Boy Catches Santa on Hidden Camera

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Evan is a curious seven-year-old boy who thought the security cams in the house would be the perfect way to document Santa's existence beyond the shadow of a doubt. On Christmas morning, he gathered his family to show them the footage. It's a good thing that Evan's so practical. He knows the camera never lies. Enjoy the magic while you can, little guy. -Via Tastefully Offensive

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Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle

(YouTube link)

Making the song scientifically correct doesn’t take away its charm, not one bit. Why not learn a bit about the cosmos as you're singing? The song is from the children’s book Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle, written by Henry Reich of Minute Physics and Zach Weinersmith of SMBC Comics with illustrations by Chris Jones. It’s sung by Henry Reich. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Hospital Puts Newborn Babies in Christmas Stockings

(Photo: Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

Babies born on December 25th are the best Christmas gifts of all! When they're born at the Magee-Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, nurses put them in Christmas stockings. They're not hung over fireplaces. That would probably be carrying the theme too far. But this is a nice gift to the tired and anxious parents of newborns.

-via Popehat

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Kids Adorably Failing at Hide and Seek

Better count to more than ten if you're playing hide and seek with these kids. They may need a little time to perfect their games. Remember when a well-draped blanket fort seemed to be the crucial factor in between you and everything/everyone else in the world? Those were the days, weren't they? 

See all kids who are highly visible yet think they have the proverbial wool pulled over the eyes of the world here. It's a funny bunch of photos, I recommend it. 

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Hearing Impaired Girl Delighted That Santa Knows Sign Language

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Six-year-old Sadie Adam has been hearing impaired since birth. In previous years, when Sadia visited Santa, any communication she had with him required a sign language interpreter. This year, however, Westminster, Massachusetts Police Chief Salvatore Albert, who has played Santa for 15 years, learned sign language just so he could communicate with Sadie. The fact that Santa knew how to speak with her was an early Christmas gift to the little girl, who was thrilled. What a sweet story.

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A Fresh Look at Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit

(YouTube link)

British television personality Adam Buxton had a conversation with his 5-year-old daughter about Leia Organa’s slave costume in the movie Return of the Jedi. It’s both refreshing and enlightening to hear the fashion opinion of a child who has no understanding of sexism, or even sexiness, much less objectification and bondage. But this little girl is not quite a blank slate. She’s very well spoken and open to learning new things. It was animated is by The Brothers McLeod for the TV special Adam Buxton's Shed Of Christmas. -via reddit

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Where Are They Now? The Cast of Arthur

The hit children's television program Arthur debuted on PBS in 1996. The child actors on it have grown up. What are they doing now? Loryn Brantz of BuzzFeed tracked down 8 of them.

Francine Frensky is doing reasonably well. She starred in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes. Other cast members, though, have struggled. D.W. Read, the brother of star Arthur Read, had a brief but tumultuous affair with Justin Bieber. She's now slated to star in an upcoming episode of Celebrity Rehab.

Read the rest of the updates at BuzzFeed.

-via Jeremy Barker

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Hilariously Inappropriate Kids Toys

Buying a kid a toy for Christmas can be a kind and thoughtful gesture, but it can also lead to death by embarrassment and utter humiliation, depending on the toy and it’s *ahem* overall shape.

It’s probably best not to cheap out when buying a toy to give as a present, because knock-offs often have aesthetic flaws that are really hard to overlook.

(Image Link)

When in doubt take a step back and look at the overall shape of the toy, and where certain components are placed, to ensure there’s nothing visually inappropriate going on before you give it to a kid.

(Image Link)

And for the love of Kris Kringle think about what message that toy is sending to the child and their parents, because you wouldn’t want to come off looking like the world’s creepiest gift giver!

(Image Link)

When in doubt consult this list of 16 Outrageously Inappropriate Kids' Toys and see if the toy in question resembles any of the entries, it’ll help save you from becoming the butt of many jokes in the upcoming year!

(Image Link)

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A Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Her father found a letter that redditor judokitten had written to the Tooth Fairy years ago, on the occasion of losing a tooth and not getting the expected reward. She tells the story in the comments:

Full story. So, I had lost a tooth, but I was suspicious about the actual validity of the toothfairy's magical abilities. So, I didn't tell anyone about the lost tooth. Lo and behold, she did not arrive.

The next morning, I loudly proclaimed the toothfairy bullshit in my 9 year old terms, and my mom told me to write her a letter expressing my displeasure.

I was returned a letter that basically said,

"I couldn't get to your pillow the night before last because I got stuck in all the mess. Maybe if you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner."

Well played, tooth fairy. Well played.

Although the post title mentions the letter is passive-aggressive, there is nothing passive about either the daughter or the mother’s Tooth Fairy's response. Incidentally, I was impressed that, even though her handle is judokitten and the letter is signed “Jennifer,” many commenters still assumed the letter-writer was male.

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Funny Letters Kids Have Written to Santa

Source: coley_ycp

These letters from kids to Santa (though one suspicious kid wrote to "Santa") bring a smile. Some of us may have flashbacks to the days we looked forward to the big, jolly guy taking the time to visit our very homes, stuffing himself down the chimney and eating the cookes left there for him, even though he was probably already full.

Though the items kids are asking for have changed, the earnest attempts at an exchange with him — the chance to tell him one's wishes  have not. 

See the entire collection of kids' letters to Santa here.



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Instead of Presents…

Did your family ever pull that “Instead of buying toys this year…” business with you? If you’re talking to a young child, you better be talking about going to Disneyland, where you’re sure to get souvenir toys. Getting a “family gift” like a new TV never quite cut it when all you ever heard from your friends and your old TV was toys, toys, toys. Once the kids are around ten or eleven, it just might work. This comic is from The Gentleman’s Armchair. -via reddit

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Child's Dream of Driving for UPS Comes True

YouTube Link

A four-year-old boy named Carson was fascinated by the UPS driver who delivered packages to his home. Carson wanted to emulate him, to the point he eventually would answer the door dressed in a UPS uniform. UPS decided to grant Carson's wish for a day, providing him with a mini UPS truck with which to deliver packages to his neighbors. Yes, it's essentially a commercial, but it's also the documentation of a sweet little boy's wish come true. -Via Tastefully Offensive

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Bad Baby Photos

 Image: Allison G., Logansport, Indiana

The online community of the Ellen DeGeneres show asked readers to send in their 'so horrible they're great' baby pictures. Here are some of the funny shots they ended up with. Bad baby photos are the most understandable (and probably most likely) of the awkward photos category. After all, if a baby wants to make a certain face or pose, there's not much anyone can do about that. However, when it comes to awkward engagement and family photos, the phenomenon is a lot harder to understand. 

The photos collected by the Ellen show are in slideshow format and that link is here. If you'd rather not click through a slideshow, see this collection, which borrowed many of the shots from the Ellen post.  

Image: Kathi S., North Canton, Ohio

Image: Hafdís S., Hafnarfjöröur, Iceland

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If Toddlers Texted

It's no secret that toddlers can be a handful. At times, mommy or other caretakers are at their wit's end, and that's a dicey time when humor can be a great coping mechanism. Sometimes one just has to laugh, or else they might cry. There's a Tumblr for that. "If Toddlers Texted" is a Tumblr (and a Facebook page) that anyone at the mercy of the terrible twos (threes or fours) can visit to get perspective and some laughs. 

Via Lost at E Minor | Images: If Toddlers Texted 

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One Little Girl's Hilarious Response to What She's Thankful For

For an article in The Saline Courier, a paper in Benton, Arkansas, a number of second graders were asked to share things for which they are grateful. It's a pretty standard question over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the reporter received some pretty standard answers... except from eight-year-old Isabella Jerhigan. Isabella's thankful "for all the dead people, because at least they tried." Now that's an original answer! Perhaps she's a future writer (or a goth)! Either way, she got a laugh out of a lot of people, as her response has gone viral since being posted on Reddit.

 Via Uproxx | Image: Imgur

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Real Santa Clauses

ExPhysGuy posted a picture at reddit of a man in Ireland who fills the role of Santa Claus at the local schools. Even when he’s off-duty, he takes his role seriously for the little kids who see him. There were several stories in the comments underneath that show appreciation for men like this who take time to be Santa Claus for kids, because they know that children will recognize them wherever they are, no matter what time of the year it is.  

We got a great story from this_wasamistake.

So, my uncle used to look a lot like Santa pretty much all the time. Pot belly, deep but kind voice, sweet grey beard, the works. Just like this guy here.

One year in the fall he drove home from the grocery store, and when he got inside, noticed a car drove up and parked right in front of his house. No one came out for awhile so he went to check it out, when some guy got out of the car and approached him. The dude had two kids in the car, who had seen my uncle at the store, and just cried and cried to their dad how he was "letting Santa get away!" so they made him drive after my uncle. The guy was real apologetic and asked if my uncle can just say hi to his kids, but my uncle being the amazing person he was, ran inside to get them cookies, and sure to talk to them awhile. The kids left happy as clams and I'm sure the dad got major dad points.

I just really miss my uncle. The idea of people thinking about him, even just for the duration of this post, makes me not miss him so badly.

From timforreal:

They've had the same Santa at my local mall for at least 12 years, and he is fantastic. He's got a real beard, has a personally owned awesome looking suit, is great with kids etc. I've seen him do the same thing when it's the "off season" and he's at the mall doing his shopping.

There were rumors that he was retiring 2 years ago, and I was very happy to see that he was still there last year. It will be difficult to replace someone as good as him.

Read this cute story from blissfully_happy.

I was in the back of my suburban, digging around one day, while my boyfriend was in the grocery store. A man walked passed our truck and saw my partner's 5-year-old sitting in the back seat. He said to him (through the open window), "Hi, there! You're being good, right?"

I popped my head up and said, "He is," thinking this dude must be a friend of his mom or dad's (we live in a small town).

He walked away, and I said, "Do you know that guy?"

Kid: "No, but I'm pretty sure Santa just told me to behave."

Thanks, random bearded stranger. Good work.

ChrisTR15 tell us about a co-worker.

There is a guy that works with me who looks like Santa. WHEN EVER a kid comes up to him, he reaches in his backpack and gives him a candy cane and a Christmas card. Saw it in mid July a few years ago. Was sweet.

Alpaca_Rancher had an uncle who looked like Santa.

My Great Uncle was a professional Mall Santa. He had a big white beard and wore red all year around. It really did look spot on. He loved kids always coming up to him and enjoyed it all year around. I seriously thought he was santa till I was like 10.

And mcketten summed up how it works.

There is a professional Santa in my hometown. All Christmas season he is in another state, playing Santa at a mall. However, all year he keeps his beard and hair trimmed, wears his glasses, and always wears clothing that involves red and green and suspenders at a minimum.

He never breaks character for any child. He also has some great stories, like when he was walking down the street and a kid came running up to him crying because he was lost but then saw Santa and knew he would be fine.

I've talked to him several times about it and he said, "Being Santa is one of the greatest responsibilities I have ever had. It is a way of life, not a job, and you have to treat it that way."

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Plush Toys Inspired by Childrens' Imaginations

The smiles and lights in the eyes of the kids shown here are the result of their youthful imaginings materializing into soft, huggable form. A company called "Budsies" takes childrens' drawings of their fantasy friends and transforms them into charming, nice sized (16-inch-tall) plush toys. This looks like something I would have coveted for Christmas when I was a kid. The cost is $69 and lead time is eight weeks. 

See more Budsies examples at their website and Facebook page. 

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Evil Baby Glare-Off

Manhattan, New York-based blogger Mommy Shorts had a contest to find the baby that looks most likely to bite your head off. It's called the "Evil Baby Glare-Off,' and it pits the mugs of 32 finalists against each other to select the biggest baby badass. See all of the funny, 32 finalist shots here. The winners have already been selected; see the post about the winners here.  

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From Bennet to Baily

This is a wonderful letter! Bennet is nice and polite, enthusiastic, and knows what a woman wants to hear, even if she’s a little girl. He also types well. The headline at reddit said, “If only adults could communicate this well.” I would be sorely disappointed if I found out that Bennet is 32 years old.

Update: Bennet is not yet five years old. His mother Jennifer typed it for him.

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This Little Girl Wins At Disneyland Pictures

Every kid wants a picture with the characters when they visit Disney World, but Jennifer Rouch's 3-year-old daughter Lane manages to actually fit in with the stories she matches with the help of her mother's amazing costumes.

Jennifer makes all of the costumes from scratch and some of them are utterly amazing. The mother didn't just want to make cute photos that would make internet candy for Disney fans. -She actually came up with the idea after she noticed that her daughter was becoming increasingly shy.

Since Jennifer and Lane visit Disney World regularly, the mother thought that letting her daughter dress up like Disney characters might make her more comfortable around new people. The efforts paid off as little Lane certainly looks cozy playing with her favorite characters.

You can keep up with Lane's adventures over on My Disney Daze.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Covered in Paint

(YouTube link)

They got paint in on their faces, in their hair, all over their clothes, and apparently, all over the downstairs. These boys are in big trouble. Dad tries his best to be stern, but it’s hard to look at them without laughing! At least he quarantined the boys in the bathtub before he started rolling the camera. Who’s going to clean it up? -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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5-Year Old Becomes the Youngest to Pass a Microsoft Exam

Microsoft offers a wide array of tests that computer users can take in order to demonstrate their competency with Microsoft products. These users can then list those certifications on their resumes in order to impress perspective employers.

One of the more demanding exams is the Microsoft Certified Professional. At 5 years old, Ayan Qureshi of Coventry, UK became the youngest person to ever successfully complete that exam. He's now 6. His father, an IT consultant, introduced Ayan to computers when he was 3. He found that Ayan could remember anything that he taught him on the subject. Gurvinder Gill writes for BBC News:

"I found whatever I was telling him, the next day he'd remember everything I said, so I started to feed him more information," he explained.

"Too much computing at this age can cause a negative effect, but in Ayan's case he has cached this opportunity."

Ayan has his own computer lab at his home in Coventry, containing a computer network which he built.

He spends around two hours a day learning about the operating system and how to install programmes.

-via Marginal Revolution | Photo: BBC News

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Mom and Daughter Give Birth on the Same Day in the Same Hospital

(Video Link)

Nine months ago, Heather Penticoff, 40, and her daughter Destinee Martin, 20, of Lee County, Florida told each other that they were pregnant. The timing was coincidental and they kept it up. Both women had the same due dates. For different reasons, their 2 different doctors decided to induce labor for both women on Tuesday. Madeline, Destinee’s daughter, was then born. Two hours and 46 minutes later, Madeline’s nephew, Damien was born. That’s quite young to become an aunt!

But the family is happy with this experience. Bryan Anderson of NBC 2 reports:

"It's like having twins without carrying twins," said Heather.

Their experience expecting together is unique, just like the ages of other relatives of this Lee County family. Destinee has two aunts and an uncle younger than her.

"It's a blessing all around," Heather said, "I'm just proud of her, so proud of Destinee."

"To have my mom going through it with me is probably the most special, amazing thing ever," added Destinee.

-via AP

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Little Girl Joins Santa Claus for Breakfast Because She Doesn't Want Him "Eating All by Himself."

(Photo: Lindsey Wilson)

Santa Claus planned to visit a mall in Evansville, Indiana to meet boys and girls who wanted to talk with him. But first, he needed breakfast. So he stopped at a Bob Evans restaurant.

Gracie Lynn, 3, and her mother and grandmother were also there eating breakfast. Gracie was appalled that Santa had to eat with no one to keep him company. So she decided to have breakfast with him. Kimberly Yam writes for the Huffington Post:

"They talked for about 20 minutes," Wilson, who is currently pregnant with a boy, told HuffPost, "and all she wanted to talk about was [her future baby brother]." […]

Wilson told HuffPost that the pair chatted about the North Pole's weather conditions and the movie, "Frozen." Gracie even asked Santa if she could visit him and his toy shop.

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Compilation Video: Great Dads Have Great Reflexes

(Video Link)

If you're Daddy, then you're a superhero. Because you have to be. Your kids appear to be intent on killing themselves through their utter recklessness. Your job is to rescue them. You're already in costume, so it's time to spring into action.

This compilation video shows dads jumping in at the last second to save their kids from injuries. Go, Super Daddy, go!

-via Yababoon

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