Training with Rocky Balboa

This baby is going to grow up to be a champion boxer, or else a movie star who plays one. He’s watching the training montage from Rocky II, and mimicking every move. He’s obviously a big fan, and has seen this scene few times before, because he knows what moves are coming up next. I particularly enjoyed his one-handed pushups. You go, kid! -via Tastefully Offensive

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Pinterest Baby Photo Shoots - Expectations Versus Reality

(Image Link)

W.C. Fields was famously quoted as saying “Never work with animals or children”, and that wasn't because he hated kids or critters- it's because animals and kids are too hard to control.

They don't understand why it's so important for them to hold still while the photographer takes their picture, and they become even more rambunctious when mommy or daddy tries to take the pics.

(Image Link)

All those amazing photos posted to Pinterest make people think it will be a snap to get the same results, but after a dozen or more shots they soon realize it's time to settle for "good enough".

(Image Link)

See 15+ Hilarious Pinterest Baby Photo Shoot Fails here

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Disney Princesses Just Wanted Breakfast

Zahara and Zamiyah Beary, ages five and seven, got up early on Thursday morning, put on their Disney Princess costumes and shower caps, and set out from their home in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to get breakfast. The girls’ parents were still asleep. The princesses first went to McDonald’s, then a bagel shop, but had no money to pay for their food. A bystander paid for their bagels. The girls then boarded a train and went to Manhattan! By that time, the police were alerted by the parents. Police found the girls at around 9:15, and took them to get hash browns at McDonald’s. The children were reunited with their parents at the 78th Street precinct. -via Fark

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Sophie Uses Her Feet

Sophi Green was born without arms, so she uses her feet of everything. While other children learned to eat and dress themselves, she did, too -with her feet. Now that she’s seven years old, it’s all second nature to her.

(YouTube link)

Think you accomplished something by learning to use chopsticks? Try that with your feet! -via Viral Viral Videos

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Bruce Springsteen Invites a 4-Year Old Girl on Stage to Sing with Him

(Video Link)

The Boss was performing "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" at a concert in Oslo, Norway. A 4-year old girl named Hope was in the front row, thoroughly enjoying the music. She caught his attention. Springsteen invited Hope on stage and sang to her, then let her give a solo performance.

When they were done, he lifted Hope onto one of his shoulders and carried her around. Before she left, Springsteen gave Hope his harmonica. I hope that he wrote her a tardy note, too!

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Lawyers for Little Kids Whose Parents Are Not Fair

(Video Link)

Is some lady who calls herself "Mom" bossing you around, telling you what to do? Then you need the law firm of Whiney, Young & Moore to represent you. These crack attorneys will argue on your behalf, getting you the settlement that you deserve.

Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman, and Megan Grano constitute BreakWomb, the sketch comedy group that shows the lighter side of being a mother. In this video, they're the lawyers that you never want your kids hiring.

-via Huffington Post

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Tornado in a Jar

Oliver is five years old. He’s had a YouTube account for a month or so, and this is his first science video, in which we learn how to make a tornado in a jar.

(YouTube link)

After the tornado in a jar, Oliver has some tips on how to stay safe in the event of a tornado. You’ll have to supply your own consonants. Outside of the science lab, Oliver does not resemble a mad scientist. Although he may grow up to be one someday! -via Viral Viral Videos

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How to Dad

(Video Link)

How do you convince a baby to clean your house? It's really easy because before they hit the terrible twos, babies will do pretty much whatever you ask of them. The dad of the How to Dad YouTube channel shows how in his latest instructional video.

The entire channel is worth exploring, as it provides helpful tips for new dads, such as how to put a baby to sleep, how to get a child to fetch you a beer, and how to develop a dad bod.

-via Simone Giertz

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Name That Art

Soul Pancake staged a game. A young child, in this case, 5-year-old Alexa, describes famous works of art. Two art experts try to guess what piece she’s describing. If you want to play along, you should move the video out of your line of sight and just listen to the audio.

(YouTube link)

In another video, 7-year-old Chris describes three other masterpieces. This is harder, because he’s starts out with abstract art.   

(YouTube link)

A good time was had by all. -via Digg

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Awesome First Grade Teacher Lets Her Students Draw on Her Dress

(Photo: Chris-ShaRee Castlebury)

Chris-ShaRee Castlebury has a special gift for her "precious Picassos." She's a first grade teacher at Pat Henry Elementary School in Lawton, Oklahoma. Toward the end of the school year, she asks her students to draw on a dress with fabric markers, which she wears on the last day.

Castlebury calls it her "memory dress." It's her unique way to remember the children that she taught that year. She tells the Today show:

"It is a memory dress because I don't want to lose the beauty of the kids as they have to grow up and move on from me," Castlebury told TODAY in an email interview from South Korea, where her husband is stationed in the U.S. Army. "It is a wonderful thing, but so sad each year to fall in love with these kids and then have to say 'see ya later.'

-via Geekologie

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Washing Instructions

Redditor Jl889 bought a cloth swim diaper for her baby. She checked the washing instructions tag and found that it was designed to be remembered. And not only remembered, but shared. I’m glad to oblige. After a bit of laughter, the discussion on this turned to why it's labeled "chlorine resistant" but you're still told not to bleach it. The concentration of chlorine in a pool and in your laundry is quite different. 

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Uncle Plays with Baby, Pays the Price

(Video Link)

A parent must always be aware of gravity. You will eventually get baby vomit and poop on your body and possibly even on your face. But you can reduce your vulnerability with proper positioning.

Chris Swann, a new uncle, didn't know this when he played with 9-month old baby Alice. She threw up directly into his mouth. It's disgustorable.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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A Slide Seat for Disabled Kids

Ali has cerebral palsy and so can't support his own bodyweight while going down a playground slide. So Goren Harari and his colleagues at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel designed this seat that lets him safely use a slide.

You can find complete plans for it at Instructables. The body is made of polycarbonate sheets which is heated into shape. The backrest is angled at 70º. The seat is padded and comes with restraints to keep Ali in place. There's a handle on the back so that a caregiver can move Ali up and down the slide.

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A Backpack for Kids with Autism

Kids with autism sometimes wear weighted vests that compress around their bodies. This sensory experience can have a calming effect. A responsible adult can see when a kid with autism needs one and respond by putting it on.

That's helpful when such an adult is handy. But when the child is alone, a compression vest may not be an option--until now. Mitch Barbon designed the Compression Pack. It's a combination compression vest and backpack. The child wears it as a normal school backpack, then activates it when needed by squeezing on a hidden air pump. The straps, which have hollow tubes, inflate, providing a compressing sensation.

This is 1 of 3 award-winning products for kids with autism featured at Core77.

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Dad Gets Tattoo That Looks Like the Cancer Scar on His Son's Head

(Photo: Point Blank Tattoo)

Josh Marshall and his 8-year old son Gabriel live in Kansas. Last year, doctors diagnosed Gabriel with a brain tumor. Surgeons were able to remove most of it and Gabriel's condition has stabilized. But he has a huge scar across his head. It bothers him and sometimes he thinks it makes him look like a "monster."

So for Father's Day, Josh shaved his head, then had a copy of his son's scar tattooed on his head. Now, BuzzFeed reports, Gabriel thinks that he and his loving dad are twins!

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How To Select The Perfect Children's Book For Bedtime

Choosing the perfect book to read to your kids before bed can be hard, especially because their input usually amounts to “something funny” or “something with a princess in it”.

But as this comic from Grant Snider of Incidental Comics shows- the best book you can read to them before bed is the one that puts them to sleep the fastest!

-Via FizX

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Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Child and Hot Dogs

(Video Link)

Dad Mode, activate!

The Toronto Blue Jays faced off against the Philadelphia Phillies. Blue Jays player Kevin Pillar knocked a foul ball into the stands. This amazing dad partially rose from his seat and caught it with one hand--all while holding his sleeping daughter and a tray of food.

The father here is Brian Kucharik. He makes it look easy even though, in addition to his encumbrances, he caught the ball with his non-dominant hand.

-via Laughing Squid

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Babies Who Look Exactly Like Pop Culture Characters

(Image Link)

Babies haven't fully grown into their faces yet, which is why they're always being told they look like great aunt or uncle so-and-so, or some famous face on a TV show.

But the truth is- babies almost always resemble their parents, or their ancestors, except for those fortunate babies who are destined for fame because they look exactly like pop culture characters!

It's not hard to find a baby who looks exactly like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but finding a baby born with facial hair and a mohawk who looks like Mr. T is like finding a gold fork in your bag of takeout-never gonna happen!

(Image Link)

And a baby who looks just like Vizzini from Princess Bride- now that's inconceivable!

(Image Link)

A Stay-Puft marshmallow baby isn't really a stretch

(Image Link)

But a baby who looks like Mr. Clean is a rare and wondrous find, and they keep your floors sparkling clean as they crawl!

(Image Link)

Continue reading

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The Cheerios Challenge

(Image credit: Patrick Quinn at Life of Dad)

Just in time for Fathers Day, here’s a game dads can play with their child during nap time! It all started when Patrick Quinn was playing around with his three-week old son. Once he got five Cheerios stacked on the baby’s face, he had to share it on Facebook. Then other dads took up the challenge, trying to outdo each other, as dads do. The hardest part, they say, is trying not to sabotage themselves with laughter.

(Image credit: Demetrice Pollard at Life of Dad)

So far, the most Cheerios is 16 in a single stack, achieved by two dads so far. Demetrice Pollard worked for an hour to get 16 Cheerios stacked on his baby, and said the stack lasted for 2.5 seconds. No matter -as long as he managed to take a picture! Other submissions used multiple stacks, foods other than Cheerios, and there’s even one with a baby who’s wide awake! But this guy used his head.

(Image credit: Ariel Isenberg)

But what’s funniest is seeing picture after picture of sleeping babies with Cheerios stacked on their faces. We don’t know if anyone used superglue, but I bet a fair number of them used the “lick and stick” method. See more submissions as they come in at the Life of Dad Facebook page.
-via Buzzfeed

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Toddler Has A Hilarious Reaction To His Grandpa's Roar

The world can be a wondrous and terrifying place for toddlers, as they start to explore on two shaky legs and learn to approach that great big world full of adults with caution.

But there's one lesson many little tots don't learn until it's too late- don't come running every time your mommy calls.

Little Jack learned this lesson the hard way, and during the filming of this video he also learned to watch out for grandpa's gruff side.

(YouTube Link)

I hope Jack grows up to be a prankster and gets his grandpa back good!

-Via Mashable

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The Six Month Old Water Skier

Some people (me, for example) couldn't water ski if their life depended on it, but it seems like some people were just born into it. Well, that's certainly true in the case of Zyla St. Onge, who may hold the world record for the world's youngest water skier. 

(Video Link)

That's right, at only six months of age, Zyla can't yet walk, but she can water ski like no one's business. Of course, it helps when your parents are both professional water skiers who knew just how to prepare a toddler to ride the waves like her parents.

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Eat Your Carrots

This is why we’re glad babies don’t talk. It will be bad enough when they’re four to six years old and have the words but no filter. Even if you are not subject to blackmail, there’s no point in forcing your child to eat something if they’ve decided not to. This comic from Reza Farazmand at Poorly Drawn Lines struck me as so odd that I have to share, even though most of his comics are pretty bizarre.

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A Nice Day

If you’ve ever tried to get an entire family with children organized and ready to go somewhere, you need to plan on it taking at least three times as long as it should. If you have more than two children, you’ll have to add more time per child. But here’s the secret: when they get to a certain age, you can just drive off without the one kid who refuses to cooperate. If you’re lucky, the incident will be noticed by the other children. That age (and you’ll know when it happens) could coincide with the age they don’t want to go out with their family anyway, so it works out. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.

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The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate Their Viral Photo Six Years Later

The McGhee sextuplets birth was big news back in 2010, but not because sextuplet survival rates are low or because they were Columbus, Ohio's first official sextuplets- they became internet famous for this adorable photo.

Six years later the McGhee's have come a long way, with the four boys Elijah, Rozonno Jr., Josiah and Isaac and two girls Olivia and Madison now in school and ready to remind the world how adorable they are by recreating their original viral photo.

Rozonno, Mia and their six little McGhees are set to star in a new reality show on UP called Growing Up McGhee, showing how the parents of an instantly large family run a business while raising six kids.

-Via Today

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The Hot Dog Princess

It was Princess Week at the dance school, and all the little girls came dressed up as their favorite princess -mainly Disney Princesses. But Ainsley put on a hot dog costume because she is the Hot Dog Princess from Adventure Time! Of course, that went right over most people’s heads, but they admired Ainsley for her unique fashion sense. Oh yeah, she was wearing a princess dress under the hot dog costume, and said she was a princess on the inside. Now Ainsley is a viral sensation!

She was even asked to open the show at the school’s spring recital. See more pictures of Ainsley at Buzzfeed.

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Little Girl with Prosthetic Leg Is Overjoyed to Get Doll with Prosthetic Leg

(Video Link)

"It's got a leg like me!"

This is Emma Bennett of Cyress, Texas. The 10-year old girl was born without a right leg and wears a prosthetic one. She loves her collection of American Girl dolls, but has long wanted one that looked like her.

So her mom sent a doll to A Step Ahead Prosthetics, a company that makes prosthetic limbs for dolls. KHOU (auto-play) reports that a month later, the doll came back with a new right leg. It's pink, which is Emma's favorite color.

When Emma opened the box, she began crying with joy for a gift that made her incredibly happy. At the end of the video, Emma said to the dollmakers, "Thank you for making a doll like me!"

-via Huffington Post

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Raising a DeafBlind Baby

Justin and Rachel Vollmar and their three older children are part of the Deaf community and consider their deafness as part of their cultural identity. Their fourth child, Clarisa, is DeafBlind, which presents a challenge, but one that the Vollmars are better equipped for than most families would be.

“When Clarisa was born, my wife Rachel and I immediately agreed that we will modify our family to Clarisa's needs and make sure that she is fully involved with family at all times.”

What is the best way to do that? They are figuring it out as they go along. Most DeafBlind people are born with some level of deafness and slowly lose their vision. They have early exposure to language and a visual concept of the world and social interactions. (Helen Keller also had this; she became DeafBlind as a toddler). A baby born DeafBlind doesn’t have that, and the case of DeafBlind from birth is very rare. The Vollmars have consulted with teachers, specialists, other parents of DeafBlind children, and importantly, DeafBlind pro-tactile advocates. They have made public their journey to find the best way for Clarisa, and it’s a remarkable model of how a family can bring a child into their world by being truly attentive to her view of the world.

Clarisa is almost a year old now, and her family has been communicating with her in American Sign Language delivered in a pro-tactile way since birth. After all, babies are exposed to language a long time before they can use it themselves.  

Read about Clarisa and her family at mental_flosss.

Follow Clarisa’s progress at Facebook, where videos are delivered in sign language with captions and images are tagged with machine-readable descriptions.

(Image credit: Clarisa Vollmar at Facebook

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Baby Gordon Ramsay

I think I found the new host for Master Chef Junior. 

Claire Dempster posted this adorable picture of her mini-chef on her Twitter account asking Gordon Ramsay if he happened to have been in Wales within the last ten months or so. Best of all, Ramsay himself replied stating that yes, he was actually there about 11 months ago.

Sure, it could just be a coincidence, but with an uncanny resemblance like that, I smell a conspiracy.

Via Thrillist

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Getting High

In 1999, a horrified mother took this picture of her daughter just before telling her to come down. The redditor with a NSFW name posted it and explained what kind of childhood she led.

The trick we came up with was to spit on our hands and feet and rub it in so they were kind of sticky (gross, I know). I basically just shimmied up like a bear cub. I remember having to take a pretty long breather about halfway up. Childhood is a hell of a drug.

Haha she had the camera in one hand and the phone in the other, ready to call for help if I fell. She said she didn't want to yell or panic because she thought it would scare me and I would fall. So she acted supportive then asked me nicely to come down and when I did I got a stern talking to about safety.

My mom got many a call from the neighbors saying, "do you know where your daughter is?" and she would say, "probably very high up in a tree. Call me back if she falls."

Yeah, as a girl wanting to be tough like the boys in my neighborhood I wound up getting hurt pretty often. I once climbed onto the cross beam of a playground swing set and thanks to a group of kids chanting "jump jump jump," I did, landed on my butt, kneed myself in the mouth, and broke 4 of my bottom front teeth. Many a bad choice was made.

-via reddit

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A Dad's Harrowing Adventure In Babysitting As A Sympathetic Vomiter

Mothers tend to get all the applause and praise when it comes to parenting, but when fathers are faced with a crisis their bravery knows no bounds.

Take valiant father Ben Patterson for example- he watched his kid while his wife went out with friends, and when his son started projectile vomiting in the car he handled the situation with stoic dignity.

What's worse is Ben's a sympathetic vomiter, so his son's puking sent him into a paternal pukefest on some lady's lawn.

The lady naturally called the cops, but Ben kept it together and kept texting the entire horrific story to his wife, who was apparently too busy not giving a f$%k to text the poor guy back!

In true daddy style, Ben has chosen to see the incident as a learning experience, and vows never to babysit again without the proper equipment.

-Via FAILBlog

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