Babies Going Through Tunnels

(YouTube link)

It’s not unusual for the parent in the passenger seat to record video of the baby in the backseat. This compilation of clips proves that there’s a universal reaction to riding through an unexpected tunnel for these little ones. “Hey! The world changed!” Or something like that. The totally unrelated music in this video only adds to the surrealism. Metafilter has a string of puns and jokes about what’s going on in their heads, including the title of their link post: OMG, it's full of cars!

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Why Children Need to Be Quiet

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Children make up a particularly gullible audience, so its very tempting to impress them with whatever nonsense you want to concoct, and sometimes those tall tales have a positive effect. Or one like this could just as easily scar them for life. This tall tale was inspired by a real-life train ride with children. It was produced by British animation studio Kilogramme, which had already produced another episode of tall tales you can see here. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Mother ‘Hood

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A large number of apparently first-time parents gather at the neighborhood park to defend their baby care choices by snarking at those who have selected a different path. I say they must be first-time parents because there’s no older kids with them, and by the time you’ve have several kids, you might tend to be less defensive and judgmental. (Then I wonder, why would you take an infant to a park?) Such dogmatism is one of the main reasons I stay away from mommy blogs and parenting forums. Chill out, moms (and dads)! -via Buzzfeed

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Dear Baby: A Mom Apologizes to Her Daughter with Funny Notes

Sarah Showfety of New Jersey is the mother of a 22-month old baby. She's got another one on the way. She's busy, tired, and stressed. In other words, she's the mother of a toddler.

Like any parent, she's taking shortcuts. That's the only way you get through this period relatively sane. Showfety knows that her decisions are not always the best, so she's already writing apology notes to her daughter. The results are quite funny. You can read them all at Dear Baby XO.

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Dad Gave Honest Answers to Daycare Questionnaire

When you send your child to daycare, you're probably asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the kid's interests, allergies, and so on. But when a daycare asked a father all about his 11-month-old daughter Emma, the man decided to answer the questions with complete honesty.

For example, he listed one of Emma's goal as to "inflict sleep deprivation on [her] parents until such time as they acquiesce to [her] every whim." Every parent is nodding in agreement, I'm sure.

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Parents Who Are Totally Nailing The Whole Parenting Thing

(Image Link)

Some parents struggle to fit in with their kids, and they never know quite how to communicate with their children despite all the time they’ve spent together as a family.

And then there are those parents who just “get it”- they know one of the secrets to having a good relationship with your children is to bring yourself down to their level and embrace your inner child.

(Image Link)

They’re the cool parents who make parenting look easy, and although they may seem to stray a bit too far from the norm at times their methods prove effective and bring a fun energy to the parent-hood.

(Image Link)

Peruse this collection of 15 Awesome Parents Nailing This Whole Parenting Thing and you’ll see how these pillars of parenthood handle things like discipline, chores, social media and the dreaded Prom date meet n greet.

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Revisiting the Farm of Photographer Elena Shumilova

Mother and photographer Elena Shumilova (previously at Neatorama) first got widespread recognition a year ago with her charming photographs of rural life. She's once again making the rounds with a new set of lovely captures of her family farm in Andreapol, Tverskoy Region, Russia.

Shumilova's preference of exclusively using natural light during her shoots creates a soft, warm glow that is perfectly suited for the natural innocence of her subjects: her two children and their animals. Shumilova says of her work,

“Children and animals – it’s my life. I’m a mom with two sons and we spend a lot of time on the farm. When shooting I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image.”

See more of Shumilova's latest captures on 500pxFlickrSmugmug and Facebook.

Via Bored Panda | Images Elena Shumilova


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The Awesomest Stroller Ever Looks Like the Batmobile

I'm so sad that I can't fit into this Batmobile anymore!

Tim Baker, a master propmaker, is the leader of Super-Fan Builds, a program that makes incredible one-of-a-kind toys for the biggest fans of pop culture franchises. His team has previously built a swing that looks like Groot and a Lord of the Rings litterbox house. Now, to satisfy the innermost desires of a Batman fan and his son, they've built a stroller that looks like the tumbler Batmobile from The Dark Knight film trilogy.

(Video Link)

The stroller is made of plates of CNC routed PVC, a welded steel frame, Plexiglas mirrors, and vengeance.

-via Gizmodo

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5-Year Old Billed for No-Show at Birthday Party

(Photo: Apex/Lucy Davies)

Julie Lawrence of Cornwall held a birthday party for her daughter. The child invited her classmates, including 5-year old Alex Nash. Alex accepted. Then Alex's father Derek realized that they already had reserved the day of the birthday party to spend with Alex's grandparents. So Alex didn't show up to the party.

After the party, Julie Lawrence slipped an envelope inside Alex's backpack at school. It contained an invoice for £15.95--Alex's share of the cost of the party. This made father Derek quite mad. He went to the school to investigate the incident, then confronted Lawrence about the invoice. BBC News reports:

Mr Nash said: "It was a proper invoice with full official details and even her bank details on it.

"I can understand that she's upset about losing money. The money isn't the issue, it's the way she went about trying to get the money from me.

"She didn't treat me like a human being, she treated me like a child and that I should do what she says."

In a short statement, Ms Lawrence said: "All details were on the party invite. They had every detail needed to contact me."

Mr Nash said he had been told he was being taken to the small claims court because he was refusing to pay.

It was perhaps undiplomatic of Lawrence, but I'm sympathetic to the notion that people should keep their appointments or cancel them.

-via Daily of the Day

What do you think?

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Dad Puts on Pants While Holding a Baby

(Video Link)

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must wear pants. It is not a good time, but it is inevitable. Slide them on.

We’ve previously seen a man put on pants without using his hands. But he was rather acrobatic in the process. Let’s face it, he was just showing off. YouTube user ThePurplePanzy is foregoing his hands for a good reason: they’re full of baby.

This is Level 2 Dad Skill. At Level 3, you tie a necktie while holding a baby.

-via Huffington Post

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Comparison Photos of Parents and Their Children at the Same Age

Daughter (l) and mother (r) | Image: Danielle McCoy

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and these pictures prove that can certainly be the case in terms of looks. Despite changing hairstyles and clothing, genetics ensure that the faces remain similar. This collection of photos submitted by users at HuffPost Parents is a fun diversion.

See more of these side-by-side comparisons here. -Via Twisted Sifter

Son (l) and mother (r) at 1.5 years | Image: Lauren Malone Harrison

 Mother and daughter, 8 years old | Image: Ashley L’Herault Peters

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Identical Triplets Born in Montana

Image: Casey Page

A woman gave birth to a set of identical triplet boys in Montana last month. The triplets were born to Jase and Jody Kinsey of Miles City, Montana, who named them Cade, Ian and Milo. Births of identical spontaneous triplets are so rare that the chances of it happening are one in a million, according to Jody’s obstetrician, Dr. Dana Damron. Identical spontaneous triplets are created when the fertilized egg divides and then the embryo divides once more. The healthy babies were delivered at 32 weeks, which is a normal gestation time for triplets.

Read more on this story and see more pictures at the Billings Gazette.

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Father and Son Fun: Dads and Their Mini-mes

In a traditional nuclear family, Daddy is an important figure in all his children's lives, but the bond between father and son is particularly strong. Dad is generally son's first image of masculinity, of a worldviiew that's exclusively male. Sons imprint what is acceptable and respectful behavior for a male and how to interact with the opposite sex. But much of the time, a dad is someone with whom to have fun adventures, whether at or far from home. These photos show dads and sons enjoying each other's company, creating perhaps the most cherished memories dads can provide.  

See the rest of this sweet photo collection here.  




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Parents Talk To Kids About The Birds And The Bees For The First Time

Children are born curious, and as soon as they discover that taboo subject called “sex” they can’t help but wonder why it is kept hidden from them and what it’s all about. However, they’re not always ready for the answers they receive, and when things get a bit too raw for young minds those curious kids get totally grossed out!

(YouTube Link)

This extremely entertaining vid by Cut Video shows the raw reactions of kids being told about the birds and the bees for the first time by their parents, proving that curiosity will lead to the death of your childhood innocence every time!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Ten Strange Baby Products

(Image Link)

Baby products are generally supposed to be more useful than visually appealing to adults, and when we think of baby products three things usually spring to mind- soft, supportive and pastel colored.

Products designed to stimulate an infant's senses, to make their little lives comfortable, and to help parents care for their child will become popular among parents, while other products end up becoming the baby butt of a joke.

Here are ten bizarre baby products that put the "Wha?!" in watching your child grow up:

1. Baby Snuggie Sweater-

There are all kinds of pouch style torso coverings available for parents, and most look comfortable for both parent and child, but this snuggie style monstrosity looks like it's really uncomfortable for your baby. However, if you want to dress your kid up like a chestburster for Halloween this creepy vest getup is a good place to start!

(Image Link)

2. Zaky Infant Pillow-

It's a good thing most infants can't see a three dimensional view of the world until they're around five months old, because if they could see these horrifying disembodied hands holding them at night they probably wouldn't be able to sleep!

(Image Link)

3. Baby Butt Fan-

Keeping your infant's bottom dry is important to help prevent diaper rash, but there has to be a better way to achieve this dryness besides holding a fan to your baby's butt until it's dry!

It's also unlikely that a baby is going to just lie there waiting patiently while you fan their butt, so something tells me these generally end up being used by mom and dad as a portable fan during those sweltering summer days.

(Image Link)

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Being able to eat all you want and then some is a benefit of pregnancy that you pay for in other ways. You can’t just share in the good parts, as some fathers find out the hard way. The concept is illustrated simply in this comic from Lunarbaboon. Has this ever happened to you?

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Spas for 7-Year Olds

(Photo: Erin Hull/New York Times)

A mother of 2 daughters expressed the need like this:

“They do deserve something special,” said Ms. Ehresman, who paid about $400 for the party. Paige and her 8-year-old sister, Makayla, had begged for beauty treatments, but Ms. Ehresman had found her own adult spa to be inappropriate for them.

“I don’t want them to feel that my saying ‘no’ means that I don’t love them,” she said.

Adult women in the United States often enjoy a day at the spa. Increasingly, so do young girls. Sweet and Sassy, a national chain of spas catering to children, is the market response. Julie Turkewitz describes the trend in an article in the New York Times. She met Paige, a 7-year old client at a Sweet and Sassy spa. Paige had a great time:

After the beauty treatments, Paige and her guests walked down a red carpet and disappeared into a hot pink limousine, which took the squealing children on a spin around the parking lot. One 6-year-old guest documented the revelry in a series of selfies.

Sweet and Sassy isn't for everyone, though. Some young spa clients want more than it can offer. There are more upscale establishments available to cater to their needs:

At one New York-area chain, Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa, parties cost $500 to $3,000, and options include a “bath-bakery” experience, with lotions that smell like edible treats. (Tag line: “Where the main ingredient is you.”)

Lisa Gadzinski, 48, and her sister opened Seriously Spoiled on Long Island in 2008. The business, based in Patchogue, N.Y., has not only weathered the recession, but thrived, expanding to two more locations. Several clients are single fathers, lost in the world of girl-care, who bring in their daughters, Ms. Gadzinski said.

“Don’t we all want to spoil our children?” she asked.

-via Marginal Revolution

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Dad Knocks out Son's Loose Tooth with Golf

Phil Smith, being an efficient sort of fellow, sorted out a way to engage in dentistry and work on his golf swing simultaneously. His son Noah had a loose tooth. So Smith tied a length of dental floss to the boy's loose tooth and attached the other end to a golf ball. All he needed now was to swing his golf club carefully, or else he'd take out additional teeth.

It was completely successful! The correct tooth--and only the correct tooth--came out of Noah's mouth.

(Video Link)

-via Dave Barry

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11 Hilarious Photos of Realistic Parenting

Have you seen those beautiful photos of beautiful families with children behaving perfectly and being happy? After you do, you may question your own ability to hold it together at the insane asylum/zoo that is your home.

How do those perfect parents do it? They don't. Photographer Danielle Guenther illustrates that in her series Best Case Scenario. Her funny pictures show a realistic image of family life, with all the chaos, exhaustion, and confusion that goes with it.

-via 22 Words

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Babies Terrified Of Their Own Toots

(Image Link)

The world is a new and amazing place to the young eyes of an infant- some things are hilarious, other things are scary, and sometimes those gaseous noises that come out of human bodies large and small can be fright-larious to a little baby.

They can't control the sounds their baby bodies make, and they have yet to discover the sick joy of farting on command, which will keep them laughing in the classrooms and on the playgrounds for years to come.

(YouTube Link)

Here’s a hilarious video compilation from 2013 featuring babies reacting in terror to their very own toots, see if you can watch them all without cracking up!

-Via Little Things

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Action Movie Kid Receives Hippo For Christmas, Chaos Ensues

YouTube Link

Dreamworks animator and father Daniel Hashimoto has created a new episode of his Action Movie Kid video series (previously on Neatorama). In Hashimoto's videos, his three-year-old son plays the diminutive hero having adventures to a backdrop of special effects.

After-taxes proceeds of the first three months of views and shares of this video will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so spread the fun far and wide. -Via Laughing Squid

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There Are Over 300 People Walking Around Named Abcde

(Image Link)

As the owner of an unusual name I will attest to the impact a name can have on your life- people comment on your name whenever they see it, you can’t use your real name at places like Starbucks because they never get it right, and folks make certain presumptions about you based solely on your name.

I feel like I got off lucky, but what about those poor souls who will live their lives in constant hatred of the alphabet because their name is an unpronounceable string of letters?

(Image Link)

They’re the unfortunate souls who were named "Abcde" by their uncaring parents, and they will carry the burden of bad naming for the rest of their lives, or until they change their name to something easier to pronounce like Bob or Jane.

In 2009 alone 32 children were named Abcde in the U.S., and to date there are 328 sad humans walking around with this alphabetical nightmare of a name.

You can read more about this unusual baby naming phenomenon over at Vocativ, including an infographic detailing the Social Security Administration's findings on how many Abcde's were brought into the world in the last sixteen years. 

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Kid Gets His Head Stuck in a Gate

(YouTube link)

The child’s head is stuck between two iron bars in the gate. It won’t fit back through, so you have to wonder how he got it in there in the first place! But mainly, we wonder how they are going to get the little boy out. Think about whatever suggestions you may have as you watch and see how they eventually freed him. -via Boing Boing

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Dad Decorates His Daughter's Eyepatch as Different Characters

Cyclops from the X-Men

Layla Grubb, who is 10 months old, has a cataract in one of her eyes. Until she's about 5 years old, she'll have to wear an eyepatch for about 2 hours a day. Thanks to the creativity of her father Geoff, a stay-at-home dad, it's Layla's chance to be different characters, including Nick Fury and Catwoman. You can see more photos of her eyepatches here.

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Spaghetti Toes

Children learn to speak in full sentences a long time before they have the vocabulary, logic, and real world experience we adults have, so what they say can be odd and charming, yet fully communicative. At the same time, parents find themselves saying things to a child that they never imagined possible. Martin Bruckner started illustrating some of those things for a blog called Spaghetti Toes. He explains the name in the introduction:

Welcome to Spaghetti Toes. I’ve dedicated this place to the absurd things I hear under my roof on a daily basis. Some are said by me, some by my wife, but most by my wonderful 2 year old daughter, Harper Grace.

The name “Spaghetti Toes” comes from my wife saying to my daughter “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes” at the dinner table. I said to my wife, “Did you actually just say those words?” and Spaghetti Toes was born.

I believe Harper Grace is now three, and still contributing to the blog. You can check out Spaghetti Toes at Tumblr. -via Buzzfeed

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