Woman Gives Birth While Enduring Her Boyfriend's Punny Sense Of Humor

Women understandably have little patience for joking around while giving birth, but Tanya Ferguson's goofball of a boyfriend wasn't going to stop being punny just because Tanya was about to have a baby.

In fact, her boyfriend James Riley sees childbirth as the perfect time to test out his new extra punny material on poor Tanya, who keeps on smiling even though you know she's dreaming about strangling James.

(YouTube Link)

Cracking a few punny jokes to ease the tension in the birthing room would have been fine, but James' comedic pun-ishment went on for five full days...I guess that's why his kid is already filing for emancipation!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Set your clocks back an hour Saturday night before you go to bed. If you are a night owl, set them back at 2AM Sunday, because that's the end of Daylight Saving Time in the United Sates this year. This one is the "good" time change. If you are on a schedule, this gives you an extra hour of sleep, the one that you lost back in the spring. If you can't sleep longer than you normally do, then you'll be up early and rarin' to go for a few days before you get used to it.

(YouTube link)

WhatsUpMoms sees the upside to this time change when it comes to getting kids to fall asleep in the evening and up for school on time. If you can keep the effect for yourself until Tuesday, then you can be at the polls early to vote. -via Boing Boing

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Dad Recreates His 6 Year-Old Son's Drawings Into Photos

Children's drawings are adorable in part because they are so strange and completely inaccurate. That's why it's so fun to see those drawings adapted by adults -especially in the case of Instagram user thingsihavedrawn's adaptations of his son's artwork.

The literal Photoshop recreations of lions, zebras, elephants and more are so bizarre and almost creepy that you can't look away and it sure makes you look in kids' drawings in a different light.

Via Sad and Useless

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While you might think you want your daughters to grow up sweet and agreeable, the real world demands that they be able to take care of themselves. And that’s one of the best things you can teach them. I have one child who has always been a stubborn contrarian. It was frustrating. It was difficult. But as she grew I was also proud of how strong and self-determined she is. She can take care of herself, and that’s worth more than all the affection she could have shown her parents. The concept is illustrated for even toddler age girls in the latest comic from Lunarbaboon.

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Dad Gives Tired Son Permission To Sleep

Some kids can't keep their eyes open no matter where they are when they get tired, other kids will fight naps as if they know Freddy's gonna come after them as soon as they fall asleep.

And then there's the obedient little boy in this video post by America's Funniest Home Videos- who falls asleep as soon as his dad gives the okay.

(YouTube Link)

I know many parents wish they could also master the power of sleep permission, maybe the dad in this video should start holding workshops?

-Via Laughing Squid

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Honking at a Ship

You did it when you were a kid. Your parents did, too. Maybe even your grandparents. Kids love to get trucks to honk their horn, and that pumping gesture will do it is the driver sees you. This little girl tried it with a ship.

(YouTube link)

As you can see, she got more than she expected! -via Viral Viral Videos

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Chinese Boy Born With 31 Fingers And Toes

People jokingly wish they had more arms or legs so they can get more stuff done, but I've never heard anyone wish they had more fingers and toes.

That's because most people know the excess digits created by polydactylism make life harder- they decrease manual dexterity, attract unwanted attention and make it hard to live a normal life.

Polydactylism usually creates one or two more digits, which is fairly easy to fix with surgery, but what does someone born with 31 fingers and toes do about this issue?

A baby boy named Hong Hong will someday have to learn how to live with 31 fingers and toes unless his parents can raise enough money to pay for the costly surgery.

The boy was born with no thumbs and two palms on each hand, so doctors will have to figure out how to construct functional, opposable thumbs for the boy in addition to removing the extra digits.

Hong Hong's mother has the same condition, but her extra digits don't interfere with the normal function of her hands.

-Via 22 Words

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Raising Children is a Juggling Act

“Don’t tell Mom!”

Oklahoma redditor hinkster81 has five children. Here he is with the three youngest. He’s learned a bit about parenting by now, specifically how fun it can be. Or maybe he is trying to convince his wife to never leave him alone with the children again. -via reddit

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Baby Sneezes Off His Snapchat Filter Beard And It Lands On His Dad's Face

Snapchat didn't revolutionize the world of social media apps, nor did it give us a bunch of amazing features we hadn't seen before.

But the app has made some silly dreams come true- like the dream of giving your baby a beard. Not your idea of fun? Maybe it's a dad thing.

Snapchat lets dads apply a filter beard to their unsuspecting infants while shooting videos and pics on their phones, and yet, as the dad in this video from AFV found out, Snapchat filters aren't programmed to handle sneezes.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Origin Of The Phrase "Guess What Chicken Butt"

(Image Link)

Ask a little kid "guess what?", wait for them to say "what?" then reply "chicken butt" and watch their face light up at the absurdity of what you just said, either that or they'll yell something like "you're not funny!" and storm off.

Kids are weird, which is why they're likely to repeat the phrase "guess what? chicken butt" after hearing it for the first time, spreading it through the schoolyard like a linguistic flu bug.

But, like many of the silly rhymes kids love to repeat, the origin of the reference is complicated and far from common knowledge, just like the fact that butchers used to call barrels full of chicken shoulders "butts".

(YouTube Link)

Simon Whistler discusses the origin of this strange schoolyard phrase in this Today I Found Out video, so you can school kids on where their favorite chicken butt joke came from!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Makeup Artist Turns 3-Year-Old Into An Old Hag

Makeup artists love to see how far they can take a transformation before it becomes too obvious or ridiculous.

Which is why they often choose to do old age, gender or species swap makeups, so they can show off their face painting skills by completely transforming a subject.

But makeup artist Lynn Hetherington Becker really had her work cut out for her when she decided to transform this darling 3-year-old girl into an ugly old hag.

Lynn's subjects are typically little cuties who have their cuteness enhanced by the adorable images she paints on their faces.

But when Lynn goes for a transformative old age look the illusion is only broken when the camera pulls out and reveals the hag's cute little hands and feet.

-Via Bored Panda

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Letters to the Tooth Fairy

There are two main reasons why children leave notes for the tooth fairy instead of just leaving a tooth under their pillow. The biggest reason is an explanation of why the tooth is not physically here… they lost it, swallowed it, the dog ate it, it fell in the toilet, etc. The other reason is to negotiate how much money they should get for their tooth -and kids can be clever lobbyists for extra funds. In a collection of funny notes to the Tooth Fairy, there both types of letters and a few exceptions, like the late notices and one adorable note from a child arranging for the Tooth Fairy to meet Santa Claus at the child’s home during the night.

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Hilarious Kid's Menu For Indecisive Children

Some kids are such picky eaters that nothing on the menu ever sounds good to them but dessert, making their parents wish they could just let the kid eat a sundae for dinner and be done with it.

But kids will always be stubborn about ordering and dessert ain't dinner, so The Deli Mansion Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania changed the name of the items on their kid's menu to fit a picky kid's lingo.

So when picky kids say "I don't know", "I'm not hungry" or "I don't want that" they're actually ordering from the menu!

-Via Laughing Squid

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5-Year-Old Ninja Warrior

The headline for the video could have been: Dad of the year constructs the world’s greatest backyard. Gavin McCall built a Ninja Warrior Course for his 5-year-old daughter Lila. Watch her take on the challenge.  

(YouTube link)

Lila slays! She’s got strength, agility, balance, and fearlessness far beyond other kindergarteners. That comes from practice, and how could you not practice with a backyard like this? Watch out, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with when she’s old enough to compete on TV. -via reddit  

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Ayumi Omori’s Twins in Dreamland

. 姉ちゃんからのトドメ . . Они будут бороться снова.

A photo posted by ayumi (@ayumiichi) on Jun 29, 2016 at 10:21pm PDT

Ayumi Omori is the mother of two-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. Nap time is a crucial break for mothers, particularly those with a couple of two-year-olds, and Omari takes that opportunity for creativity. While the kids nap, she arranges intricate scenery around them to create cute pictures of their “adventures.”

I saw this magic show and thought, Aw, she bought two shirts just the same for this picture. Wait, they’re twins. This family probably has a lot of clothes in two copies.

Continue reading

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Elementary School Replaces Detention With Meditation

Standard school detention involves making the kids sit quietly in a room after school or on the weekend for hours on end, tortured by the inability to do anything but stare in silence

This method of punishment has been in place for decades even though it has proven to be ineffective and sounds more like meditation than jail time, so Robert W. Coleman Elementary School made a change.

They replaced detention with meditation in the Mindful Moment Room, having kids sit, breathe, relax and talk through their problems rather than stare at a wall, and so far it seems to be helping.

Suspension and detention numbers are down at Robert W. Coleman Elementary, and kids are learning a positive and more productive way to deal with their problems that they're taking home with them.

And let's face it- what did we ever learn in detention besides how to quietly carve our initials into a desk or how to pass notes without getting caught?

Read This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning. here

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Tiny Baby, Giant Bear

Sabrina Gonzalez’s dad works at Costco, and he sent her a picture of himself with several of the store’s famous giant teddy bears. She joked in response, “Maddie needs one of those.” Maddie is her five-month-old daughter. Grandpa took that as a challenge, so Maddie got her bear that very day. Madeline Jane can "bearly" be found in a picture of the bear at home! You can see more pictures of the bear (and Maddie) here. Meanwhile, the bear takes up an awful lot of room, so he is being stored at -you guessed it- Grandpa’s house. -via Metafilter 

(Image credit: Sabrina Gonzalez)

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The Internet Is Going Crazy For The Cotton Candy Girl

(Image Link)

Kids sure do love candy, and the internet loves to look at pics of cute little kids taken while they're playing, emoting or making a mess, in other words when a kid is being a kid.

So it comes as no surprise the internet community simply adores little Beatrix Hart, nicknamed the Cotton Candy Girl after she was spotted stuffing her face with spun sugar at a Seattle Mariners game.

It was the first time the 3-year-old had ever eaten cotton candy so she had all the feels hit her at once, a sensation sugarholics know as the day they got hooked for life on those sweet treats.

Her pic went viral after the Seattle Mariners shared this GIF via Twitter, transforming that chubby cheeked little cherub into an internet sensation.

Now fans are calling for a Cotton Candy Girl night at the stadium and trying to convince the Mariners that Beatrix should be able to throw out the first pitch at a game, which is all a bit too much for little miss Hart to handle.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Determined Toddler Tries To Walk Stubborn Bulldog

Babies who love dogs are cute, but dogs who love and put up with babies are the cutest because they display a gentle side even when the little one is getting on their nerves.

Now take a stubborn baby lovin' bulldog and a toddler who's trying to be like mommy and daddy and take his four legged friend on a walk and you've got the makings of awwwww-dorability.

(YouTube Link)

It's not surprising the 11-month-old in the video had a hard time walking Bernie the bulldog , that meaty hunk of a dog weighs 80 pounds!

-Via Good Housekeeping

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Pictures Of Kids Taken On Their First And Last Day Of School

Parents always remember their kid's first day of school and the graduation ceremony on the last, but they rarely have the foresight to recreate the first day photo some thirteen years later on their last day of school.

(Image Link)

If the kindergartener was being held by their mom or dad in the first day photo it will naturally be much harder to replicate, but this strong dad powered through the last day photo shoot for the sake of posterity.

(Image Link)

Bored Panda asked people to submit their first versus last day of school pics in honor of kids going back to school, and most of the submissions they received were surprisingly creative.

Some used Photoshop skills to create a time travel paradox so they could stand next to their first day of school selves.

(Image Link)

While others relied on more traditional methods to create the perfect first vs last day pic.

Something tells me people are going to start doing this a whole lot more now, and I'm definitely stealing this idea when my kid starts school!

See 10+ Pics Of First Day Of School Vs Last Day Of School here

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Dad Builds Incredible Fantasy Bedroom For His Son

Check out this young boys' room: it has its own skybox, a loft platform near the ceiling with a wooden fence enclosure. You can only get to it by climbing a mountain -or a rock-climbing simulator, in this case. You can climb back down, but why would you, when there’s a slide? But that’s not all. He has a boat for a bed, a ship’s wheel, and more. See photos of the construction along with some tidbits from the father who built it at Housely.

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A Serious Performance of The Alphabet Song

Violet Ogea is two years old, but she’s destined to become a star. She’s singing the alphabet song as if it’s opening night at the Metropolitan Opera. People have compared her singing to Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, and Elaine Stritch as two-year-olds.

Back at it again...

A video posted by christina ogea (@xtina528) on Aug 25, 2016 at 2:59pm PDT

Violet has the fearlessness and stage presence of someone twice her age -or even older. Her mother, photographer Christina Ogea, has plenty of other videos of Violet singing at her Facebook page and at Instagram. -via Buzzfeed

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Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids At Perceived -But Unreal- Risk?

A 9-year-old girl spent all day playing at a park near her home. She had a cell phone and a house key with her, and went home when she got tired. Was that dangerous? It sounds like typical behavior for a 9-year-old. But what if you knew she was there while her mother worked all day? Does that change anything about how dangerous her day at the park appears? An experiment shows that people don’t so much judge such a situation as dangerous because it’s objectivly dangerous, but because of how neglectful the parent appears. In fact, the morality of the reason a parent leaves a child unsupervised directly affects how dangerous the situation is perceived to be. Ashley Thomas, Kyle Stanford, and Barbara Sarnecka of the University of California at Irvine conducted an experiment that showed such bias.

To get at this question experimentally, Thomas and her collaborators created a series of vignettes in which a parent left a child unattended for some period of time, and participants indicated the risk of harm to the child during that period. For example, in one vignette, a 10-month-old was left alone for 15 minutes, asleep in the car in a cool, underground parking garage. In another vignette, an 8-year-old was left for an hour at a Starbucks, one block away from her parent's location.

To experimentally manipulate participants' moral attitude toward the parent, the experimenters varied the reason the child was left unattended across a set of six experiments with over 1,300 online participants. In some cases, the child was left alone unintentionally (for example, in one case, a mother is hit by a car and knocked unconscious after buckling her child into her car seat, thereby leaving the child unattended in the car seat). In other cases, the child was left unattended so the parent could go to work, do some volunteering, relax or meet a lover.

Not surprisingly, the parent's reason for leaving a child unattended affected participants' judgments of whether the parent had done something immoral: Ratings were over 3 on a 10-point scale even when the child was left unattended unintentionally, but they skyrocketed to nearly 8 when the parent left to meet a lover. Ratings for the other cases fell in between.

The researchers were motivated by an increasing number of parents who get into legal trouble for allowing their children to be unsupervised in situations that were once considered normal. The case of the 9-year-old girl was real, and her mother was arrested for child neglect. They talked about the research at NPR, and said the most surprising thing was how judgmental the participants were, and the most judgmental of all were mothers, who also overestimated the risk of danger the most. -via Digg

(Image credit: Flickr user Dave)

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Welcome to the Fourth Grade

Imagine you are nine years old and you don’t feel at all confident about moving up to the fourth grade. You don’t know who your teacher is going to be, or what you’ll be doing this year. And then your parents get an email from your new teacher, and it’s a music video!

(YouTube link)

New teacher Dwayne Reed sent a video to his incoming students to show them what the next year will be like for them. I can imagine that other Chicago fourth-graders are already envious. -via Tastefully Offensive

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You can tell school is starting back when the kids begin trying to get out of going. This early in the year, they’re out of practice and not yet good at it. I had a child who was so deathly sick until about 9AM, then would perk up just fine, or at least enough to eat a greasy takeout lunch and watch TV. There were a couple of times I made her go to the second half of the school day. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.

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Going Out In Public When You're A Parent- Mom Vs. Dad

There's a perceptible change in attitude when you meet a stranger in public for the first time with your child in tow, and lately this change seems to be working out better for dads than moms.

For some reason people are quick to criticize mothers for the way they're raising their child yet see the father as a hero for spending time with his kids, overlooking the same stuff they just criticized the mom for.

This comic strip was written by Chaunie Brusie and loosely based on her experiences, but as we all know parental experiences may vary, so there's bound to be a dad getting dissed in public somewhere!

-Via Babble

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Dad Photographs His Astronaut Son Going Where No Kid Wants To Go

It's hard for kids to be brave when they're faced with scary things like shots, barber shops and flying for the first time, but they're able to get through it all with support from their parents.

For some parents support means holding their child's hand, or wiping their tears away, but photographer Aaron Sheldon lent his son support by letting him dress up like an astronaut:

“The first shot we did in the project came about as my 4-year-old’s idea when I was helping him get over his fear of the doctors exam table. He decided to act brave like an astronaut and then asked if he could wear his spacesuit to his next appointment,”

Aaron continues to set up photo shoots starring his brave astronaut son, sharing the pics on his website Small Steps Are Giant Leaps in the hopes that other kids will be inspired to face their fears and dream big.

-Via design you trust

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Pics That Prove You're Doing A Good Job At Parenting

It can be hard for parents to tell how their kids are going to turn out, and what kind of person they're going to be, when they're really young.

(Image Link)

But when they do something that shows they truly care, and their actions prove they've been listening to our life lessons all along, they make their parents proud.

(Image Link)

Generous, caring and thoughtful kids serve as a good example to the other children they meet, demonstrating how kids can make a difference in the world if they work at it.

(Image Link)

Of course some, like this 9-year-old who makes small, portable shelters for homeless people, will work a lot harder than others, but don't let your little ones get discouraged.

Because as long as they're thinking about the welfare of others they're on the right track!

(Image Link)

See Good Parenting Summed Up In 15+ Pics here

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Going Through This Again

It’s a known fact that parents hate the cartoon Calliou because the title character is an unpleasant brat who whines and throws temper tantrums. My kids never watched the show, because I had already heard about it. Therefore, I don’t understand why other parents put up with it, when there are so many other children’s shows. I don’t know if Teletubbies is still available, but that was my favorite when my kids were preschoolers. Sesame Street was nice, too, although we probably watched more Disney movies on VHS than regular TV. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.  

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The Highlight of the Ceremony

A bride and groom are repeating their wedding vows when those in attendance get a reason to pay attention.

(YouTube link)

Yes, the flower girl stole the show, which is what you should expect when you put little children in the wedding party. It’s moments like these that make a wedding memorable. -via Tastefully Offensive

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