"Don't Touch My Grandma!" Toddler Protects Grandmother from Police

(Video Link)

A mysterious video from somewhere in China shows police attempting to shut down an illegal street vendor. The owner's grandson picks up a steel pipe and brandishes it against the cops, yelling "Don't touch my grandma! Go away, don't touch my grandma!" (auto-start video). Go get 'em, kid!

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Eyewear Made Specifically for Special Needs Kids

(Photo: Specs4usUS)

About 60% of people with Down Syndrome have vision problems. But most eyeglasses frames won't fit the facial features of people with it.

For Maria Dellapina, a single mother of 4 children, that was a problem. Her daughter, Erin, couldn't find glasses that fit her. So in 2004, she founded SPECS4US, a company that produces glasses for children and adults with Down Syndrome. The Erin's World line of frames gives users fashionable, practical choices for glasses.

The Huffington Post describes how the Erin's World glasses are different:

However, because many people with the disorder have flattened faces, particularly the bridge of their noses, it’s difficult to find frames that fit. 

“I noticed a typical frame wouldn’t fit properly,” Dellapina, who had originally designed some frames for her daughter on a piece of paper, said at the conference.

To help alleviate the issue, Specs4us’ “Erin’s World” frame line, inspired by Dellapina’s daughter, is crafted to accommodate a low nasal bridge, according to the company’s website. The arms of the glasses are also modified to prevent them from slipping down.

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4-Year Old Saves His Mom's Life

(Photo: WFAA)

Misty Vaughn felt awful. She took her temperature. The thermometer read 105ºF. Then she passed out.

She came very close to dying or suffering brain damage. But her son, 4-year old Camden, leaped into action. He unlocked his mother's phone and called a doctor--his own father. KVUE quotes Dr. Jeremy Vaughn:

"He said, 'Daddy I need you to come home! Mommy can't get in the bath because she can't wake up!' And I said: 'I'm on my way!'"

Remember, Camden is just four years old. But he unlocked his mom's iPhone and found his dad's photo at the the top of the favorites list.

"And tap the phone button, and the star, and hit the pictures," the youngster explained.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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Toddler Falls Asleep While Skiing

(Video Link)

Cody has had a long day on the slopes and he is done. He's checked out of the program and shut down for a nap, all while strapped into either skis or a snowboard. 

Cody is my spirit animal.

-via Laughing Squid

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Kid's Art Turned Into Jewelry

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day? Then consider heading over to Etsy where you can get artist CaitlynMinimalist to make you a cool piece of custom jewelry based completely on your submitted artwork. You can send in your artwork from childhood or some of your kid's artwork to share with their grandma -either way, it's something your mom is sure to never forget.

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Mom Does Skateboard Tricks While Pushing Stroller

Maria Oberloher has to take care of her child and rule the concrete. As a master multitasker, she can do both at the same time! Watch her flip her board while pushing her son Luan in a stroller through the skate park.

-via Huffington Post

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Kids Discover That Bologna Is Adhesive, Make Art with Their Lunch

(Video Link)

For all of these years, we've been eating bologna wrong. Toddler siblings Tyson and Lilly have discovered the right way. They found that the meat product is naturally adhesive to flat surfaces. So they trimmed it into shapes with their teeth, then fixed it to the walls of their home.

There's a lot of potential in this art form. An inventive artist like Hong Yi could work wonders with bologna.

-via Laughing Squid

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Baby Ring Bearer Delivers the Goods

(Video Link)

Toddler Delivery guarantees your package at the altar on time. The condition may vary, but you didn't pay for graceful handling. Now be sure to give him a tip.

-via reddit

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This Little Boy Is the Turkey Whisperer

(Video Link)

It's not enough to simply think like a turkey. You have to become the turkey. And this toddler can do it. Turkeys respond to him. In 20 years, he'll be Turkey Boy, the sidekick of Squirrel Girl.

-via How to Be a Dad

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Some Of The Daddy-est Dad Jokes Ever Told

(Image Link)

Kids who have cool dads had to go to great lengths to prove it before the internet, but now they can just share stories, pics and things they're dad said through social media, making this a great time to be a cool dad.

(Image Link)

But even better than cool dads are those funny dads who give zero f$#ks about what people think of their silly sense of humor, because we have them to thank for all the dad jokes.

(Image Link)

Dad jokes are always share friendly, sometimes punny sometimes trendy in a groanworthy way, but when you're tired of teenager selfies or silly baby Vine vids you can always count on a dad joke to lift your spirits.

(Image Link)

See 27 Dad Jokes That Out Dad Themselves here

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The Internet Reacts To Baby Born With Full Head Of Hair

This is Isabelle Kaplan and her mom Mackenzie:

As you can see Isabelle was born with a full head of hair, which made her quite famous on the interwebs when Mackenzie's cousin posted the pic to Reddit.

But as we all know there are Photoshoppers galore on Reddit, and before she could blink her pretty little eyes the Photoshopping had begun and Isabelle could dance like her hair hero Elvis.

(Image Link)

Since the cousin who posted the pic remarked that Isabelle had "news anchor hair" this delightful travesty happened:

(Image Link)

Once she shaved the 'stache she wound up playing for millions in Las Vegas, but Isabelle doesn't need help from Photoshop to have a bright future because she's already a star!

(Image Link)

See This Baby Was Born With A Full Head Of Hair, Here's How The Internet Reacted here

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11-Year Old Launches Multi-Million Dollar Business

(Photo: Austin American-Statesman, Rodolfo Gonzalez/AP)

You have a lemonade stand? That's cute. Mikaila Ulmer has a multi-million dollar lemonade empire.

This 11-year old girl from Austin, Texas took her great-grandmother's lemonade recipe from 1940 and turned it into a business. She appeared on the TV show Shark Tank last year, where she secured $60,000 of capital for her Me & The Bees brand lemonade. Now the Whole Foods supermarket chain has decided to sell it in 55 stores across the United States.

What makes Mikaila's lemonade special is that it's sweetened with honey instead of sugar. She hopes to not only sell a healthy, profitable product, but to also promote beekeeping.

Mikaila is now famous. But she didn't start that way. She's been working on this project for a long time. NBC News reports:

Mikaila, who started her lemonade business in 2009, said the operation takes organization, commitment and energy.

"I work on the business after school, after I do my homework, and on weekends and during spring breaks," Mikaila said in an interview with NBCBLK. "There are not too many times when I feel stressed." [...]

"I think she is a pretty hard worker," D'Andra Ulmer, Mikaila's mother, told NBCBLK. "I'm impressed with how she gets her homework done during her travels. She has a gift for public speaking but what makes me very proud is that she is not only a smart entrepreneur but she's a good person and she's kind to people. That's more important than business."

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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10-Year Old Builds Glitter Gun Prosthetic Hand

(Video Link)

This is Jordan Reeves. And this is her boomstick.

Jordan attended Superhero Cyborgs, a program that invited children to design prosthetics. There she used Autodesk and 3d design software to design her own personal prosthetic hand. Jordan is not fooling around with any cosmetic limb. She's built a war machine for her hand.

She calls it Project Unicorn. Jordan's new hand shoots glitter at high speed through 5 smoothbore barrels that activate with the pull of a drawstring tightening around the balloon-filled chambers.

Fast Company explains what the Superhero Cyborgs program offers to participating kids:

Over the course of five days, she and five other kids between the ages of 10 and 15 worked with design experts and engineers from Autodesk to brainstorm ideas. "Basically, if they could design the prosthetic or body modification of their dreams in a superhero context, what would that look like?" asks Sarah O’Rourke, a senior product marketing manager with Autodesk.

For Jordan, it looks very sparkly. Her plan was to transform her arm into a cannon that spread a delightful cloud of glitter wherever she went. She started with a few sketches. Then she created a 3-D-printed cast of her arm and a plastic cuff made to fit over it, for prototyping purposes. The kids used Autodesk’s 3-D design tools like TinkerCAD and Fusion 360 to test their prototypes. "It was so fun," says KIDmob co-director Kate Ganim. "The testing and prototyping was amazing. There was glitter everywhere."

-via Nerdcore

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Baby Pees During Adorable Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

It was quite a baby shower!

Abby Rogers, the photographer, says that this happens a lot during newborn baby photo shoots. In fact, in her experience, this always happens for a long shoot. But this is the first time that she captured it on camera. Her timing was hilariously perfect. The Daily Mail reports:

'Babies like to get to me as soon as I am undressing them... typically as I am posing them,' Mrs Rogers said.

'They are so warm and they are naked for a few hours so they get comfortable but sometimes I get lucky and it's during the part when they have a diaper on.'

This little boy is the couple's third son, so they weren't surprised either.

-via Geekologie

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Kids and Easter

Did you attend an Easter egg hunt this year? If not, we’ve got all the thrills and spills for you from a typical kid’s Easter. It’s a compilation of the more typical activities surrounding the holiday.

(YouTube link)

So nothing has changed since we were kids. Easter bunnies are terrifying, eggs are fragile, baskets spill, and then there’s the egg dye, which does not mix with new dress clothes. Also, gravity is not your friend.  -via Tastefully Offensive

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The Rules Are Suspended for Easter

(Fowl Language Comics/Brian Gordon)

Hey, kids! A magical creature has left you treats. Start eating because that's what we do on this special day of the year.

Then, in several months, a strange man will sneak into our house at night when your parents are asleep. If you see him, be quiet and don't tell anyone.

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6 Horror Movies for Toddlers

It's not your toddler's fault that he had an accident. The potty is safe only when you're there. Otherwise, the potty monster visits. If he goes there instead of in his pants, it will snatch him and pull him in.

This isn't a real horror movie . . . yet. But it could be one. Andy Herald of How to Be a Dad has 6 great pitches to offer producers. They're terrify any toddler at bedtime, which is, of course, precisely what every parent of a toddler wants to do.

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Cat and Baby Have Long Conversation

(Video Link)

YouTube member Lenny says that her toddler and cat have daily conversations like this. I don't understand what they're debating, but I'm impressed with the enthusiasm they put into articulating their positions.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Dads Holding Newborns

Grant Snider of Incidental Comics has been charming us with his comics about his daughter for a few years. Now he’s doing it all over again -with a son! He posted this comic in celebration. We’ve seen these guys before, and know they all want to hold their baby just like the very last image. A belated congratulations to the Sniders, and we look forward to more parenting insights.  

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Virtual Reality Dad

(YouTube link)

There’s no need to invest in Oculus Rift or another virtual reality gadget when you’ve got TV and a Dad who’s willing to help out! (Though a commenter did call this “Oculus Thrift”.) Too bad this idea will be shelved when the child gains another twenty pounds or so. Still, she’ll probably remember this adventure for the rest of her life. -via reddit

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Heavy Metal Drummer Plays the Classic Children's Song "I'm a Little Teapot"

(Video Link)

Joey Muha is a heavy metal-style drummer in Port Dover, Ontario. He's so good that he can turn even the children's song "I'm a Little Teapot" into a headbanging thrill.

He does many covers of other songs that you might not associate with heavy metal music, including the theme songs to Gilligan's Island, Bob the Builder, and The Little Mermaid.

-via Laughing Squid

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Mom Uses Selfie Stick To Capture Images Of Life With Her Baby

Tell a new mother they do nothing but lay around and babysit and it will understandably make them mad, because they feel like they're being belittled for staying home with their baby instead of going to work.

But rather than getting angry about these snide remarks Moscow mom Skorobogatova Yuliya took up a selfie stick and started documenting her day, showing that she really doesn't have much downtime while "babysitting".

Her selfie stick shots are intimate and revealing, and also one of the coolest baby photo projects ever thanks to the unique angles attained with the selfie stick.

And for those who wonder what's so hard about being a stay-at-home mom, imagine having a little imp following you around all day, leaving you without a moment's peace even when you're in the shower.

See more from I Documented What It's Like To Be A Mom With A Selfie Stick here

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Baby Becomes Mischievous Leprechaun

The father of six at That Dad Blog is ready for St. Patricks Day with a real-ilife leprechaun! See, the baby became a magical leprechaun with the help of some Photoshop. That was necessary, since the baby isn’t old enough to stand on his own. 


See the series of nine photos at his site, plus a video. The formatting on this blog caused me problems in reading the text, but resizing the window narrower will cause the left sidebar to disappear and the full text to show.  -via reddit

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It Hungers

(Pie Comic/John McNamee)

The horror fiction writer Eric Carle created a tale that will terrify generations of adults and children--if it's told the right way. Altering traditional literature for optimal character development is one of the essential roles of the father. That's why, when I read The Rainbow Fish to my kids, I have Rainbow Fish sell his scales at a steep markup price and become the richest fish in the sea.

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10 Weird Pregnancy Facts

Two things are certain in a person's life -birth and death. But even though pregnancies are so frequent that literally every person alive has been through one, there's still a lot of things many people don't know about them. Here are ten strange facts you might not know about pregnancy.

Image Via Stacy Rackley [Flickr]

1. It's Possible To Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Though it's very rare, some women have actually gotten pregnant with a second child while already carrying one. The technical term for this occurrence is superfetation and while it happens in some animals, it's almost impossible in humans as a pregnant woman's hormones are supposed to serve as a natural birth control against additional pregnancies. Of course, the word "almost" means that it does happen. Generally it occurs when the pregnant woman has released an egg a few weeks into the pregnancy, but before the first embryo has implanted and the hormones haven't completely kicked in to stop additional fertilization and implantation.


2. Vaginas Can Turn Blue or Purple During Pregnancy 

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy can be the change of a vagina's color from pink to blue or purple. The increased blood flow to the cervix and labia can happen as early as six weeks in.

Source Image Via Paladin27 [Flickr]

3. It Is Possible To Be Pregnant For A Full Year

Continue reading

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Kids React To Donald Trump

It's safe to say Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing figures in the world of politics today, drawing comparisons to Hitler, Stalin and Nixon, just to name a few.

Whether you love him or despise him with every fiber of your being there's a method to his madness, and over the years he has gotten really good at playing the character "Donald Trump".

But some kids are really good at seeing through these kind of disguises, so how will they react when they watch The Don on video?

(YouTube Link)

The Fine Brothers have become quite good at picking appropriately jarring things for people to react to, but this one might qualify as cruelty to children!

-Via Daily Dot

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Toddler Sings Bo Rhap

(YouTube link)

Parents want to introduce their children to the music they love. But there’s a catch. A child may very well claim that music for her very own, as in the case of 2-year-old Millie. She’s singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the car. But she doesn’t want anyone else to sing! It’s her music now! Too bad, Mom and dad.  -via Viral Viral Videos

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Beer, Barbecue, and Babies: The Dad Shower

More and more men are throwing baby showers for expectant dads. It sounds like a great idea, where a man’s friends can provide diapers and other baby gifts, share some advice on fatherhood, and generally celebrate the impending arrival. These parties often include cookouts, beer, and maybe even games. The photo above shows three expectant fathers in a diaper-changing competition at their dad shower, or "dadchelor party." See more on this phenomenon at Buzzfeed.

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These Little Clone Troopers Are A Bit Off

Clone troopers are created in a cookie cutter way for a reason- they must live up to Sith standards and need to be physically able to crush insurrections in the name of the Empire.

Usually the clone creation process goes smoothly, but every once in a while a clone trooper comes out of the process acting a bit off.

You can tell when a clone trooper is only half baked by their tiny size and unusual fashion sense, as seen in this shocking footage shot by Rebel spies.

(YouTube Link)

If you see one of these pint sized troopers in your squadron please inform your commanding officer immediately, or they might spread their silliness throughout the ranks!

-Via Fashionably Geek

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Never Give Up

(YouTube link)

In this kindergarten gymnastics recital, a young boy attempts to clear the vault. He fails. And fails again. But he keeps trying, and eventually breaks into tears. Still not giving up. But he gets an encouraging cheer from his fellow students (“You can do it!”) and that makes all the difference. -via reddit

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