South Korean Boot Camp Toughens Kids Up

Photo: China News

No sissy kids here, ma'am! South Korean Army is offering a boot camp vacation for civilians that's designed to make soft kids into tough ones:

The kids are put through all kinds of hardships during the rigorous training schedule lasting up to 10 hours a day, like basic exercises, rappelling, river crossing simulations, mock parachute landings in the pouring rain, and various team events. 15-year-old Yeom Huck said that he was “very nervous but thrilled” just before he hurled himself off an 11-m parachute jump tower. “Everything is fun – but right now I miss my parents,” he added. [...]

Not all the kids are equally thrilled, however. 15-year-old Cho Byung-Chan was angry with his parents for sending him. He does love his computer games, but his parents felt it’s time for him to grow up. “It’s hard. I’m hungry,” he complained.

Oddity Central has the story: Link

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