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First Graders Of 1988 Make Predictions About The Year 2000

(Images Via August 18, 1988 New Castle News in Pennsylvania)

Kids are generally a pretty optimistic bunch, without any cynicism or prejudice to color their view of the world, and because of this positivity their outlook on the future is usually pretty fantastic.

In the past their ideas about the future involved flying cars, space exploration, and a world full of computer screens and cool inventions.

However, in the year 1988 kids were already starting to look at the future in a more realistic light, and their ideas about the year 2000 were some of the most mundane answers ever given to questions about the future.

Little Catherine Book, seen here striking her best future movie starlet pose, had this to say about houses in the future:

They'll build the houses so they have zig zags. Then they'll have trees on the outside of the zig zag so if a skunk tries to walk through the house they can't because the ends will be so sharp that they'll prick them.

And shy Brad Shaffer shared this startling revelation about the future of his family's home:

My house will get older and more spider webs . . . It'll just get more unless my mother cleans it.

It seems kids in 1988 had already accepted the disappointing reality awaiting them in the new millenium, and they were tired of animated propaganda like The Jetsons spreading lies about the future.

Read more about what first graders in 1988 thought the year 2000 would look like over at Paleofuture

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Adorable Baby Photo Shoot Ends Predictably

(Photos: Kirsty Grant/Rex)

Professional photo shoots of babies are cute. Leaving them naked for the shoot gives the images a natural ambience. That's probably what Al Ferguson was looking for when Kirsty Grant photographed him with his newborn son Ted.

But once you become a parent, black and white images of naked babies aren't charming. They're alarming. A baby without a diaper is a time bomb. Which is precisely what Ferguson learned:

And Ted detonated just as the photographer snapped her shutter. His father wrote:

During the shoot I felt his tummy muscles tense up and in that moment I knew what was about to happen. Unfortunately, it was just a moment and before I could do anything Ted exploded from his bum.

A warning to Mr. Ferguson: you have seen only the beginning of it. There will many, many more poop explosions in your life.

Look at the satisfied grin on that baby's face!

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Baby Hears for the First Time

(YouTube link)

Australian Lachlan Lever was a newborn baby in 2012 when early screening discovered he had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. By the time he was seven weeks old, Lachlan was fitted with hearing aids. That’s when his parents, Michelle and Toby Lever, saw him smile for the first time, caught on video. Since then, Lachlan has developed well. He said his first word at 6 months, and he’s now a two-year-old chatterbox. Read more about Lachlan at The Daily Mail. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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8 Children's Libraries That Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

I don't know about you guys, but I loved my local library when I was a kid. But with all the distractions of mobile devices, games, and more, many kids never even visit the library and when they do, they find it to be boring. That's why some libraries have really made an effort to encourage kids not only to keep reading but also to see just how much fun can be had at the library. Here are a few branches that go above and beyond when it comes to keeping kids entertained.

1. Brentwood Library

Perhaps one of the most visually impressive children's museums in America, the Brentwood Library's children's area features a charming entrance adorned in oversized books and a massive storybook tree. An animatronic owl greets visitors when it is triggered by a motion sensor. Inside the kid's section, the walls are covered in paintings of fairytale forests and between the rows of books are charming artificial trees.

The second Friday of each month means LEGO Mania time and summer reading programs feature musicians, puppets, magicians, live animals and more. During the school year, they have an after-school program that includes snacks, crafts, games and books.

Image Via CajunKev [Flickr]

2. Laramie County Library

Seeing pre-teen zombies roaming around the library after dark is no big deal at the Laramie County Library, where there are lots of tween activities including an after-hours program that hosts a yearly Zombie Prom.

The library is so popular with the young set that over 3,500 children visit each week and the entire second floor is dedicated to kiddos. The children's space features an oversized chess board, board games, computer stations, story areas and a kid's-size bookmobile to distribute imaginary books. Librarians say parents have a hard time getting children to leave.

Part of the reason the library is so popular with kids is that they can actually volunteer there as long as they are 12 and older. The library even offers a Teen Advisory Board to help decide on what programs would be the most popular with their peers.

Image Via Preston Stafford [Flickr]

3. ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center

A combination effort between the Children's Theatre of Charlotte and Charlotte Mecklengburg Library, ImaginOn offers 102,000 square feet of entertainment and library space for youngsters. The center offers two theater spaces, one that seats 570 and one with occupancy for 250 viewers. Aside from theater performances oriented towards children, ImaginOn's theaters are also used for theater classes and camps oriented for groups of toddlers all the way through teens, as well as puppetry acts and story time sessions.

Upon entering ImaginOn, children first encounter the StoryLab area, an interactive exhibit space designed to get kids interested in literature. Once they get to the actual library section, kids from birth to fifth grade can find books, DVDs, CDs and children's software oriented to their specific age group. The second floor is reserved specifically for tweens and teens and even offers them the chance to use the library's film and recording studio.

Image Via Mark Larson [Flickr]

Continue reading

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Chocolate-Faced Little Girl Solemnly Denies Eating Chocolate Doughnut

YouTube Link

The daughter of Mandy Meaux, shown here, has apparently decided that when it comes to consuming chocolate doughnuts, the standard is "deny, deny deny." She stands by her response, in spite of it crumbling all around her as a result of mom's chisel of repeated questioning. Nice try at trying to hide the evidence behind the coffee table, though, kid! Via Viral Viral Videos.

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Thumbs Up!

Redditor meancloth is pretty sure everything is fine with the latest ultrasound image. Baby A gives a thumbs up to assure him that conditions are AOK inside. Baby A? Yep, the other baby is fine, too. However, if you’re into counting fingers and toes, Baby A seems to have six on one hand. That could be a sonogram artifact, or a biological bonus. As if twins aren’t already a biological bonus!  

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A Fun Collection Of Recreated Childhood Photos

People normally look back at photos from their childhood to see how goofy they used to look, and how far they've come since, but some people don't want to let go of the past, and they're taking it back to the good old days through recreated childhood photos:

(Image Via Awkward Family Photos)

The trend of recreating childhood photos as an adult is nothing new to the interwebs, but some people go above and beyond to get their recreation just right, like these guys who captured both wardrobe and location, even though the height scale has reversed.

(Image Via Imgur)

Feeling like a kid again isn't a bad thing, as long as you're not wearing the same clothes today that you wore as a child!

(Image Via Imgur)

When recreating images from your childhood it helps if your parents still live in the same house, with the same furniture and decor

(Image Via Elite Daily)

Lastly, take a note from this dance legend- If you've lived up to your childhood expectations as an adult then embrace your awesomeness!

(Image Via Awkward Family Photos)

See more of these hilarious recreated childhood photos here

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Back to School: The 70s vs. Today

I loved back-to-school time when I was a kid. I got new penny loafers, a plaid skirt, and knee socks. We never started school before September. But I didn’t look forward to the beans and cornbread the cafeteria served at least twice a week. Things have changed quite a bit since then. A post at Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds contrasts the process of sending kids to school when the author was a kid with the process today. For example, packing lunches.

5. Spread yellow mustard on bread. Slap baloney on bread. Unwrap American cheese slices and put on top of baloney. Put top on the sandwich and wrap sandwich in tin foil or wax paper. Put it in the lunchbox. Every kid gets the same exact lunch. Period.

6. Alternate sandwich choices could include: peanut butter and grape jelly, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, the end of last night's leftover roast beef or the ever popular with children tuna fish with large chunks of onions and celery and Miracle Whip.

7. Put some Planter's Cheese Balls into a baggie and close with a twist tie.

8. Take Twinkies out of the box. Put one in each child's lunch box.

9. Fill Thermoses with either Kool-Aid or whole milk.

10. Include a red delicious apple even though you know that damned apple is just going to come home uneaten again, which is fine because you can keep adding the same one until it practically rots.

That was the ‘70s version. The new millennial lunches much more involved, but will give you a laugh as you fill out all that paperwork and buy all those supplies for school this year. -via Boing Boing

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Photographer Takes Beautiful Photos of Her One-Handed Daughter

Holly Springs is a photographer in Auckland, New Zealand. Her daughter was born without a left hand and has struggled with Hirschsprung's Disease. She's an inspiration to her mother, who describes the child as "my muse and my heart." To share her muse with the world, Springs photographs her at play in worlds both real and fantastic. The bottom image is particularly impressive, so it's not surprising that it won Springs an Iris Award from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

You can see more of her work at Bored Banda.

-via 123 Inspiration

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If You're Born In The Sky, What's Your Nationality?

If a pregnant American woman boards a German flight to the Maldives and gives birth while flying over Pakistan, does the baby get Pakistani citizenship?

There is an ancient doctrine, enshrined in English common law, that says Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos, which means, "Whoever owns the soil, it is theirs all the way up to heaven and down to hell."

That was the old rule, before the advent of air balloons, then airplanes, then V2 rockets, then spy satellites. It's been seriously amended (at least in Britain) to a much more modest: You own the airspace necessary for "the use and enjoyment" of your plot of land. So how high up is that?

We can assume that American parents would not allow any legal move to take away their child’s American citizenship. And does the old rules of ships’ registries apply to airplanes? It appears that no one knows the definitive answer about “sky babies,” and it largely depends on the citizenship laws of individual nations, Some allow for dual or triple citizenship, others don’t. Read more about this puzzling question at NPR.

(Image credit: Robert Krulwich/NPR)

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Baby Got Class

(YouTube link)

Someone call Alex and tell him there’s a new parody of his favorite song!

It’s time for kids to go back to school, and the Holderness Family (previously at Neatorama) made a little song about it, to the tune of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Back to school time is a hassle, but after a couple of months of dealing with bored and always-hungry kids, it’s worth the effort. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Little Boy is Thankful for Prank Gift

(YouTube link)

A little boy opens a birthday gift and finds that it’s a wooden chopping board. Amazingly, he remarks that it is nice and he’ll use it. And he thanks his parents. Aww!

Then he gets another gift, in a shoebox. His mom mentions that he won’t have to glue his sneakers anymore… which leads us to believe that the family is far from wealthy. The boy thinks he is getting new sneakers and is happy about it -until he sees what’s really in the box. That’s when we who are watching go all verklempt. He’s a good boy. A part of the YouTube description is translated as “"Humility is synonymous with greatness.”

You can see a direct translation of the conversation from a YouTube commenter if you like. -via reddit

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Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

(YouTube link)

The Emmys will be presented this coming Monday night. The nominees for Outstanding Drama series are all shows that children should not watch: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, True Detective, House of Cards, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey. That’s why they had to memorize lines to re-enact representative scenes from those shows in this parody video from The kids did a wonderful job, but the incongruity of the young actors in those familiar adult roles is just too funny! -via Viral Viral Videos

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Kid Scribbles On Wall, Creative Mom Fixes It

Kids love to share their newfound love of art with their family, but sometimes this freedom of artistic expression means the folks are left cleaning up major messes around the house.

Little artists spill on the carpet, mark on tabletops and smear fingerpaints all over the furniture, and in their young eyes those blank walls are just dying for an artistic makeover.

Usually when kids write on the walls it means the parents have to scrub the whole mess off, sometimes even repaint to cover up the mess, but one crafty mom went along with her child’s artistic streak instead of covering it up.

With a little design ingenuity, and some beautifully painted organic shapes, she was able to turn the scribbles into a bit of decorative flair, and her ingenious solution was shared with the world by Redditor jerschneid.

-Via Bored Panda

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The Coach’s Speech

(YouTube link)

Dave Belisle is the coach of the Cumberland American Little League team of Rhode Island, the New England regional champions. They were eliminated from the Little League World Series regional finals by a team from Chicago. The coach gave the kids a speech they will always remember. Tom Hanks said there's no crying in baseball, but you may feel a little sting behind the eyes. This is what Little League should be. -via reddit

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9 Parenting Practices That Haven't Caught on in the United States

(Photo: Trees for the Future)

Japanese children as young as 4 ride the subway by themselves. Vietnamese mothers teach their babies to pee on command. These are 2 of 9 parenting practices from around the world that aren't practiced--or at least widely practiced--in the United States. For example, the Kisii people of Kenya avoid eye contact with their babies:

Kisii, or Gussii, moms in Kenya carry their babies everywhere, but they don't indulge a baby's cooing. Rather, when their babies start babbling, moms avert their eyes.

It's likely to sound harsh to a Western sensibility, but within the context of Kisii culture, it makes more sense. Eye contact is an act bestowed with a lot of power. It's like saying, "You're in charge," which isn't the message parents want to send their kids. Researchers say Kisii kids are less attention-seeking as a result.

You can read the entire list at NPR. Do you see any that you think that American parents should adopt?

-via Nag on the Lake

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Nine-Year-Old Fights Off Massive Aligator, Lives To Tell The Tale

Nine-year-old James Barney Jr. is one brave little boy, and when he was faced with the possibility of becoming an alligator's next meal he fought back-and suffered only minor wounds from the ordeal.

James was swimming in a restricted area of a lake in Osceola County, Florida when a 9-foot-long alligator weighing over 400 pounds came after the boy and bit him in his rear.

Here's what James says happened next:

"I thought someone was just playing with me, and I didn't know what happened. I reached down to grab it, and I felt its jaw, I felt its teeth, and I didn't know what to do, so I immediately reacted and hit it a couple of times."

Those punches effectively saved his life, causing the alligator to let go and giving James a chance to hightail it out of the lake. 

-Via Huffington Post

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Babysitting: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A couple in Zurich, Switzerland, were asked to babysit for a friend, who was a rather nervous father with plenty of instructions. Erica and Hannes had a good time of it. They took the baby, Alex, outside for a stroll and took pictures. Then they Photoshopped various disaster scenarios into the pictures to send to the father every hour as updates. Posting at reddit, one of them said,

True, we didn't teach the kid how to read that day. We also didn't expand his brain by playing classical music nonstop. We didn't feed him an immune system boosting meal every 15 minutes. But he survived, giggled a lot was looked after the entire time by the two of us and went to bed at 7.30PM perfectly happy. And we will show him these pics in maybe 10 years or so and say: "Young man, we had an awesome time together that day"

A good time was had by all. -via Buzzfeed

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The Apparently Kid Gets Songified

The Apparently Kid, aka Noah Ritter, recently took the net by storm when he stole the show during a news interview by rambling away in the cutest way possible, making sure to use his favorite word apparently as much as possible.

(Video Link)

Noah is cute, he uses big words, and now he’s been songified thanks to the efforts of The Gregory Brothers, the masterminds behind the classic songified hits Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder.

I would not be surprised if this song becomes the biggest hit of the summer, because it's mighty catchy!

-Via The Awesomer

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Parents Surprise Young Son With Secret "Treasure" Room

When blogger Sarah Goer and her husband purchased their home, they noted a small storage room connected to the bedroom they intended to use for their two-year-old son. Formed by a steep roof pitch next to the bedroom, the storage room was 7' by 12'. A tiny 2' by 4' door led to the small space. The couple hid the existence of the room from their son for two years, opting to place a dresser in front of the door.

The Goers decided to surprise the boy with his very own "secret treasure room" for his fourth birthday. They hired a contractor to work on the space while their son was in school. Once the contractor refinished the linoleum floor, wood paneling and exposed insulation of the storage room, Sarah Goer decorated it in a style she thought befitting of a child's secret treasure room. A treasure hunt on their son's birthday led him to the exciting discovery. Read more about his reaction and see additional pictures in this i09 article. 

Images Credit: Sarah Goer/Things I Make 

The storage room before being refinished

One view of the secret treasure room (see referring article for more)

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