Would You Hire a Male Nanny?

nanniesNorland College in the United Kingdom is renowned for training the best nannies for the wealthiest homes in the world. And now, thanks to Michael Kenny, Norland has its first male student:

"I wanted to work with children because I can understand young people a lot better. I find them a lot easier to get on with," he told The Telegraph. "I think I would like to be a nanny for a few years, because it is the whole reason you go through the training. But then after that I would like to do a PGCE and become a nursery teacher or work in a prep school." 

More than 7,000 nannies have graduated from the school, which was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward and originally called The Training School for Ladies as Children's Nurses. These days, a degree from Norland involves more than simply learning how to read a book upside down -- though students at Norland are taught how to do that, too. There are classes on nutritional theory, cooking, sewing, sign language, social sciences, health, history, and early childhood education.

He will certainly be well-trained.

Link -via Glenn Reynolds | Photo: SWNS

Assuming you could afford the luxury of a nanny and wanted one, would you hire a male nanny?

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