Business Baby Is The Latest Kid Meme Sensation

Recently a proud father posted this picture of his multitasking son on Facebook, and when a family friend saw the meme potential in the image he decided to post it to Reddit with the caption "Look, tell Clyde he's a dumbass...and then fire him".

Redditors immediately went crazy captioning the image, creating the latest and greatest internet sensation in kid based memes. Here are some of the hilarious results:

The moral of the story- don't share images of your kids on Facebook if your friends are always on Reddit, or your kid might become "The Internet’s Favorite Uncompromising Mini-executive".

-Via 22 Words

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Kids React to Rotary Phones

(YouTube link)

Warning: this will make you feel ancient. Dial phones were replaced by push-button phones when these kids’ parents were children (although that wasn’t universal -remember when we had to pay an extra fee for touchtone service?), so it’s no surprise they don’t know how to use them. But when you hear them try to figure out how to send a text on a rotary phone, it strikes home how different the world they are growing up in really is.

My older daughter found a rotary phone in vendor's mall a few years ago and asked me to show her how it was used. Every step was totally new to her. Then she wanted to buy it and use it! I said no, because we'd then have to get landline service. Would that even work these days? -via Metafilter

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Extreme Parenting and Wild Wild Kids

This looks like the best birthday party ever! The little girls wear their best pastel princess dresses while they use science fiction laser weapons to save the galaxy. This intriguing picture is one of the many in Dark Roasted Blend’s roundup of surprising kid pictures from different times and places, supplemented with artworks and advertising. Many are funny, some are just cute, and all will bring a smile to your face one way or another.  

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Backyard Luge

(YouTube link)

Take some inspiration from the Winter Olympics, tons of snow, and a large helping of elbow grease, and you can create a snow run that will win you the Dad of the Year award! Jay Venini built a luge out of snow in his backyard in Northport on Long Island. Man, this looks like a lot of fun! It appears to be designed for the mass and speed of those under 12 or so, but there are plenty of them around. And Venini’s children are suddenly the most popular kids in Long Island. -via Buzzfeed 

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Experimental Music In Children's Television

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Children’s television used to be a pretty far out adventure, full of psychedelic animated shorts and music by bands enjoyed by both the kids and their parents, but ever since music went bubblegum pop, and kids shows lost their cool, it’s easy to forget how hip children's television used to be.  

A new Tumblr called EMOCTV is busy collecting instances of strange and experimental music found in children’s television shows, like this clip from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he demonstrates an ARP synthesizer that should be set to a dubstep beat immediately, and a classic clip from Pee Wee's Playhouse with music supplied by The Residents.

-Via AnimalNY

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Talented 4 Year Old Creates Dresses Made Out Of Paper

Most 4 year olds love to play, do arts and crafts and spend their days letting their imaginations run wild, but it’s safe to say that the girl they call Mayhem is unlike other 4 year olds, mainly because she already has a career in fashion design picked out for herself.

But Mayhem can’t use a sewing machine or needle just yet, so she creates her fabulous dresses out of paper. Some are original designs, others are based on dresses she saw in photos and on TV, all are incredibly detailed and quite wearable considering the inflexible medium.

Mommy Shorts interviewed Mayhem's mother Angie about the fun fashion crafting they've been doing together, creating very wearable outfits out of construction paper, tissue paper, gift wrap and any other kind of paper product they can find around the house.

You can see more of Mayhem's fabulous designs at her Instagram account and website Fashion By Mayhem, and I hope the fashion houses are paying attention because this girl is really going places in the world of fashion design!

-Via DesignTAXI

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Goodnight Moon Parody Pokes Fun at Helicopter Parents

In the great green-certified room there was a smart phone, and a silver spoon, and a picture of…

Since 1947, millions of children have gone to bed enjoying Margaret Wise Brown's classic picture book Goodnight Moon. But the parenting methods used back then were, to put it mildly, crude. They did not nurture children, let alone push them hard to learn from the very beginning of their lives.

Now Lizzy Ratner, Jen Nessel and Sara Pinto bring us Goodnight Nanny-Cam, a revision of Brown's book for tiger moms and dads. You can see more pages at 22 Words.

P.S. Be sure to check out other Goodnight Moon parodies, such as this one for Dune, this one for Keith Moon and this one for Star Wars.

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The Oral History Of SpongeBob SquarePants

The seminal cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants is now in its fifteenth year on the air, and whether you love the pineapple dwelling strangeoid or cringe at the sight of his stupid face you have to agree there’s something iconic about that undersea wearer of square pants.

But before Stephen Hillenburg's absorbent series hit the small screen SpongeBob, and all the people and places that reside in Bikini Bottom, went through years of development and reworking until Spongeboy became the Bob we know and (some) love today.

Cartoon fans, budding animators and chroniclers of all things Nick will love this 36,000-word oral history of SpongeBob SquarePants, compiled by Tom Heintjes, which is the most comprehensive history of SpongeBob ever published.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Photo Series Of Tiny LEGOgrapher's Trip Around The World

The LEGOgrapher sees the world from a uniquely tiny perspective, but seeing him unafraid to explore, to climb for the best shot, feels remarkably humanistic for a little plastic person.

LEGOgrapher is the brainchild of photographer Andrew Whyte, and he captures these fun and interesting shots with his smartphone as he travels around the UK and the world with the little LEGOgrapher in his pocket, shooting a pic a day for 365 days.

The shallow depth of field makes the viewer feel properly detached from the massive human world, and there are some nice textures and colors present that give the pics a vibrant liveliness.

-Via Bored Panda

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Some Of The Most Fantastic Looking Playgrounds Ever Built

Playgrounds are supposed to be fun, not just because of the equipment contained within but also in the overall layout and design of the lot, and even though most kids probably won’t appreciate the whimsical visual elements as they play their little hearts out, their parents will. As a beautiful building is a point of pride for an architect, so too is a delightful looking playground the bees knees to its designer, and when a playground is both good looking and fun to play in everybody wins!

Here's a list of ten fantastic looking playgrounds, recreational wonderlands for kids that adults would probably be just as happy to visit.

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Ten-year-old Norwegian Joyrider Does It Again

A 10-year-old boy from Dokka, Norway, was in the news last week when he drove his parents’ car several miles from home with his 18-month-old sister along. He had snuck out while the family was asleep. He drove into a ditch, and flagged down a snowplow for help. The boy told the snowplow driver that he was a dwarf, and had ditched the car when his turned around to retrieve his forgotten license.

It wasn’t so funny when the child pulled the same stunt again this week. The boy drove off in his aunt’s car yesterday, and the police were called. The child made it 19 miles this time, before he stopped and a bystander took his car keys away. The Vest Oppland police weren’t as forgiving for the second offense, and have reported the family to child services. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Halvard)

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Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Cannabis Clinic

In a genius marketing move, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei, with her mom’s help, set up a cookie stand outside a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco. The sidewalk in front of the Green Cross turned out to be a lucrative position.

Any patients at The Green Cross with the munchies didn't stand a chance. In two hours on President's Day, Danielle sold 117 boxes outside the clinic — people gobbled up all her Dulce de Leches and blazed through the Tagalongs. According to her mother, Carol, that's 37 more boxes than what she sold during the same two-hour period outside a small Safeway the next day.

It’s not the first time Danielle has sold cookies outside a medical marijuana clinic, although it was the first time at this location. No other Scouts in her troop have tried this method, but the local council has no problem with it. Danielle will return to the Green Cross tomorrow to sell more cookies. -via Slate

(Image credit: The Green Cross)

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The Man Who Is Not My Mother

I’ve just been steered to a fascinating blog called the man who is not my mother. It is a diary of an infant with an amazing internal vocabulary who describes her surroundings and experiences. Here’s a recent post

Some mix of prescience, suspicion, and fascism has bade the man who is not my mother keep me close at hand. The infernal rocking contraption rests next to the great hillock of a bed he shares with my mother. Despite his drooling, stunned repose, I’ve come to enjoy those gentle pre-light hours, curled next to my mother.

Now, he means to prise this meagre joy from me; he prepares another room in the house to serve as my cell. Blackout shades, the table for changing, a mattress of just the right size, ringed ‘bout with bars. A rendition room, a black site. Put Bunny and Elephant in there… They mean to work me over in there, patting me and bouncing.

Sleep with one eye open. When the revolution comes, a cell for the prisoner can just as easily become a cell for the captor. We’ll see how you like your bed with bars.

The man behind the blog is Isaac Bloom, a stay-at-home dad who works part time from home. He channels his daughter Adeline as she discovers the world around her, although her musings are peppered with his “mature” point of view. -Thanks, Laura Grace Wheldon!

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Identical Quads Born in Mississippi

Kimberly Fugate was expecting triplets, which was unusual enough, as she was about to turn 42 years old and had used no fertility drugs. But when she underwent a cesarian section on February 8, doctors found four baby girls -all identical to each other!

Dr. James Bofill, a professor of maternal fetal medicine at the hospital said the odds of conceiving identical quadruplets is astonishingly rare, especially in a case like Fugate's, where she became pregnant without the use of fertilization drugs or treatments.

"The odds of spontaneous quadruplets is one in every 729,000 live births," Bofill said. "The chances of having identical quadruplets [are] almost incalculable."

The quads came almost 13 weeks early, and will probably remain in the hospital until May, their original due date. Fugate and her husband Craig already have a ten-year-old daughter.  

(Image credit: University of Mississippi Medical Center)

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Snow Day: The Musical

(YouTube link)

Parents will relate to this, especially this winter. There are probably plenty more snow days ahead before spring finally gets here. The Holderness family of Durham, North Carolina, made a music video about their life on snow days -during a snow day this week. I went through plenty of snow days just like this, but now when the kids want to go play in the snow, I just say, “Okay, bye!” -via Viral Viral Videos

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10-year-old Tells Whopper About Driving Car

A ten-year-old boy in Norway woke up before dawn and decided to take a drive to see his grandmother, 30 kilometers away! He took his toddler sister, who was also awake, with him. A few miles from home, snowplow driver Bjørn Hagen (pictured) spotted the family car in a ditch. The boy flagged down the snowplow to ask for a tow. Hagen was not equipped for that, and, unbeknownst to the boy, called the police instead.

He later told another snowplough operator that he was a dwarf and had wound up in the ditch when making a hasty U-turn to go home for his driving licence.
The young boy and his 18-month-old sister, who was sitting on the passenger seat without a seat belt, were unharmed and cheerful when they were found.

The children were returned to their parents, who were unaware of what had happened while they slept. Although not as clear, this machine translation is a more colorful account of the incident, from Dagbladet (the best-named newspaper ever). -via Arbroath

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10-Year Old Charged with Careless Driving after Crashing Car into DMV

(Photo: Parker Police)

A 10-year old girl and her mother went to the office of the state Division of Motor Vehicles in Parker, Colorado on Monday. While they were waiting, the girl went back to their SUV to get something out. Shortly thereafter, the SUV crashed into waiting area with the girl behind the wheel.

The girl says that she climbed from the back seat into the front seat of the SUV, which then “just went.” It travelled about 20 to 30 feet before coming to a stop when the girl’s frantic mother told her how to push the brakes.

The mother insists that she did not leave the motor running. Police cited the girl for careless driving.

-via Jalopnik

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Kayden's First Rain

(vimeo link)

Isn’t it wonderful when you see children react to something they’ve never experienced before with joy instead of fear? Nicole Byon captured her 15-month-old daughter sister Kayden discovering the feel of rain for the first time, which she found delightful and fascinating -and went back out in over and over. May you always look at the world with that sense of wonder, kid. The accompanying song is "In My Arms" by Jon Foreman. -via Laughing Squid

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Name My Daughter

Stephen McLaughlin and his wife are expecting a baby girl this spring. He put up a website to let internet users suggest and vote on names for the poor little girl. The front-runner so far is Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin. Do you have a better idea? Let’s all be thankful that the parents reserve the right to reject what the internet decides and go with their own choice in the end. Suggest a name or vote on an existing name at Name My Daughter. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Baby Basketball Player

(YouTube link)

This little guy is only 15 months old, but he manages to sink a half-dozen baskets in a row! He’ll be dribbling by the time he’s two… oh? I see, he already dribbles, but maybe he’ll grow about of that. The NCAA has rules about how old a player must be before they approach him, and so does the NBA, but the Harlem Globetrottters are not part of either organization. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Meet The Real Life Simpsons In A Home Movie Starring Matt Groening

(Video Link)

Matt Groening is the creator behind one of the longest lasting and most lucrative animated series ever, The Simpsons, and his inspiration for Springfield and the characters who live there was a closely guarded secret, until it all came out a few years back.

Now everyone knows that Matt’s dad was named Homer, his mother was named Margaret and his sisters were named Lisa and Maggie, but what you probably don’t know is Matt’s dad was a cartoonist and amateur filmmaker as well, and papa Homer shot this darling video starring a young Matt and his sisters called The Story back in 1969.

It’s more like a well made home movie than a polished short film, but it’s great to see some of the inspiration behind Matt Groening’s future endeavors, and those young Groening kids are so darn cute!

Via Dangerous Minds

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How Much Snow Will Cancel School?

The decision to cancel school due to snow is not taken lightly, because schools have to complete a certain number of instruction days in a year. It’s usually a combination of school district topography, road conditions, and local snow-clearing systems. For example, where I live, the city school can get buses around in some snow, because the routes are only a few miles and the roads get salted. But the county schools have to send buses over long routes that are treacherous in good weather and are not maintained (often not even paved). Whether an area expects snow has a lot to do with how prepared they are to plow or salt roads. It is not cost-effective to buy and store snowplows and salt where it only snows once in a decade.  

Redditor atrubetskoy constructed a map that shows approximately how much snow is required to cancel school in the various parts of the U.S. See it full-size here. Read about the map and some of the data used at The Atlantic.

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There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: School Teaches Deadbeat Kids a Lesson by Seizing Their Meals

No lunch for you, deadbeats!

It's a tough economy out there, so it's understandable that the parents of forty kids at the Uintah Elementary School got behind paying the lunch balance at school. The school district decided to turn this into a teachable moment unlike any other. Apparently, the lesson was that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, so the school seized the meals and threw them away.

"It was pretty traumatic and humiliating," mother Erica Lukes told The Salt Lake Tribune. Lukes' 11-year-old daughter had her lunch taken away from her as she stood in line at the school's cafeteria. "I think it's despicable. These are young children that shouldn't be punished or humiliated for something the parents obviously need to clear up."

Jason Olsen, spokesman for the Salt Lake City school district, tried to explain the situation:

... the district’s child-nutrition department became aware that Uintah had a large number of students who owed money for lunches. As a result, the child-nutrition manager visited the school and decided to withhold lunches to deal with the issue, he said.

But cafeteria workers weren’t able to see which children owed money until they had already received lunches, Olsen explained.

The workers then took those lunches from the students and threw them away, he said, because once food is served to one student it can’t be served to another.

No apologies though, as Olsen added "If the students were humiliated and upset, that's very unfortunate and not what we wanted to happen." He refused to call the tactic a mistake, though after a firestorm of criticism erupted, the district posted an online apology.

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C is for Cookie/Rubber Ducky

(YouTube link)

The a cappella group Pentatonix (previously at Neatorama) has hit the big time -they were invited to perform on Sesame Street! They are all big fans, but can’t agree on which classic Sesame Street song is the best: “C is for Cookie” or “Rubber Ducky,” so they sang them both together. You can also see the counting song they performed for the show. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Boy Plays Trumpet Without Arms

(YouTube link)

Jahmir Wallace of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, was born without arms, so he does everything with his feet. The dexterity the fifth-grader developed with his toes is serving him well as he learns to play the trumpet. But even more important is Wallace’s can-do attitude.

“My older sister used to play the piano.  So I thought maybe I should try an instrument. I thought maybe I could try and figure out new things,” he said.

-via Arbroath

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