Secret Passage in Back of Wardrobe Leads to Hidden Narnia-Themed Playroom

A friend of redditor kelseypolo built a new house that has a secret playroom decorated with images from The Chronicles of Narnia. His nine-year old daughter can access it through a small passage hidden in the back of a wardrobe. Awesome! You can view more pictures at the link.

Naturally, some redditors have more puckish ideas about what to do with it:

If it was my kid, I would let her have the room until she starts to lose interest in it, and then I would quietly cover the back of the wardrobe and seal the room. Eventually, she'll want to go back to Narnia, but all she'll find is an ordinary wardrobe and a solid wall behind it, and I will maintain that the room she keeps talking about never existed.

Admittedly, this is probably why I should not have children.

Pictures and Discussion Thread -via io9

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"Secret Passage in Back of Wardrobe Leads to Hidden Narnia-Themed Playroom"

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