or see more of the illustrator's work here. Keep up with her via social media on Facebook.

Via Elite Daily | Images: Maria Jose Da Luz 


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Coming Soon: A New Dr. Seuss Book

The beloved children’s book author Theodor Seuss Geisel, known as Dr. Seuss, died in 1991, but he’s got a new book coming out in July. What Pet Should I Get? is believed to have been written between 1958 and 1962, and features the same brother and sister from the 1960 book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.   

Geisel's widow, Audrey Geisel, found the manuscripts and illustrations in their La Jolla, California, home soon after her husband died. She set the materials aside, only to rediscover them in 2013 while cleaning out his office.

"While undeniably special, it is not surprising to me that we found this because Ted always worked on multiple projects and started new things all the time," Audrey Geisel said in the release.

Random House announced the new book today, and said that two more new books from the discovered materials will come later. 

(Image credit: Random House)

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5-Year Old Boy Proposes to 8 Disney Princesses . . . And 1 Said Yes!

Parker Schoberl is 5 years old, so it’s time that he get married. He went to Disney World to find a wife. He’s not that particular. He just wants a Disney princess—and any Disney princess will do. He proposed to Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Elsa, Belle, and Tinkerbelle.

Parker is, to say the least, bold. He actually proposed to Jasmine right in front of Aladdin.

(Video Link)

Parker’s efforts paid off. One of the princesses agreed to marry him. That’s better than having two acceptances, which could cause complications.

-via Fashionably Geek

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This Mother Let Her Toddler Dress Her For A Week

Summer Bellessa is the mother of a three year-old boy. After picking out his outfits for three years, she thought it might be interesting to let him pick out her clothes for a week. The results are surprisingly fabulous -particularly the polka dot Minnie ensemble above.

Her discoveries from the experiment are interesting not just because her son has pretty great fashion sense, but also because she realized that most people really don't care what you wear -even if you're wearing two shoes that don't even match. And while she doesn't say it, the results also prove that hipsters dress like children.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Metal Alphabet

(YouTube link)

If you would like some evidence that learning is enhanced by music, look at this little girl. She really knows her ABCs! Well, she may need a little work on her elemeno, but she’s only two years old. If you don’t need any such evidence, watch this little girl anyway, because she’s adorable. -via reddit

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Artists Transform Children's Hospital With Murals

A British arts collective called Vital Arts, for a project in which the goal is to bring art to Britain's hospitals, has transformed London Royal Children’s Hospital into a visual feast for little eyes. Mural after mural, some embellished with parts affixed to give them dimension and life, meets the eyes of patients and their guests. What was once a grim, institutional paint job is now full of vibrant color. If the designs put one smile on the face of a sick child or parent in distress, the artists have made a positive impact. 

See many additional pictures, each more charming than the last, in this post. Visit Vital Arts' website to learn more about the artists and their admirable mission. 

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Perfectly Punny DIY Valentine's Day Cards

(Image/Tutorial Link)

Every February kids look forward to sharing a bit of their individual personalities with their classmates in the form of a Valentine's Day card, which they usually have to give to every kid in their class. This causes most parents to go looking for Valentines that are easy to put together and cheap, resulting in a totally throwaway experience.

(Image/Tutorial Link)

Kids and parents who are bored of the same old store bought Valentines are now seeking alternatives, something new and truly unique to spice up that classroom share and wow their peers.

Well, if you're looking to share some Valentines that are sure to impress look no further than this fun collection of 34 Punny Valentines Perfect For Any Classroom.

(Image/Tutorial Link)

These simply awesome ideas will allow you to up your Valentine's Day game without breaking the bank, and you won't just be making Valentines with your children- you'll be making memories that'll last a lifetime!

See the rest of the 34 Punny Valentines Perfect For Any Classroom here

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Kids Reenact Oscar Nominated Movies

(YouTube link)

As they did last year, Cinefix recast the movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar with children. Too bad these aren’t full-length features; from what I’ve heard, most of the nominees would be improved by turning them into comedies and casting 8-year-olds with beards. Then again, I haven’t seen any of those movies. -Thanks, Daniel!

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Dad Gets His Son's Doodles Tattooed On His Arm

Most parents appreciate the artwork created by their children, no matter how bizarre or indecipherable it may look, but that appreciation usually goes no further than putting their works of art on the fridge for all to see.

Those typical displays of parental pride simply weren’t enough for proud papa Keith Anderson, so he has been getting a tattoo of his son’s doodles applied to his right arm every year for the last seven years. 

Photographer Chance Faulkner sat down with father and son to shoot some intimate portraits that show how Keith's inked arm serves as a truly personal way to express his parental pride, and to capture this tender moment:

That's Keith's son applying the latest doodle tattoo to his father's arm and loving every minute of it. It looks like this endearing project may lead to a career in tattoo art for the budding artist, which is quite possibly the coolest way to become a tattoo artist ever!

-Via BuzzFeed

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Babies Going Through Tunnels

(YouTube link)

It’s not unusual for the parent in the passenger seat to record video of the baby in the backseat. This compilation of clips proves that there’s a universal reaction to riding through an unexpected tunnel for these little ones. “Hey! The world changed!” Or something like that. The totally unrelated music in this video only adds to the surrealism. Metafilter has a string of puns and jokes about what’s going on in their heads, including the title of their link post: OMG, it's full of cars!

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Why Children Need to Be Quiet

(vimeo link)

Children make up a particularly gullible audience, so its very tempting to impress them with whatever nonsense you want to concoct, and sometimes those tall tales have a positive effect. Or one like this could just as easily scar them for life. This tall tale was inspired by a real-life train ride with children. It was produced by British animation studio Kilogramme, which had already produced another episode of tall tales you can see here. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Mother ‘Hood

(YouTube link)

A large number of apparently first-time parents gather at the neighborhood park to defend their baby care choices by snarking at those who have selected a different path. I say they must be first-time parents because there’s no older kids with them, and by the time you’ve have several kids, you might tend to be less defensive and judgmental. (Then I wonder, why would you take an infant to a park?) Such dogmatism is one of the main reasons I stay away from mommy blogs and parenting forums. Chill out, moms (and dads)! -via Buzzfeed

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Dear Baby: A Mom Apologizes to Her Daughter with Funny Notes

Sarah Showfety of New Jersey is the mother of a 22-month old baby. She's got another one on the way. She's busy, tired, and stressed. In other words, she's the mother of a toddler.

Like any parent, she's taking shortcuts. That's the only way you get through this period relatively sane. Showfety knows that her decisions are not always the best, so she's already writing apology notes to her daughter. The results are quite funny. You can read them all at Dear Baby XO.

Continue reading

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Dad Gave Honest Answers to Daycare Questionnaire

When you send your child to daycare, you're probably asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the kid's interests, allergies, and so on. But when a daycare asked a father all about his 11-month-old daughter Emma, the man decided to answer the questions with complete honesty.

For example, he listed one of Emma's goal as to "inflict sleep deprivation on [her] parents until such time as they acquiesce to [her] every whim." Every parent is nodding in agreement, I'm sure.

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Parents Who Are Totally Nailing The Whole Parenting Thing

(Image Link)

Some parents struggle to fit in with their kids, and they never know quite how to communicate with their children despite all the time they’ve spent together as a family.

And then there are those parents who just “get it”- they know one of the secrets to having a good relationship with your children is to bring yourself down to their level and embrace your inner child.

(Image Link)

They’re the cool parents who make parenting look easy, and although they may seem to stray a bit too far from the norm at times their methods prove effective and bring a fun energy to the parent-hood.

(Image Link)

Peruse this collection of 15 Awesome Parents Nailing This Whole Parenting Thing and you’ll see how these pillars of parenthood handle things like discipline, chores, social media and the dreaded Prom date meet n greet.

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