Time Out, or Not Time Out

Have you ever dealt with a two-year old round the clock? Then you’ve probably seen something like this happen. You might think that the boy doesn’t know what he wants, because he changes his mind constantly. But oh, he does know what he wants. He wants to be mad, but he doesn’t want to admit it. So what he’s doing makes complete sense according to two-year-old logic.

(YouTube link)

Sooner or later, he’ll be able to either channel his frustrations differently or at least communicate them better. And then eventually, he’ll become a teenager, and use those hard-earned skills to make your life truly miserable. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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The Evolution of the Children's Car Seat

(Photo: wwolff2nfd)

This, believe it or not, is a car seat for children. It was the definition of car safety during the 1930s. But given that even seatbelts were not standard back then (and would not be for years to come), it shouldn't be surprising that car safety for children took a while to develop.

Country Living magazine offers a timeline with photos showing the development of car seats, from simple affairs like this one to high-tech wonders that have been carefully engineered.

-via Nag on the Lake

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Couple Announces Pregnancy with Baby Bump Landscapes

Simon Schaffrath and his wife Saskia Repp live in Frankfurt, Germany. They’re expecting their first baby in November—a son that they’ve named Theo.

Schaffrath is a photographer, so he put his skills to use to let people know about their joyful news. He turned Repp’s bulging belly into a landscape and Photoshopped himself into the scene. He golfs during the summer, skis during the winter, and takes full advantage of the terrain that his wife offers.

Little Theo is participating in the process--though not always helpfully. At one point, he kicked so hard that the plaster on his mommy's belly cracked.

You can see more photos in the series at Bored Panda.

-via My Modern Met

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Kids Do "The Robots"

German school children perform “Die Roboter” (The Robots) by Kraftwerk. This awesome project looks like it was a lot of fun! Some of the comments at YouTube, translated from German, praise the project for incorporating German music history into the lower grades. Music history? That can make you feel really old.

(YouTube link)

You can see the original 1978 video, or the 2013 version at YouTube. -via b3ta

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The Most Vivid Sex Education Book Ever Made

Sexual education literature is often blasted for being too vague or too clinical for kids to understand, which is exactly how those who don't want sex ed taught in schools like their literature.

But there's no place for vagueness in sex ed, and even this beautifull illustrated book from 1968 called How Babies Are Made explained sex better than many modern sex ed textbooks.

It does, however, omit a visual reference of the sex act itself, which is forgivable considering when the book was published, but overall Time Life did a bang up job of creating a kid's sex ed primer.

How Babies Are Made is full of beautiful papercut illustrations by Blake Hampton, easy to understand descriptions of sex acts, and connects everything sexual to the process of fertilization. Maybe it's time for this book to be reprinted?

-Via BuzzFeed

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Howling with the Big Dogs

Babies learn by imitating others. Usually, we think of that as a baby imitating his parents. But when the family dogs begin to howl, that’s a learning experience for this 5-month-old baby.

(YouTube link)

The baby boy has joined a long line of canines who learn from their elders. Will he grow up to be a werewolf? Only time will tell. -via reddit

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These Teenagers Serve as Pallbearers for Homeless Veterans without Families

(Photo: University of Detroit Jesuit High School)

The National Alliance to End Homelessness says that there are 49,933 homeless veterans in the United States. In Detroit, homeless veterans who die without families to claim their bodies get a proper send off, thanks to students at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. As a community service, students there serve as pallbearers, bringing an element of dignity and reverence to the funerals for these fallen American veterans. The Huffington Post talked to Todd Wilson, the director of service at the school:

“One of our challenges and responsibilities is to ensure that the students are emotionally prepared for serving,” Wilson told HuffPost. “Initially, we were hoping for at least 20 students at the training, but we ended up having over 50 students who participated.” […]

“We strongly feel that everyone deserves the dignity of having people present at their last moments,” Leonard Froehlich, a 12th-grader who served as a pallbearer, said in a statement provided to The Huffington Post. “It was a real privilege to be a part of this service for these men who have fought for our country.”

While the the first outreach focused on veterans, the students hope to expand their program to all people in need, and families who simply do not have pallbearers.

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Deluxe Homemade Toddler Kitchen

Andrew Hook made an awesome pretend kitchen as a gift for his son’s second birthday. It started out as an old entertainment center from Goodwill.

Hook replaced the door glass with plywood covered in chalkboard paint. The sink is a metal dog dish. And the burners actually work! Well, they don’t get hot, but they light up from coils of Electroluminescent wire that turn on and off with the stove knobs.

See the entire build process in an album at imgur. Oh yeah, his son certainly loved the gift.

You see these used entertainment centers in thrift stores all the time, because 1. they’re cheap (so you may as well buy a new one for the living room), 2. as TVs get bigger and flatter, the cabinets become obsolete, and 3. used entertainment centers don’t sell as fast as necessary items like beds and dressers. However, their size and shape makes them perfect for a toddler’s pretend kitchen. Several other redditors shared their entertainment center conversions.

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This Is Julia, Sesame Street's First Character with Autism

(Image: Mary Beth Nelson)

Sesame Street Workshop wants to reach out to children with autism and their parents. It now offers an array of resources for this condition, including a new character. Julia is a friend of Elmo and Abby Cadabby. She's in a new online storybook that is designed to teach children how to interact with other kids who have autism. People magazine talked to Sesame Street executive Jeanette Betancourt:

"This is what makes our project so unique," says Dr. Betancourt. "When we explain from a child's point of view that there are certain behaviors, such as slapping their hands or making noises, to express excitement or unhappiness, it helps younger children to understand how to interact with their autistic peers. It makes children more comfortable and therefor more inclusive." 

-via Huffington Post

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Little Girl Obsessed with CVS Gets CVS-Themed Birthday Party

It doesn't make sense to you or me, but to 4-year old Iris Gill, her local CVS convenience store and pharmacy is a "happy place" comparable with Disney World. For the past two years, she watched as the facility was built and then opened. She loves to visit. 

So her mother, Sarah Fortune, threw her a CVS-themed birthday party. Iris's cake was with decorated with the CVS colors and typographic style. Party favors included white mints dispensed in prescription medicine bottles. Grown-ups got to drink Cranberry Vodka Splash (CVS, get it?) punch and everyone got to shop at the little toy register that Sarah set up for Iris and her friends. You can see more photos at Sarah Fortune's blog.

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Mom Breaks World Record for Running a Marathon While Pushing a Baby in a Stroller

(Photo: David Hartley)

Jessica Bruce, 32, has long been a marathoner. Her best time is 2 hours and 58 minutes. When she gave birth to baby Daniel 7 months ago, she didn't want to stop. So she began training while pushing a stroller.

Bruce recently put her new training to the test by running a marathon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK. While pushing her baby in a stroller, she completed the marathon in 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 52 seconds. This beats the previous world record by 14 minutes.

Her husband ran alongside her. He fed the baby a bottle while they kept running. Although they brought along supplies for a diaper change, it was unnecessary. Baby Daniel slept for the first 20 miles, then relaxed for the remaining distance. You can read more about their run at the Daily Telegraph.

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If Moms Talked to Each Other Like They Talk to Their Kids

(Video Link)

No, don't play the video.

That's 1. That's 2. That's 3. 

Okay, time out. No arguments, readers. You earned your time out by watching this video by BreakWomb that imagines how weird it would be if parents talked to adults the way they talk to their children. Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman, and Megan Grano treat each other like 4-year olds.

-via BuzzFeed

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Dave Barry Explains Youth Soccer

(Photo: Army Youth Sports)

Soccer is a great sport for kids--especially young children. It teaches kids important values and is a lot of fun. Dave Barry, a humorist and writer, composed this Q&A for parents who are considering getting their kids involved in soccer. Barry explains the roles of parents, kids, and coaches in this formative activity. Here is a selection:

Q. What is the object of the game of soccer?

A. The object of the game of soccer is for your child to score goals, so that he or she will receive a full athletic scholarship to a Divison 1-A college.

Q. What is the role of the other children on my child’s team?

A. Their role is to pass the ball to your child.

Q. What position should my child play?

A. Your child should play forward.

Q. What should I do if the coach wants my child to be a defender?

A. Be reasonable. Ask the coach, calmly and politely, why he wants your child to play defense. Listen to his explanation, and consider it carefully. Then, file a lawsuit.

Q. How many minutes should my child play?

A. Your child should play however many minutes are in the game.

Q. When is it acceptable for the coach to substitute another player for my child?

A. When your child is not at the game.

Q. What is my job, as a parent, during a soccer game?

A. Your job is to yell instructions to your child and the other children on your child’s team.

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Six Brothers Welcome Little Sister

(YouTube link)

The Lair family of Apex, North Carolina, has six boys: Jackson, 13; Campbell, 10; Sawyer, 7; Houston, 5; Shepherd, 4; and Knox, 2. In August, they finally got their first girl when Ruby Jane was born. The six boys are having to adjust to having a little girl on their team, but they are eager for the job. You can see more pictures and videos of the family at the News & Observer. -via Buzzfeed

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"Angel Nurse" Breastfeeds Infant During Surgery

(Photos: Sina)

General anesthesia can be dangerous to young children--especially babies. So sometimes surgery on infants is done with local anesthesia or just sedation. That became a problem for one baby in Shenzhen, China. He began crying and squirming during an operation. To calm him, a nurse picked him up and began breastfeeding him. This soothed him enough that the surgeon could complete the operation. Shanghaiist reports:

According to Sina, the nurse named Li Baoxia didn't hesitate for a moment to help the crying baby. After drinking, the infant quietly lay down in the nurse's arm and the surgeons were able to complete the operation. Everyone present remarked that it was an incredibly moving experience.

After the surgery was completed successfully, the baby's father came to thank Li. "Thank you! You didn't only treat my child, you also nursed him!" he said. "As a father, you have my endless gratitude. You are an angel nurse!"

-via Rocket News 24

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Adventures in Cardboard

Imagine a week in which kids design and build their own fantasy world out of cardboard! That’s what happens in this adventure day camp. The kids build costumes, armor, weapons, and even their own castle out of cardboard, and then use those things to battle their enemies, the evil camp counselors (also wearing handmade cardboard armor). Adventures in Cardboard holds ten week-long camp sessions during the summer.

Redditor serablanche works at this camp each summer, as a referee and an evil character. He described it in a series of images, eleven photographs in all with explanations in the captions, which you can see at imgur.

That's serablanche behind the pop-tart shield at the top, and in this Black Knight getup, too.

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Watch The World's Youngest DJ Wow The Crowd

There are many musicians who claim they were born with a rhythm in their heart and a funky beat in their soul, but none of them can offer actual proof to that effect like 3-year-old DJ Arch Jr.

AJ's performance on South Africa's Got Talent blew the audience away, and even though the little guy hasn't figured out the "smile and say hi to the camera" part of performing he already knows how to rock a party right.

(YouTube Link)

So where does the world's youngest DJ go from here? Straight to the top of the kindergarten rave scene!

-Via Cheezburger

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Daddy's Home!

It's the best time of day--when Daddy is back! Baby and puppy can see him drive up. They're so excited and express their joy in nearly identical ways!

(Video Link)

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Six-Year-Old Orphan Invents a Way to Cope with His Loss

YouTube Link

In one of the most touching and inspiring things I've seen in recent memory, by the age if six, Jaden Hayes had lost both of his parents. But what he chose to do afterward is extraordinary. Don't miss this moving clip that explains how the child found a way to lift his spirits in the face of tragedy.

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The Most Adorable Father And Son WWE Smackdown Bout Ever

Fathers and sons often butt heads, and as a boy grows into a young man those battles may become a bit more physical.

But you wouldn't expect to find a video featuring a father and son beating each other down WWE style to be so delightful to watch.

(YouTube Link)

Jamie Baker created these utterly adorable videos that show how he goes head-to-head with his super tough son Noah, with the overdubbed sound of WWE so the whole bout feels more serious.

(YouTube Link)

There are bound to be people who watch these videos and have concerns about safety, but don't worry- Noah didn't seriously injure his dad during the making of these videos, he hurt him just enough to call them WWE worthy.

-Via Cheezburger

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16-Year Old Invents Wheelchair Stroller

(Image: Fox 2)

Since she was 5 years old, Sharina Jones of Detroit, Michigan has used a wheelchair. When she recently became a mom, she found a new obstacle to overcome: it was impossible to use a conventional stroller while in her wheelchair.

That's where 16-year old Alden Kane stepped in. He designed and built this prototype stroller that clamps onto Jones's wheelchair. Her baby's car seat fits snugly into the top. Now Jones can easily take her baby around by herself. Fox 2 reports:

The young engineer spent months working on the project, making sure it would be comfortable for Mom and for baby. So, using lightweight steel tubing, this baby carrier easily clamps onto the chair and then the baby's car seat seat snugly sets right in.

So far, the prototype is a huge hit.

"After six months of hard work, six months of working in the machine shop designing it up, it was priceless seeing the design on her wheelchair, being used with her child in it," Alden says.

-via Bored Panda

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Where the Children Sleep

It is estimated that two million children have fled from the war in Syria and surrounding countries with or without their families over the past five years. Award-winning photographer Magnus Wennman traveled to various refugee camps and gatherings of refugee groups in many countries to document their plight. A series of his pictures showing where the children sleep is accompanied by their stories at the Swedish site Aftonbladet. Shown above is 5-year-old Lamar, and here’s her story.

Back home in Baghdad, the dolls, the toy train, and the ball are left; Lamar often talks about these items when home is mentioned. The bomb changed everything. The family was on its way to buy food when it was dropped close to their house. It was not possible to live there anymore, says Lamar’s grandmother, Sara. After two attempts to cross the sea from Turkey in a small, rubber boat, they succeeded in coming here to Hungary’s closed border. Now Lamar sleeps on a blanket in the forest, scared, frozen, and sad.

That is only one of 22 such stories in the post. See more of Wennman’s photography at Instagram. Some of it may be disturbing. -via Metafilter

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Jellybeans for Breakfast

Who’s the boss? The boss is the one who’s up several times a night to feed the baby, then has to get the other child ready for school, buy the groceries, clean the kitchen, change the diapers, balance the checkbook, remember appointments, help with homework, load the dishwasher, and feed the baby again. A lot of women do this as a breadwinner and/or single parent. Supervision goes by the wayside in such a situation, so jellybeans sounds like a good enough breakfast. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.  

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Parents Use Snapchat Filter To Scare The Heck Out Of Their Kids

 photo snapchat filter_zpsxzrsijnx.gif

Kids are becoming more comfortable with, and reliant upon, technological devices in their lives, and as their addiction to smarthphones grows stronger parents keep searching for ways to unplug their kids.

(YouTube Link)

It's good to teach them there are dangerous people online who prey on unsuspecting kids, but thanks to a new set of Snapchat filters parents are bypassing the safety lessons and going straight to making their kids terrified of smartphones.

(YouTube Link)

The Snapchat filter catches the poor kiddos unaware, transforming their cute little faces into ugly, twisted versions. And judging by the actual expressions on their faces these kids might not use a smartphone again until they're old enough to drive!

See more parents scaring their kids with Snapchat here

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Little Boy Interrupts Baseball Game to Say "I Love You" to His Dad

(Video Link)

Trip hit the ball and had a straight shot to first base. He could have reached second base, too. But his dad was the first base coach. Trip had a greater priority: telling his dad that he loves him.

Dad responds, "I love you, too. Run to second base."

-via 22 Words

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Baby's First Lightsaber

Twitter user Stephen O'Hara, a dad from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England, obviously knows how important it is to document the milestones in his little daughter's life. So when he presented the toddler with her first lightsaber, he made sure to catch the moment on video. It's lucky he did, too, as her adorable reaction will be something that she and her parents can look back on with a smile. Via Daily Dot

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Avery Catches a Fish

Avery is out fishing with her dad with her pink Barbie fishing pole. Not only does she catch a fish, it’s a 5-pound, 20 inch bass! And she did it all by herself.

(YouTube link)

Both father and daughter will remember this catch for the rest of their lives.  -via reddit

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Not Ready for a Real Baby? Get a Pet Baby Instead!

(Video Link)

In a way, getting a pet is good preparation for eventually having children. They both require great care and attention, are expensive, and can endanger themselves in surprising ways.

Are you ready to have a kid? Find out by getting a Pet Baby. It’s a baby, but it’s also a pet. This commercial from the comedy troupe Above Average shows you the advantages of having your own Pet Baby. If you find that you’re not ready, just ship the baby back in the box it arrived in.

-via Huffington Post

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Two Kids Get Their Loose Teeth Pulled Out By Drones

If you tell a boy you're going to pull his tooth out with pliers he's sure to start screaming in terror, but tell him you'll be using a drone to extract the tooth and he's liable to start yelling with delight.

Two guys had the same brilliant idea to pull their son's (or nephew's) loose tooth out with a drone, and they both filmed the fun so we can all watch.

 photo anigif_enhanced-1872-1442867625-7_zps0bcaw264.gif

First up is Adam and his dad Malcolm Swan who used a Phantom Vision Quadcopter to extract the errant tooth, with Adam totally psyched about his dad's choice of extraction equipment.

(YouTube Link)

Then there's Bruno and his uncle Paul Borrud, who used his drone Phyllis to yank Bruno's pesky loose tooth while the crowd gathered at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco cheered them on.

(Vimeo Link)

Hopefully no one will ever get the bright idea to extract a kid's tooth with a real airplane, or that poor kid will be in dentures before middle school!

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JoJo, 4, Lectures Daddy on Wedding Etiquette

YouTube Link

Four-year-old JoJo has some concerns about her father's behavior during an upcoming wedding in which she is a flower girl. Just to make sure she and Daddy are on the same page, she has a talk with him prior to the ceremony. JoJo, wise beyond her years, knows full well that you can never be too safe when it comes to such important events. Via Daily Dot

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