Now Mothers Can Get Picture Frames Made with Their Own Placentas

(Photo: Jim Holden)

And it’s about time, right? We’re living in the Twenty-First Century now, so such products should be readily available.

Amanda Cotton is an artist in UK. She does a lot of fairly conventional work, such as jewelry made from earwax and paintings made by maggots on decomposing meat (what she calls a “performance sculpture.”)

Most recently, she’s made headlines by assembling picture frames made of human placentas. She does it by boiling a whole placenta, grinding it into pieces, mixing it with resin, then shaping the mixture into a frame.

It’s a keepsake for new parents, like a baby’s first blanket. Ms. Cotton explains:

It is my belief that human by-products have just as valid an aesthetic value as their virginal material resource. From this starting point, I chose to create souvenirs which pinpoint key times in one's life, using materials of personal significance.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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