The Most Adorable Father And Son WWE Smackdown Bout Ever

Fathers and sons often butt heads, and as a boy grows into a young man those battles may become a bit more physical.

But you wouldn't expect to find a video featuring a father and son beating each other down WWE style to be so delightful to watch.

(YouTube Link)

Jamie Baker created these utterly adorable videos that show how he goes head-to-head with his super tough son Noah, with the overdubbed sound of WWE so the whole bout feels more serious.

(YouTube Link)

There are bound to be people who watch these videos and have concerns about safety, but don't worry- Noah didn't seriously injure his dad during the making of these videos, he hurt him just enough to call them WWE worthy.

-Via Cheezburger

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16-Year Old Invents Wheelchair Stroller

(Image: Fox 2)

Since she was 5 years old, Sharina Jones of Detroit, Michigan has used a wheelchair. When she recently became a mom, she found a new obstacle to overcome: it was impossible to use a conventional stroller while in her wheelchair.

That's where 16-year old Alden Kane stepped in. He designed and built this prototype stroller that clamps onto Jones's wheelchair. Her baby's car seat fits snugly into the top. Now Jones can easily take her baby around by herself. Fox 2 reports:

The young engineer spent months working on the project, making sure it would be comfortable for Mom and for baby. So, using lightweight steel tubing, this baby carrier easily clamps onto the chair and then the baby's car seat seat snugly sets right in.

So far, the prototype is a huge hit.

"After six months of hard work, six months of working in the machine shop designing it up, it was priceless seeing the design on her wheelchair, being used with her child in it," Alden says.

-via Bored Panda

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Where the Children Sleep

It is estimated that two million children have fled from the war in Syria and surrounding countries with or without their families over the past five years. Award-winning photographer Magnus Wennman traveled to various refugee camps and gatherings of refugee groups in many countries to document their plight. A series of his pictures showing where the children sleep is accompanied by their stories at the Swedish site Aftonbladet. Shown above is 5-year-old Lamar, and here’s her story.

Back home in Baghdad, the dolls, the toy train, and the ball are left; Lamar often talks about these items when home is mentioned. The bomb changed everything. The family was on its way to buy food when it was dropped close to their house. It was not possible to live there anymore, says Lamar’s grandmother, Sara. After two attempts to cross the sea from Turkey in a small, rubber boat, they succeeded in coming here to Hungary’s closed border. Now Lamar sleeps on a blanket in the forest, scared, frozen, and sad.

That is only one of 22 such stories in the post. See more of Wennman’s photography at Instagram. Some of it may be disturbing. -via Metafilter

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Jellybeans for Breakfast

Who’s the boss? The boss is the one who’s up several times a night to feed the baby, then has to get the other child ready for school, buy the groceries, clean the kitchen, change the diapers, balance the checkbook, remember appointments, help with homework, load the dishwasher, and feed the baby again. A lot of women do this as a breadwinner and/or single parent. Supervision goes by the wayside in such a situation, so jellybeans sounds like a good enough breakfast. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.  

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Parents Use Snapchat Filter To Scare The Heck Out Of Their Kids

 photo snapchat filter_zpsxzrsijnx.gif

Kids are becoming more comfortable with, and reliant upon, technological devices in their lives, and as their addiction to smarthphones grows stronger parents keep searching for ways to unplug their kids.

(YouTube Link)

It's good to teach them there are dangerous people online who prey on unsuspecting kids, but thanks to a new set of Snapchat filters parents are bypassing the safety lessons and going straight to making their kids terrified of smartphones.

(YouTube Link)

The Snapchat filter catches the poor kiddos unaware, transforming their cute little faces into ugly, twisted versions. And judging by the actual expressions on their faces these kids might not use a smartphone again until they're old enough to drive!

See more parents scaring their kids with Snapchat here

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Little Boy Interrupts Baseball Game to Say "I Love You" to His Dad

(Video Link)

Trip hit the ball and had a straight shot to first base. He could have reached second base, too. But his dad was the first base coach. Trip had a greater priority: telling his dad that he loves him.

Dad responds, "I love you, too. Run to second base."

-via 22 Words

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Baby's First Lightsaber

Twitter user Stephen O'Hara, a dad from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England, obviously knows how important it is to document the milestones in his little daughter's life. So when he presented the toddler with her first lightsaber, he made sure to catch the moment on video. It's lucky he did, too, as her adorable reaction will be something that she and her parents can look back on with a smile. Via Daily Dot

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Avery Catches a Fish

Avery is out fishing with her dad with her pink Barbie fishing pole. Not only does she catch a fish, it’s a 5-pound, 20 inch bass! And she did it all by herself.

(YouTube link)

Both father and daughter will remember this catch for the rest of their lives.  -via reddit

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Not Ready for a Real Baby? Get a Pet Baby Instead!

(Video Link)

In a way, getting a pet is good preparation for eventually having children. They both require great care and attention, are expensive, and can endanger themselves in surprising ways.

Are you ready to have a kid? Find out by getting a Pet Baby. It’s a baby, but it’s also a pet. This commercial from the comedy troupe Above Average shows you the advantages of having your own Pet Baby. If you find that you’re not ready, just ship the baby back in the box it arrived in.

-via Huffington Post

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Two Kids Get Their Loose Teeth Pulled Out By Drones

If you tell a boy you're going to pull his tooth out with pliers he's sure to start screaming in terror, but tell him you'll be using a drone to extract the tooth and he's liable to start yelling with delight.

Two guys had the same brilliant idea to pull their son's (or nephew's) loose tooth out with a drone, and they both filmed the fun so we can all watch.

 photo anigif_enhanced-1872-1442867625-7_zps0bcaw264.gif

First up is Adam and his dad Malcolm Swan who used a Phantom Vision Quadcopter to extract the errant tooth, with Adam totally psyched about his dad's choice of extraction equipment.

(YouTube Link)

Then there's Bruno and his uncle Paul Borrud, who used his drone Phyllis to yank Bruno's pesky loose tooth while the crowd gathered at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco cheered them on.

(Vimeo Link)

Hopefully no one will ever get the bright idea to extract a kid's tooth with a real airplane, or that poor kid will be in dentures before middle school!

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JoJo, 4, Lectures Daddy on Wedding Etiquette

YouTube Link

Four-year-old JoJo has some concerns about her father's behavior during an upcoming wedding in which she is a flower girl. Just to make sure she and Daddy are on the same page, she has a talk with him prior to the ceremony. JoJo, wise beyond her years, knows full well that you can never be too safe when it comes to such important events. Via Daily Dot

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Tiana’s Plea for Peace

(YouTube link)

Tiana is six years old. In this video, tells how she wants her divorced parents to be friends and get along. Her mom recorded this after they had a fight and posted it to Facebook

“My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something, too.” Excuse me, I have to go get a whole box of tissues. -via Buzzfeed

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Couple Makes Scary Horror Movie Trailer to Announce Pregnancy

(Video Link)

Don’t look in the oven! There’s something in that oven. And it’s coming out.

Judy and Gavin Holt have a new production in the works, due for release in March of 2016. It’s terrifying. The sounds, the sights, the smells—it’s a horror unlike any other.

Leave the kids at home. They don’t need to be frightened like this—at least, not yet.

-via Huffington Post

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Guy Recreates Photos Of His Late Wife With His Three-Year-Old Daughter

Grief usually makes people look at photos of the dearly departed in one of two ways- either they become the most important mementos in the world, or they get shoved in a box because looking at them causes too much pain.

When Rafael del Col lost his wife Tatiane Valques and unborn child in a tragic road accident back in 2011 he was devastated and left to raise their daughter Raisa alone.

Left trying to figure out how to raise a daughter and deal with grief at the same time, Rafael focused on raising Raisa and honoring Tatiane's memory, and together they overcame grief naturally.

When Raisa was three years old her loving father decided to honor her mother's memory by recreating a photo series shot a week before Rafael and Tatiane were married in 2009, with adorable daughter Raisa standing in for her mother.

The series is an exercise in overcoming grief and paying homage to a loved one who was taken away far too early, and even though Raisa will never really know her mother they'll always be connected by this heartwarming photo shoot.

See more photos from this father-daughter photo recreation series here

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School Lunch in Japan

In this Japanese elementary school, lunch isn’t just a break, it’s a learning experience. Some of the food is grown in the school garden by the students themselves. The kitchen staff prepare food for each class, and then the kids take over by bringing food to the classroom.

(YouTube link)

It’s an honor to be on the class serving crew, for which they learn about food safety and hygiene. They also learn about the sources of the meal. The teacher eats with the students, and then everyone brushes their teeth! Students also take care of cleanup, with duties dependent on their age. -via Viral Viral Videos   

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Adorable! Man "Proposes" to His Future Stepdaughter

(Video Link)

Jasper Ledbetter of Gray, Georgia proposed to his girlfriend, Paige Evans, and secured an engagement. But he wanted "my little princess" involved in the experience. So he bought a ring, dropped to one knee, and asked 5-year old Maddie to become his daughter.

She said yes!

-via Huffington Post

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Soldiers Doing Their Duty

Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, recently dedicated a room to nursing mothers. Air Force veteran and photographer Tara Ruby visited the room. She saw it was comfortably furnished, but needed something on the walls.

Ruby remembered using empty offices and restrooms as they came available so she could pump milk during her own service. So she planned a series of pictures of uniformed, active duty soldiers breastfeeding their kids outside on the military base in the fresh air. She hopes these photos will be used to decorate the new room, according to CNN.

Ruby posted one photograph of ten uniformed soldiers breastfeeding to Facebook, but it was taken down. The second time she posted it to Facebook, it stayed up, but several others reported it being taken down when they tried to share it. Facebook has a stated policy that breastfeeding pictures are not subject to takedown, but someone may need to remind them occasionally.

(Image credit: Tara Ruby Photography via Facebook)

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These Babies Are Scared of Their Own Shadows

(Video Link)

What is that horrible monster chasing me?! No matter where I go, it goes, too!

What's worse is that as I cry for help, my family actually laughs at me! I'm surrounded by sadists.

-via 22 Words

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Two 5-Year Old Boys Tunnel out of Kindergarten to Buy a Sports Car

In a recreation of The Great Escape, two kindergarteners in Magnitogorsk, Russia, secretly used spades for several days to dig out of their school. After breaking out, they walked for 2 kilometers to a Jaguar car dealership. Their intention was certainly understandable: they wanted to buy a sports car. ABC News reports:

A female driver noticed the unaccompanied children and asked them what they were doing. They told her they had come from their kindergarten to buy a Jaguar but did not have any money.

She put them in her car and drove them to a police station.

The boys might have succeeded in their plot, if they had brought money and maintained a good cover story.

-via Dave Barry

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PSA: Take a Stand Against Dad Jokes

(Video Link)

Every day, kids around the world are subjected to brutally lame, pun-based jokes made by their fathers. These are ordinary, innocent children--like mine, who have to face my awful jokes.

Some children are able to avoid much of the brunt of these pathetic attempts at humor. My eldest daughter, for example, no longer says to me, "Dad, I'm hungry." She'll say, "Dad, my name is Natasha and I'm hungry." This disarms that particular joke.

But there are more. Oh, so many more awful puns. This PSA by Nickelodeon Australia encourages reminds fathers to be careful because their jokes leave marks on the soul. Dad jokes are not a laughing matter.

-via Jeremy Barker

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4-Year Old with One Arm Has Fantastic Golf Swing

Tommy Morrissey is only 4 years old, which alone would make him an impressive golf prodigy. What's only more amazing is that he's attained such a high level at the sport even though he was born without a right arm. Metro reports:

If a four-year-old capable of hitting the ball over 100 yards wasn’t already astonishing enough, it’s worth mentioning that Tommy manages to drive fairways, avoid bunkers, chip greens and sink putts using just one arm.

The young boy from Florida was born missing most of his right arm, but hasn’t let that stop him from inspiring millions with his wonderful spirit and incredible skill.

That's because, as Fox Sports puts it, Tommy doesn't see himself as a disabled child. The absence of an arm doesn't hold him back--a message that he shares with kids and adults.

-via Adam Baldwin

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Baby Born at Legoland Gets Lifetime Pass

(Photo: Atkinson Family)

As Carolyn Cox of The Mary Sue puts it, "he was born with a silver brick in his mouth." The Legoland park and resort in Windsor, UK recently got a unique minifig. Lucas Atkinson was born there last August when his mother went into labor in the parking lot of the theme park. That wasn't intentional. She was just making a detour on the way to the hospital. Little Lucas was ready to be born at that very moment.

Park officials have responded by giving the boy a lifetime pass. That's a whole lot of adventure and constructive play to pack in!

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Is This 8-Year Old's Newspaper Better Than Yours?

(Photo: Columbia Journalism Review/Joe Pompeo)

This is Hilde Lysiak, 8, the founder and chief reporter of The Orange Street News. It's a monthly newspaper and, in fact, the only newspaper for Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, a town of about 5,000 people. Hilde is and old-fashioned, gumshoe journalist who focuses on hard news. The Columbia Journalism Review followed her on the job as she investigated the effects of a local tornado strike:

An older man with an ample potbelly answered, and apologized for being shirtless. With a mix of affability and confusion, he looked down at the freckly blonde 8-year-old standing before him. She had her pen and pad in hand. Homemade press credentials dangled from her neck. “Hi. I’m Hilde from The Orange Street News, and I was wondering if you could tell me what happened a couple nights ago.”

He gestured to his neighbor’s property. “This gentleman over here got the worst of it,” he said. “It went through his house and then went out in the middle of the Susquehanna River and went to the south.” Hilde took notes. She asked the man for his name and spelled out the letters in her notebook: “B-O-B M-A-Y-H-E-W.” 

Continue reading

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Lilia Learns the News

Melissa Coker and her husband break the news about the new baby to their daughter Lilia on Lilia’s birthday. The response is a shower of tears.

(YouTube link)

It’s not as bad as you may think. Those are tears of joy, because Lilia has always wanted a sibling. Sadly, we never learn what is in the box. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Todder Dominates American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

(Video Link)

American Ninja Warrior is a television show about an obstacle course of the same name. Completing it, let alone doing so quickly, is an incredibly difficult task requiring great strength, endurance, and dexterity.

Yoshi, who looks about 2 years old, is obsessed with the show. So his father set up an obstacle course in the backyard. Watch Yoshi smash through it, clearing every challenge.

Bonus item: Matt Iseman, the host of American Ninja Warrior, was so impressed with Yoshi that he provided a voice over commentary of Yoshi's run. You can watch it here.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Baby Cries When the Storybook Ends

(Video Link)

Little Emmett Stevers loves books! And like all bookworms, he finds the end of a great story to be a very sad moment. Whenever his parents finish reading I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry, Emmett cries out in anguish. All of us bookworms feel the say way, Emmett. The only comfort is in reaching for a new book.

-via 22 Words

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Father Forged Replica Of Thor's Hammer For His Four-Year-Old Son

Only a stone-hearted supervillain would deny a child's wish to dress up and play the role of their favorite superhero, and if you're the father of that future cosplayer you really can't say no.

But if you're a crafty father you'll probably just see their superheroic dreams as a challenge to make your kid something amazing.

Redditor Crux1836's son wanted only one thing for his fourth birthday- "a Thor hammer, a REAL Thor hammer!", so daddy went to work with fire and steel and forged a rough but battle ready Mjölnir for his son.

Now son of Crux1836 is probably the only kid in his town with a steel Mjölnir replica (and hopefully he's not a destructive child), but how's the kid supposed to grow up to be Thor if he's never handled a real hammer?

-Via Kotaku Cosplay

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A Video Compilation Of Great Dad Moments

Some dads are champions for reasons that can't easily be expressed with words, but dads who are lucky enough to have their awesomeness caught on camera can prove their super dad powers to the world!

(YouTube Link)

Catching a kid right before they crack their head open, snatching the child away from an oncoming danger, and pulling off various sports related saves- these are but some of the powers that dads have at their disposal.

And this action packed (albeit strangely formatted) video by Zoo Weekly proves dads are some of the most powerful beings on the planet!

-Via Aol.

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Kids Try Dark Chocolate

Hey, sweetie, want some chocolate? These kids are expecting the sweet milk chocolate they’ve always had, but this is dark chocolate. The kind grownups eat, without so much milk and sugar. In slow motion, you can see the shock, disappointment, and near panic in their eyes.

(YouTube link)

Once they get a bite, we adults don’t have to hide our chocolate stash from the youngsters any more. This is an ad from Splendid Chocolates of Quebec. It’s hard to see how this will sell more chocolate, but it’s awfully cute. -via Buzzfeed

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Princess Stuff

When a kid knows what she wants, she can get pretty stubborn. When a kid doesn’t know what she want, she’ll take forever to make up her mind. This kid, in the latest from Fowl Language Comics, knows exactly what she wants.

But this isn’t the end of the story. Check out the bonus panel for the real punch line. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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