Get In To The Spirit Of The Season With These 30 Halloween Themed T-Shirts

Halloween will soon be upon us, and the ghosts and ghouls are becoming restless, preparing to haunt the living and scare up some screams.

That means it's the perfect time to gear up with some ghoulishly good NeatoShop t-shirts, so you can show the world how much you love Halloween!

Everybody is preparing to dress up like their favorite frightful figures, so they can blend in with the creepy crowd:

TREE'S COMPANY by Jason Parish

Even those who normally look a bit scary like to dress up and score some extra fright points:

Boo! by Kgullholmen

A mask is a crucial part of many scary costumes:

Tools of the Trade by Chip Skelton

But if you're going to go out and paint the town red you're going to want a great costume too:

King of the Horror by Ninjaink

And be sure to dress up your furry little friends if they're going out trick-or-treating with you!:

Howloween by Captain Sunshine

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19 Terrifyingly Good Haunted Attractions

Haunted Houses have gone from small neighborhood affairs to massive megahaunts that have to rent out huge buildings just to house all the horrors the creators are dying to share with the public.

(Image Link)

These megahaunts can be found all over the country (a few even stay open year round), and if you’re a fan of the haunt experience you’re probably always on the lookout for a new experience in personal horror.

(Image Link)

Those searching for a new fright should consult this handy list of 19 Terrifying Haunted Houses You Should Experience Before You Die, where you might discover your new favorite Halloween haunt experience.

(Image Link)

There are some veteran haunts like Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia and The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, some brand new screams like The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride in Gradyville, Pennsylvania, and some unusually sadistic sites like McKamey Manor in San Diego.

(Image Link)

This is a far from comprehensive list of haunts, but there's enough variety, both in theme and location, to satisfy the frightful craving of Halloweenies all across America. Have a good fright!

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31 Great Group Costumes for You to Try This Halloween

(Dominoes by csoglavin)

(A 6-pack of beer by missmounce)

(Stock photos of women laughing while eating salad alone by Lindsay Weber et al.)

If you've got a group of people heading to a Halloween party this year, you can have one giant theme costume among yourselves. And it doesn't have to be the Seven Dwarfs or the Four Horsemen. There are lots of creative opportunities this year. Alanna Okun of BuzzFeed rounded up photos of 31 group Halloween costumes that will make you the life of the party, provided that you don't end up just eating salad by yourself in the corner.

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41 Great Two-Person Costumes for Halloween

(Bob Ross and one of his paintings by mcampbell1023)

(The monster under the bed by abbysamps)

Sure, you and your friend can go to the company Halloween party as Adam and Eve. But there are other, more inventive couple costumes that you can wear together. Alanna Okum of BuzzFeed rounded up 41 two-person costumes that show a flair for originality, including a cat and her litter box, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the painting American Gothic.

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A Spooky Crow Wreath to Creep Out Your Halloween Guests

Plenty of us have wreath forms lying around in storage, just waiting for Christmas time to roll around again, but why only have a wreath for winter? This cool Halloween wreath is  a great way to celebrate autumn and put something just a little creepy onto your door.

Best of all, it's pretty easy to put together. Just attach moss to the wreath with wire then arrange your craft birds according to your preferences and use hot glue to secure them. You can find a template for the banner over at Live Craft Love and once you've put that together, just glue that on across the front. 

Learn more and see a few how-to photos at Homes and Hues: Spruce Up Your Spooky Halloween Decor With A Wreath of Crows

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A Ghoulishly Good Collection of Trunk-Or-Treat Themes

(Image Link)

There’s a new Halloween tradition taking place in parking lots across the country, a gathering that many schools, churches and neighborhood groups are organizing as a safe and fun alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

It’s called Trunk-or-Treat, and it looks like a lot of fun for kids and extra fun for those who consider decorating for Halloween half the fun of the night.

Parents and teachers have a blast creating their own spook-tacular space with fun themes based on classic movies:

(Image Link)

Or more traditional, and terrifying, horror themes that put the howl in Halloween:

(Image Link)

Some people keep their trunk decorations to a minimum:

(Image Link)

While others go all out on the visual treats in their trunk, working hard to make the night a magical affair:

(Image Link)

Trunk-or-Treat events aren't likely to put an end to traditional trick-or-treating anytime soon, but they seem like a great way to keep the spirit of Halloween alive, and as long as there are costumes and candy you know it's gonna be a good time!

Check out the rest of the 36 Trunk-Or-Treat Themes That Totally Nailed It here

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A Collection Of Unusual And Easy To Make Halloween Costumes

(Image Link)

Taking pride in your costume on Halloween doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on a custom made or professional grade costume, nor does it mean you have to be a talented costumer to create something that looks amazing. 

All you really need to create the costume of your dreams are some inspirational images, a few construction guidelines and the right supplies.

Maybe you're looking for something inspired by classic horror movies, like this Mummy costume made with paper towels:

(Image Link 1/2)

Or perhaps something cute to wear as a couple, like this fun roller coaster ride costume:

(Image Link)

Or how about a basic guideline that's infinitely customizable, like these grayscale silent movie star costumes:

(Image Link)

These costume ideas are fun and easy to put together, and they make great jumping off points to help you come up with your own original Halloween creation.

You could be a Silent horror film slasher, a disco mummy, a pair of roller coaster accident victims, or a pop art nightmare- the possibilities are endless!

Check out the rest of the 21 Unusual Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself over at BuzzFeed

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Dress Up Your Porch For Halloween

Most home Halloween decorations go the spooky route, but if you can dress up like Frodo, John Travolta or Spock, then why can't your house dress up as something little different too? This year, let your home reflect your geeky interests by covering your porch light up with these fun Star Wars light covers.

The Darth and storm trooper designs are only $9 a pop and can fit on any light up to 17".

Find out where you can get a set for your own pad at Homes and Hues: This Halloween, Let Your Porch Play Dress Up

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Love Halloween? Then Enter Our Halloween Scream Time Pinterest Contest!

Halloween is our favorite holiday and we know we're not alone. If you're ready to celebrate then head over to our This is Halloween Pinterest group board and check out all the amazing content related to spooky foods, costumes, decor and more. Best of all, you can even join the board and add your own pins for other fans to enjoy -and by doing so, you can even win some amazing prizes.

To get added to the board, follow it with your Pinterest account and then send us a message through Pinterst, leave a comment on the board or leave a comment on this post with your Pinterest user name. We'll then send you an invite so you can go crazy.

We'll be choosing two top pins, one that gets the most repins and one voted on by our editors, the people who shared these with the board will win a messenger bag, a tee shirt and any other NeatoShop item valued at up to $25. All pins added to the This is Halloween board between September 15 and October 15 will be counted as an entry as long as they are posted by someone over 18, who lives in one of the countries that the NeatoShop ships to.

We'll notify all winners before October 20. Anyone who fails to respond within a week will be disqualified and we will have to choose an alternate winner -so check your Pinterest messages and any social media accounts connected to it so you will know if you win.

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Montreal Comic Con Cosplay

Finally, a comic convention came to the doorstep of our Canadian friend Kiltak at Geeks Are Sexy, and he got the pictures to prove it! See a gallery of some the best cosplayers from the three-day Comic Con Montreal/Le Comiccon de Montréal, which is just now wrapping up. There will be more pictures tomorrow. Glad you had so much fun, Kiltak!   

Update 9/15/14: Here's Part II

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A Massive Dissection of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

Image Via Warner Bros.

As we are sure many of you are aware, The Shining is a film that seems to have countless "fan theories" floating around about some deeper meaning buried in the film by director Stanley Kubrick. The kicker is, none of these theories can (or ever will) be confirmed or denied, because Mr. Kubrick is no longer with us. And to know anything about the secretive director is to know, even in life, he would have never confirmed or denied anything. As an artist, he seemed to genuinely enjoy the mystery and hushed rumors that seem to circle his films after they came out. From Eyes Wide Shut to The Shining, fans of film have gone over his work with a fine toothed comb, sometimes finding things where there are none (and sometimes, coming up with some solid theories that really seem to have some weight to them).

Among all the fan theories about Stanely Kubrick's work, few are quite as extensive as this dissection of the movie The Shining. If you are a fan of the film, you could easily lose hours on the site. Couple things to be aware of. The site is quite old (which you can tell in one glance). It is sometimes a little hard to read, but once you get into the flow of it, there are some really captivating ideas about what Kubrick may have been saying with certain shots in the film. If you can get past the WEB 2.0 appearance of the page, there is some substance to what is being said. The moon landing stuff is really interesting. Though some of this stuff is touched on in the documentary Room 237, even that film does not quite go into the detail that the website does.

Granted, some of it is just grasping at straws, but if you are a fan of the film or the legendary director, it is well worth checking out.

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"The Cat With Hands" by Robert Morgan

Every now and then you come across a short film on YouTube that just blows your mind. It often manages to make more of an impact in its short screen time than some major length movies. That is how I feel about The Cat with Hands. A short film written and directed by Robert Morgan. I wont sit here and ruin any of how this story plays out, and I feel the name may give a little too much away, but regardless. Take three and a half minutes out of your day to get a chill up your spine. Also, you may never look at cats the same way again. It may be a bit dated, but this never gets old and is worth re-introducing every couple years to make sure more people are traumatized by it.

(YouTube Link)

It's funny. There are writers and actors and directors who spend millions and months and man-hours on making epic films that hope the audience walks away from affected. This proves, it only takes three minutes and a really twisted story to accomplish that same thing.

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Top 10 Real Events That Inspired Horror Movies

Image Via Top Tenz

The fun part of going to a horror movie is repeating that phrase your parents taught you when you first saw one as a kid: it isn't real, it isn't real. But what about those rare occasions when the horror movie you are seeing is based on some aspect of a true story?

The reality is, there are far more horror movies out there based on some semblence of fact that any of us would like to openly admit. Top Tenz put together a nice little list of horror films that were partly inspired by true stories, as well as the stories that go along with those films. 

For example, did you know:

In 1950, four Philadelphia, Pennsylvania policemen reported the discovery of “a domed disk of quivering jelly, 6 feet in diameter and one foot thick at the center.”  When the men touched the substance it dissolved into an “odorless, sticky scum.”  In 1958, the story inspired a collection of filmmakers to develop an independent movie named The Blob.

Of all the horror films based on true stories, who would have thought The Blob was one of them? That is just one amazing example. But be forewarned before you read it. You may never look at that doll you keep in that rocking chair in the corner of your kid's room the same way again.

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Bizarre Fortune Telling Methods

For some people, consulting a crystal ball to tell the future is just too boring! Here are 12 strange ways to tell the future, from Uncle John’s Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader:

Scarpomancy: Predict someone’s future by studying their old shoes.

Tiromancy: Study the shape, holes, mold, and other features on a piece of cheese.

Scatomancy: Predict your future by studying your own poop. (Not to be confused with spatulamancy, the study of “skin, bones, and excrement.”)

Bibliomancy: Open the Bible and read the first passage you see – that’s your fortune. (In some Christian denomination, this is grounds for excommunication.)

Stichomancy: Read the first passage of any book you see.

Pynchonomancy: Throw darts at a paperback copy of Gravity’s Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon, then read the sentence on the deepest page penetrated by the dart.

Uromancy: Predict someone’s future by studying their urine.

Dilitiriomancy: Feed African benge poison to a chicken. Ask the gods a question, being careful to end the question with, “if the chicken dies, the answer is yes,” or “if the chicken dies, the answer is no.” Then wait to see if the chicken dies.

Haruspication: Study the guts of an animal, preferably a sacred one.

Hepatoscopy: Study only the animal’s liver; ignore the rest of the guts.

Alphitomancy: Feed a special cake to an alleged wrongdoer. An innocent person will be able to eat and digest the cake, a guilty person will gag on the cake or become ill.

Alepouomancy: Draw a grid in the dirt outside of your village. Each square represents a different question. Sprinkle the grid with peanuts, wait for a fox to eat them, then study the fox’s footprint to see how the questions are answered.

The article above is reprinted with permission from Uncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader. Where else but in a Bathroom Reader could you learn how the banana peel changed history, how to predict the future by rolling the dice, how the Jivaro tribes shrunk heads, and the science behind love at first sight? Get ready to be thoroughly entertained while occupied on the throne. Uncle John rules the world of information and humor. It's simply Ahh-Inspiring! Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute had published a series of popular books containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts. If you like Neatorama, you'll love the Bathroom Reader Institute's books - go ahead and check 'em out!

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Mutant Giant Spider Dog

(YouTube link)

It’s bad enough when you open a door and see a spider. How much worse is it when you open a door at night and a three-foot-long hairy spider rushes at you? Relax, this is a dog in a really nice tarantula costume. Doesn’t make a bit of difference to strangers who are pranked by seeing him emerge in the dark. This prank was pulled off by SA Wardęga. The fact that most of the prankees have their faces blurred tells me they have yet to forgive him. -via BroBible

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Pyro Pet Candle Melts Away To Metal Cat Skeleton

Image Via

Candles are slowly beginning to realize they can melt away and leave awesome (and in this case, kind of creepy) surprises for adults. Sort of like a flaming Cracker Jack box. The Pyro Pet Candle is just such a creation. Initially, the candle just sort of looks like a pink cat. But as the waxy facade starts to melt away, the real creature is revelealed!

Well, not so much the real creature as a thin, metal skeleton of a cat. It may sound morbid (and kind of is) but it is also an undeniably cool conversation starter. "Excuse me, but is your cat candle slowly turning into a metal skelton? Why yes, yes it is!". I didn't say it would start long conversations.

But hey, with Halloween just around the corner, seems a perfect time to get a pyro pet candle. Or just get one to show your cat who's boss.

Laughing Squid

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Colorful Animated Tribute To Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos is a celebration of life and contradictions- colorful skeletons symbolizing the beauty of death, freshly made food eaten graveside, and a party thrown in favor of those who can no longer celebrate with us- the dearly departed. 

Cemeteries are a big part of the celebration, and the vibrant colors of life are juxtaposed against the solemn, earthen tones of the graveyard forming the backbone of the Dia De Los Muertos folk art aesthetic. 

(Video Link)

Mexico City based animation studio Llamarada created this vibrant animated short, capturing that colorfully creepy Day of the Dead feel by projecting animated characters onto tombstones in Mexico’s largest cemetery, Panteon de Dolores

-Via Juxtapoz

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Horrifying Cosplay As Good As Anything In The Movies

(Image Via kashikosa)

Most online news sources use the term “cosplay” to mean simply the act of wearing a costume, meaning cosplayers, who craft their own costumes and accessories, are unfairly lumped in with models wearing professionally made costumes. 

(Image Via Ilja Hubalek)

It's just one of those things you have to accept when reading articles online, like the overuse of Steampunk or calling anything pixelated 8-Bit, and we cannot forget that the costumes are the point of these articles after all. 

This collection of creepy cosplay features a few professionally costumed models and a bunch of cosplayers, and it's a good source of inspiration for those who like their Halloween costumes horrifying, or a cosplayer trying to decide what to wear to the next convention.

(Image Via Judith Stevens)

See more Creepy Cosplay That's As Horrifying As Anything We See In The Movies at io9

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Now a Halloween Costume

Will the ALS's Ice Bucket Challenge still be popular by Halloween? The online store Brands on Sale is counting on it. It sells a costume that looks like you're constantly under the bucket--as long as you have the strength to hold it over your head.

The costume comes with a plastic bucket, an ice cube tray, and a plastic film that vaguely resembles water pouring over your body.

Brands on Sale says that it will donate $10 for every purchase of this $39.99 costume.

Bonus Item: Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart offers this elegant, dignified response to the ice bucket challenge.

(Video Link)

-via Huffington Post

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Guys Create Their Own Makeup Transformations With A Comedic Twist

Guys don’t usually wear makeup, although some are partial to wearing eyeliner or a bit of concealer, but the allure was simply too strong for these guys to resist, so they started their own makeup transformation movement on Instagram and Twitter using #makeuptransformation. 

The trick is to apply makeup to an ordinary face to make it look more like a famous face, like _rizzo_'s smoldering transformation into reality TV star Chris Jenner:

Sometimes the transformations are complete, like shaquiiii’s full coverage metamorphosis into singer/model Ciara:

Other times the photos are more like a walkthrough of what must be done to become the celeb, like bigfansofginuwine’s steps to becoming R&B singer Tyrese:

And then there are the simply hilarious, ridiculous, broad humor takes on movie characters like Mary Lee Johnson (mother of Precious) and Loc Dog from Don’t Be A Menace…, as portrayed by _tonid and @_taesteezy respectively:

Where will this hilarious trend go from here? Hopefully deeper down the internet rabbit hole, because some of these guys would make perfect LOLCats!

-Via Distractify

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27 Photos That Show The Transformative Power Of Makeup

(Image Via Imgur)

Using makeup seems like a ridiculous habit to some, a must before leaving the house to others, and although everyone can agree that Halloween/special effects style makeup is really cool looking, not everyone sees eye-to-eye on the idea of covering your true face with a bunch of cosmetics.

(Image Via Dailymail)

Makeup is a powerful tool for visually altering or enhancing facial features, and The San Francisco Globe's article 27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup clearly shows how makeup artists earn their artist title- by creating some rather incredible facial transformations.

(Image Via Tina Yong)

So, whether you think wearing makeup is fun and necessary, or a total waste of time and effort, these photos clearly demonstrate why so many people still wear makeup every day, and why some feel naked leaving home without it.

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Scooby-Doo Baddies Replaced With Famous Movie Slashers

Those creeps and ghouls who chased Scooby-Doo and the gang around weren’t all that scary, because the adventures had to stay kid friendly, but what if some of horror’s most infamous slashers had co-starred in those Scooby Doo mysteries?

Scenes from the show might have looked an awful lot like these ghoulishly great artworks by illustrator Travis Falligrant, aka IB Trav, and the little viewers at home would've had nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Trav clearly wasn't impressed by the original Scooby-Doo baddies, so he raised the stakes by adding actual slashers like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees to the classic cartoon mystery, careful to keep that signature Hanna-Barbera style in each character design.

It's a good thing real horror movie slashers weren't included in the original show, or the gang probably wouldn't have made it past the first season!

-Via Bloody Disgusting

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The Monster - Frankenstein, You Are The Father!

The Monster by Marinasinger Designs

First he came alive in Doctor Frankenstein's laboratory, then he came to life on the big screen and filled audiences full of wonder and dread. Now The Monster has come alive on this classically styled t-shirt, will the masses be able to handle your monstrous fashion sense, or will they run screaming in terror as you walk around town showing Frankenstein's Monster some love?

You don't have to be a monster to appreciate a good monster movie, and it's a sure bet that your fellow fiends will love this The Monster t-shirt by Marinasinger Designs, bring one home and scare up some smiles!

Visit Marinasinger Designs's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more scary good designs:

Don't Panic I Can't Keep Calm, I'm Italian Pocket Princess Not The Messiah

View more designs by Marinasinger Designs | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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A Brief History of the Ouija Board

No matter what you’ve been told, the original ouija boards were not ancient, nor were they based on an ancient tradition. They were a fortunetelling trick that grew out of the American spiritualism movement. They were first marketed as a fad that was a simple do-it-yourself project.

In 1886, the New York Daily Tribune reported on a new talking board being used in Ohio. It was 18 by 20 inches and featured the alphabet, numbers, and the words yes, no, good evening, and goodnight; the only other necessary object was a “little table three or four inches high … with four legs” that the spirits could use to identify letters. The brilliance of the board was that anyone could make it—the tools suggested in the article are “a jack-knife and a marking brush."

But of course, it didn’t take too long for someone to think of patenting the ouija board as a game of sorts. Read the story of where the ouija board came from, and how it ended up on toy store shelves, at mental_floss. 

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More Comic Con 2014 Cosplay

(YouTube link)

You saw our massive gallery of photographs from Comic Con this morning. Do you want to see more awesome costumes from Comic Con? Check out this video from Sneaky Zebra, which features photographs by Nick Acott. Acott also took the pictures in Geeks Are Sexy’s 2014 Comic Con galleries. See lots of photographs from Friday in part one, Saturday in part two, and Sunday in part three. Oh, and there’s a contest attached to this video. Find out more at the YouTube page, where you’ll also get a list of the identified cosplayers in the video.

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Some Of The Strange Things You Can Find On Etsy

Etsy is the online marketplace for all things handmade, and they don’t have many restrictions on what you can sell on their site, meaning lots of strange things can be found for sale on Etsy.

Have you been looking for a necklace and morbid conversation piece in one? Maybe you need this Large Intestine Necklace with Guts.

How about a mask to wear that will both conceal your identity and cause a public disturbance? Sad Rooster Sack Mask to the rescue. This is actually one of the less creepy masks on Etsy...

Looking for a gift for a loved one who really hates the holidays? Merry Christmas, here’s your Alaskan Moose Nugget Christmas Ornament! Believe it or not, there are quite a few pieces of moose poop jewelry for sale on Etsy.

Check out the rest of the strange Etsy items that made it into The Soup's Whatsy? collection

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LEGO Boba Fett Costume

A member of The Dented Helmet forum made his 6-year-old son a Boba Fett LEGO minifig costume! He says,

I recently (semi) completed a Lego Boba Fett (Lego set 9496 - Desert Skiff) costume for my 6 year old son. We took the costume for a trial run at a local toycon this past Sunday. I still have to finish building the arms and blaster, as well as tweaking a few things such as the cape fabric. I approached the components of this project as if they were actual Lego elements. In doing so, I created the jetpack to be removable as it appears in the actual minifigure as well as the range finder stalk. The entire costume is built from scratch using photo references and scans I took myself. The costume is built primarily out of sintra with pink insulation foam used to carve the helmet dome and a small amount of plastazote foam used on the tips and base of the jetpack rockets. Torso and leg graphics are printed on adhesive vinyl while a custom green was used to colour match the helmet and jetpack. I would be happy to post progress photos of the build if anyone is interested in seeing the journey. Oh!, and there may soon be a certain someone, frozen in a certain something being pushed around by Lego Fett ; )

You can see plenty of pictures, including many taken during the build process at the forum thread. -via Laughing Squid

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